7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Elate Cosmetics #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Elate Cosmetics
7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

7 Zero Waste Concealers For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up

Shelby Loeppky

Big brand beauty is definitely good at concealing…unsustainable practices.

Animal testing and byproducts, toxic ingredients, and, of course, mountains of plastic packaging waste—to the tune of 7.9 billion units produced in 2018 alone.

Zero waste concealer should hide your blemishes, but do so with ingredients and packaging which brands proud of.

But finding these clean brands in a dirty industry isn’t always easy, which is why we gathered this list of eco-friendly concealer brands, so you can spend less time worrying about what’s in your concealer, and more time finding one with the perfect cool undertones.

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The Best Zero Waste Concealer For Your Pimples & The Planet

Bee You Organics offers a powder foundation and concealer combo that’s as simple as it is sustainable. With only three ingredients, the multi-functional formula cuts the junk and bulk in your sustainable makeup bag.

For a truly waste-free concealer you can pop into the compost pile when empty, the soothing light coverage concealer by Rainwater Botanicals is out to fight the dreaded effects of plastic pollution and skin aging in a little paper pot.

Despite the nature of the product we’re talking about, we don’t want to conceal anything when it comes to how we chose these brands.

Take some zero waste makeup remover and pop (pimples) down to the bottom.

1. Dab Herb

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

About Dab Herb’s Zero Waste Makeup Concealer

Housed in a pocket-sized glass pot that’s ideal for all-day touch-ups, Dab Herb’s Petal Concealer is one of the best zero waste concealers around.

This non-comedogenic formula is designed for all manner of blemishes, acne aside, including large pores, veins, scars, sun spots, and under eye circles.

If the name didn’t give it away, it’s made using skin-calming calendula and chamomile petals and a number of other certified organic, moisturizing, wild crafted, unrefined, and food grade ingredients.

The tea tree oil provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, while coffee powerful antioxidant benefits to fight off free radicals 

The only minerals used are iron oxides for pigmentation and non-nano zinc oxide for SPF.

Standard sizes come in a 4.2 ml glass pot (which Dab Herb will refill), but they also offer small, affordable samplers to ensure correct color matching.

If you’re combatting skin discoloration, check out their non-mineral Organic Color Corrector instead.

About Dab Herb

Dab Herb is a “Nature to Nurture” zero waste beauty brand that believes “beauty and self-care are inseparable from sustainability, transparency, and wellness”.

What started as homemade makeup for founder Crissy’s personal use, developed into an example for green beauty companies everywhere.

They use only certified organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and palm oil-free ingredients. Many of these herb and protective plant oils help to heal the skin, not just disguise it.

Dab Herb ships products plastic-free, re-uses their own suppliers’ shipping materials for larger orders, and supports Made In a Free World on their mission to develop and implement high impact solutions to human trafficking.

2. Bee You Organics

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-UpImage by Bee You Organics#zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Bee You Organics

*Note: Bee You Organics offers vegan concealer, but other products contain ethical beeswax.

Bee You Organics’ Plastic-Free Concealers

Bee You Organics wants you to be your best self by providing you with high-quality beauty products.

The Organic Face Powder is one of the best organic zero-waste concealers available. 

The filler-free powder provides natural coverage, helping to heal blemishes and smoothing skin with a simple formula: organic arrowroot powder, organic cacao, non-micro, non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide. 

The secret ingredient is a bit of organic cinnamon that provides a sweet scent. 

It’s recommended for oily or acne-prone complexions and comes in travel and full-size options.

Both options are available in tin, glass, or refillable plastic containers.

About Bee You Organics

Everything Bee You Organics produces is handmade from scratch in their shop in the Pacific Northwest. 

Founder Larissa and her team only incorporate fair trade and organic food-grade ingredients. 

None of the plastic-free beauty products contain alcohol, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, synthetic or artificial ingredients. Everything is also gluten and cruelty-free.

Many items are packaged in paper board, tin, or glass containers, which can be returned for refills. 

All of the zero-waste beauty supplies are shipped 100% plastic-free with naturally biodegradable shipping boxes and a recyclable shipping label. 

3. Plant Makeup

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Plant Makeup #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Plant Makeup

Note: While offering vegan zero waste concealer, other products contain beeswax or honey.

About Plant Makeup’s Sustainable Makeup Concealer

Plant Makeup’s Fine Line Conceal Gloss doubles as a moisturizing ‘natural eye cream‘ and makeup primer—hooray for multi-use products!

Their zero waste concealer recipe includes a host of organic ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, shea butter, elderflower, antioxidant-rich green tea leaves, and chamomile.

The various tints are thanks to non-mineral and fair trade ingredients like cocoa powder and true cinnamon.

Packaged in a small, reusable glass jar, it’s mess-free and handy to keep in your sustainable purse for emergency touch-up.

They also offer a foundation stick that could be used for spot touch-ups for those who prefer a more solid balm to cream. Note this contains beeswax and is not vegan.

About Plant Makeup

Plant Makeup uses local or organic ingredients, all completely non-GMO, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and sustainably sourced and will “vibrate with as much vitality as they were first gathered from the earth”.

These are turned into makeup, skincare, haircare, incense cones, and fragrances.

Not only is the zero waste concealer USA made by founder Jes herself, but some ingredients come from Jes’ very own garden.

For packaging, they use purely recycled and compostable materials (right down to the labels which Jes draws herself). Shipping materials follow suit.

4. River Organics

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-UpImage by River Organics#zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by River Organics

About River Organics’ Eco-Friendly Concealer Matte

River Organics eco-friendly concealer is made of a blend of certified organic oils, including apricot kernel oil, moringa seed oil, camellia seed oil, and sunflower seed oil.

These nourishing oils moisturize and help prevent the overproduction of our own sebum (skin oils).

Rosemary extract provides free radical protection and zinc oxide provides additional SPF. 

Choose between 8 different tints ranging from porcelain to medium dark, achieved through titanium dioxide and iron oxide mineral pigments. 

Each one is light with pink undertones or yellow undertones to balance the skin’s natural appearance.

About River Organics

River Organics focuses on “hydrating plant beauty” and organic oil-based skin care—one of the most effective and gentle methods of moisturizing.

This small batch affordable organic makeup brand is run by husband and wife duo Corinne and Fabien, who once worked as a chemist for Chanel skincare products.

Using only mineral or organic palm oil-free ingredients, they craft a range of nude or tinted cosmetics for the lips, cheeks, and face—all packaged in paper tubes and pots with biodegradable sugarcane labels.

5. Rainwater Botanicals

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-UpImage by Rainwater Botanicals#zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Rainwater Botanicals

Note: Rainwater Botanicals’ healing salve contains beeswax.

About Rainwater Botanicals’ Zero Waste Color Correcting Concealer 

Rainwater Botanicals Color Correcting Eye Balm makes for the best zero waste concealer specifically designed for the eyes.

Aside from covering spots, blemishes, and dark under eye circles, its primary purpose is to act as an anti-aging daytime eye treatment.

Made of non-GMO soy wax, organic mango butter, Titanium Dioxide, and a host of nourishing, antioxidant rich oils, this mostly organic cream fights free radicals and nourishes delicate eye skin.

Its raspberry seed facial oil gives it sun protective properties and waterproofing Candelilla wax makes for lasting, all day wear. soothing light coverage concealer

Both light and medium light shades come in a compostable paper pot.

About Rainwater Botanicals

Offering the next best thing to DIY concealer, zero waste brand Rainwater Botanicals has been crafting simple, clean beauty and skincare products in their home kitchen for over two decades.

They focus on local, organic, and ethically-sourced ingredients that are always free of palm oil and synthetics. 

Instead of testing on animals, they test on themselves and take it a step further by donating to the North Beach Paws no-kill animal shelter.

In addition to offering plastic free product housing and refills for some items, shipping materials are also plastic-free, consisting of recycled paper and cardboard and vegetable starch peanuts.

6. Vyana Plant Beauty

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Vyana Plant Beauty #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Vyana Plant Beauty

About Vyana Plant Beauty’s Vegan Zero Waste Concealer UK

Vyana Plant Beauty offers two kinds of foundation and concealer combos: a mouse and various different powders. 

Either can be used as a spot solution, full face foundation, or under-eye brightener.

For a soothing light coverage concealer, the cream formula utilizes skin superfood coconut oil combined with lightweight grape seed oil to both moisturize and bestow anti-aging benefits.

Both it and the powders utilize non-nanoparticle minerals ingredients such as mica for shimmer, iron oxides for pigmentation, and zinc oxide for sun protection.

For rosacea sufferers and those with generally rosy complexions, pair either environmentally friendly concealer with their Anti Redness Correcting Powder—don’t worry, it doesn’t stay green once it’s one!

About Vyana Plant Beauty

Vyana Plant Beauty is a Swedish luxury zero waste makeup brand aiming to harness “all the richness the earth has to offer”.

100% natural, palm oil-free (including their stearic acid, a common palm derivative), vegan, and cruelty-free, they offer a wide range of minimal ingredient products for the skin, face, cheeks, lips, and eyes.

Products come packaged in rose gold aluminum pots that have all kinds of uses, including for refills of powder products (which is most of them). These come in biodegradable bags.

Orders will ship using things like compostable envelopes and dissolvable corn starch packing peanuts.

7. Elate Cosmetics

7 Zero Waste Concealer Options For An Eco-Friendly Cover-Up Image by Elate Cosmetics #zerowasteconcealer #zerowastemakeupconcealer #veganzerowasteconcealer #ecofriendlyconealer #bestecofriendlyconcealer #sustainablejungle
Image by Elate Cosmetics

*Note: Elate uses stearic acid derived from RSPO palm oil but their zero waste concealer recipe does not include this.

Elate Cosmetics’ Sustainable Concealer Canada

Elate Cosmetics offers the best eco-friendly concealer for just about any skin tone, thanks to eight, versatile shades rich with warm undertones.

This powerhouse Organic Crème Concealer combines evening primrose oil (to increase firmness and skin elasticity), bamboo stem extract (for antibacterial benefits), and borage oil (to balance skin pH and correct lipid deficiencies).

Mineral additions include mica, titanium dioxide, silica, and of course zinc oxide to project from sun damage.

Your first time order comes in a cute bamboo compact, after which you can plastic-free concealer refills in a recyclable aluminum pan that neatly replaces the old one in your compact.

About Elate Cosmetics

Sustainable makeup guru Elate will certainly elate clean beauty fanatics.

Their range of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, and more is made of 90% or more organic ingredients in Canada, all of which are PETA and Cruelty-Free International-certified.

They use palm-derived stearic acid, but it’s only sourced from RSPO-certified suppliers.

Other ingredients are sourced fair trade when possible and their mica supplier is a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative.

From offsetting emission and planting trees to using plastic-free packaging that’s refillable via seed paper envelopes, this Certified B Corp and Green Business Association member deserves its accolades. 

They’re also part of the Surfrider Foundation and donate 2% of profits to environmental and social initiatives.

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How We Found These No Waste Concealers

Whether you prefer medium light with pink undertones or something dark with cool undertones, matching your skin tone shouldn’t need plastic.

When it comes to sustainable beauty, we’re tickled pink (undertones) by brands that are:

  • Non-toxic: This usually means natural skincare ingredients and maybe the occasional safe synthetic ingredient that does not include ingredients to avoid in skincare. Some of our favorite protective plant oils include apricot kernel oil, moringa seed oil, and camellia seed oil.
  • Vegan: We sometimes make exceptions for beeswax and honey, but nothing that requires the death of an animal.
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Palm oil free: RSPO-certified sustainable palm at the very least.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: Hiding blemishes is good; hiding poor sourcing practices isn’t—especially when minerals like mica in makeup are involved—which is why we look for local or fair trade sourcing.
  • Thoughtful packaging: While package-free concealers aren’t possible, low waste concealer is totally achievable. We define zero waste packaging as anything that is reusable, refillable, or compostable.

While we don’t always get full coverage (in our vegan foundation or these criteria), we try to work our makeup sponge as flawlessly as possible.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Zero Waste Concealer

Let’s face the facts: we all get pimples, and wrinkles eventually despite using the best natural skin care for aging skin.

There’s no shame in wanting to cover up those bumps and blemishes—but we shouldn’t have to cover up the toxic ingredients and waste associated with that desire.

These zero waste concealers prove that you can get full coverage in a transparent, plastic-free package. 

So grab your makeup sponge (ideally an eco-friendly sponge) and share this article to show your friends that clean-looking skin doesn’t have to come at a cost to the planet.

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