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11 Eco-Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure

Francesca Brooking

Traveling the world can be a great way to expand your worldview and experience different cultures.

But unfortunately, travel is simply not an eco-friendly activity, and researching sustainable travel options is time-consuming.

Enter: the best eco-tourism companies

Ethical travel companies do the work of finding the best eco-friendly transportation, accommodation, and experiences, so all you have to do is decide on your destination and book the trip.

Eco-friendly travel companies range from fully guided tours to booking sites where you can plan your own trip using a set of pre-vetted companies and activities–so regardless of your travel style, you’re earning a few more sustainable travel miles.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Ready, Set, Jet With The Top Eco-Tour Companies

You’ve heard of AirBnB, but what about Fairbnb.coop?

If you’re looking for ecotourism companies in Europe, this one is not to be missed. They’re just like their unfair (cough cough gentrifying) namesake, except they pay it back to the communities their hosts are located in by putting 50% of profits toward community projects.

Earth Changers is a planet-minded eco-tourism company committed to aggressively reducing carbon emissions associated with travel, without relying solely on carbon offsets.

1. Rooms for Change

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Rooms for Change #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Rooms for Change

About Rooms for Change 

Rooms for Change isn’t an eco tourism operator, but rather a non-profit accommodation booking site with 100% of proceeds going towards travel scholarships that give disadvantaged youth, senior citizens, and veterans a chance to travel. 

Their third-party accommodation partners range from sustainable hotels to home rentals, so there’s a destination for any length of stay. 

No matter where you’re planning your eco vacations–U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, the Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific—there are sustainable hotels everywhere for you to book through Rooms for Change. 

Rooms for Change’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Because Rooms for Change is a non-profit, 100% of the proceeds and donations they collect through their operations go toward the travel scholarships that form the core mission of their business. 

They sponsor as many trips as they can, based on budget and availability. If there is someone in your life who you think would benefit from a travel scholarship, you can recommend them to Rooms for Change through their website.

2. bookdifferent

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Bookdifferent #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Bookdifferent

About bookdifferent

An eco-friendly accommodation booking site with a heart for sustainability, bookdifferent has a worldwide database of sustainable stays that have passed their robust checks. 

They evaluate management of each listed accommodation for sustainability and legal compliance, equitable employee treatment, respect for local cultures and traditions, and care for the environment. 

Each area is represented by a green heart—the accommodation sites with all four hearts indicate the greenest choice.

bookdifferent has thousands of different accommodation options all over the globe, so the world is your oyster.

bookdifferent’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

bookdifferent has signed the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, which indicates their commitment to reducing plastic pollution from the travel industry. 

They’ve partnered with Clean the World to highlight hotels that minimize plastic pollution, which is a criterion you can filter by when searching for accommodation on the site.

They also provide guidance and resources for sustainable travel destinations, travel tips, and business focused tools for enabling sustainable business travel.

3. Fairbnb.coop

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by FairBnB #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Fairbnb.coop

About Fairbnb.coop

A direct play on the AirBnB brand, Fairbnb.coop offers a similar service of connecting guests with hosts, but with an intentional, ethical component. The prices are similar to using AirBnb, but 50% of Fairbnb.coop’s commission goes towards social projects in hosts’ local communities. 

Signing up as a host is free, and the cost is the same for the consumer, but with a fair greater social impact than using a similar rental service. 

Right now Fairbnb.coop accommodation is available in Europe and the UK, but availability depends on the interest and participation of hosts, so new Fairbnbs could be coming to you any time, just like the system is coming to Canada in the near future.

Fairbnb.coop’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Fairbnb.coop has a co-op based business model, with different nodes collecting all stays in one geographic area. Co-op members get to decide how their node is run, and how they can incorporate sustainable tourism into their community. 

Many of the community projects Fairbnb.coop sponsors through their commission fees support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, addressing issues like sustainable food systems and access, gender equality, clean energy, and sustainable communities.

4. Earth Changers

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Earth Changers #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Earth Changers

About Earth Changers

Partnering with eco-friendly tour operators and accommodations around the world, Earth Changers is an eco travel company living by their core values of adventure and connection with integrity.

Earth Changers is primarily a booking site, providing a database of experiences and stays that have been curated and vetted to be the most sustainable options for your trip.

Looking for Galapagos eco tour companies?

That’s just the start of where you can travel to through Earth Changers. 

You can also go to other destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America—or none of the above, by way of a sailing adventure.

Earth Changers’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Earth Changers is fiercely committed to combating climate change, and they are aggressively reducing and minimizing their carbon emissions from the very start. 

Additionally, many of their partners are actively combatting waste and pollution in their communities, and are using innovative waste to reduce consumption and damage to the environment. 

Because of this, you may be asked to comply with certain requirements during your stay, such as using natural, eco-friendly toiletries.

5. Earthwatch

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Earth Watch #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Earthwatch

About Earthwatch

If you’re looking for companies specializing in ecotourism and environmental education alike, watch out for Earthwatch.

A nonprofit that supports scientific research, Earthwatch connects travelers with environmental scientists to conduct fieldwork in one of the 40 field research expeditions they have available.

Whether you want to focus on ocean health, wildlife and ecosystems, climate change, or archaeology, there is a science focused adventure available for various interests and activity levels. 

You’ll find adventures from this ecotourism company in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. 

Earthwatch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Earthwatch’s scientific research has significantly informed legislation and environmental action in countries around the world, and helps guide organizations in sustainability practices based on their research.

They also work with Girls in Science and other organizations to help give students opportunities to learn STEM subjects hands-on in the field.

6. Natural Habitat Adventures

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Natural Habitat Adventures #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Natural Habitat Adventures

About Natural Habitat Adventures

Focusing on exciting and sustainable nature adventures, Natural Habitat Adventures’ mission is conservation through exploration. 

They are also the World Wildlife Fund’s conservation travel partner, with your tourism dollars going towards environmental protection and development. 

With small groups and unique itineraries, their guided trips take you to spectacular destinations like the U.S. national parks (perfect for eco vacations U.S. residents will find accessible), Antarctica, and more.

Natural Habitat Adventures’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Natural Habitat Adventures makes environmental conservation the core of their business, and whether it’s the pursuit of conservation projects like plastic-free travel or their pioneering eco camping trip in Yellowstone, they’re making concrete steps to be sustainable. 

In addition to their waste reduction efforts on trips, they are also reducing waste in their Colorado office, providing TerraCycle boxes onsite for employees and zero waste products throughout the facilities.

They’ve been carbon-neutral since 2007, mitigating their carbon dioxide output through offsets.

7. G Adventures

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by G Adventures #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by G Adventures

About G Adventures

Providing adventure tours led by experienced locals, G Adventures uses community tourism to make an impact.

With a focus on animal welfare, child welfare, and respectively local and indigenous communities, G Adventures believes community tourism is an eco travel methodology that is sustainable for the world and fun for the individual. 

Each local tour operator is rated with a Ripple Score to indicate how much money from the tour stays in the local community. 

G Adventures has tours on every continent, so there’s an eco tourism guide wherever you may desire to go.

G Adventures’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices 

G Adventures partners with Travel Without Plastic to analyze their operations to reduce single use plastic across their tours, offices, and events.

Their non-profit partner, Planeterra, works on empowering local people and harnessing the benefits of tourism for good as a continuation of G Adventures’ focus on community tourism nd eco travels.

8. Seacology

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Seacology #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Seacology and Gary Eduardo Perless

About Seacology

For environmental-focused adventuring, the nonprofit environmental organization Seacology offers expeditions exploring islands throughout the world.

The primary purpose of Seacology is to help protect delicate island ecosystems around the world, working directly with local communities to preserve habitats and strengthen their local culture.

Through their eco-tourism program, they’re both giving people the ability to see remote, hard-to-see island destinations and giving them an up-close look at Seacology’s conservation work and the positive impact it’s having on these destinations.

Each expedition visits different environmental projects of Seacology, and vary depending on availability, so check their website to see if there is an upcoming adventure right for you. 

Seacology’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 

The focus of Seacology is on island habitats, but also other key eco-systems including mangroves, peatlands, and seagrass. Not only do these ecosystems trap massive amounts of carbon, but they are also threatened and vulnerable to development. 

Part of their environmental initiatives include empowering locals to protect their own ecosystems, and Seacology provides an award every year to an islander noted for their significant contributions to conserving local environments and culture.

9. Intrepid Travel

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by Intrepid #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Intrepid

About Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel can help you get to anywhere in the world—that’s all seven continents, including Antarctica. The purpose driven adventure travel company curates exciting travel experiences to all corners of the globe that are eco-friendly and culturally conscious. 

They also partner with academic researchers to conduct community based tourism research projects in South America and Asia. 

Intrepid travel experiences are designed to fit your needs and interests while supporting communities with initiatives surrounding climate change and social justice. 

Intrepid Travel’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

If you want tour companies that are certified, ecotourism doesn’t get more legit than Intrepid.

They’re a Certified B Corp and adhere to the UN Global Compact, a framework designed to help companies align with standards in human rights and environmental preservation. 

As one of the best ecotourism companies in Australia, Intrepid has a Reconciliation Action Plan that is committed to reconciling as a business with the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait islanders.

10. Gondwana Ecotours

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable AdventureImages by Gondwana Ecotours#ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Gondwana Ecotours

About Gondwana Ecotours

Specializing in private tours and small group trips, Gondwana Ecotours perpetuates environmentally sustainable travel throughout all their adventures.

Preserving ecosystems for future generations is an important component of eco travel, which is why Gondwana Ecotours hires local guides who know their environment intimately and care about preserving it for the benefit of their community.

This sustainable travel company currently offering trips in Alaska, Argentina, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Louisiana, and Tanzania. 

Gondwana Ecotours Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Every year, Gondwana donates a portion of their profits to local nonprofits based in the locations where they organize tours.

All their tours have been certified carbon-neutral since 2021, and they’re also a member of the International Ecotourism Society.

11. Byway

13 Eco Tourism Companies To Help You Book Your Next Sustainable Adventure Images by ByWay #ecotourismcompanies #ecofriendlytourismcompanies #ecotourcompanies #bestecotourcompanies #topecotourismcompanies #listofecotourcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by ByWay

About Byway

One of the best ecotourism companies UK residents can take advantage of, Byway is a flight-free travel booking company that harnesses the power of trains to get you to oodles of European destinations (and Morocco). No planes necessary.

Byway acts like a travel agent, helping you curate the best sustainable trip for you and your needs. 

You can either build your own trip or select from one of their best-selling trips curated by travel experts. All transportation and accommodations are included as part of your booking, and if you need help while you’re on your trip, you can contact Byway’s eco travel agents anytime.

Byway’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices 

Byway is a Certified B Corp, and they regularly publish an impact report indicating their progress towards their sustainability goals. 

They also help to encourage significant reductions in carbon through their flight-free philosophy, which cuts carbon by up to 90% compared to flying.

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Why Choose Eco Tour operators?

Travel is a polluting industry. There, we said it.

Approximately 8%-11% of the total global carbon footprint is caused by travel and tourism, with 17% of that being contributed to by aviation. 

That’s not even to mention the significant social, economic, and cultural damage that can occur in communities because of careless and profit-centric tourism practices.

But before you decide to never leave the house again, know that there are better ways to travel—for starters, following zero waste travel tips and choosing sustainable brands, whether it be for the eco-friendly travel products you’re packing or the companies you’re booking your trip through.

Eco-friendly tourism companies prioritize environmental conservation, carbon reduction, cultural preservation, and social responsibility. This means that they’re harnessing your tourism dollars to make an environmental impact and cause positive economic and social change in the lives of local people. 

Eco travel companies also prioritize animal welfare, which is another important area to consider when choosing travel experiences involving animals. 

Regardless of whether you want to go explore the great outdoors or are interested in more urban eco luxury holidays, an eco tourism company can help you find the most sustainable options for your journey.

How We Found The Best Eco-Tourism Companies

What is an eco tourism company?

When we were looking for the best eco-friendly travel companies, sustainable tourism was an obvious must have. 

In order to prioritize green travel, we considered the following eco-tourism company criteria:


Obviously, location is the most important part of any trip—otherwise, why would you leave your house?

When it comes to eco-friendly tourism companies, location doesn’t matter as long as traveling there doesn’t harm local ecosystems and cultures.

That being said, we tried to look for companies that had a wide range of destinations to provide the most choices.

Local economy:

Tourism can be a money sucking industry, funneling funds from communities to mega corporations that aren’t even based in the country. 

For this reason, we looked for companies that financially empower communities in which they run tours by keeping as many resources as possible at the local level. 

Animal welfare:

Unfortunately, travel can be a significant contributor to animal cruelty (we’re looking at you, African elephant rides), so eco-tourism companies should have a framework in place that ensures animal welfare. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Which is the best example of ecotourism?

All these criteria are important, but this one is especially key to the eco component of ecotourism.

Because the travel industry contributes so much pollution to the environment, a cornerstone of an eco-friendly travel company is a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and services. 

Being carbon-neutral is a start, but going beyond carbon offset programs, the best eco-tourism companies are making steps to reduce their carbon output in the first place, through eliminating single use plastics, using renewable energy, and minimizing air travel as much as possible.

Cultural respect:

A frequent dark side of mainstream travel is the significant human right violations and cultural disrespect that it perpetuates. 

An ethical travel tour operator will ensure the cultural integrity of the places they visit are preserved, working with community members to better the environment together. 

Charitable giving:

We like to see ecotourism companies giving to local nonprofits in the locations where they operate, as well as partnering with organizations that advocate for conservation and empowering of disadvantaged and marginalized people.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Tourism Companies

Just because travel is fun doesn’t mean you have to suspend your beliefs surrounding sustainability. 

While the travel industry as a whole has a long way to go, there are many ecotourism companies that are making a difference all over the world, so whether you need a sustainable hotel room or a guided adventure, there’s a sustainable travel option available for you. 

Feeling inspired? 

Share your renewed—or rather renewable (energy)—sense of enthusiasm for ethical and regenerative travel by sharing this article on sustainable tourism companies with your favorite travel buddy, so you can get the creative trip ideas flowing.

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