Survey: The Top 150 Nature Walks of 2024

Amber McDaniel

We surveyed 3,000 families asking them to rate which New Year’s Day nature walks across the U.S. they would most like to experience at the start of 2024. The results are outlined below.

Key Findings:

  • Geographical Gems: From the tropical Lanikai Pillbox Hike in Oahu, Hawaii to the historical trails of San Antonio Missions in Texas, this survey reveals a treasure trove of diverse and picturesque nature walks across the U.S., perfect for family exploration.
  • A Trail for Every Trekker: Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a strolling enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. From challenging hikes to gentle walks, these trails offer a variety of family-fun experiences.
  • Scenic Sanctuaries: Each walk is a window to the world’s wonders, offering everything from lush botanical gardens to cascading waterfalls and panoramic views.
  • Family-Friendly Adventures: With trails that are both easy and accessible, these walks are a hit for families, providing a perfect blend of adventure and safety.

Implications of the Study:

  • Bonding Through Nature: This survey isn’t just about the walks; it’s a call to embrace the great outdoors with our loved ones, creating lasting memories and a deeper connection with nature.
  • Fostering a Love for Nature: When we fall in love with nature’s splendors, we naturally move towards becoming its stewards. There’s a simple truth here: we protect what we cherish. By encouraging families to explore and appreciate these natural wonders, we’re nurturing a generation that will inherently value and defend the environment. This is about building a legacy of conservation, one nature walk at a time.
  • The Great Green Invitation: These walks are a vivid reminder of our planet’s beauty, encouraging us to step outside and explore the natural splendor that awaits us.
  • Echoing Environmental Ethics: The popularity of these walks mirrors a growing consciousness towards environmental stewardship and sustainable living, inspiring us to tread lightly and cherish our natural world.
  • Supporting Local Communities: By spotlighting these nature walks, we’re not just planning our next family outing; we’re also supporting the local communities and economies that nurture these natural havens.


Respondents are carefully chosen from a geographically representative online panel of double opt-in members. This selection is further tailored to meet the precise criteria required for each unique survey: 18+, male and female (as well as respondents who prefer not to disclose) from each state in the United States. Throughout the survey, we design questions to carefully screen and authenticate respondents, guaranteeing the alignment of the survey with the ideal participants. To ensure the integrity of our data collection, we employ an array of data quality methods. Alongside conventional measures like digital fingerprinting, bot checks, geo-verification, and speeding detection, etc. each response undergoes a thorough review by a dedicated team member to ensure quality and contextual accuracy. Our commitment extends to open-ended responses, subjecting them to scrutiny for gibberish answers and plagiarism detection.

Author: Amber McDaniel

Amber McDaniel is Sustainable Jungle’s Head of Content. Amber obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Psychology from The University of Oxford and Arcadia University. She is an avid crafter, gardener, quail farmer, wannabe novelist, and self-proclaimed eco adventurer. She is always up for the next big adventure while seeking ways to minimize her impact along the way.

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