Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Forever Chemicals with Meg Carney

Podcast #72 · Meg Carney · Forever Chemicals

“The reason that [PFAS] is so good at causing health problems is because it bioaccumulates so the chemicals themselves can attach to our fatty tissues…so oftentimes if we have a PFAS enter our body from drinking water, which is the most common exposure for humans, it’s going to live there for 6-8 years before it’s expelled from our body… and that bioaccumulation is what can cause health effects down the line.”

Meg Carney

Meg Carney is an outdoor and environmental writer with a passion for environmental advocacy. She primarily covers topics within the outdoor industry ranging from the best new products and greenwashing to the scientific coverups of hazardous chemicals. Her work can be found in digital publications such as Field and Stream, Popular Mechanics, and GearJunkie, and her environmental journalism extends into podcast production with her original shows, Outdoor Minimalist and Forever Chemicals.

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Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Forever Chemicals with Meg Carney

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