9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Image by Solgaard
Image by Solgaard
9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Image by Horizn Studios
Image by Horizn Studios

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet

The SJ Team

From carbon emissions to the enormous amount of plastic waste generated on flights, travel is tough on the planet.

But if you prioritize sustainable travel you can mitigate the impact of that overdue-vacation. 

How so? 

Well, there’s many tips, tricks and hacks but often it starts with the products we use. In this instance: eco-friendly and sustainable luggage.

Puts a whole new meaning on packing lightly…

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Sustainable Luggage & Suitcases We Love

Solgaard’s sustainable luggage is made of entirely recycled materials for the sophisticated and adventure-seeking.

Horizn Studios offers a line of luxurious eco-friendly luggage that’s 100% plant-based and biodegradable.

If you’re looking for an ultra-durable hard shell to check, Paravel’s 100% recycled polycarbonate travel pro eco-friendly luggage is hard to beat.

Before you head over to baggage claim, jet down to the bottom to find out what sustainable luggage is made of.

1. Solgaard

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Solgaard
Images by Solgaard

About Solgaard

Price Range: $245—$295

Solgaard provides “gear for global citizens” that are just as adventurous as their globally based team.

They specialize in eco-friendly recycled luggage equipped with cutting-edge features like zipper-less designs, 360⁰ rotating wheels, built-in locks, integrated solar and USB charger, and of course, constructed of recycled materials.

Named one of the best inventions by Time magazine, the Carry On Closet is a rolling suitcase built to last you a lifetime AND won’t make you hate every time you need to find an outfit.

For another option with a pop-up closet, Shore-Tex™ Lifepack Endeavor backpack/duffel has all the benefits of the Carry On Closet but in sustainable carry on luggage size.

Solgaard’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Solgaard’s Shore-Tex™ and Shore-Plast™ sustainable travel bags are made entirely of recycled ocean bound plastic.

Any of their hard shell sustainable suitcases, like the Carry On Closet, pair a recyclable aluminum frame with 60% recycled polycarbonate that’s also “unbreakable”.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

85% of Solgaard’s partners are ICAS and/or WRAP-certified and 100% were audited in the last year.

They’re working to become a Certified B Corp.

Green business practices: 

As a NextWave Plastic member, they are part of a consortium of companies using recycling plastic having removed 987K pounds of plastic from oceans so far.

Solgaard is currently plastic negative and carbon neutral, with hopes to become climate positive.

All eco friendly luggage is backed with a 10-year warranty and they further lengthen their lifecycle by repairing and donating returned inventory.

Community & charitable giving: 

Solgaard partners with Sungai Watch, a plastic reclamation effort in Indonesia that provides them with recycled materials.

They also fund Greeneration’s eco-brick project, which turns plastic waste into building materials also in Indonesia where the plastic comes from.

2. Paravel

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Paravel
Images by Paravel

About Paravel

Price Range: $75—$1205 (for the Ultimate Aviator Travel Set)

Paravel personifies sustainable packing solutions.

With luggage, handbags, duffels, totes, packing cubes, and pet carriers, Paravel promises to ease your packing pain. 

Pieces are available in singles or in a sustainable luggage set. But the winner of all Paravel products is their Aviator Carry On.

Equipped with “impossibly smooth” carbon steel bearing wheels and tons of efficient, space-saving features, this recycled hardshell luggage option is not just sustainable, but durable enough to handle the most careless of baggage loaders.

It’s also eco-friendly luggage with TSA approved locks.

Paravel’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The Aviator features a fully recycled polycarbonate exterior shell, recycled PET lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles, a recycled aluminum telescoping handle, recycled vegan leather details/haul handle, and recycled zippers.

For soft-sided sustainable travel bags, check out their GRS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified Negative Nylon collection which includes a fold-up bag, fold-up backpack, and packing cubes—all made of 10-20 recycled plastic bottles.

They also make circular cotton canvas (a blend of upcycled and organic cotton) sustainable duffle bags and jute totes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

While we don’t know where Paravel manufactures, we do know their supply chain is held to their Code of Social Responsibility, which includes rules ensuring no child or forced labor, dignity at work, non-discrimination, fair wages, healthy and safe work environments, and more.

All entities must also keep records to prove all of the above so customers can rely on the fact that their ethical travel luggage is exactly that.

Green business practices: 

Paravel backs the lifespan of its sustainable luggage with a 5-year warranty and ships using carbon-neutral shipping. 

They recently became fully Carbon Neutral certified.

Community & charitable giving:

They’ve planted 257,000+ trees through Eden Reforestation Projects.

Paravel also donated to the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program and Direct Relief.

3. Lo & Sons

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Lo & Sons
Images by Lo & Sons

About Lo & Sons

Price Range: $215—$275

Family-run and Asian-American-owned Lo & Sons’ most sustainable offerings are their Catalina Deluxe, Catalina Deluxe Tote, and the Catalina Day Tote.

They also happen to be offer some of the best carry on sustainable luggage for weekend getaways and short business trips

These bags feature a functional top-loading design, a back slot to secure them on rolling bags, and a rigid base that opens into its own compartment for hardier items like shoes.

Lo & Sons’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most bags include several choices between different sustainable materials: organic cotton or recycled canvas, plant-based vegan leather, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, LWG Silver and Gold-rated Nappa leather, 

All come with the same signature hummingbird lining made of partially recycled materials.

64% of their products are now made with recycled materials.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

As current members of the Future Fit Changemaker Community, Lo & Sons is working to eliminate social issues and ensure fair labor practices in the making of their ethical luggage.

They’re also in the process of partnering with a small solar-powered domestic workshop for a capsule collection of made-in-the USA sustainable travel bags.

Green business practices: 

Production occurs in a solar-powered facility with a Water-Reclamation-System, which converts wastewater to drinkable clean water.

Ever on a mission to lessen the impact of packaging, the Catalina Deluxe Tote and others in the line come mailed in specialty shipping boxes that eliminate the need for foam. 

They’re eliminating plastic coverings for zipper pulls and converting hang tags to soy ink.

For circularity, they partner with The Renewal Workshop to repair and renew damaged bags and are helping pilot the Kept SKU program, which sees returned inventory resold as part of curated surprise boxes rather than sent to landfill.

Community & charitable giving: 

This sustainable luggage company gives back to the environment through partnerships with their local Brooklyn Bridge Park and EcoHealth Alliance.

4. Horizn Studios

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Horizn Studios
Images by Horizn Studios

About Horizn Studios

Price Range: $380—$950

For eco-friendly luggage with TSA approved locks, you don’t need to look beyond the horizon. 

Enter: Horizn Studios.

From backpacks and weekenders to rolling bags and packing cubes, they have everything you need to make packing eco-easy down to the quality recycled zippers.

Smart Models also feature a removable power bank.

Circle Ones are the world’s first fully biodegradable hardshell eco-friendly suitcases that are lighter and stronger than polycarbonate—especially suitable if you want lightweight eco-friendly luggage.

All items in the H-series sustainable luggage set provide plenty of storage in a protective, hard shell with integrated mesh luggage dividers.

Horizn Studios’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Horizn Studios’ best sustainable luggage—the Circle One—is made from BioX. Using flax suspended in resin paired with seed and nutshell-infused handles, all parts are fully biodegradable except for the removable magnesium telescope handle.

You’ll find a variety of other sustainable materials in use as well, including recycled nylon, fully recycled tarpaulin, aerospace-grade partially recycled polycarbonate exterior, and waxed cotton canvas.

We recommend avoiding the Vegan Hi-Core and ballistic nylon, as these are not recycled materials—though they aim for all synthetics to be recycled in the next year.

All eco-friendly suitcases feature recycled polyester linings, recycled polyester mesh pockets and dividers, and recycled zippers.

Their whole line of vegan sustainable luggage is Peta-approved.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Circle One suitcases are made in Europe and the polycarbonate is German-made, but we’ll be reaching out to learn more about where the rest of their line is manufactured.

Green business practices:

All water and additives used in manufacturing are continuously recycled in a closed loop system and offset as much of their emissions as possible.

Horizn’s office and store are powered by green energy and they subsidize bike rentals and public transportation for their staff. 

Your sustainable travel bags will come mailed in reusable cotton dust bags and plant-based, compostable PLA bags, and recycled boxes.

Community & charitable giving:

The Horizn Art Programme funds emerging artists with a €5,000 grant while the Horizn Together social program partners with Kiron, an online learning platform, to provide refugees and disadvantaged youth with free education. 

Horizn Studios also partners with like-minded artists and organizations—like Habitas, Soho House, and POC artist Emeka Ogboh—to design signature products.

5. Parker Clay

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Parker Clay
Images by Parker Clay

About Parker Clay

Price Range: $98—$398

Parker Clay creates sustainable handbags and luggage for men and women that are “built for adventure and styled for the city”. 

Their sustainable women’s luggage and suitcases consist of weekender duffels, crossbody bags, backpacks, and totes.

Sustainable men’s luggage and suitcases likewise include duffels, messenger bags, backpacks, and briefcases.

Parker Clay’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Parker Clay’s sustainable travel bags are made from premium Ethiopian full-grain sustainable leather. 

Their ethical leather is consciously sourced from local Ethiopian farmers “who treat their animals with care and respect” and are raised for food (and would otherwise be wasted).

Part of the Green Tannin Initiative, Parker Clay uses traditional Chrome and sulfide-free tanning practices, opting instead for organic vegetable dyes in their non toxic luggage.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Designed in California and ethically made in their own factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this Certified B Corp provides pensions, health care, paid time off, transportation to and from work, laundry services, and even daily team coffee breaks. 

Many are at-risk women or those who began at the Parker Clay Center of Excellence.

This skill training initiative graduates employees as experts in artisan practices certified by the Ethiopian Leather Industries Development Institute (LIDI) to give employees job prospects beyond Parker Clay.

Green business practices: 

These eco-friendly travel bags are designed for multigenerational durability.

They also hold their tanneries to high environmental standards and require them to recycle all the water used in the tanning process.

Community & charitable giving: 

Upon joining the Green Legacy Challenge to plant 5 billion trees in Ethiopia, Parker Clay committed to planting 5,000 of those.

Many of their employees are found through their sister non-profit Ellilta-Women At Risk, supporting those impacted by the sex trade with preventative sustainable employment.

6. Patagonia

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Patagonia
Images by Patagonia

About Patagonia

Price Range: $65—$419

So what’s the toughest sustainable duffel bag?

That award has to go to the sustainable outdoor clothing brand Patagonia’s Black Hole® Duffels, the “workhorse” of all their already work-ready outdoor packs.

With tons of colors, 40L, 55L, 70L, and 100L size options, you can find exactly what you need. The high capacities are also rolling bags for easier transport.

Their eco-friendly travel luggage features a padded base, exterior daisy chains for lashing extra gear to the outside, reinforced haul handles, the ability to stow away into its own internal pocket, and removable padded shoulder straps that turn your duffel into a backpack.  

You can round out your eco-friendly luggage set with a Black Hole® backpack, fanny pack, tote, and packing cubes.

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


All Patagonia Black Hole® recycled luggage is made of 100% recycled materials.

For the outer, this means recycled polyester ripstop coated with TPU-film laminate making these bags super weather and damage resistant. 

The interior lining is also 100% recycled polyester with a polyurethane coating and the straps and webbings are made of (you guessed it) recycled poly.

Fully bluesign® approved, PVC-free, and phthalate-free.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Patagonia is one of the most transparent eco-friendly luggage brands, consistently ranking in the top tier of Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index.

This transparency manifests in The Footprint Chronicles, which tells consumers exactly what factory in what country each product was made (along with more factory details). The Black Hole® line is all made in Vietnam.

Patagonia is a Fair Trade-certified brand, so all manufacturing partners abide by fair labor laws and are subject to regular third parties audits.

Green business practices: 

The Black Hole® sustainable travel bags are made using a Zero-Wastewater Discharging System that treats all water used in the process until it’s completely non-toxic.

When it comes to shipping, they use partially recycled poly bags that are recyclable in any of their stores to be turned into decking. They’re testing various biodegradable and paper-based options.

Their IronClad guarantee provides a lifetime guarantee of repair or replacement for all eco-friendly travel bags and products.

Through the Worn Wear buy-back program, they promote circularity through the resale of used Patagonia goods.

Community & charitable giving: 

Aside from founding 1% for the Planet, Patagonia gives back on many levels, from encouraging others to get involved with Patagonia Action Works to fighting for the planet politically.

Most recently, founder Yvon Chouinard released his entire stake in the company, reinvesting all profits moving forward in environmental nonprofits. In his words: “Earth is now our only shareholder.”

7. Anchal

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Anchal
Images by Anchal

About Anchal

Price Range: $140

Social enterprise Anchal offers a variety of organic cotton tote and ditty bags, but their sustainable travel luggage takes the form of unique, quilted weekender duffel bags in various colors.

Add in some of their toiletry cubes and zippered pouches to keep everything from your sustainable scarves to your outfits organized in your eco-friendly travel bags.

Now if only they turned one of their eco-friendly pillows into a travel neck pillow…

Anchal’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Anchal’s sustainable weekender bags feature a GOTS certified organic cotton quilted cover atop a durable canvas lining.

Supply chain & labor practices:

With exception to their naturally dyed line, products are all made in Ajmer, India by a fair trade holistic artisan employment program.

Anchal itself is Fair Trade Federation certified and ensures all team members are awarded above-living wages, skills training, life-improving workshops, health camps, and more.

Green business practices:

As a Made Trade partner, you have the option to receive your new eco friendly luggage via carbon-neutral shipping.

Community & charitable giving:

A registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, all Anchal’s profits go directly toward their social impact programs.

This means both providing gainful employment to marginalized women in Ajmer, India who make their products through Stitch x Stitch, and training folks in the art of making fabric dyes from plants through the Kentucky-based organization, dyeScape.

8. Samsonite

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by Samsonite
Images by Samsonite

About Samsonite

Price Range: $169—$650

Samsonite has been in the luggage industry for over 100 years and while not all of its many offerings fall into the eco-friendly luggage category, there are some worthy of a mention.

In particular, book your ticket to their Theorym, Maxsum Eco, Ascentra, and Advance™ Eco lines.

These lines feature both hardshell rolling recycled luggage and eco-friendly weekend bags made with primarily recycled materials.

Samsonite’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Samsonite’s best sustainable luggage, the Maxsum ECO collection features a hard shell outer made of recycled yogurt cups and a lining made of recycled plastic bottles.

The soft-sided Theorym, Ascentra, and Advance™ Eco lines utilize a Recyclex™ interior and exterior, made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

This same Recyclex™ is used as a liner in many of their other non sustainable suitcases too.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Aside from safe workplaces and fair wages, they strive to provide their 14,400 employees with equal employment and meaningful development opportunities through training and professional development to help their employees thrive.

The sustainable luggage company has a Code of Conduct and Social Compliance Program holding all suppliers to equal standards. They perform unannounced, on-site audits (both personally and by independent third parties).

In the name of transparency, they publish all Environmental, Social, and Governance reports.

Green business practices: 

Samsonite’s eco-friendly luggage is rigorously tested to last the tough world of airplane underbellies and baggage belts—and comes with long warranties and a company repair promise.

They’ve reduced carbon emissions by installing rooftop solar voltaic panels on two manufacturing sites, replacing structural components to increase thermal efficiency of their Hungary factory, and switching to low energy LED lighting in their stores and offices.

Packaging is mostly recycled and recyclable.

Community & charitable giving: 

Through their CITYPAK program, Samsonite donates backpacks to orphaned children in Indonesia, teachers in rural South Africa, and the homeless in America.

They also support mental health organizations such as Crisis Text Line and plant hundreds of thousands of trees every year in an effort to negate the impact of deforestation.

9. United By Blue

9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Images by United By Blue
Images by United By Blue

About United By Blue

Price Range: $78—$148

Certified B Corp United By Blue is out to show that “change comes in waves.”  

They make your adventures a little more environmentally sound with their sustainable weekender bags.

These include a range of colorful duffels, TSA-compliant sustainable backpacks, and the super versatile Deadstock (R)evolution™ Convertible Carryall. Their mini-me-specific backpacks make for excellent eco-friendly kids luggage.

While extended travel options are not their forte, they can hold all the weekend adventure essentials, from sustainable rain jackets to hiking shoes.

United By Blue’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Each eco-friendly duffle bag is made with 100% recycled materials, using either (R)evolution™ recycled nylon, recycled polyester, or deadstock fabric.

They’re dyed with vegetable dyes and contain an earth-safe water-resistant finish.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Each piece of sustainable carry on luggage is made in Vietnam, in one of their seven total factories across Turkey, China, Vietnam, and the USA.

All have at least one certification (GOTS, OCS, and/or Fair Trade) and UBB was named B-Corp’s ‘Best for the World Honoree’ three years running with a high impact score.

Green business practices: 

Aside from offering a Lifetime Guarantee for its products, United By Blue is committed to seeing constant improvement on its yearly Impact Report.  

Their current green initiative is removing single-use plastics from all company operations, with target dates for eliminating things like poly bags, hang tags, trim bags, fabric roll packaging, office plastic, shrink and bubble wrap, and plastic tape. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Out “to prove that a for-profit company could do serious, dirty conservation work”, United By Blue donates enough money to remove one pound of trash from the ocean for every product sold. 

Between that and organizing their own beach cleanups, they’ve helped remove over 4 million pounds and counting.

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How We Chose The Most Sustainable Luggage & Suitcases

What is the most sustainable luggage?

While sustainable luggage is more function than fashion, we can use the same criteria we refer to for assessing sustainable clothing as we do for each eco-friendly weekend bag.


The challenge with finding eco-friendly luggage and suitcases is the tricky balance between inherently sustainable materials with durable ones. Fabrics like organic cotton just won’t stand up to being tossed around in baggage claim. 

That means we primarily resort to eco-friendly recycled luggage.

Ideally, the bags use 100% recycled materials—like recycled plastic bottles—but we still considered some virgin synthetics and plastic polymers if the brand demonstrated dedication to ensure the durability and versatility of the bag. 

Chemical free luggage is best but durability demands that some bags have coatings to give them weather and stain resistance. Here we looked for polyurethane coatings, rather than PVC ones (the most environmentally damaging type of plastic).

Supply chain & labor practices:

We also sought out ethical luggage brands, or those that responsibly manage their entire supply chain, ensuring fair wages and safe, non-abusive working conditions throughout. 

We also like to see additional benefits granted to employees like transportation, healthcare, retirement funds, training for professional advancement, and the like. 

To prevent greenwashing in this department, we look for companies that are transparent or bear third-party certifications.

Green business practices:

Aside from using lasting, sustainable materials, there are lots of things sustainable luggage brands can do to make that green travel bag even greener.

These things include (but are certainly not limited to): being carbon neutral through carbon offset programs, using renewable energy, employing ways to reduce and reuse production waste, offering product recycling and repair services, and using compostable and plastic-free packaging.

Community & charitable giving:

A little bit of selfless do-gooding can travel a long way in our passport book.

Eco-friendly luggage brands that give back might do so by donating money, planting trees, volunteering, or even organizing events like a beach cleanup.

Final Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Luggage & Suitcases

By choosing to buy environmentally friendly luggage, we’re taking the first step of a less impactful trip of a lifetime.

But hold the plane for a second—you should only upgrade to first-class sustainable carry on luggage when you really need it.

After all, the best sustainable carry on luggage is the one that’s still under your bed or sourced secondhand through local or online thrift stores.

Now, you can plan that dream vacation. Zero waste travel tips down? Check. Sustainable luggage? Check. Carbon offsets? Check. Look like you’re jet set for sustainability!

Since vacations are always more fun with friends, be sure to share this list of eco-friendly suitcases so we can all pack lightly.

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9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Image by Lo & Sons
9 Sustainable Luggage Brands To Pack For The Planet #SustainableLuggageBrands #SustainableLuggage #ecofriendlyLuggage #bestecofriendlyLuggage #sustainablejungle Image by Lo & Sons

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