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Image by Girlfriend Collective
9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Image by tentree #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Promising You An Eco-Friendly Practice

The SJ Team

Out of all sports, none complement sustainability quite as well as yoga does—meaning doing it in sustainable yoga clothing can help preserve the harmony of your practice.

Yoga, which means “union”, exemplifies the connection between humans and the natural world, connecting with our breath and our bodies and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

But what about our choice of popular yoga clothing brands? Are yoga clothes sustainable?

Unfortunately, that’s where yoga gets a little less in-tune with nature, but just like yoga poses get a little easier with each class, eco-friendly yoga clothes are getting easier to find, too.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Most Sustainable Yoga Brands To Help You Nama-Stay Sustainable

With sustainable yoga clothes from brands like Girlfriend Collective—whose range fits all bodies—we’re opening the market’s ethical chakra. 

tentree isn’t just unique because they plant so many trees; they also offer one of the best sustainable men’s yoga brands, with a wide selection of joggers and tops.

We didn’t forget about your need for ethical yoga clothes, UK readers. Humans Being has your back (and more importantly, butt) covered in their squat proof recycled fabrics.

Roll out your eco-friendly yoga mat, focus on your ujjayi breathing, and make your way to the end of the article to see how we extended through our spine to find these sustainable yoga brands.

The Full List Of Sustainable Yoga Wear Brands

1. Girlfriend Collective

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Girlfriend Collective #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Girlfriend Collective

About Girlfriend Collective

Price Range: $28–$92

Girlfriend Collective is a killer sustainable activewear brand if you want killer core muscles, no matter your size.

This size, image, and budget inclusive brand is all about making fitness fabulous for everyone.

Their range includes recycled yoga pants and leggings, shorts, sweats, unitards, tanks, sports bras, t-shirts, and a small selection of men’s clothing.

Don’t forget the top layers. Their Reset Warmup Wear will keep your muscles warm until you’re limbered up and do so using recycled materials.

Girlfriend’s rewards program and budget-mindedness puts them among the most affordable yoga clothing brands, too.

Girlfriend Collective’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Collectively, Girlfriend’s fabrics are simple, almost entirely consisting of OEKO-TEX-certified recycled plastic bottles (rPET).

Or if you prefer to flow in eco-friendly sweatpants, you’ll do so in Texloop RCOT™ recycled cotton and organic cotton.

They use eco-friendly dyes for all.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The recycled plastic bottles are turned into a fabric at a factory in Taiwan.

These recycled fabrics then take a short boat ride to Vietnam for garment production in an SA8000-certified factory. 

Green business practices:

If you have an old Girlfriend piece you no longer wear, ReGirlfriend (AKA recycle) it in exchange for $15 credit.

They recycle all water used in fabric dyeing (in a facility 100 feet away so no dangerous transportation) and donate the residual dye mud to a local pavement facility to become sidewalks and roads.

All packaging is 100% recycled and reusable.


Everyone can comfortably down dog in Girlfriend Collective’s XXS-6XL size range (which includes men, too).

Community & charitable giving:

Girlfriend donates to causes they believe in, like social justice organizations.

They also sometimes donate to causes you believe in. Be on the lookout for rotating cause campaigns that donate ~5% of sales to a charity of your choosing.

2. Mukha Yoga

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-FriendlyImages by Mukha Yoga#sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Mukha Yoga

About Mukha Yoga

Price Range: $42–$118

“Do Yoga, Save the Planet” is Mukha Yoga’s motto.

They’re doing their part by offering mats, props, and clothing from the best sustainable yoga clothing brands like prAna, Manduka, and more.

Their selection of affordable sustainable yoga clothes is vast, with tanks, bra tops, bike shorts, and yoga leggings. 

If you like flowy garb for your flow, they also have sweats and slouch tops for both men and women.

Mukha Yoga’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Common materials on Mukha include: closed-loop organic bamboo viscose, recycled nylon, recycled water bottles, organic cotton, TENCEL™, and modal fabric.

Some garments appear to be primarily (if not entirely) made of virgin synthetic like polyamide and spandex, so check the specs for a full fabric percentage breakdown.

You’ll find non-toxic inks (especially in their stellar collection of printed leggings) and bluesign®-approved fabrics, assuring a safe practice in toxin-free yoga clothes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Mukha Yoga handpicks all vendors, or “partners” as they proudly call them.

Each product description will tell you a little bit about their manufacturing, whether Fair Trade certified, sustainable yoga clothes made in the USA, or other ethical practices.

Green business practices:

A large percentage of their partners are located on the West Coast where Mukha’s fulfillment centers are, which minimizes transportation emissions.

Plastic free packaging, sponsored tree-planting campaigns, and joining prAna’s #ReshapePackaging movement are other ways Mukha is mindful of its carbon footprint.


XS-XL sizes are available for both men and women. 

However, because they are a retailer of other sustainable companies, there are limited quantities of styles. That means you may find a pair of leggings you love…only to find a few small sizes remaining.

To avoid that heartbreak, you can filter by size.

Community & charitable giving:

By providing their community with yoga tips, guided meditations, and healthy recipes (all for free), Mukha breaks down the sometimes-hefty cost-entry barrier into healthy mindful living.

3. Humans Being

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Humans Being #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Humans Being

About Humans Being

Price Range: £45–£110

If you like to do your sun salutations in simple sustainable yoga clothes, UK brand Humans Being is there to encourage your movement, in whatever feels good to you. They write:

“We don’t champion unachievable goals or unattainable bodies, we simply celebrate the beauty and gift of movement.”

Their collection of eco yoga clothing for women isn’t huge, but does include all the essentials, like cycling shorts, sweatshirts, joggers, bra tops, cropped tees, and “squat-proof” sustainable yoga pants.

Or outfit yourself with just one do-it-all garment via their Main Squeeze Bodysuit.

Humans Being’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Any skin-tight items feature a 4-way stretch fabric made of either 74% post-consumer recycled polyester and 24% Lycra spandex, or Antex, a zero waste fabric created by recycling their own garments.

They are working with fabric specialists to come up with recycled solutions for the current non-recycled spandex components.

For organic yoga clothing, their looser fitting garments are made of 100% organic cotton.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Humans Being has a traceable supply chain and claims to know that “all materials and garments are ethically made”, but they don’t provide further details on where or how.

We’ll be touching base about this.

Green business practices:

To recycle on-brand eco-friendly yoga clothes, UK customers can send them back to Humans Being to be recycled into new garments through a partnership with Reskinned. You’ll get 10% off new yoga wear for doing so.

Naturally, garments are also sent in recycled sustainable packaging.


Women’s sizes run XS-XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

Part of every purchase goes directly to the Humans Being Foundation, through which they work with World Land Trust to protect rainforest land. 

Within five years, they hope to purchase over 10,000 acres in order to protect them.

4. tentree

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-FriendlyImages by tentree#sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by tentree

About tentree

Price Range: $40–$88

tentree is a top-notch organic clothing brand that puts our planet first—while still keeping us comfortably clothed. 

Their men’s and women’s clothing includes sustainable fair trade yoga clothing made with some of the world’s most sustainable materials.  

Achieve any asana in tentree’s leggings, joggers, t-shirts, and shorts. 

tentree’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


tentree uses eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL, hemp, and recycled polyester. Like the other eco-friendly yoga clothes brands, a bit of elastane (usually around 20%) is blended in.

If you feel more zen with a certain fabric, you can shop by material.

Supply chain & labor practices:

tentree has a factory ledger that provides specific details about their factories and a strict code of conduct prohibiting forced labor, child labor, harassment, discrimination, corruption, excessive work hours, and more.

They’re also a Certified B Corp with manufacturing partners certified by WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, and the Fair Wear Foundation. 

Green business practices:

With every garment from tentree, you can see the reduced carbon footprint it has in terms of waste, carbon dioxide emissions, and water usage (compared to that of similar traditionally-made garments). 

If you want to have even more of a positive impact on our planet, you can purchase carbon offsets directly from their website. 


XS-XL sizes are available in most garments, with some up to XXL.

Community & charitable giving:

tentree plants ten trees for every purchase, specifically in areas that regularly suffer from biodiversity losses.  

By 2030, they should have one billion trees planted!

5. Boody

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Boody #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Boody

About Boody

Price Range: $44–$99

Nothing relaxes us in balasana more than Boody.

Their take on the most eco-friendly yoga clothes involves a panda bear favorite: organic bamboo.  

They started out as an Australian company, quickly amassed a global base of customers and now have an American branch.

They’ve got eco-friendly men’s yoga clothes (like sweatpants and joggers) and those for women (like leggings, sports bras, tops, bodysuits, and more). 

Boody’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Sustainably and organically grown bamboo will keep you comfortable—even when attempting something as bamboozling to your balance as Eagle Pose.  

Bamboo fabric is commonly made to sound more sustainable than it is, due to the tremendous amount of toxic chemicals and water used during manufacturing.  

Ain’t no Boody got time for that! This brand recaptures all water and non-toxic solvents in an innovative closed-loop system. 

Not only that, but FSC, Ecocert, and OEKO-TEX certifications and SGS testing for toxicity to back up that this bamboo viscose is actually eco-friendly.

Because flexibility is kind of important in yoga, their sustainable yoga clothes from Boody also contain small amounts of spandex or elastane. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Boody partners with manufacturers who are at minimum ISO-14001, ISO-9001, and WRAP compliant—meaning your new ethical yoga clothing isn’t associated with forced/child labor or abuse of garment workers.

Green business practices:

Boody uses recycled packaging materials and plant-based ink. 

Their newly launched textile recycling program allows you to buy a $25 shipping label at checkout—which they’ll pay you back for in store credit when they receive it.


XS-XL sizes are available, with sustainable sports bras up to 38D or 40C cups.

Community & charitable giving:

Boody donates a portion of their profits via 1% for the Planet, as well as to other non-environmental charities like Thread Together.

Also available on Boody (AU)

6. prAna

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-FriendlyImages by prAna#sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by prAna

About prAna

Price Range: $35–$140

Prana (a.k.a. the breath) is considered a life-giving force in yoga, so it’s only natural prAna is breathing new life into mainstream sustainable yoga clothes.

This sustainable outdoor clothing brand has everything from rain wear to rock climbing clothing.

For some post-hike Hatha, shop fair trade leggings, bra tops, tanks, sport bras, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more.

Garments are designed for elegance and efficiency, as well as performance, like the Sopra Seamless Crop Top that combines a top and sports bra all in one.

prAna’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


While not a brand for strictly eco yoga clothes (you’ll still see some made of virgin synthetics), prAna’s plentiful sustainable yoga wear uses recycled polyester, TENCEL modal, and organic materials (i.e. organic cotton and hemp fabric).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As a member of the Textile Exchange, prAna prioritizes fair trade factories when possible and pays into fair trade premium worker funds.

They’ve helped 11 of their factories obtain Fair Trade certification and hope to eventually have 100% of their products made in a Fair Trade-certified factory.

Green business practices: 

A founding member of the OIA Climate Action Corps and bluesign®-approved brand, prAna avoids chemicals and is working to reduce their emissions output by 30%.

Via the Renewal Workshop, they diverted 56,000 pounds of garment waste from landfills between 2016 and 2021.

They also started the Responsible Packaging Movement, through with they aimed to (and achieved) eliminate all plastic from consumer packaging.


Women’s standard sizes run XXS-XXL, with a select extended size collection of 1X-3X styles. Men’s sizes XS-XXXL

Community & charitable giving:

prAna’s chosen charitable partner is Outdoor Outreach, helping disenfranchised youth get outside and have adventure opportunities they otherwise would not.

7. Dharma Bums

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Dharma Bums #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Dharma Bums

About Dharma Bums

Price Range: $55–$90

You know how a good yoga session makes you feel lighter?

Australia-based Dharma Bums wants to make our footprint on earth lighter, too.

Their collection includes sustainable flare yoga pants, tights, shorts, tees, tanks, unitards, and sweatpants. 

It’s mostly for women but they do have a few tees, shorts, and joggers for men.

Dharma Bums’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The best eco-friendly yoga clothes make use of materials that are otherwise trash. Dharma’s vegan yoga clothing made of recycled plastic bottles fits that bill.

However, some utilize virgin synthetics instead, so narrow your search to images that clearly state “recycled” at the top—like the Smooth Sculpt Motion Leggings.

They also use some natural fabrics like supima cotton and Lenzing modal.

All fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100-certified and 30% are OEKO-TEX Made Green certified. 100% of their mills are bluesign®-certified.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As a BSCI-compliant brand, all manufacturers are vetted and audited for ethical worker treatment and payment of living wages.

Green business practices:

So far, their production methods have saved over 1.5 million liters of water and recycled almost that many plastic bottles, too.

Those fun prints come from J-TECK certified or otherwise eco-friendly dyes. They also recycle any paper used in the dying process and rigorously clean the water.

Their plant-based garment bags and mailers are AS 5810-2010-certified home compostable and will break down in 90 days in your indoor compost bin.


Sustainable yoga clothes in XXS-XXL sizes are available.

Community & charitable giving:

Dharma Bums donates clothing to Thread Together, a non-profit that tackles textile waste by donating unsold stock to Australians in need.


9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Manduka #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Manduka

About Manduka

Price Range: $45–$158

Manduka can take care of everything you need for your morning yoga flow.

They’re big in the yoga mat world but dabble in apparel too, whether you’re seeking hot yoga eco-friendly clothes or clothes for those who don’t find 100+ degree temps very zen.

They have offerings for both men and women, including shorts, pants, tanks, tops, jackets, bras, headbands, and more.

Not everything features sustainable fabrics, but if you’re looking for sustainable leggings, start by checking out the printed Essence Legging.

Manduka’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Like their sustainable yoga props made of cork or recycled materials, Manduka likes to use OEKO-TEX-certified materials that are kind to both our bodies and the Earth.

You’ll see recycled synthetics and organic cotton.

However, a lot of their clothing still uses virgin synthetics, so read the descriptions carefully to stick to eco-friendly materials.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We know Manduka doesn’t source the rubber used in their sustainable yoga mats from the Amazon.

But unfortunately, they don’t elaborate much on their manufacturing practices for their vegan yoga clothes and they’ve yet to respond to our direct inquiries.

Green business practices:

Most of Manduka’s green actions involve their mats, like the eKO mats made with zero waste and PRO series with zero-emissions.

They recycle all post-industrial scraps and have a LiveOn program to repurpose old mats. For $10, yogis can send their old mats (any brand) to be responsibly recycled.


Most women’s garments come in sizes XS-XL and men’s in S-XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Manduka’s partnership with The Renewable Workshop turns old yoga mats into materials like home insulation.

9. Reprise

9 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands Making Your Practice Eco-Friendly Images by Reprise #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainableyogaclothing #sustainableyogaclothingbrands #ecofriendlyyogaclothing #ecofriendlyyogaclothes #ecofriendlyyogapants #sustainablejungle
Images by Reprise

About Reprise

Price Range: $55–$209

Reprise is on a mission to “liberate your closet from plastic to save your skin”.

They don’t like synthetic fabrics—even if made from recycled plastic water bottles— so they keep their yoga clothes organic and all-natural.

When it comes to comfortable ethical yoga clothing, they offer leggings, shorts, tops, sweats, and matching sets.

Reprise’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Reprise has two types of leggings, both of which are made with TENCEL lyocell grown in a clean and regenerative way. 

This TENCEL is blended with 7% spandex but they plan to make this stretch factor plant-based, too.

The leggings are dyed with GOTS certified organic dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Reprise is committed to a local supply chain, meaning eco-friendly yoga clothing made in the USA.

These American-made yoga clothes begin in Los Angeles, where fabric is knitted and dyed. It’s then cut and sewn in New York City and New Jersey.

Everyone involved in their production process is paid a fair, above-living wage. 

Green business practices:

Reprise only orders the amount of fabric they need and produces small batches, so there is no leftover fabric or stock. 

Their organic yoga clothes are designed to last and are carbon-neutral by supporting projects like wind farms and reforestation projects.

They also use sustainably-sourced and recyclable packaging, down to the biodegradable packing tape and stickers.


XS-6X sizes are offered.

Community & charitable giving:

Aside from donating to carbon sequestering projects, they donate to social enterprises providing clean drinking water.

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How We Found The Best Ethical Yoga Clothes

Sustainability and yoga go hand-in-hand.

Alongside comfort and flexibility, there’s likely no more desirable trait for activewear than eco-friendly materials AND eco-friendly practices that protect our planet and the people in it. 

We use our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria to sustainably savasana and fill our minds with peaceful thoughts—not guilt.  

After all, we want sustainable hot yoga clothing brands that won’t contribute to making the planet hot, too.


Plant-based materials or recycled materials are best for guru Gaia. 

That’s why most of these brands were chosen based on their use of sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL, modal fabric, organic bamboo, recycled nylon, ECONYL, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. 

Unfortunately, spandex/elastane is still pretty unavoidable in a sport that demands your clothing stretches with you, and we simply don’t have a recycled eco-friendly alternative for this yet.

Still, we tried to find sustainable leggings that kept these virgin synthetic percentages to a minimum, and utilized organic or non-toxic dyes

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our heart chakras were happy to see specific supply chain details shared (factory info, codes of conduct, etc.) along with certifications to back them up.

But greenwashing is sneaky and even the best certifiers (like B Corp) can be guilty of it, so take a deep breath and ask the important questions and seek transparency.

Green business practices:

Brands can also make our favorite wardrobe essential (AKA yoga pants) eco-friendly through other actions that lighten their impact while limbering us up.

These include carbon offset programs, practices to reduce waste, sustainable materials for packaging, closed-loop production, and small-batch manufacturing. 


Many of these brands use a good range of models and broad range of sizes. Remember, sustainable plus size fashion isn’t just for non-athletic garb!

Community & charitable giving:

You might personally prefer a private yoga session in the comfort of your own home, but yoga is about community. 

We’re thrilled to see several brands supporting local and global communities with things like tree planting, donations to organizations, and even free yoga classes for disenfranchised communities.

Final Thoughts On The Best Sustainable Yoga Clothes

We can’t help you achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in clothes that won’t break our planet’s neck. 

The best sustainable practices mean wearing clothing that already exists, we encourage you to first opt for used options from online thrift stores for your Uttanasana.

But if yoga wear feels too personal for pre-loved, let this eco-friendly yoga clothing brand list help you out.

Just remember: even eco-friendly yoga apparel contributes to microplastic pollution, so always use a Guppy Friend Bag when washing.

If you overhear your yoga classmates complaining about the wedgie their leggings keep giving them, pass along this article to help them (and the planet) out.

Namaste, friends.

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