7 Tips For Upcycling Clothes That Are Sew Sustainably Easy Image by Sustainable Jungle #upcyclingclothes #upcyclingclothingideas #upcycleclothes #howtoupcycleclothes #upcyclingclothesbenefits #repurposingandupcyclingclothes #sustainablejungle

7 Tips For Upcycling Clothes That Are Sew Sustainably Easy

By learning these simple tips and techniques for upcycling clothes, DIY style, you can breathe new life into the garments you already own…

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Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Here we cover topics focused on sustainable & ethical fashion, fabrics, shopping second hand and slowing fashion down.

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What actually makes an industry more sustainable and ethical? How do we as consumers make as little negative impact as possible? These are complex and nuanced questions which we dig into here specifically for the fashion industry. See all in fashion education 💚

Is Gap Fast Fashion? Image by Gap #isGapfastfashion #isGapethical #Gapsustainability #isGapsustainable #gapunethicalpractices #sustainablejungle

Is Gap Fast Fashion?

So, is Gap fast fashion? Or are they on their way to crossing the huge gap that separates fast fashion brands to avoid from more conscious…

Better Fashion Choices

Secondhand is better (always) but sometimes you do just have to buy new. Here we help you to make better, low impact choices when thrifting just won’t do 👗

9 Sustainable Backpacks for All Kinds Of Eco-Ventures Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablebackpacks #bestsustainablebackpacks #ecofriendlybackpacks #ecofriendlybackpacksforschool #sustainablebackpackbrands #sustainablelaptopbackpacks #sustainablejungle

9 Sustainable Backpacks for All Kinds Of Eco-Ventures

Whether trekking in the mountains or trekking to work, sustainable backpacks can help us pack our everyday essentials while leaving the…

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Fabrics & Materials

Materials matter! They’re one of our key considerations when assessing the sustainability and ethics of any product. Here we focus on fabrics and materials used in the fashion industry. See all in fabrics & materials 👚

Jewelry & Accessories

The jewelry industry is generally not great for people or the environment. For this reason, we recommend exhausting secondhand options first. But if you absolutely have to buy new, here are our suggestions for lower impact bling, dazzle and adornment. See all in jewelry & accessories 💎

Better Shoes & Footwear

Secondhand is still better, even for shoes and footwear – do we sound like a broken record? We all need to be reminded regularly because new stuff has an undeniable appeal… But if you do absolutely need new kicks, this section of more sustainable footwear is for you. See all in better shoes & footwear 👠👞👟