Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Jenny Whelan and Oscar Pearce - Carbon Neutral Schools

Podcast #51 · Jenny Whelan And Oscar Pearce · Carbon Neutral Schools

“I do feel hopeful because I’m surrounded by children every day and I do believe in their capacity to find solutions”

Jenny Whelan

Jenny Whelan is a true eco-warrior and is the Admin Director / Enrolment & Payroll Officer of Albert Park Kinder in Melbourne, Australia. She was the driving force that ultimately converted the Kinder into the very first Carbon Neutral early learning center in Australia.

Oscar Pearce is the School Captain (Student Head) at the local high school, Albert Park College, in Melbourne, Australia. He is working with Jenny and others to drive change, both at Albert Park College and in the community, towards a more sustainable future.

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In this episode, there is a lot of laughter and fun! We discuss the following:  

  • Jenny’s background, growing up in country Victoria, surrounded by natural beauty (~02:20)
  • Oscar’s background, growing up in Albert Park, Melbourne and getting out of town to his grandparent’s farm (~03:20)
  • The Albert Park Kinder: What is it?  (~05:20)
  • How the Kinder first became interested in reducing their carbon footprint (~06:45)
  • Major milestones on the journey to become carbon neutral (~09:10)
  • Partnering with the local council, the City of Port Phillip (~12:00)  
  • Tackling waste at the Kinder and how proud the kids are (~13:20)
  • Kid’s responsibilities in keeping the Kinder carbon neutral and the importance of children being exposed to nature (~15:20)
  • Albert Park College’s journey, working together with the Kinder and other schools to become carbon neutral (~19:30)
  • Initiatives underway to meet the goal of the college becoming carbon neutral  (~21:30)
  • The connection to the local Boonwurrung and the Waru Waru Sustainable Schools Alliance (~24:35)
  • How the parents fit in with local schools moving towards carbon neutrality (~30:00)
  • How things have changed over Oscar’s high school career? (~32:15)
  • What’s inspiring hope for Jenny and Oscar right now (~36:00)
  • What’s next?  (~39:45)
  • How has this changed the way Oscar is thinking about his career?  (~43:00)
  • Key messages for humanity from Jenny and Oscar (~46:00)

“It’s become a really exciting part of everyday school – the assumption that we’ve got a role to play”

Oscar Pearce

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Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Jenny Whelan and Oscar Pearce - Carbon Neutral Schools

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