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Image by Second Chance

Discover The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio

Molly Willows

Did you know Ohio is the #1 most affordable state in the US?

And nothing embodies affordability more than second hand shopping, helping Buckeyes live the American dream in The Biggest Small Town in America.

From its historic districts and a picturesque river to its arts district and excellent culinary and retail scenes, Columbus might not have been discovered by its namesake explorer, but the best thrift stores in Columbus encourage plenty of exploration to seek out hidden gems and flavorful finds in Flavortown.

So before you hit Hayden Run Falls Park or the Franklin Park Conservatory, be sure to check out our thrifting tips so you can be prepared for whatever whimsical Columbus thrift stores cross your path.

1. One More Time Etc

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by One More Time Etc #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by One More Time Etc

About One More Time Etc Furniture Thrift Stores Columbus, Ohio

Price Range: $–$$$

With over 45 years of resale experience, Cowtown’s beloved One More Time Etc makes it their mission to help people on any kind of budget get the best secondhand furniture possible. Known for its friendly customer service, affordable prices, and superior quality, OMTE is a premier destination for used, new, and unique home furnishings.

You’ll find tons of artwork, hardwood tables and bed frames, modern coffee tables, wrought iron patio furniture, and more—all backed by a reliable delivery service and glowing reviews from shoppers and consignors alike.

They also regularly host epic sales, so it’s worth making this a regular shopping haunt. A community favorite is their annual charity sale benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital, for which they’ve raised over $80,000 over the years!

Don’t miss their sister used clothing shop just two blocks down the street. 

Location: Grandview/Arlington

2. Out of the Closet

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Out Of the Closet #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Out Of the Closet

About Out of the Closet Columbus Thrift Store

Price Range: $–$$$

Out of the Closet boasts a huge space filled with thoughtfully curated vintage items at excellent prices.

As a one-stop destination to make all your thrifting dreams a reality, browse a wide selection of vintage apparel, secondhand clothes, and gently used home decor here… or at any one of their other locations in LA, New York, Miami, Atlanta, and beyond.

Some recent standout finds here include a rainbow sequin blazer, Cole Haan tassel loafers, velvet overalls, gold Coach sneakers, and a gold buckle Dior belt for just $40.

For customer convenience, OotC offers clothing and furniture donation pick-up and drop-off services. They also offer professional home organizing services to declutter any space in dire need of some Marie Kondo-level love.

Most remarkable of all, is that a staggering ninety-six cents of every dollar’s profit is directly donated to a fund for life-saving community HIV care and services, with free HIV testing also offered to customers on-site.

Location: Weinland Park

3. Buckeye Bargains

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Buckeye Bargains #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Buckeye Bargains

About Buckeye Bargains Thrift Shop Columbus

Price Range: $–$$

Buckeye Bargains is a well-loved campus thrift store with all merchandise and store labor donated. 100% of the proceeds go to the Ohio State Scholarship Fund administered by the Office for Student Financial Aid, with annual proceeds around $50,000. 

With everything from used small appliances to gently worn apparel, jewelry, toys, books, crafting supplies, vintage artwork, linens, lamps, and more, all items are enough to set up a household and sold for discounted prices.

Have something to donate?

Drop off items (just no furniture) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Otherwise, the store is open every Wednesday from 10am to 5pm, with special sales occurring on Sundays. Cash or college ID accepted only.

Location: South OSU Campus

4. Grandview Mercantile

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Grandview Mercantile #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Grandview Mercantile

About Grandview Mercantile Resale Shops Columbus

Price Range: $$$–$$$$$

With a massive 22,00 square foot treasure trove of endless antiques, Grandview Mercantile is bar-none one of the best for fine furniture, antiques, decor, jewelry, art, vintage, and so much more.

The store showcases twenty of Ohio’s premier antique dealers, along with more than seven hundred different consignors.

Think: a unique 2pc Arhaus Camden sectional in tufted brown velvet, a 24k gold plated cocktail set, consciously-designed Pacific Green furniture from Fiji, vibrant fine jewelry sourced from hundreds of estates, original artwork from Linda Le Kinff, Curtis Jere, and Bevlyn Simson, and even a Djinn chaise lounge by Olivier Mourgue as seen in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” 

The fabulous finds here are truly legendary—so come on payday since the price tags match, veering on the upscale end. 

They’re open every day with plenty of free parking and one-of-a-kind items hitting their massive showroom floor daily.

Location: Grandview Heights

5. Second Chance

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Second Chance #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Second Chance

About Second Chance Vintage Thrift Stores Columbus, Ohio

Price Range: $$–$$$$$

“Fancy little treasures at a not so fancy price” are just what you’ll find at local C-bus gem Second Chance, which offers affordable consignment of women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Here, you’ll find everyone’s favorite luxury brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Miu Miu, Diane Von Furstenburg, Prada, Dior, and more—like a teen room with a TV and crystal balls hanging from the ceiling, plus a high end designer room with velvet curtains and double fitting rooms.

For over twenty years, this store has served the wider Columbus community, and to give back, they’ve donated more than $1 million in unsold clothing to local charities such as Faith Ministries Church, In Christy’s Shoes, and the Cornerstone Church. 

For more feel-good, SC also features a frequent buyer punch card program, with a hole punched for every $20 spent.

Location: Grandview Heights

6. Eclectic Fashions

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Eclectic Fashions #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Eclectic Fashions

About Eclectic Fashions Men’s Clothing Thrift Store in Columbus, Ohio

Price Range: $$$–$$$$

Thrifting just got a whole lot more eclectic thanks to high-end men’s consignment store Eclectic Fashions. Owner Tim Smith is a bona fide expert in men’s fashion, and is sure to provide exceptional customer service whether you’re in to pick up an extra item or to buy a whole new wardrobe. 

With gently used and consigned designer suits, casual wear, outerwear, shoes, belts, and ties, plus men’s must-have labels like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, and Armani, EC has served the community the freshest men’s threads since 1990. 

The floor is stocked with new items daily, making the impressive selection here on constant refreshing rotation. 

With a relaxed store ambience, well-organized and easy to navigate racks, and a wide range of sizes and styles, even the most shopping-adverse man is sure to have a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

Location: Clintonville 

7. The Alley Vintage & Costumes

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by The Alley Vintage & Costumes #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by The Alley Vintage & Costumes

About The Alley Vintage & Costumes Thrifting Columbus Ohio 

Price Range: $$–$$$$

Family-owned The Alley Vintage & Costume sells a huge selection of quality vintage clothing, accessories, and costumes—including historical garments more than century old. From modern Y2K party gear to elegant Victorian era garb, this is your one-stop shop for everyday, special events, parties, weddings, or just because. 

A vintage maroon velvet pirate jacket? Or how about a totally flower power sixties sheath dress? 

The options are endless and the prices are incredibly reasonable, also making it a must-visit destination for costumes, film wardrobes, or theater styling. 

In fact, with 30-plus years’ experience in theatrical costume design and manufacturing, The Alley can offer unforgettable one-on-one customer service, styling assistance, and loyalty programs not discovered anywhere else in the Discovery City. 

Location: Olde Sawmill

8. Plus Size Pretty

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Plus Size Pretty #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Plus Size Pretty

About Plus Size Pretty Second Hand Store Columbus

Price Range: $$–$$$

Body positivity and self love abound at Plus Size Pretty, a vintage outpost dedicated to empowering the Columbus plus-sized community by making affordable, stylish clothing accessible to all. The shop fosters a culture of inclusivity and support and celebrates individuality by encouraging everyone to embrace their true authentic selves.

Co-founded by Jamie Lee Quickert and Samantha Saunders in 2021 to champion inclusivity and fashion that empowers, a year later, former Coast Guard Angelina acquired the shop, who now infuses it with her infectious high energy and joyfully no-nonsense customer service expertise.

Alongside a range of new items, you’ll find amazing plus-size vintage and secondhand well sorted and organized by size. 

We especially get a loving kick out of their made-to-order eco-totes and 100% cotton t-shirts with the slogan, “My kink is being called fat by men I reject on the internet.” 

The shop also regularly does pop-up events, like the Franklinton Night Market, and their own block party called Plus Fest, because self-confidence is best when it’s shared in unity together as a community. 

Location: Franklinton

9. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

About St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store Columbus, Ohio

Price Range: $–$$

“End Poverty Through Systemic Change” is the mission statement of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, who operates to raise money for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to continue its work with those community members who are struggling to get by. 

Across North America, the organization helps to alleviate the needs of their neighbors while also selling used goods and working to transform society’s structures that cause and perpetuate poverty. 

Find everything from gently worn clothes for all ages to books, furniture, toys, shoes, housewares, sports gear, furniture, and more—all for a fraction of their original price and with all proceeds going toward the Society. 

Not only is the store friendly, clean, and meticulously organized, but shoppers glow about the amazing selection and epic deals. One recent reviewer was especially ecstatic to find a new mattress, set of golf clubs, and bicycle all in one trip. ‘Fore’ and score!

Location: Livingston – McNaughten

10. Fresco Furnishings

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Fresco Furnishings #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Fresco Furnishings

Price Range: $$–$$$$

About Fresco Furnishings Columbus Thrift Store

Fresco Furnishings is a well-celebrated furniture resale shop on the West Fifth strip with personality-rich and fairly priced home décor for every room of the house—along with some amazing vintage jewelry and purse selections. 

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, or redecorating, this store is the ideal consignment store to buy or sell your pieces thanks to its ever-changing inventory and diverse selection showcased in a large and stylish 4,800-square-foot shop.

They’re known for having some of the most beautiful resale couches, sofas, tables, chairs and lamps, and you’ll also find lovely second hand garden furniture, plush 80s armchairs, chic vintage linens, and well-maintained Turkish rugs from brands like Denver Modern, Restoration Hardware, and Albany Park.

Location: Grandview Heights

11. Uptown Cheapskate

Discovery The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Columbus, Ohio Image by Uptown Cheapskate #thriftstorescolumbusohio #bestthriftstoresincolumbus #columbiathriftstores #thriftingcolumbusohio #columbusohiothriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Uptown Cheapskate

About Uptown Cheapskate’s Used Clothing Stores Columbus, Ohio

Price Range: $–$$$

Being a planet-conscious cheapskate has never been more in style. With over a hundred locations nationwide, Columbus’ three Uptown Cheapskate locations offer all that this company is known for: quality resale fashion and a commitment to spreading fashion sustainability. 

In 2020 alone, they kept 5.2 million items out of American landfills!

Popular brands you’ll commonly find sold here include American Eagle, Zara, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Madewell, Michael Kors, Coach, and more. Whether you need a new (old) pair of Converse kicks or a deadstock Lululemon sports bra for your next spin class, this store is a go-to for everyone. 

Uptown Cheapskate also provides instant cash for your gently worn duds, or you can receive a 25% in-store credit to trade. 

To give back, the company donates millions of clothing items to approximately fifty charities nationwide, plus having raised nearly $700,00 to help construct over twenty schools in impoverished areas of India, Nepal, Haiti, Africa, and Central America. 

Locations: Hilliard | Dublin | Easton 

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