10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by The Raw Chocolate Company
Image by The Raw Chocolate Company
10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Conscious Chocolate
Image by Conscious Chocolate

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality

The SJ Team

The most ethical chocolate in the UK equals guilt-free calories.

Everything tastes better when it’s socially and environmentally just, after all—just ask these sustainable food brands

Most Sustainable Chocolate Brands

As a tasty teaser, consider the creamy treats from Raw Chocolate Company, which are blended 3x as long as conventional chocolate. 

Conscious Chocolate’s name says it all. The woman-owned brand pays well, is powered by renewables, and uses fair trade, organic Peruvian cacao. 

Expect to fall in love with Chocolate and Love’s fully transparent supply chain, organic and fair trade ingredients, and tree planting efforts.

If you’re in need of a chocolate fix STAT, unwrap your way to the end of the article for tips on buying sustainable chocolate.

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1. Raw Chocolate Company

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by The Raw Chocolate Company
Images by The Raw Chocolate Company

About Raw Chocolate Company’s Organic Ethical Chocolate UK

Doling out “chocolate with soul,” Raw Chocolate Company can satisfy your cocoa cravings with sustainable chocolate bars, sharing bags, snack packs, buttons, hot chocolate, and hampers. 

Every ingredient is certified organic and ground for at least three times as long as conventional chocolate.

Raw Chocolate Company’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic, minimally-processed cacao is joined by ethically sourced ingredients like nuts, ginger, goji berries, and mulberries.  

The sustainable palm oil free chocolate is also raw, i.e it’s never heated above 42 degrees to help retain all of its natural goodness.

Everything is vegan, organic, raw, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, and plastic free. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Raw Chocolate Company is a Certified B Corp that sources ingredients through trusted partnerships. 

Green Business Practices:

The chocolate is created in zero-waste, eco-powered kitchens and comes in biodegradable and compostable packaging. 

To further lower manufacturing impact, you can try your own hand at being an eco chocolatier using their provided ingredients. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

In support of agroforestry, every $30 purchase plants a tree in Peru.

Available: Raw Chocolate Company

2. Conscious Chocolate

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Conscious Chocolate
Images by Conscious Chocolate

About Conscious Chocolate Ethical Vegan Chocolate UK

Conscious Chocolate is the Certified B Corp behind this exquisite handmade organic raw chocolate. 

Worried your dietary restrictions might rule this one out? Don’t because “Free From” is the brand’s main priority. 

Which is why their entire range—including sustainable chocolate bars, snacks, nibbles, gifts, and hampers—contains no dairy, soya, refined sugar, and gluten. 

That means anyone can eat it!

Conscious Chocolate’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Organic, fair trade Peruvian cacao is joined by mostly organic, always GMO-free ingredients like fruit peels, essential oils, and coconut blossom sugar. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Ethical sourcing is prioritized and Conscious Chocolate has strong relationships with all suppliers, which you can learn about in each product description.

In addition to above minimum wage pay, flexible scheduling, and WFH options, staff receive free regular yoga and meditation sessions before meetings. 

They’re female-founded and the decision-making board is one-third women. 

Green Business Practices:

The chocolate is made in energy-neutral kitchens powered by mostly wind (and a little hydro and solar) energy. 

They’re also waste-free, conscious about water use and use organic cleaning products.

All packaging is plastic free and printed with vegetable ink labels.

Available: Conscious Chocolate

3. Montezuma’s

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Montezuma's Chocolates
Images by Montezuma’s Chocolates

About Montezuma’s Luxury Ethical Chocolate UK

Montezuma’s may have started with a kitchen-sink sized machine but now it’s a leading luxury ethical chocolate company that’s available worldwide.

And you sweet tooths can rejoice because they offer some imaginative flavors, like chilli bonkers and strawberry-peppercorn. But of course, the usual suspects from sustainable milk chocolate to hot chocolate are mainstays.

Choose between buttons, bars, truffles, truffle bites, drinking chocolate, cooking chocolate, chocolate in jars, gift boxes, and nut butter—or don’t and just get one of each!

Montezuma’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Absolute Black is the brand’s 100% cocoa range for those who like supreme sustainable dark chocolate. 

Everything else is blended with a mix of fruit, nuts, and ingredients typically found in milk chocolate (including potential allergens like soya and milk).

They do have a range of vegan chocolate, though. 

Palm oil is never used, most ingredients are GMO-free, and some varieties are 100% organic. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The cocoa is sourced from many different regions—but never those associated with slave or forced labor.

They work with a number of suppliers to meet ethical criteria and certifications from Soil Association, Cocoa Horizons, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ. 

They recognize that it’s vital that farmers earn “enough money to survive and thrive” and purchases are made with this in mind.

All team members are paid above the National Living Wage and Montezuma’s is in the process of seeking B-Corp accreditation. 

Green Business Practices:

They also aim to purchase cocoa from sources free from deforestation. 

Their office is powered by 100% renewables and factory wastewater (rich in chocolatey nutrients) is used as pig feed. 

All sustainable chocolate packaging is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable at home. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

For 10+ years, they’ve worked with Children on the Edge to support marginalized youth.

Available: Montezuma’s  |  Ethical Superstore

4. Discover

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Discover Chocolate
Images by Discover Chocolate

About Discover’s Ethical Chocolate UK

If you’re looking for some of the best sustainable chocolate in the UK, we can’t not include Discover in that list. 

Yes, they do specialize in guilty pleasures BUT (in their defense) they are free of gluten, GMOs, palm oil, and sugar—as stevia is used instead.

Discover is a cocoa go-to if you want to, well…discover new flavors. In addition to standard chocolates, they offer varieties that look more like protein barss.

Discover’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Fig, rosemary, cardamom, mango, chili, and rose petal are some of the more interesting ingredients. 

Allergens like nuts, soya, and sulphites may be present. 

A sustainable dark chocolate vegan range is available, too, which may contain traces of milk.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The cocoa comes from the Quality Partner Program (Cocoa Horizons), which financially supports farmers while promoting crop rotation instead of the use of pesticides—among other sustainability improvements. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

With every sustainable chocolate bar purchased, a tree is planted.

Available: Etsy

5. Tony’s Chocolonely

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Tony's Chocolonely
Images by Tony’s Chocolonely

About Tony’s Chocolonely’s Ethical Chocolate

One of the key players in slave-free chocolate, Dutch company Tony’s Chocolonely is deliciously dedicated to better chocolate. 

Not only are their Big Bars, Small Bars, and Tiny Tony’s 100% slave-free, but they’re working to make it a reality for all chocolate. 

Tony’s Chocolonely’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The ethical chocolate is made with mostly Fairtrade-certified cocoa, sugar, and other fun ingredients like chocolate chip cookies, caramel, nuts, pretzels, and even popping candy. 

Some are vegan-friendly. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Tony’s sources slave-free traceable cocoa from West African (Ghana and Ivory Coast) farms.

They pay it forward by paying a higher price (Fairtrade premium + Tony’s additional premium), assisting farmers to increase their earnings, partner with farmers for at least 5 years, and help them invest in resources like better fertilizer. 

By creating awareness, leading by example, and sharing their impact, they’ve been successful in getting companies like Ben & Jerry’s to follow suit and clean up their cocoa act. 

This year they earned their highest Certified B-Corp score yet

Available: Ethical Superstore

6. Willie’s Cacao

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Willie's Cacao
Images by Willie’s Cacao

About Willie’s Cacao’s Eco Friendly Chocolate Boxes

Willie Harcourt-Cooze is a big name in the chocolate world. 

10 years ago, he left his Venezuelan cocoa farm to establish Britain’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory.

These days, Willie’s Cacao specializes in artisan chocolate truffles, boxes, hampers, bars, sustainable hot chocolate, cooking chocolate, and gift boxes. 

Willie’s Cacao’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Whether it’s lip-licking sustainable dark chocolate, truffles, or bars, Willie’s Chocolate starts as single-estate cacao.

The beans are traditionally shade grown and heirloom Criollos or Trinitarios varieties—some of the finest in the world. 

Think: fine wine, but for chocolate! 

Only pure, natural ingredients (like natural cocoa butter, homemade nut paste, local Devon double cream, and raw cane sugar) are added to give the chocolate its rich flavors. 

There is a 100% cacao and vegan chocolate range.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

The single estate cacaos are sourced via co-ops before being made in Willie’s Chocolate Factory in Devon. 

The cacao is sourced through direct trade and farmers are never paid less than $500/tonne. For reference, the fair trade premium is $200 a tonne. 

None of this goes to middlemen, so more money goes directly to farmers and their communities.  

Green Business Practices:

By using heirloom cacao varieties instead of Forastero—which makes up more than 80% of the world’s chocolate—Willie’s Cacao needs to rely less on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Using these rare shade-grown varieties not only requires fewer inputs, but keeps them in existence, promotes soil fertility, and increases biodiversity

Available: Ethical Superstore

7. Seed & Bean

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Seed and Bean
Images by Seed & Bean

About Seed & Bean’s Sustainable Chocolate UK

Serving up “chocolate with a wild side”, Seed & Bean is one of the best ethical chocolate brands in the UK for those who like a change of pace. 

You can find 18 brave flavors and a bold commitment to ethics and sustainability to match in their sustainable milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars and gift bundles. 

Seed & Bean’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The company’s single-origin cocoa and all other ingredients (“every single little crumb…”) are certified organic by The Soil Association. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The small-batch chocolate is handmade in England and 16 of the 18 bars are Fairtrade certified. 

Green Business Practices:

Seed & Bean was the first ethical chocolate UK company to use fully compostable packaging. 

It’s made from wood pulp sourced from responsibly-managed eucalyptus plantations and meets standards for home and industrial composting.

Available: Ethical Superstore

8. Chocolate And Love

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Chocolate and Love
Images by Chocolate and Love

About Chocolate and Love’s Eco Friendly Chocolate Boxes

With award-winning organic and Fairtrade chocolate, Chocolate and Love is one of the most treasured sustainable chocolate brands in the world. 

The Switzerland-based company got its name for a reason: a foodie Dane and chocolate-craving Scotsman met, fell in love, and started making chocolate bars, tins, and gift boxes

Chocolate and Love’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Whether you buy a bar for yourself or a gift box for a loved one, you’re getting something made with 100% organic ingredients. 

Emulsifiers, preservatives, coloring agents, and soy lecithin are always avoided. 

They have a vegan range, too. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Chocolate and Love is one of the only brands to have full traceability in its supply chain.

Their sourcing partners get cocoa from cooperatives in Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Madagascar. 

 Each product description lists the specific Fairtrade co-ops for both cocoa and sugar. 

On top of a minimum price, these co-ops receive a Premium, which helps them become more resilient to climate change, educate their children, or make improvements to their community. 

Other ingredients are sourced locally before being produced in Switzerland. 

Green Business Practices:

FSC-certified paper is used for the outer wrapper and the biodegradable silver inner wrappers are made with wood pulp from sustainable plantations. 

The whole package can be composted industrially and in your home indoor compost bin alike.

Community & Charitable Giving:

Chocolate and Love supports reforestation projects and has planted 28,000 trees in Ethiopia and Tanzania to date.

Available: Ethical Superstore

9. Cocoa Loco

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Cocoa Loco
Images by Cocoa Loco

About Cocoa Loco’s Fair Trade Chocolate

Cocoa Loco drives us (naturally) crazy with their ethical and eco friendly chocolate. 

Sustainable hot chocolate to gourmet truffles, we’re sure you’ll be equally as loco over their range.

All of the tasty treats—like bars, truffles, baking chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate-making kits, gift boxes, buttons, thins, and more—are made in their Sussex based Chocolate Barn by a team of experienced chocolatiers. 

Cocoa Loco’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Coco Loco’s chocolate is both Soil Association-certified organic and Fairtrade certified. 

They don’t use artificial additives, palm oil, or preservatives either. 

They have a vegan range, though due to potential processing contamination, they may contain traces of eggs, dairy, or other allergens.  

Supply chain & labor practices:

The certified Fairtrade chocolate is sourced from the Dominican Republic, where the crop is grown by 40,000 small-scale cocoa growers. 

Paying a Fairtrade premium has helped to repair and build schools and provide scholarships and equipment to students. 

Green Business Practices:

All products come in 100% plastic-free packaging which will biodegrade at home or industrially. 

Community & Charitable Giving:

They partner with local charities to provide 10% commissions on chocolate purchases. 

Available: Cocoa Loco

10. Doisy And Dam

10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Images by Doisy & Dam
Images by Doisy & Dam

About Doisy and Dam’s Ethical Chocolate Subscriptions UK

With a motto like “Dark Chocolate But Fun” and bright, bubbly packaging, Doisy and Dam is as much eye candy as it is chocolate candy. 

One of the most sustainable chocolate brands to call the UK home, they’re the place to turn to for chocolate share bags, bars, snack packs, bundles, and gifts. 

If you’re embracing your chocolate habit their monthly subscription box is on-point.

The chocolate is classified as Fino de Aroma (fine flavor) by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO). 

Doisy and Dam’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Whether you get it all every month or treat yourself to a bar here and there, you’ll be biting into something that’s vegan, palm oil-free, and made with only natural ingredients.

Read that as: “nothing your grandma wouldn’t recognize”.

They’re Vegan Society Certified, but some products may contain traces of milk, gluten, nuts, peanuts, sesame, and soya. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most of their cocoa is sourced from Columbia and comes by way of Luker Chocolate, a research facility dedicated to producing the best cocoa possible to improve farmers’ yields, profits, and quality of life. 

Many of the farmers/fields were previously involved in the drug trade, so this provides better and safer livelihood opportunities. 

They ethically source cocoa in countries like Ghana and Ecuador, too—some of which are Fair Trade certified.

As a Certified B Corp, they also buy through cocoa cooperatives vs the stock market, which eliminates middlemen and keeps more money in the cocoa-producing communities. 

Green Business Practices:

They’re working on integrating recyclable packaging.

Available: Doisy and Dam

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Chocolate Brands In The UK

We don’t mean to sour that chocolate bar you’ve been saving for dessert, but the chocolate industry can be anything but sweet.

Cacao farming specifically is notorious for child labor, with about 2 million trafficked child workers possibly behind that chocolate truffle—a 14% increase in the last decade alone.

So is ethical chocolate possible?

With transparent and traceable sourcing, it certainly can be.

To answer the question, “What is sustainable chocolate?” (most this goes for most consumable gifts), we considered the following.


Often, chocolate is made by dividing the cocoa mass and butter, then replacing the cocoa butter with cheaper vegetable (cough, cough palm) oil.

In many cases, “chocolate” candy may not be from cacao beans at all. 

Fortunately, the most sustainable chocolate brands are using the real stuff, and you’ll tend to see cocoa mass/solids and cocoa butter (and/or cocoa liquor) on the ingredient list. 

As for sustainable Easter chocolate (and sustainable snacks in general) and that which can be eaten year-round, it’s also best to bite into natural and organic ingredients (no soya lecithin, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.)

Supply Chain & Labor Practices:

Transparency is quite tasty, too.  

If fair trade chocolate brands, or those using direct-trade practices, are able to list specific details about where exactly their chocolate is from, it’s better for farmers and consumers. 

Green Business Practices:

Sustainable chocolate starts with how the cocoa is grown (organically, shade-grown, etc.) but what happens after is important, too. 

If the chocolate is made in factories that reduce or repurpose waste or use renewable energy, even better.

Since eating just one square of chocolate is near impossible, it’s good to devour deliciousness that comes in sustainable food packaging (i.e. biodegradable, compostable, reusable, or at the very least, recyclable).

Community & Charitable Giving:

When consumers can satisfy a craving and contribute to a company that gives back through tree plantings or donations to charity, that’s extra sweet.

Final Thoughts On Ethical UK Chocolate Companies

What chocolate is most sustainable and ethical?

We’d say these brands make a good case as top contenders.  

Satisfying that sweet tooth will be so much more, well, satisfying knowing it’s not coming at the cost of children’s welfare.

With these ethical chocolate UK brands, the only thing you’ll need to worry about are the cavities!

We all have a chocolate addict in our life and you would make us melt by sharing this article with them.

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10 UK Ethical Chocolate Brands Taking A Bite Out Of Inequality #ethicalchocolateUK #mostethicalchocolateUK #ethicalveganchocolateUK #ethicalchocolatecompaniesUK #ethicalchocolatebrandsUK #bestethicalchocolateUK #sustainablechocolate #sustainablechocolatebrands #sustainablechocolatepackaging #sustainablechocolatebars #sustainablechocolateUK #fairtradechocolate #ecofriendlychocolate #sustainablejungle Image by Tony's Chocolonely

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