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Image by CORALUN Vintage

11 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy

Aarron Lopex

Colorado Springs isn’t just known for the Rockies.

It’s a bustling city with a spirited outdoor scene filled with adrenaline junkies looking for their next fix—but this time, we’re talking fashion and furniture.

Many C-Springs natives forget there’s a thrilling adventure within the city limits—hunting for treasure in the best thrift stores Colorado Springs has.

But like any other sport, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of our thrift shopping tips

Don’t forget to hike to the bottom to discover why thrift shopping in Colorado Springs matters.

1. The Hause Collective

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by The Hause Collective #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by The Hause Collective

About The Hause Collective Thrift Stores Colorado Springs, Colorado

Price Range: $$–$$$

The Hause Collective is hands down one of the best Colorado Springs thrift stores.

This unique and beloved boutique offers a curated selection of vintage and handmade goods, from clothing and accessories to home decor and furniture. 

With hard-to-find pieces like a vintage Stone Cold Austin graphic tee, each trip is a mystery waiting to reveal itself. 

The store showcases diverse products crafted by independent designers and makers, providing a platform for creative expression and entrepreneurship within the community. 

Additionally, The Hause Collective hosts workshops and events focused on sustainability, DIY crafting, and community building.

Location: Knob Hill

2. New Horizons

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by New Horizons #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by New Horizons

About New Horizons Second Hand Stores Colorado Springs

Price Range: $–$$$

New Horizons is one of the biggest thrift shops in Colorado Springs, offering a wide range of clothing, furniture, electronics, home goods, and more. 

The interior is clean and well-lit, providing a comfortable atmosphere to shop. Everything is organized, making it easy to find everything from base layers to an affordable ski setup so you don’t have to miss out on the next pow day at Breckenridge

But what truly sets New Horizons apart is its commitment to charitable giving and social program support. Their primary organization is New Horizon Ministries, which supports children of incarcerated mothers and works with mothers after release. 

The thrift store also supports Loaves and Fishes and Mobile Clothes. These organizations provide food, clothing, shelter, employment assistance, and other emergency services to those in need. 

Location: East Colorado Springs

3. Sisters Thrift & Boutique

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by Sisters Thrift & Boutique #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by Sisters Thrift & Boutique

About Sisters Thrift & Boutique Second Hand Clothing Store Colorado Springs

Price Range: $–$$$

Sisters Thrift & Boutique is a treasure trove for thrift enthusiasts, with a delightful array of items, like vintage clothing and accessories, home decor, books, collectibles, and more.

Each piece tells a story, like a gorgeous solid wood china cabinet to display all the other vintage home decor you’ve collected here over the years.

All items are donated by the community and processed by volunteers from the Benet Hill Monastery. 

Sisters Thrift is also a place to grab something sweet with their melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buns made by Sister Lucy. 

Location: Briargate

4. Take A Peak Consignment

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by Take A Peak Consignment #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by Take A Peak Consignment

About Take A Peak Consignment Store Colorado Springs

Price Range: $$–$$$

If you need new furniture, take a peek at Take A Peak Consignment

The consignment shop in Colorado Springs, CO is close to Pulpit Rock Park and offers exceptional furniture finds. 

The locally-owned shop has a large selection of seating, dining tables, nightstands, dressers, art, and home decor. 

With one-of-a-kind items—like a custom chicken incubator table for all you self-sufficient homesteaders out there—you can find something to suit your home’s personality. 

Take A Peak makes the consignment process straightforward if you’re looking to sell. They cover all advertising and promotions once they accept a piece.

One reason locals love Take A Peak is the friendly and helpful staff. The boutique is renowned for its exceptional customer service and willingness to negotiate prices.

Location: Northeast Colorado Springs

5. Ashley’s Attic

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by Ashley’s Attic #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by Ashley’s Attic

About Ashley’s Attic Resale Shops In Colorado Springs

Price Range: $–$$$

If you’ve been downtown, you’ve surely heard of Ashley’s Attic.

Anything but dusty or drab, it’s one of the best Colorado Springs resale stores, providing unique and affordable women’s fashion pieces for a range of tastes, shapes, and sizes.

On the outside of the building, you’ll be welcomed by bright yellow and blue paint with a white picket fence to match. Inside, there’s a clean interior with racks lined with heels, handbags, jackets, dresses, blouses, and accessories. 

The boutique is operated by the mother-daughter duo Ashley and Cherie. Cherie carefully curates each item, ensuring cohesive style and quality. 

Each trip is a treasure hunt with fantastic finds, like ornate floral hand-embroidered tunics and a vibrant green Vince Camuto handbag to match.

Location: Downtown

6. CORALUN Vintage

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by CORALUN Vintage #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by CORALUN Vintage

About CORALUN Vintage

Price Range: $$–$$$

Lauren Abbott has a vibrant history of adventuring before creating one of the best thrift stores in Colorado Springs: CORALUN Vintage

The boutique was originally known as Thrift Junkie Vintage Mobile and was stationed in a traveling 1962 hunting camper.

After cruising through farmer’s markets, First Friday events, and pop-up markets, Lauren settled into the downtown area and was renamed CORALUN Vintage. 

The small store has a curated community and inventory of bohemian, southwest, and vintage apparel as old as the 1960s. But don’t let the small size fool you—there are secret treasures, like a luxuriously fur-trimmed suede jacket from Lauren’s personal collection.

She also handcrafts jewelry in the form of CORALUN Handmade.

Besides a curated selection of apparel, the community cornerstone also hosts regular jewelry workshops, events, and deals. 

Location: Downtown

7. Who Gives a SCRAP

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by Who Gives a SCRAP #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by Who Gives a SCRAP

About Who Gives a SCRAP Colorado Springs Thrift

Price Range: $–$$

Thrifting in Colorado Springs doesn’t always mean shopping for vintage apparel and furniture. 

You can also visit shops like Who Gives a SCRAP to purchase affordable materials for artists, crafters, educators, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Too often, craft projects leave us with just a little leftover—or a lot, in the case of those impulse hobby buys that fail to become hobbies (no judgment, it happens to all of us!).

The local boutique collects and rehomes donated eco-friendly art and craft supplies, ranging from fabric of all textures and sizes to just about every color of thread and yard you can imagine.

Who Gives a SCRAP does even more for the community through workshops, classes, and events. From upcycling demonstrations to crafting sessions, the store offers opportunities for skill-sharing and connection.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to learn something new, Who Gives a SCRAP provides an affordable place to start your next project.

Location: Broadmoor

8. Between Friends Consignment

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by Just Between Friends Consignment #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by Just Between Friends Consignment

About Between Friends Consignment Shop Colorado Springs, CO

Price Range: $

Between Friends, Consignment provides a unique shopping experience that happens twice a year. 

The Colorado Springs consignment store understands shopping for clothes, toys, books, and baby gear can be overwhelming. Children outgrow their clothes quickly, and back-to-school shopping can be a nightmare.

So, Dawn started Between Friends to provide her community with gently worn apparel, toys, footwear, books, and gear for all sizes—infant to teen.

All of the items are inspected for quality and safety, with countless family-starting staples like nearly-new Wonderfold bassinet strollers and Graco car seats. 

Tickets go on sale early, allowing families to plan ahead for their shopping needs. 

In addition to helping the Colorado Springs community find affordable necessities, they support countless charity partners that align with their goals, like the Children’s Hospital, compassion International, and St. Luke’s Food Pantry. 

Location: Northeast Colorado Springs

9. The Arbitrarium

9 Colorado Springs Thrift Stores For Rocky Mountain Retail Therapy Image by The Arbitrarium #thriftstorescoloradosprings #coloradospringscoloradosprings #secondhandstorescoloradosprings #bestthriftstoresincoloradosprings #thriftshopcoloradosprings #sustainablejungle
Image by The Arbitrarium

About The Arbitrarium Thrift Shop Colorado Springs, CO

Price Range: $$–$$$

If you’re searching for the best thrift stores in Colorado with a bit of edge, check out The Arbitrarium.

The boutique has a simple tagline:“Clothing that goes bump in the night.” 

Inside the Arbitrarium are bright red floors, skulls, and racks of vintage goods for the “Formal and Freaky. 

It’s a dark, tiny shop offering an eclectic selection of alternative clothing, art, and accessories.

As pop-punk loving kids that grew up in the 90s listening to the likes of The Offspring and Greenday, we’re especially fond of their collection of gothic gear, like layered chain choker necklaces and chain-embellished cargo pants to match.

The Arbitrarium also hosts countless events for the alternative community, including concerts, block parties, and other shows. 

It’s a standout shop that might not suit everyone’s tastes, but it provides a safe haven and hub for like-minded individuals. 

Location: Knob Hill

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Why Thrift Colorado Springs?

Why go to thrift shops in Colorado Springs when you can summit Pike’s Peak or walk through The Garden of the Gods?

Because scoring a steal on sustainable outdoor clothing and sustainable hiking boots for your next trip to those places might be better than a Rocky Mountain High.

Especially when Colorado residents generate an average of 9.6 pounds of trash per person per day.

Despite Colorful Colorado’s outdoorsy vibe and locals, the state lags way behind the rest of the nation in terms of landfill to recycling diversion rates—at just 19% compared to the national average of 34%.

Thrifting is also a budget-friendly way to not only divert all this landfill waste, but score some affordable and quirky home decor, clothing, and outdoor gear without falling prey to the perils of fast fashion.

Plus, the slow fashion approach doesn’t just extend to your wardrobe—it becomes a way of life. 

With all the highs of skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, it’s nice to slow down in your second hand garb and soak in the views of which Colorado offers plenty.

Final Thoughts On The Best Colorado Springs Thrift Stores

Thrift shops in Colorado Springs are just as vibrant and active as the city.

There’s something special about adventuring through the unknown and finding hidden treasures, like vintage apparel, furniture, and home decor.

Beyond the excitement of scoring unique finds, thrift shopping holds a deeper significance—It’s about reinventing the way we see stuff and supporting local businesses.

But if you can’t make it in person, there are countless online second hand stores allowing you to live more sustainably from anywhere in the world.

So grab a friend, share this list of the best second hand stores in Colorado Springs, and head out on the town for an adventure you won’t forget.

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