11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Image by Tampon Tribe #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Image by Tampon Tribe
11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Image by Sustainable Jungle #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

11 Best Organic Tampons For A Natural & Chemical-Free Flow

Molly Willows

Are organic tampons really better? 

Considering the amount of chemicals found in conventional tampons, we’d say so. 

Vaginas can easily become irritated by harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Mood swings and cramping are enough to handle as is—who wants to add itching to the list?

Now, tampons aren’t our favorite menstrual product in the world. In terms of safety and sustainability, menstrual cups and sustainable period underwear are our go to eco-friendly period products.

But we also understand people can’t always—or simply don’t want to—use them. 

If tampons are a necessity in your menstrual care kit, make sure they’re at least organic cotton tampons (and ideally plastic-free). 

Fortunately, your (menstrual) cup overfloweth with options. But what tampons are 100% organic? 

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Super Organic Tampons To Get You Started

Cora organic cotton tampons, for starters. The trusted brand makes applicator and non-applicator 100% cotton options that won’t cramp your style.

Or join the tribe of users that have switched to Tampon Tribe’s organic cotton tampons. With cardboard applicators, they’re free of not only plastic, but perfumes, chlorine, and dioxins, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Daye has some of the best natural tampons with sugarcane applicators and the world’s first and only flushable wrappers.

Scroll down to read what other organic tampon brands fit our flow and how we bled the menstruation market to find them.

Our Favorite Organic & Non-Toxic Tampons

1. Cora

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Cora #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Cora

About Cora Organic Tampons

We already know the organic period underwear from Cora can help you bleed easy, so we aren’t surprised that Cora organic cotton tampons are, too. 

Free from pesticides, dioxins, fragrances, and chlorine, their 100% organic cotton tampon core and string is made from sustainable organic cotton that is both ICEA and GOTS-certified.

Cora stocks both plastic applicator and applicator-free options in a range of absorbency levels for their organic tampons, light to super absorbent. 

While we urge you to choose applicator-free, Cora organic tampons will soon feature plant-based plastic applicators instead of the current BPA-free plastic ones.

They’re also replacing their plastic wrappers with paper.

About Cora

Community is one of their cor(a) values. 

For each purchase, Cora provides body literacy resources to people in need in India, Kenya, and the USA. 

10% of total profits are put towards ending period poverty and 75% of those to BIPOC communities.

2. Tampon Tribe

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Tampon Tribe #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Tampon Tribe

About Tampon Tribe Non-Toxic Tampons

Tampon Tribe has a string (get it?) of all natural tampons we can’t wait to tell you about. 

Their FDA-approved products are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that follows the European Eco-Bio standard, meaning you won’t find viscose, chlorine, fragrances, dioxins, or glue in their vegan and hypoallergenic blend. 

All organic tampons—super plus, super, or regular—feature a specialty weave design not to leave behind unwanted fibers.

With a biodegradable cardboard applicator (complete with rounded comfort tip) and a natural jute bag, these healthy tampons are the perfect addition to any zero waste bathroom

About Tampon Tribe

Like any good tribe, Tampon Tribe puts the community first. 

Their Give One Get One program donates day packs of feminine hygiene products to women experiencing homelessness.

This woman and LGBTQ-owned business supports fair labor practices and is plastic-neutral—but better! Because they don’t use plastic at all, instead of collecting a pound of ocean plastic waste for every pound used, they collect a pound for every pound saved by not using it.

3. Rael

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Rael #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Rael

About Rael Organic Tampons

Rael believes, “What we put into our bodies should be as clean as what comes out, and work as hard as we do.” 

That’s why they have some of the best organic tampons for heavy flow folks. 

All Rael organic cotton tampons are made with leak-locker technology designed to expand widthwise for better, faster absorption of up to eight hours worth of menstrual fluid. 

They come housed in a BPA-free plastic applicator or biodegradable cardboard applicator (we obviously recommend the latter) and individually wrapped in a sustainable paper wrapper. 

About Rael

Rael was designed for real people, regardless of their income, ethnicity, or gender. 

They work hard to make effective menstrual products to help bridge the gap between period poverty and menstrual dignity. 

They work with an organization that collects bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products and delivers them to people experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, and distress.

4. August

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Sustainable Jungle #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About August Non-Toxic Tampons

August natural tampons have us covered every month of the year, not just in August. 

Created with ethically farmed organic cotton from Turkey, they are free from pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, dioxins, dyes, and other harmful chemicals. 

Naturally, they bear an OEKO-TEX certification.

August organic tampons open axially, like a pair of angel wings, to fit the angelic nature of your vagina. 

They are fitted with smooth tip long, BPA-free plastic applicators that are housed in BPI-certified compostable wrapping. 

About August

If you order from any of the 30 states that have tampon tax, August covers the cost of it. 

Their whole supply chain is BSCI and ISO 9001 certified, as well as carbon-neutral through investments in renewable energy-focused carbon offset programs.

They work with a Philadelphia-based non-profit that decreases stigmas against periods and makes health education more accessible.

5. Natracare

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Natracare #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Natracare

About Natracare Organic Tampons

As the world’s first organic tampon creators, Natracare has had a lot of time to perfect the formula. 

Their tampons are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that is processed in Turkey. As the tampon absorbs, it expands lengthwise for comfortable, regular to super+ coverage. 

With easy-glide cardboard and BPA-free recycled plastic applicator options, their all natural tampons are totally biodegradable, just like their eco-friendly baby wipes

About Natracare

The Ethical Company Organisation have repeatedly ranked Natracare at the top of their table for menstrual products. 

Unlike many menstrual care companies, their completely chlorine-free process does not contaminate natural resources and many of their products are compostable. 

As members of 1% For The Planet, they support organizations combating plastic pollution, such as the Marine Conservation Society and The Plastic Pollution Coalition.

7. Daye

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Daye #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Daye

About Daye’s Organic Tampons

Daye’s non-toxic tampons have you covered day(e), and night. 

Their mystical tampons are created from sustainably sourced organic cotton with a no-shed protective sleeve and optional CBD coating. 

The medical-grade CBD coating is created from closed-loop hemp that harnesses the magic of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that CBD oils are shown to have. 

Each box contains both Nude (non-CBD) organic regular tampons and super tampons and CBD-coated super tampons.

Taking low waste living seriously, their tampons are housed in renewable sugarcane applicators and individually wrapped in the world’s only flushable wrappers. They even come with a chic aluminum case and organic cotton storage pouch.

About Daye

Daye is committed to making their products as environmentally friendly as possible. 

The Carbon-Neutral business partners with Pachama to offset their carbon footprint and combat deforestation.

As Student Beans partners, they offer a 20% discount to college students, meaning students have more money to put toward tuition and sustainable school supplies.

8. Sustain

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Sustain #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustain

About Sustain Certified Organic Cotton Tampons

With a name like Sustain, are we really surprised to find these on the list of best organic tampons

Their cotton-candy colored tampons are sustainably sweet, made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton free from bleach, rayon, fragrances, and synthetic fibers or adsorbents. 

In these organic tampons, regular options absorb 6–9 grams of fluid, while super tampons absorb 9–12 grams. 

Their compact applicators are 90% sugarcane, making them a perfect addition for your sustainable travel kit. 

About Sustains

All fair trade and 100% organic or reusable, Sustain delivers “shame-free products for periods & sex, made with your body in mind”.

In addition to organic cotton tampons, this includes period underwear and FSC-certified Fair Latex rubber condoms. 

Through in-person activism, product donations to the Food Bank of New York, and donating 1% of sales, this Certified B Corp supports those providing comprehensive sex education and healthcare.


11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Lola #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Lola

LOLA Organic Tampons

LOLA’s tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, and a whole lot of lola-love. 

The gynecologist-approved tampons feature clean ingredients and 360 leakproof technology. As the tampon absorbs, it expands in all directions for ultimate coverage of light to super+ flows. 

All LOLA organic tampons are fragrance, toxin, and dye-free and come housed in BPA-free plastic or cardboard applicators. 

If your definition of zero waste means truly no waste, check out their non-applicator tampons (and these zero waste hand soaps while you’re at it, because applicator free insertion can get a bit messy). 

About LOLA

Lola frequently donates products to community collection drives, as well as homeless and disaster-relief shelters. 

Their formal charity, LOLA Gives Back, supplies tampons to women in need with every Lola purchase. The program has donated over 6 million menstrual products so far to organizations like Days for Girls and The Pad Project.

Join Lola’s IGTV every Friday for an open conversation on reproductive health questions with experts, part of their work to promote period and sex education.

10. L.

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by L #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by L

About L. Organic Tampons

When it comes to sustainability, L. organic tampons are a W in our book. 

Their tampons are made from OEKO-TEX, OCS and Ecocert-certified organic cotton that’s free from chlorine, pesticides, rayon, fragrances, and dyes .

They do, however, contain some polyester to wick away moisture, as well a natural glycerin and paraffin wax coating for a smooth feeling. All ingredients are lab-tested for safety, but this means they’re not 100% organic cotton.

Absorbency levels range from 6 grams worth of light flow to a whopping 18 grams of flow. 

With earthy branding and BPA-free plastic applicators, L. organic cotton tampons are Mother Nature approved. 

About L.

Certified B Corp L, isn’t just for “loving your body”. It’s also for “lending a hand”.

The L. Solidarity Program awards grants to projects around the world working to increase long-lasting access to period care and health education while decreasing period stigma.

11. Tampax

11 Natural & Organic Tampons For A Chemical-Free Flow Images by Tampax #organictampons #bestorganictampons #organicottontampons #coraorganictampons #whyorganictampons #naturalorganictampons #sustainablejungle
Images by Tampax

About Tampax Organic Tampons

For many of us, Tampax has been there since the beginning. 

Considering they have some of the most affordable organic tampons Walmart has to offer, they have become highly accessible staple items in period care routines of many people.

While not all products are organic, all Tampax Pure organic tampons are made from certified organic cotton free from chlorine bleaching, dyes, and fragrances. 

In addition to GOTS, they’re also FSC and OEKO-TEX-certified.

With a Formfit design that expands to fit the shape of your body, they provide up to 100% leakfree protection you can trust. 

The comfortable applicator is made from 90% plant-based plastic and the cartons feature recycled cardboard.

About Tampax

Tampax is all about “No Shame. No Stress. No Limits.” when it comes to periods.

For every specially marked purchase, they donate a tampon to girls in need.

Through the Flow It Forward project, they’re investing in period education in underserved communities, as well as the education of Black women physicians and healthcare workers. They do so by partnering with organizations like the Black Women’s Health Imperative and Girlology.

Tampax is actively working to minimize landfill bound manufacturing waste, uses renewable energy at many manufacturing sites, or purchases renewable electricity credits for those that don’t

Their suppliers have committed to reducing emissions by 30% in the next five years.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Organic Cotton Tampons?

What are organic tampons? More importantly, why are organic tampons better?

No, organic tampons don’t shorten your period, but there are plenty of other organic tampon benefits to convince you to switch.

Traditional non-organic tampons are made from a blend of rayon and cotton, both heavily absorbent (but not sustainable) materials

Natural, conventional cotton used in traditional period products is grown using non-organic pesticides and has been dubbed the “dirtiest crop in the world”.

Meanwhile, semi-synthetic rayon fabric is created using a number of chemical additives we don’t want anywhere near our privates. In the face of caustic soda, cramps don’t seem so bad…

These already chemical-laden ingredients are treated with even more chemicals during the manufacturing process, which usually involves adding chlorine bleach and fragrances.

The toxic tampon is then housed in a plastic applicator that contains BPA, an endocrine disruptor linked to infertility. 

Some chemicals that have been found in traditional tampons are dioxins, methylene chlorine, glyphosates, carbon disulfide, chloroform, styrene, and synthetic fragrances. Many of these are not just irritants, but are known carcinogens and reproductive toxins. 

Substances that are placed inside the vagina are absorbed by vaginal mucosa, and are able to pass almost directly to the bloodstream. Since tampons are worn for hours at a time, some of these chemicals get leached directly into the body.

The benefit of organic tampons made from chemical-free materials is that you simply aren’t exposing your body to these harmful chemicals. 

Can you get toxic shock syndrome from organic tampons? 

You may be asking, do organic tampons reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) too?

Since TSS is caused by bacteria rather than chemicals, no. 

To reduce the chances of toxic shock syndrome, be sure to choose proper absorbency levels, change your tampons regularly, and wash your hands thoroughly.

How To Dispose Of Organic Tampons

If you’re like many, you might be wondering: can you flush organic tampons?

Let’s make one thing clear: tampons should never be flushed down the toilet, period. 

Even biodegradable tampons take time to break down, and most-wastewater systems simply aren’t capable of hosting them while they do. 

Instead of chucking your tampons in the loo, you might be able to add them to your indoor compost bin.

However, tampons are only compostable if 100% biodegradable and if the composting is done correctly in a high-heat system (ideally an industrial one) and creates compost that won’t go on your ecological vegetable garden

Otherwise, used tampons would go on the list of what not to compost. While nutrient dense, period blood can also contain pathogens and bacteria that can post a risk if not decomposed properly. 

If you can’t safely compost your tampons, recycle what you can (i.e. wrappers) and chuck the rest in the waste bin.

How We Chose The Best Organic Tampons

We don’t take selecting organic light tampons lightly.

When it comes to what we put inside our bodies (literally), we only want the best. Here are some of the things we look for in safe and sustainable brands.


Considering the nature of the product, we want not only organic but also eco-friendly tampons

100% certified organic cotton, to be exact. Organic and rayon don’t exist in the same world, so we are looking for rayon-free products.


This includes applicators, wrappers, and containers. Since we are focusing on organic and not zero waste, we let plastic slide as long as it’s BPA-free. 

Still, cardboard, biodegradable, and applicator-free options are best, even if they’re not as comfortable to use.

Supply chain & green business practices: 

Cotton harvesting typically has a bad rep when it comes to human ethics, so we always look for humanely harvested cotton. 

These organic tampon brands support fair-trade certified factories, safe working environments, and above-living wages. 

We also appreciate those using renewable energy, waste reduction practices, recycled packaging, carbon offsets, and other means to shrink the impact of Aunt Flo.

Community & charitable giving:

All of these brands hold period education and accessibility of care close to hoo-ha, Using profits to donate money and menstrual care products to those in need.

Final Thoughts On Natural & Organic Tampons

Why use organic tampons? More like, why not use them?

We aren’t ovary-acting when we tell you the switch to organic tampons and organic pads will change your (menstrual) life. 

The reality of conventional period products is black and white, so say goodbye to chemicals and hello to your chemical-free flow with these safe and eco-friendly bathroom products

As always, please share this article with fellow menstruators so they, too, can reap the benefits of organic tampons.

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