We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Manduka #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Manduka
We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Reprise #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Reprise
We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Elle Evans #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Elle Evans

Sustainable Yoga Clothes: 7 Brands for a Planet-Friendly Practice

Out of all sports, none complement sustainability quite as well as yoga does. 

The word ‘yoga’ means union, and there’s no greater union than between humans and the natural world, in which we live. 

Yoga exemplifies this in many ways: connecting with our breath and our bodies, promoting healthy food and lifestyle choices, and of course all the perfect outdoor yoga spots. 

Unfortunately, yoga gets a little less holistic and in-tune with nature when you realize that yoga clothes are oftentimes not-so-sustainable.

In fact, yoga pants in particular have been associated with microplastic pollution

The last thing you want on your mind during your yin sesh are choking sea turtles and invisible bits of plastic in last night’s halibut…

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to the sustainable yoga clothes opening the market’s ethical chakra. 

Brands like Reprise are using trees(!) instead of plastic-based fabrics. While Nube is removing plastic and transforming it into comfy USA-made sustainable yoga clothes.

And nothing relaxes us in balasana more than Boody’s bamboo yoga clothes.

For those brands on the list that use recycled plastics or other synthetic materials in their fabrics, we highly recommend using a Guppy Friend Bag when washing to prevent leakage of microplastics. 

Now, roll out your eco friendly yoga mat, focus on your ujjayi breathing, and make your way to the end of the article to see how we extended through our core to find these brands.

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We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Reprise #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Reprise
About Reprise

Reprise is on a mission to “liberate your closet from plastic to save your skin.”

They don’t like synthetic fabrics—even if made from recycled plastic bottles— so their clothes are made with some of the finest plant-based, natural materials. 

When it comes to comfortable sustainable yoga clothes, they keep it pretty simple with only sustainable leggings for women.

Reprise’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Reprise has two types of leggings, both of which are made with TENCEL lyocell, a tree-based semi-synthetic fabric.

In Reprise’s case, it’s grown in a clean and regenerative way. 

This TENCEL is blended with 7% spandex but they plan to make this stretch factor plant-based, too.

The leggings are dyed with GOTS certified organic dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Reprise is committed to a local supply chain; everything takes place in the United States!

The fabric is knitted and dyed in Los Angeles, cut and sewn in New York City and New Jersey, and everything is designed at the Reprise HQ in NYC. 

While their scrunchies are fair trade, they hope to eventually have the certification cover their leggings, too. Even without it, everyone involved in their production process is paid a fair, above-living wage. 

They have a small team and value treating everyone like family. 

Green business practices:

Reprise only orders the amount of fabric they need and produce their leggings in small batches so there is no leftover fabric or stock. 

Perhaps most importantly, their leggings are designed to last.

They also use sustainably-sourced and recyclable packaging, down to the biodegradable packing tape and stickers.

All of their products are carbon-neutral, too!

What emissions they don’t minimize through the use of eco-friendly practices and materials, they offset by supporting projects like wind farms and reforestation projects.


A standard range of XS-XL sizes are offered. They use a diverse representation of models in their marketing & product images.

Community & charitable giving:

Aside from donating to carbon sequestering projects, they donate to social enterprises providing clean drinking water.

Available: Reprise


We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by tentree #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by tentree
About tentree

tentree is a top-notch organic clothing brand that puts our planet first—while still keeping us comfortably clothed. 

The ethical outdoor clothing brand has sustainable clothes for men and women, including sustainable fair trade yoga clothes made with some of the world’s most sustainable materials.  

Achieve any asana in tentree’s leggings, t shirts, sweatpants, and shorts. 

tentree’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


tentree uses eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL, hemp, and recycled polyester. Like the other eco friendly yoga clothes brands, a bit of elastane (usually around 20%) is blended in.

If you feel more zen with a certain fabric, you can shop by material.

Supply chain & labor practices:

tentree have a factory ledger that provides specific details about their factories and a strict code of conduct with rules about no forced labor, child labor, harassment, discrimination, corruption, excessive work hours, and more.

They’re also a Certified B Corp with manufacturing partners certified by WRAP, BSCI, SA8000, and the Fair Wear Foundation. 

Green business practices:

With every garment from tentree, you can see the impact it has in terms of waste, carbon dioxide emissions, and water usage (compared to that of similar traditionally-made garments). 

If you want to have even more of a positive impact on our planet, you can purchase carbon offsets directly from their website. 


XS-XL sizes are available in most garments and models represent a diverse range of people.

Community & charitable giving:

What’s the meaning behind the name? Well, tentree plants 10 trees for every purchase, specifically in areas that regularly suffer from biodiversity losses.  

They’ve planted over 50 million trees across Canada, Mexico, Senegal, Madagascar, Peru, and other countries so far. 

By 2030, they should have one billion trees planted!

Available: tentree


We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Boody #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Boody
About Boody

Boody’s take on the most eco friendly yoga clothes involves a panda bear favorite: organic bamboo.  

They started out as an Australian company, quickly amassed a global base of customers (owing to their affordable ethical clothes, no doubt), and now have an American branch.

They’ve got eco friendly men’s yoga clothes (like sweatpants and joggers) and those for women (like leggings, sports bras, tops, bodysuits, and more). 

Boody’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Sustainably and organically grown bamboo will keep you comfortable—even when attempting something as precarious as Eagle Pose.  

Keep in mind that bamboo fabric is commonly greenwashed to sound more sustainable than it is due to the tremendous amount of chemicals and water used during manufacturing.  

Ain’t no Boody got time for that! This brand recaptures all water and non-toxic solvents in an innovative closed-loop system. 

Not only that, but FSC, Ecocert, and OEKO-TEX certifications and SGS testing for toxicity to back up that this bamboo is actually eco friendly.

Because flexibility is kind of important in yoga, their sustainable yoga clothes from Booty also contain small amounts of spandex or elastane. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Boody partners with manufacturers who are at minimum ISO-14001, ISO-9001, and WRAP compliant—meaning your morning yoga practice won’t be associated with forced/child labor or worker abuse and harassment.

Green business practices:

Boody uses recycled packaging materials and plant-based ink. 


In a world of $100+ leggings, Boody provides ethical activewear that rates better on the affordability spectrum. XS-XL sizes are available.

Community & charitable giving:

Boody donates a portion of their profits via 1% for the Planet.

Available: Boody (US) | Boody (AU)


We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Manduka #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Manduka
About Manduka

Manduka can take care of everything you need for your morning yoga flow.

They’re a maker of not only sustainable yoga mats but apparel too, whether you’re seeking hot yoga eco friendly clothes or clothes for those who don’t find 100+ degree hot yoga temps very zen.

These eco friendly yoga clothes are for both men and women, including shorts, pants, tanks, tops, jackets, bras, headbands, and more.

Manduka’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Manduka likes to use materials that are kind to both our bodies and the Earth, so you’ll see a lot of recycled polyester, plant-based materials, and organic cotton. That and a little bit of spandex.

Supply chain & labor practices:

While we know Manduka doesn’t source the rubber used in their yoga mats from the Amazon, unfortunately, they don’t elaborate much on their manufacturing practices for their activewear. We’ll be reaching out to find out more. 

Green business practices:

Most of Manduka’s green actions involve their main product: yoga mats. 

The natural tree rubber eKO mats are zero waste manufactured and the PRO series ones are manufactured with zero-emissions (though the PRO series mats are their only mats that contain PVC which is our least favorite type of plastic).

In addition to sourcing (mostly) earth-friendly materials and recycling all post-industrial scraps, Manduka also has a program to repurpose old mats through the LiveOn program. 

For $10, yogis can send their old mats (any brand) to be responsibly recycled.


Most women’s garments come in sizes XS-XL and men’s in S-XL.

Community & charitable giving:

Making use of recycled mats, Manduka’s partnership with The Renewable Workshop turns them into a new material (home insulation, for instance).

 Not only does this make use of a valuable resource, but also helps support communities around the globe.

Available: Manduka


We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Elle Evans #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Elle Evans
About Elle Evans

Elle Evans products are “made for you, and the planet.” 

The Australian-based brand is known for its sustainable swimwear, but they also provide clothing for land-based activities, too.

They have clothes that bridge the gap between the two—like a supportive sports bra that also serves as a bikini top.

This should give you a clue as to what type of women’s yoga clothes they’ve got on offer. 

We’re talking versatility with stylish leggings, sports bras, scrunchies, and shorts to wear for more than just your Tuesday morning hot yoga class.

Elle Evans’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Elle Evans’ sustainable stretch is made possible by regenerated nylon, also known as ECONYL

We’ll be the first to admit that nylon, recycled or not, isn’t our favorite in terms of sustainable fabrics. However, when it comes to things like stretchy and durable yoga clothes, there aren’t many alternatives.  

If you’re going to use nylon, it might as well be made from recovered ocean plastic! And we do need to find innovative uses for these recovered materials. 

Plus, they’re doing due diligence to reduce how many pairs of nylon pants you feel the need to own with their reversible leggings—less nylon and two pairs of pants in one! 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The manufacturing process starts with reclaiming nylon waste (like fishing nets, carpet flooring, industrial plastic, and fabric scraps) and recycling them into nylon fibre, before being knitted into their super soft fabric at a mill in Italy.

Then, the fabric is sent to a supplier in Queensland, Australia for digital printing with non-toxic and water-based inks.

Founder Elle is the head seamstress, and she occasionally recruits a few extra hands who are paid by the hour well above a minimum wage in Australia. 

Green business practices:

Throughout the manufacturing process, paper, water, and inks are reused and nothing is discharged into the environment.

Everything the brand sells is made to order, meaning that deadstock waste is also totally prevented. If there are deadstock fabrics (by way of fabric trimmings or mistakes), they’re used in another garment. 

These sustainable yoga clothes are packed in shipping materials just as sustainable. 

Everything is sent in a compostable mailer (home compostable, no less!) and via a carbon-neutral courier for Australian orders.

In the future, Elle Evans hopes to be able to accept pre-loved products to transform into new garments in a totally closed-loop system. 


Anyone, size XS through XXXL, can get down to a downward dog. 

Inclusive prices are also important for the Aussie brand, and they have a 10% off section filled with returned products. 

Community & charitable giving:

With a clear love for our oceans, Elle Evans partners with the Healthy Seas Initiative to donate 1% of their sales. 

Available: Elle Evans


We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Nube #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by Nube
About Nube

Simply put, Nube makes sustainable activewear for all, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a total nube. 

They care about Mother Earth and want to support those trying to shop with a conscience by partnering with designers around the globe who are also motivated by the environmental crisis. 

When it comes to eco friendly yoga clothes, Nube keeps men and women covered in sweatpants, tees, leggings, and tank tops. 

They also offer a small range of loose fitting sustainable yoga clothes.

Nube’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Recycled fabrics (blended with about 20% virgin spandex) are Nube’s specialty. 

By using about 20 recycled plastic bottles in each rPET piece, Nube saves half of the electricity compared with virgin polyester, along with 20% water, 45% energy, and more than 30% greenhouse gas emissions. 

Low impact, non-toxic, and lead-free dyes are used. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Initially, they sourced all fibers from Los Angeles, but as they’ve become more popular, they’ve been increasingly bringing in fabrics from overseas. 

Eventually, they want to return to sourcing 100% of their fabrics from the United States.

However, all sewing still takes place in Los Angeles and other West Coast Studios. Workers are supported with high manufacturing standards, ethical working conditions, and fair wages. 

Green business practices:

During the manufacturing stages, care is taken to recycle and reduce material usage, including dyes and fabric. 

They’re currently working on a project to transform their fabric scraps into a new product.

Everything mails in plastic-free, US-made, recycled, and recyclable materials. In the NUBE HQ, they use office paper made using wind power.


XS-XL sizes are available and Nube includes a diverse range of models in their marketing and product imagery.

Available: Nube

7. WE-AR

We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by WE-AR #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle
Image by WE-AR
About WE-AR

Here are a few ways WE-AR describes themselves:

  • Ethical renegades
  • Fearlessly chic
  • Tree-huggingly timeless

Aware that every action has an impact on our planet and the people on it, WE-AR’s ethos drives every decision and action they make. 

As a maker of some of the best eco friendly yoga clothes around, they encompass some of the finest eco-luxe textiles to create super sustainable yoga clothes for both men and women. 

WE-AR’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


The brand carefully chooses its textiles based on a rigorous life cycle analysis that explores not only the environmental impact of textiles, but also health and social impacts, too.

Some of the materials that made the cut include organic cotton, TENCEL lyocell, modal, and bamboo.

They also use conventional cotton (but are transitioning to all organic), linen, alpaca, organic Merino wool, cashmere and peace silk

Potentially tricky for some animal lovers, they use brushtail possum yarn (a non-native species and ecological threat in New Zealand – read here for more information to help you decide whether you’d wear this yarn).

Supply chain & labor practices:

Many of WE-AR’s products are made in a workshop in Bali. Here, they’re able to support skilled artisans with business and empowerment opportunities and provide safe, thriving work conditions. 

When it comes to manufacturing partners, they have a strict code of ethics which includes things like freely chosen employment, the prohibition of child labor, safe working conditions, and living wages. 

No wonder WE-AR is a Certified B Corp!

Green business practices:

WE-AR upcycles leftover fabric scraps and has practices in place to minimize their fabric, water, and energy use.

They also use sustainable packaging and paper materials and have several other in-house sustainability initiatives.

Read more about them in their environmental policy.


We’d love to see WE-AR stretch a little more when it comes to their sizes, as women’s sizes generally run from XS-L and men’s from S-XL. 

Community & charitable giving:

Through their social profit policy, the company regularly supports a rotating organization that allows them to make real change in people’s lives. 

Currently, they support the Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, which teaches weekly yoga classes in Rimutaka prison. 

Their philanthropic activities aren’t limited to just this, either. 

Available: WE-AR


Sustainability and yoga go hand-in-hand.

Alongside comfort and flexibility, there’s likely no more desirable trait for the most eco friendly yoga clothing than materials and practices that protect our planet and the people in it. 

When we think about sustainable fashion as a whole, we can use the same criteria we do in finding ethical shoes and sustainable underwear to sustainably savasana and fill our minds with peaceful thoughts—not guilt.  


Natural and recycled materials are best for guru Gaia. That’s why most of these brands were chosen based on their use of TENCEL, modal, organic bamboo, regenerated nylon, ECONYL, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. 

Many use organic or non-toxic dyes, too. 

Supply chain and labor practices:

Transparency is the best thing to look for when it comes to sustainable and ethical yoga clothing. 

Our heart chakras we’re happy to see specific supply chain details shared (factory info, codes of conduct, etc.) along with certifications to back them up.  

Green business practices:

In addition to leggings made from 20 plastic water bottles, we’re feeling more limber just by seeing some of the other green business practices used by these brands. 

These include: carbon-neutral products and shipping, practices to reduce waste, sustainable packaging, carbon offsets, and made to order manufacturing. 


Many of these brands use a good range of models and offer a great range of sizes. Remember, plus size fashion isn’t just for non-athletic garb!

Some are clearly making an effort to be more inclusive from a budget standpoint, too.

Community & charitable giving:

You might personally prefer a private yoga session in the comfort of your own home, but yoga is about community. 

We’re thrilled to see several brands supporting local and global communities with things like tree planting, donations to organizations, and even free yoga classes for disenfranchised communities.  


We can’t help you achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in clothes that won’t break our planet’s neck. 

Sustainable yoga clothing has seen much improvement over the last few years. And there’s more to come as many of the brands listed here have committed to become even more environmentally friendly. 

We can expect to see alternatives for one of the least environmentally sustainable materials still found in yoga clothes (spandex/elastane), as well as initiatives that close the loop by accepting old yoga clothes to be transformed into new garments. 

As always, we encourage you to check-out used options for your Uttanasana.

But if yoga pants feel a little too personal for pre-loved, online thrift stores can still yield plenty of yoga friendly alternatives. 

Namaste, friends.

We can't help you finally achieve that perfect headstand, but we can help you attempt it in sustainable yoga clothes that won't wreak havoc on our planet. Image by Reprise #sustainableyogaclothes #sustainablejungle

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