As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Linenbee #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Linenbee
As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Pyne & Smith #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Pyne & Smith
As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Eileen Fisher #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Eileen Fisher

6 Plus Size Linen Clothing Brands For The Perfect Eco Flax-Fit

Who would have thought something so small as a flaxseed could do so much to improve the fashion industry?

Linen has long been revered as a magical fiber, valued by ancient cultures for its moisture-wicking and durable properties.

If you didn’t already guess, linen is made from the flax plant, which doesn’t require a lot of inputs (water, pesticides, fertilizers) to grow. In just over three months, the plant reaches full maturity, making it one of the fastest-growing plant fabrics.

As much as we love linen for that reason, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. 

Plus size linen clothing is our focus here, and our top picks are the mother-daughter-owned Linenbee which offers linen clothing that goes up to size 5X. Eileen Fisher has a similarly inclusive size range but uses organic and regenerative linen in their classy pieces. 

If local linen is your cup of tea, Two Days Off produces their garments in a Californian factory. Keeping their supply chain small has helped them earn Carbon Neutral certification, too.

How did we find the perfect fit in these plus size linen clothing brands?

Dig down to the roots of the article to find more about that. 

If you’d like a broader range of plus size gems, check out our broader article about ethical plus size fashion.

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As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Linenbee #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Linenbee
About Linenbee

If you’re looking to wear something that embodies sustainability and crafts(wo)manship, Linenbee is the right place to look.

The Latvian mother-daughter studio handmakes each piece, adhering to environmental and ethical practices in every step of the small supply chain. 

You’ll stay comfy and cool year-round in their women’s linen plus size clothing range: dresses, tops, jackets, blazers, and skirts. 

They also have a smaller range for men (tunics, robes, shirts, kaftans), as well as some home goods and accessories.

Linenbees’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


That flowy tunic you already have your eyes on?

It’s made with 100% pure and European-grown linen. The linen is not only grown without tons of chemicals but without irrigation (using all-natural rainfall instead). 

It’s also processed as little as possible to retain some of linen’s inherent properties. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Every garment is handmade by the mother-daughter team, along with a few seamstresses they work with. 

Because of their slow fashion approach, the entire garment is produced from start to finish (rather than individual pieces assembled at different times).

This creates a more supportive environment where the maker feels connected to what is being made while developing new skills in the process. 

Green business practices: 

Their slower production process also allows them to order exactly what’s needed, so minimal fabric waste is produced and there is never unwanted inventory to be discarded. 


Men’s sizes run from S-4X in some styles. For women, petite and plus sizes (for a full range of XXS-3X) are available in most styles. Some go up to 5X.

Providing an even more inclusive fit, here’s how their ordering process works: 

“We appreciate and want to cater to diversity – our bodies are beautiful and should be honored with items that are made based on the actual measurements, rather than shamed for not fitting some abstract standards.”  

You can actually send them your measurements so you get a piece of clothing made exactly for you. No extra charges for modifications, either.

Available: Linenbee


As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Linen Handmade Studio #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Linen Handmade Studio
About Linen Handmade Studio

Imagine lying on a white-sand beach in linen.

That’s what Linen Handmade Studio is also imagining—which is why they make gorgeous, flowy resort wear (that can be worn from the home “resort,” too). 

The brand’s founder, Laura, calls a picture-perfect Lithuanian seaside village “home.” It’s where she creates linen garments like skirts, pants, dresses, jackets, shorts, and tops. 

Everything is comfy and designed to embrace femininity, and suit “conscious summer chasers” of every size.

Linen Handmade Studio’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Home to some of the world’s best linen, Laura embraces some of her home country’s deep respect for the fabric and the magic it contains. She only sources local, 100% European linen. It’s also OEKO-TEX certified, to be free of dangerous chemicals. 

Make your linen clothing truly yours by choosing from a range of made to order colors. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

With skills passed down from her seamstress mother, Laura designs many of the garments herself. 

Once the brand expanded, she recruited her mother, as well as some other seamstresses. The garments are made in a studio in Klaipeda, Lithuania. 

Green business practices:

The plus size linen clothing is shipped straight from the supplier, no excess shipping emissions here! And if you purchase through Etsy, the carbon from your shipping is offset. 


Sizes are offered two ways, S-XL for an international customer base, and US sizes 2-18.  

Linen Handmade Studio is woman-owned. 

Available: Linen Handmade Studio


As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Eileen Fisher #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Eileen Fisher
About Eileen Fisher

When it comes to body positivity and embracing the magical material that is linen, Eileen Fisher might be in a class of their own. 

There are a few reasons Eileen Fisher is a well-deserving Certified B-Corp.

They have their own set of science-based environmental / social goals (HORIZON2030), have embraced circularity; and are constantly improving their supply chain to benefit workers. 

We could go on and on about all the good EF is doing, but let’s talk about women’s plus size linen clothing instead. 

Shop tops, tees, tanks, camis, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, coats, vests, jumpsuits, pants, denim, dresses, and skirts. 

Their site makes it simple to filter by size and fabric, along with price, length, and more!

Eileen Fisher’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


When you turn to this brand for plus size linen clothing, you’re getting so much more.

Eileen Fisher uses either French linen or organic linen (one of the few brands to do so, by the way). Not only that, but it’s grown as a part of a regenerative crop rotation.  

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Because EF has created such a demand for organic linen, their European producers simply couldn’t keep up, which is why a 2,000-acre Chinese organic farm had to step in. 

Looking beyond linen, the brand is dedicated to creating a transparent supply chain and they share the locations of all their suppliers, as well as specific working conditions for some. 

They also use a strict Code of Conduct and unannounced visits to ensure human rights are being protected.

They’ve taken a pretty strong stance against human trafficking, and in doing so are attempting to eliminate the root causes that may lead to slavery in their supply chain. 

Through collaboration with nonprofit partners, Eileen Fisher hopes to bring attention to the fact that slavery still exists, but by coming together, we can bring about a fairer world. 

Green business practices: 

A lot of the brand’s sustainability efforts begin with the materials they choose. They prioritize recycled or organic fibers, then process them in a way that’s also green.

For their linen, they use a process called dew retting.

After the linen is harvested, the stalks are laid out in the field to be transformed by sunlight and dew (not chemicals) into a material that is easier to process into linen clothing. 

Because circularity is also important to the brand, each garment is timelessly designed with the future in mind.

Their Renew program accepts gently used Eileen Fisher garments to be resold and the Waste No More program transforms damaged-beyond-repair garments into new pieces. 


XXS-3X is what you’ll see in Eileen Fisher’s plus size selection.

But what truly makes them one of the best plus size linen clothing brands are the notes on how each style fits certain body types located in the product details for each garment.

Community & Charitable Giving: 

Eileen Fisher is all about supporting women in environmental justice.

Every year, they offer $200,000 grants for women who participate in decision-making roles that lead to positive environmental outcomes, are training in climate-related fields, or are somehow involved in the sustainable economy. 

Available: Eileen Fisher


As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Two Days Off #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Two Days Off
About Two Days Off

Imagine the love and excitement you feel for a well-deserved weekend. Then wrap that up in some soft linen and you have Two Days Off

Founder Gina Stovall, completed her postgraduate studies in climate research, then immediately hit the sewing machine after realizing our earth needed a better effort from the fashion industry.

Just one weekend (AKA ‘two days off’) was all it took for the brand to get off the ground. 

This women’s plus size linen clothing brand has it all—outerwear, dresses, bottoms, and tops.

For non-wearable sustainability, also check out TDO’s selection of eco friendly home decor, sustainability books (and other topics), accessories, and products for a healthy body.

Two Days Off’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


You won’t see a massive selection of linen garments (because Two Days Off is an alternative to fast fashion brands), but you will see garments made with 100% natural linen! 

Note that Two Days Off is not exclusively a linen brand. They also make upcycled clothing

Some of their garments are made with materials like deadstock cotton, other deadstock blends, and ECOVERO™.  Check out their Conscious Consumer’s Guide to Fibers for more on these choices.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Hello, plus size linen clothing made in the USA!

Two Days Off does two things very well: produces garments in small batches and keeps manufacturing locally contained to a Los Angeles factory.

“Ethical cutting and sewing” is a part of TDO’s ethos but we’ll contact them to find out some more about their supply chain protection policies.

Green business practices: 

One of the biggest benefits of linen is its durability but all garments from this Climate Neutral-certified brand are designed to last a long time. 


Most styles come in XS-2X sizes, but some have an extended size offering of up to 4X. TDO is BIPOC and woman-owned and a member of the Female Founder Collective.

Available: Two Days Off


As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Pyne & Smith #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Pyne & Smith
About Pyne & Smith

Pyne & Smith began with a love of both the English countryside and California’s natural splendors.

Opposite as these places may be, they came together to inspire a seriously lovely line of linen garments.

Essentially, tier garments aim to suit both ends of the climate spectrum, whether warm or wet. Linen keeps us both cool and warm whenever it’s necessary, and it also makes a beautiful, comfortable, and functional dress material. 

For the latter, this means one of the best inventions since sliced bread: dresses with pockets. 

This plus size linen clothing brand does more than just dresses, though. They also have skirts, overalls, blouses, and unique items (like eco friendly robes).

Pyne & Smith Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Every piece sold by Pyne & Smith is made with 100% natural linen that is free of harmful chemicals, softeners, and dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All of the pieces are made by skilled seamstresses in a small production studio in Los Angeles, California. All of the employees are LA locals and supported by livable, fair wages. 

Green business practices: 

While the flax is flown from Europe to California to be processed (not as green as sea freight), any minimal waste that’s generated is responsibly recycled through a local textile recycling center. The shredded material may end up in the air again—as airplane seat coverings!

At the manufacturing stage, everything is processed in small batches so overproduction waste is kept at a minimum.

100% recycled packaging is also used. 


All styles run from XS-3X. By fit testing customers and models and working with a plus size pattern developer, they fit real body shapes, too. The XL and 2X were recently redesigned to be even more curve friendly.

Pyne & Smith is a woman-owned company.

Available: Pyne & Smith


As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Sotela #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle
Image by Sotela
About Sotela

Sotela came into existence when founder Hanna was dealing with a hormone imbalance that left her constantly bloated—and without anything that fit. It was then she realized that our bodies are in constant flux. 

Whether we’re gaining or losing weight, the fact is that bodies simply change, constantly.

She wanted to create flexible clothing that reflects those natural changes and doesn’t result in a closet overhaul when they happen. 

Sotela thus focuses on radical inclusivity, a place where all beings can fit—regardless of size, age, race, gender, and gut health. 

This is embodied in their range of tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, and accessories for every occasion.

Sotela Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Sotela and sustainable fabrics go hand-in-hand.

While you’ll find organic cotton, TENCEL lyocell, or recycled cotton or hemp in some garments, we’re here to talk about linen. 

In many cases, theirs is a lyocell-linen blend that provides a beautiful drape in addition to the structure and weight for which linen is known. 

Supply chain & labor practices:  

We’re not sure where Sotela sources their linen (we’ll reach out to ask), but many of their fabrics come from Canadian suppliers. Their lyocell comes from China.

Every garment is handmade in their Los Angeles studio without sweatshop labor. Instead, they treat everyone on their team as an equal partner and collaborator. 

Green business practices: 

Every garment is handmade to order. This reduces waste and keeps many aspects of the supply chain—including cutting, sewing, ironing, and shipping—under the same roof and within the quality control of one maker. 

After placing your order, it will come to you in recycled packaging. 


How does clothing that adapts as you do sound?

Not only does Sotela have a plus size linen clothing size 4X range, but every piece is flexible enough to adapt one to two sizes without sacrificing style.

Speaking of sizes, they have a unique approach to sizing and fit, but fortunately have a video to help you figure it out. Don’t be deceived by 0-10, as this actually refers to US sizes 0-30.

Every size encompasses 3”, while traditionally, every size encompasses only 1”.

You can also use your bust, waist, and hip measurements to find which size corresponds with you. These are all included in the product descriptions and are guaranteed to give you a better-fitting garment.

Available: Sotela


Sustainable and ethical fashion has undergone a much-needed wardrobe overhaul in recent years. 

Between eco-friendly materials, ethical supply chain practices, and practices to protect our environment, you really can have it all—in a garment designed to fit every beautiful body on this planet. 

Here’s all the stuff we consider:


For this article, we’re obviously loving on linen, especially when it’s European (which is where flax traditionally thrives) or organically grown. 

If blended with something else, we looked for our favorite sustainable fabrics (like lyocell and organic cotton). 

Supply chain and labor practices: 

It’s been reported that small supply chains, slow fashion approaches, and the use of crafts(wo)manship that embraces skilled seamstresses make that linen even softer. Just kidding, but it certainly makes our linen feel cozier!

Third-party certifications are obviously the ideal but when those aren’t present, we look for clear codes of conduct and transparency about practices. 

Green business practices: 

Linen gets more sustainable based on how it’s processed. Processing the flax via dew retting and rainwater replaces chemicals and irrigation.

Small, slow supply chains also mean fewer emissions, and handcrafting garments to order means less waste.

Not only are the linen garments mentioned here designed to last, but some even have options for recycling them into new products. Or you can always resell your linen clothes online if you want to make a bit of cash on the side while helping to create a circular fashion industry.


This is where many of these women-owned brands truly stand out (and HAD to in order to make this list.

Between sizes that go up to 5X and options for modifications or flexible fits that adapt to body fluctuations, linen clothing can (and should) be worn by everyone. 

It’s no secret that traditional fashion sizing leaves behind many bodies, and we’re happy to see that these brands find beauty in every body—and use one of the most comfortable, versatile, and flattering fabrics to do so. 

Community & charitable giving: 

In addition to supporting a community of wearers through inclusive sizing, we’re happy that some brands go above and beyond to support women and our environment through charitable endeavors. 

However, most of these linen brands are still pretty small so we understand those that are more focused on optimizing their own practices before doing good elsewhere.


Not all fabrics are created equally, and if you want that dress or jumpsuit to look flattering, natural fiber like linen is simply the best. 

Linen combines the best of both worlds: it’s durable but also breathable. It’s cooling in hot weather and temperature regulating for cold weather.

It’s professional and clean-looking for formal occasions and still perfect for relaxing on vacation.

It’s also flattering. Because linen is one of the more structured types of fabric, it doesn’t cling to lumps and bumps and doesn’t ride up like some other fabrics.

While linen doesn’t take a lot of resources to grow, it is one of the more labor-intensive fabrics, so you may see that linen garments are more expensive than those produced with other natural fibers.

That said, If you’re looking for affordable linen, check out either in-store or online thrift stores first, though you might be hard-pressed to find much in the way of size options there.

So if you want to create more of a demand for plus size linen clothing, stick with some of these plus size linen fashion brands. 

Let’s make inclusivity trendy. Share this article with friends and family, and demand expanded size ranges from your favorite brands.

Together, we can flaxify fashion and make it fit for everyone.  

As much as we love linen, we love it even more when users of linen make sure it returns the love to all bodies, big and small. Plus size linen clothing is our focus here! Image by Eileen Fisher #plussizelinenclothing #sustainablejungle

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