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9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity

Deidre Maene

Ready to channel your inner Da Vinci but worried about the sneaky toxins hiding in your palette?

We’re with you—which is why we’re here to paint a much prettier picture using non-toxic art supplies.

Traditional art materials, with their mesmerizing shades, sometimes come at a hidden cost: potentially harmful chemicals.

But eco-friendly creativity knows no bounds, and many eco-friendly art supply makers have taken up the mantle to ensure our artistic tools don’t compromise our health or the planet’s.

So, what are the safest art supplies?

 Let’s paint a clearer picture.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Our Top Non-Toxic Paint & Art Supply Picks For Chemical-Free Creations

Stabilo‘s FSC-certified 3-in-1 Woody Colored Pencils glide effortlessly on paper, combining colorful hues and safety in every stroke. 

Wondering where to buy non-toxic art supplies for toddlers?

eco-kids allows your budding Da Vincis to mold and shape without a hint of toxic chemicals. 

If you’re looking for washable non-toxic paint for kids, Honeysticks’ natural watercolor paints are natural, food-grade, and free of common allergens.

If you’re on the hunt for the brush-by-brush breakdown of our selection process, we’ve channeled our inner Van Gogh to sketch a detailed portrait of how we curated this list of brands offering even baby safe art supplies at the end of the article.

The Full List Of Safe & Non-Toxic Art Supplies

1. eco-kids

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by eco-kids #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by eco-kids

eco-kids Non-Toxic Art Supplies For Children

Price Range: $8–$19

Wondering about the most eco-friendly, non-toxic play dough for children?

Enter eco-kids.

The name might hint at it, but they’re champions in providing all-natural, safe art supplies for kids and young creators.

Their eco-dough breaks the play dough mold with a formula that doesn’t contain any of the synthetic ingredients typical of conventional play dough.

Every batch is not only biodegradable but completely safe for young hands.

They also offer a range of other kid-safe natural art supplies, like non-toxic chalk and plant-based finger paints. Made with non-GMO natural ingredients (like potatoes, rice, and beans) and organic fruit and vegetable pigments, it’s some of the best non-toxic paint for babies.

About eco-kids

eco-kids is devoted to producing play materials that are secure for children of all ages, even those with particular allergies and sensitivities.

Wholly derived from nature, their offerings are devoid of toxins and synthetic additives.

Handcrafted with love, eco-kids ensures each product resonates with their eco-friendly ethos. Their base in Raleigh, NC, is where 90% of their magic happens.

In alignment with their green approach, they emphasize reducing plastic use and have made strides in ensuring natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging—making them a top choice for zero waste school supplies.

eco-kids continuously collaborates with events, schools, and other entities that mirror their green ethos.

Also available on EarthHero | Amazon

2. Natural Earth Paint

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Sustainable Jungle #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Natural Earth Paints’ Non-Toxic Paint For Kids & Adults

Price Range: $6–$99

Looking for a true shade of eco-consciousness in the world of paints? 

Discover the palette of Natural Earth Paint.

Whether you’re after their watercolors or non-toxic acrylic paint for kids and adults alike, they’ve crafted an authentic symphony of colors using pure plant and mineral pigments, infused with organic elements.

Steering clear of usual acrylic polymers and oil-based paints, they’ve formulated a biodegradable version that’s not just environment-friendly but also free from harmful off gassing emissions.

Their Natural Acrylik set for seasoned artists is a testament to rich, lasting shades, ensuring your creations stay luminous over the years—and we should know since we’ve personally tested them!

Not only do they glide on your medium smooth and easy, but we appreciate how incredibly easy they are to blend and achieve that perfect color. 

While you’re immersed in their hues, consider using their vegan and cruelty-free brushes. Designed with sustainably-acquired wooden handles, they’re sealed with a plant-based, non-toxic varnish. 

About Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint is not just another name in the art supply industry. They’re torchbearers of an eco-friendly artistic movement, ensuring a safe haven for artists of all ages, especially those with sensitivities or allergies.

Their products—which also includes varnishes, Gesso, face paint, and more—are devoid of toxins, heavy metals, solvents, and unnecessary additives.

Crafted meticulously in Germany, their offerings underscore the importance of responsibly sourced pigments.

Their sustainability manifesto further resonates with a range of zero waste products. Even if you shop outside that collection, all products can be shipped via their Zero Waste Shipping option, making every bit of your order, even the tape, recyclable.

Staying true to their green ethos, Natural Earth Paint continually joins hands with workshops, schools, events, and eco-artistic communities worldwide.

Select products also available on Amazon

3. Honeysticks

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Honeysticks #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Honeysticks

Honeysticks’ Non-Toxic Washable Paint For Kids

Price Range: $15–$40

When it comes to kid safe paint, few brands are sweeter than Honeysticks.

Their Natural Watercolor Paints bring the purity of nature to every artist’s palette by refusing any inclusion of paraffin wax, fragrances, or fillers. 

Concocted using food-grade ingredients and non-toxic colors, the watercolor discs feature cellulose, dextrose, food-grade pigments, silica, magnesium stearate, and gum Arabic, ensuring a rich and smooth application. 

They’re also free of the top eight allergens—milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. 

Housed in a durable metal tin, this set not only promises vibrant colors for your art projects but also champions natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

To complete the set, the accompanying eco-friendly paintbrush is crafted from natural wood and bristles.

You can also shop for beeswax crayons and non-toxic bath colors.

About Honeysticks

Honeysticks stand as a beacon of environmental responsibility and child safety in the realm of non-toxic kids art supplies. Beyond their Natural Watercolor Paints, the brand upholds stringent quality standards. 

All their products wear the badge of compliance with global safety benchmarks, including ASTM D 4236 and the Graphic Materials Group Standard. 

Ethically crafted by hands in New Zealand, every order ships without a trace of plastic, nestled instead in recycled and recyclable materials.

4. Ecoline

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Ecoline #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Ecoline

Ecoline’s Non-Toxic Art Supplies For Professionals

Price Range: $10–$65

Within the domain of non-toxic art supplies for adults, Ecoline stands out, blending the brilliance of color with sustainable artistry.

Crafted for the eco-conscious artist, their Liquid Watercolor Sets feature dye-based, transparent watercolors that offer brilliant saturation, making them ideal for dynamic lettering, expansive color fills, sketches, and the finishing touches to any artistic endeavor.

The non-toxic, odorless formula is a testament to Ecoline’s commitment to health and the environment. A celebration of art shouldn’t come at the planet’s expense. 

If you happen to leave a bottle open, the environmentally friendly solution can easily be reactivated with just a touch of water.

In addition to typical non-toxic watercolor paints, they also sell watercolor brush pens and inks.

About Ecoline

Royal Talens, the umbrella brand behind Ecoline, firmly believes in the importance of sustainable business. Embracing this core value, they’ve taken significant strides to lessen their environmental impact. 

By consistently working to decrease electricity consumption, optimizing transport logistics, and embracing resource-efficient packaging, they’ve made tangible advances in sustainability. 

Their transition to renewable energy sources and the introduction of eco-centric packaging materials like cardboard and bioplastics further amplify their dedication to a more sustainable art world.

5. Stabilo

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Stabilo #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Stabilo

Stabilo’s Non-Toxic Art Supplies For Adults & Kids

Price Range: $10–$100

The Woody 3-in-1 Pastel Pencils by Stabilo aren’t your average colored pencils. 

Designed for artists spanning all ages, these pencils offer huge versatility as both a colored pencil and a watercolor tool. 

Just a dab of water transforms the solid hues into a watercolor masterpiece, allowing artists to dabble in varied techniques without switching tools. 

Not only can they be used on diverse mediums like paper, cardboard, and glass, but they’re also perfectly safe and non-toxic.

Plus, they’re made of wood with sustainable forestry certification from the FSC and are finished with a water-based varnish, further minimizing chemical usage.

Stabilo also offers fine-point non-toxic markers, gel pens, highlighters, and all of the above specially designed with easy grips for little hands.

About Stabilo

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are more than buzzwords for Stabilo; they’re a way of life. 

Their approach to preserving the environment is holistic, from recycling programs that handle plastic and cardboard waste to the use of energy-efficient systems within their facilities.

Stabilo’s eco-journey also includes collaborations with various organizations, fostering sustainability not just within their business but also in education and arts sectors.

6. Crayola

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Crayola #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Crayola

Crayola’s Non-Toxic Markers & Crayons

Price Range: $5–$107

Looking for non-toxic pens?

We probably don’t need to introduce you to the name Crayola, but we will introduce you to their Ultra-Clean line of non-toxic washable markers.

Perfect for any artistic venture, from coloring books to intricate DIY crafts, these markers are safe for artists of all ages.

Despite their vibrant hues and color-fastness on paper, these colors can easily be washed off skin, clothes, or even freshly painted walls—making them a safe eco-friendly toy for even the most messy of toddlers.

Crayola obviously has a huge range of other art supplies—non-toxic crayons, colors pencils, finger paint, you name it, and they’ve colored it—but as of now, only their markers and Ultra-CLean Crayons fall into the non-toxic category.

About Crayola

With a keen focus on reducing waste, conserving energy, and minimizing their carbon footprint, this household art supply name is painting a greener future.

Crayola recently rolled out an impressive recycling program that zeroes in on plastic waste, and has converted many of their facilities into energy-efficient ones complete with modern lighting and equipment choices. 

Beyond their own operations, Crayola reaches out, partnering with organizations advocating sustainable practices in education and the arts.

7. Ecojot

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Ecojot #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Ecojot

Ecojot’s Safe Art Supplies

Price Range: $18

For artists who truly care about the environment, Ecojot sketchbooks check all the boxes.

Not only is it made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, but it’s also processed without chlorine.

Beyond being sustainable, the sketchbook takes the health of artists into account too. Thanks to its acid-free nature and the use of vegetable-based inks and glues, it’s non-toxic and safe for all your creative ventures.

About Ecojot

Ecojot isn’t just about creating quality stationery; it’s about crafting eco-friendly notebooks that love the planet back. 

Their commitment to sustainability is unwavering. From introducing measures to cut down on waste to investing in energy-efficient machinery, Ecojot is always thinking green. 

Their dedication even extends to partnering with organizations that champion sustainability in both education and the arts.

8. Wee Can Too

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Wee Can Too #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Wee Can Too

Wee Can Too’s Baby Safe Art Supplies

Price Range: $7–$35

When it comes to introducing art to the youngest members of the family, what could be better than paints derived from the very essence of nature?

Enter Wee Can Too.

Their Veggie Baby Finger Paint serves as some of the best non-toxic paint for kids of all ages.

Not just colorful but also mindful, this non-toxic finger paint for kids encapsulates the goodness of organic, food-based ingredients, ensuring that they’re as safe on canvas as they are on a dinner plate.

These vibrant shades are formulated free from wheat and dairy and come in a convenient powder form, letting you decide the consistency. 

Just add water, and let your child’s imagination flow.

About Wee Can Too

Wee Can Too is a tale of two moms, Sarid Ditton and Nichole Groat, whose love for their children transcended into an eco-conscious endeavor. 

They weren’t just satisfied with any art supply; they envisioned a world where the youngest artists wouldn’t just create but also interact safely with their tools. 

Their products, crafted meticulously from fruit and vegetable powders along with plant-based ingredients, mirror their commitment to organic artistry. 

For parents, there’s an undeniable peace of mind knowing that inevitable nibbles during playtime won’t lead to frantic web searches. 

9. Stockmar

9 Non-Toxic Art Supplies: Your Guide to Safe Creativity Images by Stockmar #nontoxicartsupplies #nontoxicartsuppliesfortoddlers#safenontoxicartsupplies #nontoxickidsartsupplies#nontoxicpaintforkids #nontoxicfingerpaint#sustainablejungle
Images by Stockmar

Stockmar’s Non-Toxic Toddler Art Supplies

Price Range: £1–£49

For those aiming to blend their artistic flair with a commitment to safety and the environment, let your imagination take flight with Stockmar.

Their Beeswax Crayon Sticks, celebrated for vibrant colors and high-quality, ensure an environmentally conscious and safe coloring experience without any harmful residues, PCBs, or heavy metals.

Made with a unique blend of paraffin, vegetable wax, beeswax, and carefully chosen pigments, these crayons offer an unparalleled coloring experience. 

Their special composition ensures a strong, radiant stroke without compromising on blendability.

While some may argue for a greater beeswax content, Stockmar prides itself on using just 10% beeswax. This intentional choice guarantees the desired translucence and quality while responsibly conserving a precious natural resource.

Choose between standard paper wrapped sticks, or forgo the wrapping with their Color Blocks—which are also some of the best non-toxic art supplies for toddlers who might still have trouble gripping smaller sticks.

About Stockmar

Originating from close ties with Waldorf education and inspired by Goethe’s theory of colour, the Stockmar spectrum has been developed through rich collaboration with teachers, art therapists, and artists.

Not only do their crayons boast rich colours, but their unique ingredients, including European-sourced synthetic-organic pigments.

Though the use of petroleum-based paraffin wax might raise eyebrows for some, Stockmar’s choice is grounded in both the quality it brings to the crayons and the current lack of eco-friendly alternatives that match this quality.

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Why Choose Non-Toxic Art Supplies?

At the heart of every artist lies a deep passion for creativity. Yet, in the midst of painting, sketching, and sculpting, we sometimes overlook what’s hiding in our trusty tools.

But why should art supplies be non-toxic?

Many traditional art supplies house not-so-friendly chemicals that might just be putting a damper on our artistic expressions.

Imagine the rush of inspiration being disrupted by the realization that your art materials (paints especially) contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, or chemical solvents.

It’s chilling to think that while we’re creating, we could be exposing ourselves to known carcinogens and heavy duty industrial toxins

Highly toxic metals like lead are particularly menacing to young ones, as they can significantly hinder neurological, developmental progress, and immature immune systems.

By embracing safer art supplies with certifications from reputable bodies such as the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI), we’re waving goodbye to harmful ingredients and saying hello to safer creativity.

And it doesn’t stop at just personal safety. Picking planet-friendly art materials ensures we’re backing brands that keep sustainability at the core of their palette.


How We Chose The Best Non-Toxic Paint For Kids & More

Delving deep into the world of art, we often encounter hidden toxins that aren’t just sketchy for us but also for our dear planet.

While there’s a certain charm in DIY non-toxic art supplies (think food-grade dyes from blueberries or spinach), they may lack the finesse that many artists desire.

So what are the most environmentally friendly art supplies? How do you know if art supplies are non-toxic?

We rolled up our sleeves and scoured the market to find the cream of the crop in sustainable art supplies, from natural markers to vegetable based modeling clay. 

Let’s dive deeper into the canvas of our selection process.


A masterpiece starts with the right materials.

Natural and recycled were the buzzwords we held dear. For instance, we want to see plant-based or natural mineral pigments, and eco-friendly sketchbooks crafted from reclaimed paper caught our eye.

Equally important was ensuring the safety quotient. The materials had to be free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, heavy metals (lead especially), and other toxins.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Peeking behind the curtains, we were keen to understand the “how” and “where” of the product’s journey.

Brands that laid their cards on the table, revealing the ethics of their production cycle, made the cut. Transparency became a treasured trait.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

While sustainability wasn’t the core focus of this article, we were especially drawn to brands putting in extra efforts to harness renewable energy, use carbon offset programs, have eco-friendly packaging, and use energy efficiency facilities.

Community & charitable giving:

Lastly, our hearts leaned towards brands that painted outside the canvas. Those that supported art communities globally or sowed seeds of charity garnered our applause.

By weaving together these threads of sustainability, we’ve curated a toolkit that’s not just about creating art, but about crafting a better world.

Final Thoughts On Where To Buy Non-Toxic Art Supplies

Art, in its essence, should be a celebration—safe, joyous, and accessible to all.

Whether it’s a cozy family eco-friendly craft afternoon or a solitary journey of mastering a technique, our palette choices shouldn’t be a health or environmental concern.

Prioritizing non-toxic art materials isn’t just a nod to our well-being; it’s a stand for Mother Earth. Given that many of these supplies often brush against our skin, or even linger there, it’s prudent to be mindful of what they carry.

And as Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” so help others see the necessity in choosing better art brands.

If you have artist friends aiming for a healthier and harmonious touch to their works—or fellow parents looking for a safer creative outlet for their kiddos—please pass this article along.


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