5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Image by Artifact Uprising #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Image by Artifact Uprising
5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Image by Little Green Paper Shop #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Image by Little Green Paper Shop

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations To Sustainably ‘Save The Date’

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How can I make my wedding eco-friendly?

In the midst of making bigger decisions for your Big Day™—planning a seating chart and picking out your eco-friendly wedding dress or sustainable suit, for instance—it’s easy to forget about the finer eco-wedding details.

Sending eco-friendly wedding invitations, for example, is an easy (yet forgettable) step to starting your prenuptial on a planet-friendly note.

Paper products may seem harmless enough, but the paper industry’s high carbon footprint and resource-intensive processes can have quite the weight on our planet.

Instead, choose wedding invites made from recycled paper or a seeded paper wedding invitation so your loved ones can celebrate the happy (and conscious) couple of the hour.

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RSVP With Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Wedding Invite Brands

Consider the sustainable recycled paper wedding invites from Paper Culture. The company plants a tree for every purchase, and all products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The Little Green Paper Shop gets the award for the most unique eco-friendly wedding invites.

Some can be planted to turn into wildflowers, marigolds, chamomile, chili, basil, carrot, or tomatoes, and others use recycled paper made of elephant poo to help support elephant sanctuaries.

For more on why you should announce your wedding with eco-friendly invitations and how we picked these brands, walk down the aisle (er, article) to the bottom.

The Full List Of Sustainable Wedding Invitations

1. White Dragon Paper

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Images by White Dragon Paper #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Images by White Dragon Paper

About White Dragon Paper’s Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations USA

Price range: $0.60–$364

Weddings can be expensive and with all-around rising costs, a lot of us are tightening our wedding budgets.

So is it cheaper to buy wedding invitations or make them?

With White Dragon Paper it’s the latter.

They offer a selection of beautiful handmade paper made from recycled, eco-friendly fibers on which you can write or print your own invitations, making for an affordable eco-friendly wedding invitation.

No matter the aesthetic of your wedding theme, they probably have something to suit, including vintage encyclopedia pages or colorful, classic white, or recycled brown paper wedding invitation options.

About White Dragon Paper

This single owner/operator makes handmade paper from recycled and waste materials. 

The inspiration came from a simple “How to” article about making paper. 

From those humble beginnings that started with the creation of a few sheets at a time, the business has grown into a 5-star rated shop with over 16,500 sales.

2. Little Green Paper Shop

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Images by Little Green Paper Shop #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Images by Little Green Paper Shop

About Little Green Paper Shop’s Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations UK

Price Range: $4.95

With Little Green Paper Shop, you can create your very own little green wedding using either recycled paper made from cotton scraps or plantable seed paper wedding invitations

The ECO cotton paper is made from old clothes and textile industry waste imported from India. 

If you’d like seed paper instead, theirs comes with a variety of seeds, which your invitees get to take home and grow into beautiful flowers and herbs lasting long beyond your big day.

Another paper option is special sheets of paper handmade in India from sanitized elephant poo and cotton fibers.

Granted, elephant poo may not scream “I do”, but once you consider that it helps provide a (sanitary) source of income for elephant sanctuaries, you might find it’s just another way to show your love.

Water-based inks are used to color the paper, which doesn’t damage the paper’s seeds or alter the paper’s biodegradable properties. 

About Little Green Paper Shop

Although some of the recycled cotton paper is made in India, we’ll reach out to the Little Green Paper Shop to inquire about the manufacturing ethics behind the brand.

3. Paper Culture

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Images by Paper Culture #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Images by Paper Culture

About Paper Culture’s Environmentally Friendly Wedding Invitations

Price Range: $1.64–$2.34 

Paper Culture partners with a local paper manufacturer to create its own 100% post-consumer recycled paper for the range of recycled paper invitations and other wedding day essentials.

They offer every option imaginable, from a full scale DIY recycled wedding invitation creation suite to simple RSVP cards.

Whether you prefer photos, florals, or minimalist lettering, their wide variety of designs can suit (er, tuxedo?) anyone.

To produce them, Paper Culture partners with a domestic producer to further reduce its environmental impact.

About Paper Culture

Paper Culture takes sustainability seriously across its range of wedding and graduation cards, occasion cards, and photo books.

Alongside recycled paper, this brand uses recycled plastic (for its decals), bamboo, organic cotton or pre-consumer recycled cotton.

Office sustainability takes the form of printing on two sides of paper, recycling, and composting. Company offices are located close to public transport, and the majority of employees walk or take public transport to work. 

There is a building-wide recycling program and the office is stocked with eco-friendly cleaning materials and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The company plants a tree for every order placed, having planted more than 1 million trees to date through organizations like Friends of the Urban Forest, Our City Forest, and local municipalities and schools.

Outside their local scope, Paper Culture partners include the Arbor Day Foundation, CarbonFund.org, and Trees for the Future to plant trees in global areas where they’ll have high community impact.

4. Artifact Uprising

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Images by Artifact Uprising #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Images by Artifact Uprising

About Artifact Uprising’s Sustainable Wedding Invitations

Price Range: $1.35–$1.95

Artifact Uprising partners with a company called Mohawk to offer FSC-certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper invites for your special day. 

All the electricity used to manufacture the recycled invitation paper is matched with renewable wind-generated electricity. 

For a personalized and unique wedding announcement, you can custom design these invites with photos of you and the future Mr. or Mrs.

About Artifact Uprising

Artifact offers a range of sustainable products alongside its wedding range, such as hardcover books made of recycled fibers and while reclaimed fallen pine wood calendars.

All products are made in the USA.

5. Myeco Designs

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Images by Myeco Designs #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
Images by Myeco Designs

About Myeco Designs Plantable Wedding Invitations

Price Range: $4.40–$7.74 

Myeco Design’s eco-friendly rustic wedding invitations are crafted from 100% post-consumer waste and seeds.

The material is donated from a variety of sources, including local businesses and schools.

The handmade plantable paper cards are available in a variety of minimalist, floral designs, all embedded with wildflower seeds, a mix of daisy, poppy, and celosia seeds. 

To complete these recycled paper wedding invitation kits, a recycled Kraft envelope and natural jute twine is included.

About Myeco Designs

Myeco Designs is a husband and wife team operating from Valencia, Spain, but their range of plantable paper stationery, calendars, and cards can be shipped all over the world.

They also make any other wedding stationery products you might need to plan the green wedding of your dreams: table number cards, menus, eco-friendly wedding shower invitations, and placecards.

Myeco Designs’ Etsy shop has made over 3,000 sales with a 5-star average review.

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Why Choose An Eco Wedding Invitation?

Organizing a wedding and choosing the right wedding stationery can be exciting, but—like most things with wedding planning—somewhat overwhelming. 

Sending emails or WhatsApp wedding invitation alternatives would be a truly eco-friendly approach, but it’s simply not the same as a beautifully designed piece of stationery that matches your wedding theme.

Beautiful though they may be, traditional paper manufacturing consumes literal tons of trees and releases chemicals such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide, into the air. This contributes to pollution such as acid rain and greenhouse gases.

The environmental impact of paper doesn’t stop there because paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills. 

This is especially true for wedding invites. Thanks to glossy paper, metallic embossing, and non-biodegradable glitter, most modern wedding invitations aren’t recyclable or compostable.

For a better and bright Big Day, opt instead for recycled materials and biodegradable wedding invitations.

How We Chose The Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Brands

An eco-friendly wedding ring isn’t the only thing we say “I do” to on our wedding day.

From cakes and caterers to florists and friends, there’s a lot to consider at every stage of the wedding planning process, including the question you’re now asking: How to make my wedding invitations sustainable?

Fortunately, the criteria for selecting the best eco-friendly wedding invitations is not nearly as stressful choosing sustainable wedding guest dresses.


When choosing wedding invitations, natural (and uncoated to still be biodegradable) or recycled are matrimonial-worthy materials.

100% recycled wedding invitations make use of either post-consumer fabric or paper waste that would otherwise be thrown away.

Don’t forget to remind your guests to recycle the cards after your special day.

Plantable seed paper invitations make for a sustainable AND unique wedding announcement.

The paper is embedded with seeds and once planted in the soil and watered, each wedding invitation grows into beautiful, pollinator friendly wildflowers. The memory of your wedding will continue for months and possibly years after.

If opting for non-recycled paper wedding invitations, choose those made from highly renewable woods sources like bamboo or those with sustainable forestry certifications (like FSC) to help ensure guests are RSVPing for deforestation

Supply chain & green business practices:

We also look for companies that disclose where their recycled and plantable seed paper invites are made. 

Handmade products usually mean slow, sustainable manufacturing.

Final Thoughts On Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations

There’s something very special about receiving a gorgeous and green wedding invitation from a loved one or close friend. 

That way, you appreciate the thought that’s gone into choosing the design as well as the thoughtful materials it’s made from.

The most sustainable (and affordable) option, as we’ve already mentioned, is to send an email, but where’s the sentiment in that? 

If you’re the creative type who’s keen on being really hands-on with wedding planning, another option is to create your own fun wedding invites using materials you already have. 

But if you have a massive guest list or a million things on your to-do list already, these eco-friendly invitations allow for a guilt-free way to commemorate the celebration.

If you’ve got a friend who’s got a special day coming up, send them this article to ensure you get to “save the date” with a sustainable wedding invite.

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5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for a Sustainable ‘Save The Date' Image by Little Green Paper Shop #ecofriendlyweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyweddinginvites #affordableecofriendlyweddinginvitations #sustainableweddinginvitations #ecofriendlyinvitations #sustainablejungle
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