7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Image by Emeco #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Image by Emeco
7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Image by Branch #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Image by Branch

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace

Deidre Maene

Setting up a new office and want to make more conscious choices for a room that many of us probably spend too much time in? A key component of any office is seating so get ready to shake up your work routine with sustainable office chairs. 

Think about it—the average person spends over 5 hours a day at their (hopefully) eco-friendly desk. That’s a lot of time! 

But here’s the kicker: eco-friendly seating isn’t just about comfort. 

It’s about creating a workspace that’s better for you and the planet. 

These chairs aren’t just reducing environmental impact, they’re also looking out for your well-being with non off-gassing finishes and glues, making your workspace safer and healthier. 

So, let’s dive in and discover how sustainable office furniture and chairs are transforming the modern workplace, striking the perfect work-life balance between environmental responsibility and user well-being.

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The Top Eco-Friendly Office Chairs For Balancing Work & Sustainability

When it comes to sustainable desk chairs, Branch takes the lead with their recycled office chair line and furniture refurbishing program, cutting down on waste and reducing their carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for a minimalist desk chair, Emeco stands tall with their innovative use of 90% recycled materials and renewable energy.

So what are eco-friendly chairs? How can a chair be environmentally friendly?

If you’re taking a quick breather from work, stand up, stretch and jump down for a snapshot of the materials and practices that contribute to sustainable desk chairs.

The Full List Of Eco-Friendly Desk Chairs

1. Branch

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by Branch #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by Branch

About Branch 

Price Range: $49–$4,500

Are office chairs eco-friendly? If you’re willing to branch out from traditional plastics and foams, they can be.

Branch offers recycled and sustainable office chairs that are suitable for both corporate and home office environments. 

Their robust Daily Chair—a 70% recycled office chair—boasts a contemporary and sleek design, emphasizing ergonomic comfort and aesthetic appeal. Plus, 96% of its components are recyclable at end-of-life.

Branch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


While not all products yet feature eco-friendly materials in their products, we’re excited to see items like the Daily recyclable office chair, which is made from 70% recycled materials, including recycled nylon, recycled foam, and recycled aluminum. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Not only does Branch collaborate with manufacturers who align with their values focused on ethical and environmental responsibility, but they are also committed to ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain. 

We’ll be touching base for more details on where their manufacturers are located.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Branch Flex is a special program made for corporate clients to extend the life of their pieces. It lets clients have their used furniture picked up for refurbishing, at no extra cost. 

2. Emeco

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by Emeco #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by Emeco

About Emeco

Price Range: $20–$3,500

Emeco’s eco-friendly office chairs, like the renowned 111 Navy Chair, are perfect examples of sustainable and durable furniture design. 

Made from 111 recycled plastic bottles, these chairs showcase Emeco’s dedication to using recycled materials. 

Their long-lasting products, crafted with care, are designed to reduce waste and environmental impact. 

The Navy Chair, known for its strength and sustainability, is Emeco’s original creation. It’s stood the test of time for over 50 years of production and is so popular, it’s now available in various sizes to suit a multitude of desk and home needs.

If you prefer a wood-like eco office chair, the Alfi Recycled High Back Chair swaps recycled aluminum for 100% reclaimed wood propylene.

Emeco’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Emeco’s eco-friendly office chair materials are steeped in history. The brand primarily uses recycled aluminum, initially sourced for their iconic 1006 Navy Chair first made in 1944. 

Their main materials are recycled aluminum and recycled PET bottles—as seen in their 111 Navy Chair.

Emeco also pioneered the use of recycled glass eco concrete and reclaimed wood propylene, which is made from leftover plastic from the factory floor mixed with sawdust.

Because they only use VOC-free finishes, you know you’re getting non-toxic office chairs.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This American-made furniture brand crafts its furniture via a 77-step process in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Some wooden pieces are sourced from local Amish woodworkers.

They’re committed to their workers too, ensuring safe working conditions and fair pay. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Asing from reducing carbon emissions by using recycled materials, Emeco’s LEED-certified manufacturing facility uses renewable energy, energy efficient fixtures, and an internal cooling system that saves energy in their welding machines.

Offering recyclable office chairs, most of their pieces can be returned to the brand and remade into new products.

3. Muista

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by Muista #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by Muista

About Muista

Price Range: $236–$650

If you’re looking for a non-traditional alternative desk chair, Muista may have what you’re looking for.

Their ergonomic non-toxic office chairs are actually stools that offer a distinctive blend of functionality, quality and sustainability. 

Muista’s saddle stool is designed with active sitting in mind, featuring a unique, curved base that allows for a gentle rocking motion. This encourages movement and flexibility, helping to reduce the physical strain of sitting for long periods.

According to many Muista chair reviews, its minimalist design not only looks great, but really helps with common office ailments like back pain.

Muista’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Muista prioritizes the use of FSC-certified wood, ensuring that the timber used comes from responsibly managed and sustainable forestry certified forests.

The bases of their chairs are often made from recycled materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is derived from post-consumer waste. 

Additionally, Muista applies non-toxic finishes and glues, free from harmful chemicals and VOCs, across all their products. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Muista’s non-toxic alternatives to office chairs are crafted by skilled artisans using a mix of traditional and modern techniques. This ensures durable, high-quality products. 

In addition to sustainable materials, they prioritize those that are locally sourced.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The company focuses on reducing carbon emissions by implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and sourcing materials from sustainable suppliers. 

Muista also emphasizes waste reduction and recycling initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint. 

4. What WE Make

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by What WE Make #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by What WE Make

About What WE Make

Price Range: $690–$4,660

What WE Make specializes in furniture that’s both practical and mindful of the environment. 

Their products range from sustainable coffee tables and media consoles to cabinetry and bedroom furniture. 

What sets them apart is their use of reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced hardwoods, all finished with eco-friendly, plant-based products.

If your office has a rustic vibe, you’ll love their selection of minimalist desk chairs, like the Industrial Reclaimed Wood Chair which highlights the naturally gorgeous grain of the wood used.

And because they’re not specificallty designed to be only sustainable office furniture, these versatile pieces can also be used as dining chairs and more.

What WE Make’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


What WE Make crafts its furniture using beautifully textured reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood. You’ll find some natural office chair designs, while others are combined with welded metal and concrete accents. 

Their focus on a refined version of reclaimed wood results in sophisticated and durable pieces. 

They also use a non-toxic, VOC-free plant-based finish made with flaxseed oil, ensuring no harmful chemicals are released into homes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Not only are their office chairs eco-friendly, but they’re made in the USA using USA-sourced wood.

Think: old bar wood from Tennessee and Kentucky and hardwoods like walnut and white oak sourced from the Midwest. They always ensure these woods are sustainably sourced to protect our forests.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

What WE Make is committed to minimizing waste, like repurposing cutoff materials by giving them to local hobbyists or using them as firewood. 

Even the sawdust generated is donated to local farms for use as bedding for horses. 

5. Urban Wood Goods

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by Urban Wood Goods #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by Urban Wood Goods

About Urban Wood Goods

Price Range: $845–$3,245

Urban Wood Goods has a knack for turning reclaimed wood into no-nonsense, natural desk chairs and a wide variety of other non-toxic furniture.

Among their ample sustainable office furntiure collection is the Recycled Wood Chair, a vintage architect draft-style piece. 

It’s handmade in Chicago from salvaged lumber, old growth wood, and steel, offering a sturdy and unique addition to any space. 

Urban Wood Good’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Urban Wood Goods creates its furniture from reclaimed wood, ethically sourced from old urban buildings, some of which date back to the late 1800s. 

This wood is combined with recycled steel for the bases and legs. 

For finishing, they use water-based stains that are low in VOCs, and each piece is coated with a clear, commercial-grade UV finish that’s free from formaldehyde, ensuring both safety and durability.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Urban Wood Goods has established long-term relationships with contractors who specialize in deconstructing old buildings. 

This method allows them to reclaim rare and unique woods from structures of historical interest as they are carefully taken apart, a process that contrasts sharply with typical demolition practices that contribute to landfill waste. 

Their green office chairs and other furniture are made by a team of ~20 people in their own studio in Chicago.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

By salvaging wood, Urban Wood Goods significantly reduces deforestation, conserves wildlife, and helps maintain clean drinking water supplies. 

They only ship to the US and Canada to keep emissions lower.

6. Humanscale

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by Humanscale #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by Humanscale

About Humanscale

Price Range: $480-$5,000

Humanscale is widely recognized for its eco-friendly and sustainable practices, especially in its range of ergonomic office chairs. 

The company emphasizes the use of recycled and sustainable materials, demonstrating a strong commitment to reducing environmental impact while prioritizing user comfort. 

While not all their offerings can be classified as green office chairs, they currently offer 26 products that are certified net positive—including our favorite, the Liberty Ocean Chair, which is also made using 2 lbs of reclaimed fishing nets.

Humanscale’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Humanscale’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their products, particularly in their ‘Ocean’ chair series, which includes the Liberty Ocean Chair.

The Path line, the latest addition, is made using nearly 10 kilograms of recycled materials, including ocean plastics and fishing nets, which are harmful to marine ecosystems. 

Additionally, Path chairs are free of Red List Chemicals, harmful to both humans and the environment.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Humanscale was the first eco chair brand to adopt the Declare Label, transparently listing the sustainable materials used in their products.

However, we will be reaching out to learn more about where this Canada’s company’s products are made and any manufacturing certifications they have in place.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

This ‘climate positive’ certification means their products are not just neutral in terms of environmental impact, but actually improve the planet.

This is achieved through comprehensive strategies that cover energy and water usage, material sourcing, and manufacturing processes. 

The certification involves a full life-cycle assessment, including every aspect of the manufacturing process—from raw material extraction to processing, transportation, and assembly.

Their goal is for all new designs to be climate positive, reflecting their ambitious vision for a sustainable future.

7. Noho

7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Images by noho #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
Images by noho

About noho

Price Range: $299–$450

noho furniture is making waves with its eco-conscious ethos, demonstrating a deep commitment to sustainability through the use of upcycled materials.

The noho Move Chair, a flagship product, perfectly encapsulates this philosophy. Crafted from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed fishing nets, this chair is not just a nod to environmental responsibility but a stylish embodiment of it. 

Designed for ergonomic comfort and flexibility, the noho Move vegan office chair merges sustainable practices with modern needs, proving that responsible design can be both elegant and functional.

noho’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


These recycled office chairs feature ECONYL regenerated nylon made from salvaged fishing nets and carpets that have seen better days.

It’s not just about making do; it’s about reimagining waste into something valuable—like eco-friendly chairs that provide contoured support day in and day out.

Supply chain & labor practices:

noho’s commitment to sustainability is woven into its core practices as a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp

In New Zealand, where Noho chair manufacturing takes place, they maintain rigorous standards in social and environmental impact, prioritizing ethical sourcing and minimizing their ecological footprint. 

Transparency and accountability are key pillars in their approach.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

By opting for space-efficient packaging, sea-freighting methods, and manufacturing using 82% renewable energy, noho significantly cuts down on CO2 emissions. 

Their commitment to sustainability is further evident in their choice of packaging materials: cardboard, tissue paper, and corn-starch bags, all of which are 100% recyclable. 

They’ve also stopped using plastic shrink-wrap in their shipping process. Plus, their direct-to-consumer business model is meant to reduce the need for lots of shipping, which helps cut down on energy use and make a smaller carbon footprint.

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Office Chairs

Juggling work-from-home life left our old desk setup feeling anything but ergonomic or environmentally-friendly.

So we embarked on a quest to breathe new green life into our 9-5 routine that goes beyond buying some new sustainable work clothing

So what makes a chair sustainable? 

Comfort and wellness aside, these are the factors we use to sift through sustainable furniture brands that led us to our new go-to eco-friendly and ergonomic office chairs.


Ergonomic chairs with back support are great, but not if they come at the cost of toxic memory foams that are compromising your indoor air quality.

In our search for the perfect ergonomic office chair, eco-friendly materials take precedence. 

We prioritize the use of reclaimed or recycled wood to minimize environmental impact, favoring sustainable wood desks with things like recycled content certification and other sustainability certifications.

Additionally, we want to ensure we’re getting a non-toxic office chair, so we seek out VOC-free or low VOC plant oil or water-based finishes, stains, and sealants to promote a healthier workspace environment.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends to the supply chain and labor practices of the brands we choose. 

We actively seek out brands that support artisans with fair wages and prioritize small, local supply chains. 

Certifications are essential indicators of our dedication to ethical labor practices and responsible sourcing.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

When selecting sustainable office chairs, we prioritize brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. 

We favor brands that employ sustainable production methods, participate in carbon offset programs, utilize renewable energy, and prioritize durable and versatile designs that align with our long-term sustainability goals.

Community & charitable giving:

In addition to environmental considerations, we value brands that actively engage in community and charitable giving initiatives, though all the brands on this list could stand to improve a bit here.

Final Thoughts On Non-Toxic & Green Office Chair Brands

Sitting in an office chair is something many of us do for hours every day, so it’s worth getting it right, especially from an environmental perspective. 

Opting for an eco-friendly ergonomic office chair means supporting practices that don’t just chop down trees willy-nilly, but rather use materials in a way that’s mindful of our planet’s resources. 

But sustainability isn’t just about materials and manufacturing. It’s also about durability. A chair that lasts for years, maybe even generations, beats a disposable culture hands down. 

That’s why considering a well-made, second hand chair can be a smart move too. It’s not just recycling; it’s re-chair-cycling!

If you’ve found these insights useful, why not pass them on? 

Maybe you know someone gearing up for a makeover to their home office setup, or a friend who’s just landed a remote job and isn’t on board with the standing desk trend.

Sharing the love for sustainable office chairs could be the first step towards a greener, healthier work environment for them, too.

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7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Image by Urban Wood Goods #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle
7 Sustainable Office Chairs for A Safe & Eco-Friendly Workspace Image by Branch #sustainableofficechairs ##ecofriendlyofficechairs #sustainabledeskchairs #ecofriendlydeskchairs #ecoofficechair #sustainablejungle

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