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Image by Null Refillery

14 Zero Waste Stores In Portland, Oregon: Your Package Free PDX

Hailey Carrillo

Weirdness and a killer food scene isn’t the only draw to this rainy PNW city. 

Voted one of the greenest cities in the US, it’s well-known for its dedication to eco-conscious living through an extensive network of bike paths, recycling and composting centers, and Portland thrift stores

But it’s not all roses and daisies in The City of Roses.

Even with exhaustive recycling efforts, 10,000 tons of recycling still ends up in Oregon’s waterways due to contamination from non-recyclable plastics. 

Many residents—aided by an increasing number of Portland zero waste stores—know the solution lies in the other Rs of zero waste: refuse, reduce, and reuse. 

Fortunately, these are things that bulk stores do well.

Without further ado, here are the best zero waste stores Portland has in store (ba dum tiss).

1. The Realm Refillery

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by The Realm Refillery #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by The Realm Refillery

About The Realm Refillery 

The Realm Refillery supports a circular economic system by giving shoppers the option to purchase as much, or as little, of a product as they need, eliminating the need for pesky plastic packaging and producing less food waste.

This package-free Portland store donates a portion of their monthly proceeds to local charities and nonprofits that support climate change and equality for BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+. 

What You Can Find

The Realm Refillery is their name, bulk goods are their game. 

Their bulk bins are loaded with zero waste cleaning supplies, bath and body products, and dried goods. The bulk wonderland even has a cold bar stocked with refrigerated essentials like tofu, yogurt, cheese, and veganaise. 

The store has shelves of donated jars free for anyone to use, meaning you won’t have to panic if you make an unplanned stop or end up buying more than planned (it happens to the best of us).

Location: Sullivan’s Gulch

2. Mama & Hapa

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Mama & Hapa #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Mama & Hapa

About Mama & Hapa

Mama & Hapa is one of the most innovative bulk stores Portland has to offer. They have a custom RFID-system that allows customers to ditch the scales and thus, the time it takes to weigh things at checkout. 

With their access to free reusable jars, they have saved over 50,000 plastic containers from entering the landfills. 

What You Can Find

This one-stop plastic-free shop in Portland, Oregon is filled with various home care supplies like glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, and hand soap. 

You can also find various self-care products like zero waste shampoo bars, conditioners, and lip balm. Many of their shampoos, lotions, and body products are Leaping-Bunny certified.

Location: Boise

3. Way of Being

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Way of Being #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Way of Being

About Way of Being 

Plastic-free is just their Way of Being

This store sources reusable, low-waste products from ethical black, Latinx, indigenous, LGBTQ+, and/or woman-owned businesses.

Way of Being is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of all sales to nonprofit organizations working to protect the environment. 

What You Can Find

Female-friendly self-care essentials are highlighted here with facial rounds, deodorants, cleansers, toners, mists, oils, treatments, facial tools, menstruation products, and pregnancy accessories. 

You can also find home goods like reusable paper towels, compost bins, laundry paste, coffee filters, and veggie huggers. 

Location: Lloyd District

4. Null Refillery

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Null Refillery #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Null Refillery

About Null Refillery 

This women-owned zero waste store Portland hosts strives to reduce our dependence on single-use plastics. 

Null Refillery encourages customers to refill existing containers rather than relying on new ones. 

Their low-barrier refilling process keeps locally-sourced products eco-friendly and affordable. For $10 a month, customers can join the Refilling Circle, a program that helps dispense bulk laundry and soap refills to the community for free through the local high school’s food pantry.

What You Can Find

A PDX eco cleaning specialist, you’ll find zero waste dish soap, laundry detergent, non-toxic dishwasher detergent, glass cleaner, stain removers, and more.

You can show your body love, too, with essentials like toothpaste tabs, sustainable lip balm, lotion bars, shampoo bars, and more.

Location: Kerns

5. Replenish Refill Shop

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Replenish Refill Shop #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Replenish Refill Shop

About Replenish Refill Shop 

Replenish Refill Shop encourages consumers to be more eco-conscious one plastic bottle at a time. Their ethically sourced, zero waste products are high quality and most of them are made by local producers. 

Not sure how to start your zero waste collection? 

They have a specially curated, bi-monthly subscription box filled with useful household goods delivered right to your door. 

What You Can Find

Replenish Refill Shop is your all-in-one home goods and self care stop. 

You’ll find eco-friendly cleaning products like Castile soap, laundry concentrate, linen spray, and vinegar wash as well as shea butter, shampoo bars, dental floss, and deodorants.

Location: Sellwood Moreland

6. Utility Refill & Reuse

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Utility Refill & Reuse #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Utility Refill & Reuse

About Utility Refill & Reuse 

Utility Refill & Reuse creates products that move beyond three basic scents that are beloved in the zero waste world: lavender, mint, and citrus. 

Their olfactory factories are based right in Portland, and their storefront shares space (and carbon emissions) with Coy and Co. Floral. 

Since their products and ingredients are sourced locally, they have a much lower carbon footprint than other conventional brands. If a low carbon footprint wasn’t enough, their labels are removable and their containers are reusable too. 

What You Can Find

Their hand-crafted product line is free from chemicals that harm the environment. You’ll find Utility brand laundry powder, eco-friendly dishwasher detergent, zero waste hand soap, conditioner, shampoo, and hand and body lotion. 

You can also find plastic free home goods like cleaning bottles, lint brushes, and dish scrubbers.

Location: Kerns

7. Simple Sundries

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Simple Sundries #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Simple Sundries

About Simple Sundries 

The owner of Simple Sundries believes that the preservation of Earth must first be solved by fixing the current system of economic and environmental exploitation rooted in current societal issues against ethnic-minorities and women. 

Simple Sundries support the Clackamas and Cowlitz people and their effort of land reclamation for native communities. They vow to be environmental stewards of the land and to protect its sustainable future with respect to indigenous values. 

The mission of this waste free shop in Portland is to eliminate dependency on plastic by offering affordable, waste free products and inspiring everyday climate action. Their upcycle project provides members with products in donated recycled glass and plastic packaging. 

What You Can Find

You can find zero waste hand and body soap, dish soap, laundry soap, eco friendly shampoo and conditioner, shave cream, deodorant, face wash, and more.

Location: Online (Temporary)

8. Waste Not

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Waste Not #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Waste Not

About Waste Not

To waste not is to want not. 

Waste Not a key supporter of the zero waste Portland movement. The pop-up shop vends local, affordable, zero waste bulk goods at farmers markets across Portland. 

Waste Not prioritizes vendors who grow using organic and sustainable food systems and supports small women-owned and minority-owned businesses. 

Sustainable sourcing and entirely plastic-free packaging makes them easily one of the best sustainable grocery stores Portland offers.

What You Can Find

All products are vegan and cruelty-free, but you don’t have to be vegan to love the bulk food this Portland shop sells.

They have a selection of plant-based proteins including soy curdles, tofu, chickpeas, and tempeh patties as well as nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans, and legumes.

Location: Multiple

Plastic-Free & Refill Stores Portland

9. New Seasons Market

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by New Seasons Market #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by New Seasons Market

About New Seasons Market 

New Seasons Market makes the list of best zero waste stores in Portland, and for good reason. 

The neighborhood grocery store is dedicated to preventing food waste, reducing single-use packaging with a circular packaging program, and mitigating climate change with carbon offsets

As one of the first grocers to become a Certified B. Corporation, 10% of their profits are donated to organizations that support hunger relief, education, and environmental conservation. Excess food is donated to local food recovery partners. 

What You Can Find

New Seasons Market works with 1,250 regional vendors to provide seasonal produce and unique, handcrafted items like hot sauces, nut butters, and salsas. 

They have departments for bakery, cheese, deli, meat, produce, seafood, and bulk grocery items.

Location: Multiple

10. People’s Food Co-op

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by People's Food Co-op #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by People’s Food Co-op

About People’s Food Co-op 

When it comes to zero waste grocery stores in Portland, Oregon (or anywhere, for that matter), co-ops are usually a solid bet. 

People’s Food Co-op is a community-owned, vegetarian grocery store that has been in SE Portland since 1970. They also have the longest running year round market in Portland, featuring local produce and artisan foods using organic, local, and ethically-sourced ingredients. 

Aiming to bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability, both the Co-op and their Farmers’ Market participate in the Double Up Food Bucks Program, which matches $20 per week for people using EBT cards at the market. 

What You Can Find

The Co-op offers a sizable bulk food section for sustainable snacks, pantry staples, and bulk spices Portland foodies will certainly appreciate, as well as local and organic produce and vegetarian and vegan groceries.

The weekly Farmers’ Market features a unique line-up of vendors selling seasonal produce, fresh-baked bread, beautiful flowers, and prepared food.

Location: Hosford-Abernathy

11. Alberta Co-op

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Alberta Co-Op #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Alberta Co-Op

About Alberta Co-op

Located in the vibrant Alberta Arts District, Alberta Co-op is a zero waste grocery store Portland, Oregon can be proud of. 

Alberta Co-Op offers local and sustainable grocery and wellness items that are sourced based on ethical guidelines that prioritize local, organic, and fair-trade products. 

Supporting their mission of affordability, community, education, diversity, and cooperation, they share local resources to food pantries, domestic violence services, and BIPOC owned-businesses. 

What You Can Find

Alberta Co-Op offers bountiful departments of produce, bulk foods, dairy products, grab & go foods, beer & wine, wellness products, and household goods. 

They feature over 150 discounted Co-Op basics like vegetarian beans, peanut butter, pasta, and olive oil.

Location: Alberta

12. Food Front Co-Op

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Food Front Co-Op #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Food Front Co-Op

About Food Front Co-Op

Bulk foods are the best foods, and the best foods are at Food Front Co-Op. Food Front builds long-term relationships with local vendors to support small farmers and ensure sustainability remains achievable. 

Goods are always sourced considering social and environmental welfare. 

What You Can Find

This all round grocery store has an extensive bulk food section that can help you curb your plastic usage. This Portland bulk store fills their bulk bar with various nuts, coffees, seeds, grains, spices, legumes, and other dried goods.

Notable sustainable food brands they feature include Equal Exchange, Grizzlies Granola and Bob’s Red Mill Grains.

Location: Slabtown

13. Know Thy Food Co-op

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Know Thy Food Co-Op #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Know Thy Food Co-Op

About Know Thy Food Co-op 

Know Thy Food is dedicated to creating food transparency in the community. Their key beliefs are connecting farmers and producers directly to customers, supporting locally and sustainably produced foods, and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources. 

The co-op partners with Feed the Mass, a non-profit providing educational courses on sustainable solutions to combat food waste. 

What You Can Find

This Portland bulk store has a lot to offer including fresh produce, package-free snacks, and pantry staples. Their bulk foods department features self-serve bulk pantry staples and eco-friendly household items. 

You’ll also find a solid selection of local beverages like local teas, kombucha, craft beers, and ciders. 

Location: Brooklyn

14. Clary Sage Herbarium

14 Zero Waste Stores in Portland, Oregon for a Package Free PDX Image by Clary Sage Herbarium #zerowastestoresportland #zerowastegrocerystoresportland #zerowastestoreportlandoregon #portlandzerowastestores #bulkstoresportland #bulkfoodportland #sustainablejungle
Image by Clary Sage Herbarium

About Clary Sage Herbarium 

Of all sustainable stores near Portland, Clary Sage Herbarium is the best for anyone interested in DIY beauty and wellness or cooking.

It’s a Boricua women-owned healing space filled with dried herbs, teas, extracts, therapeutic essential oils, and flower-essences. Bulk herbs are sourced organically and locally and packaged with compostable packaging. 

Clary Sage Herbarium has a personal mission to decolonize herbalism by forgoing wild-crafted products. They feature a section exclusively for BIPOC creators featuring earrings, tonic, incense, tinctures, and more. 

What You Can Find

Clary Sage refill market is a herbalist’s dream come true, with fluffy clouds of organic herbs, tinctures, teas, incense, crystals, and elixirs like Bee Calm Stress Relief Spray, Happiness Tonic, and Liver Vitality.

Location: Concordia

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Final Thoughts On Waste Free Stores In Portland

So, are any of these stores worth toughing out the cold Oregon rain for? 

If you’ve been desperately Googling “zero waste stores near me”, they are!

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for those sunny days to get your zero waste goods. These zero waste online stores have you covered (like an umbrella) for when the rain becomes too much to bear. 

With growing everyday sustainable solutions (shout out to the plastic bag ban,) this green metropolis is making it easier to commit to plastic free living and cleaner waterways.

You can’t combat the plastic problem on your own, however. Collective action is the key to change. 

We encourage you to share this list with Portlandian friends and loved ones so they, too, know about plastic-free stores Portland harbors. 

Which one will you be heading to first?

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