Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Mike Smith - What better time than now @Zero Co #zerowaste #plasticpollution

Podcast #48 · Mike Smith · What Better Time Than Now @ Zero

“Our whole mission is to remove as much single use plastic from the planet as we can. We know that to do that we needed to create something that has as broad a mainstream appeal as possible. The only way we’re going to solve this plastic problem is if we have mass adoption of an idea like Zero Co”

Mike Smith

Mike Smith is an experienced entrepreneur, having spent the past decade building start-ups across a range of industries including technology, surfing, hospitality, fashion and wine. He’s also the founder of registered Australian charity The For Good Group and The Seaweed Project. He is also the founder of Zero Co.

“[Zero Co] is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic from every Aussie kitchen, laundry and bathroom. To do that we’ve created a circular supply chain that replaces single-use plastic packaging with beautifully designed dispensers (made from plastic waste pulled from the sea) and refill sachets (made from recycled materials diverted from landfill).Zero Co works via an incredibly simple 4 step process: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill. It’s just like the milkman…reimagined!” – Zero Co

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In this episode we cover the following:                                           

  • Mike’s background growing up in country NSW and Mike’s early career as an entrepreneur (~01:20)
  • How Mike came to realise he wanted to do something about the plastic waste problem (~05:15)
  • What exactly is Zero Co? (~07:45)
  • Zero Co approach to transparency and communication with their customers (~12:00)
  • Use of recycled plastic in the packaging and refill sachets (~15:00)
  • The Zero Co product range and plans from here to expand the range (~18:40)
  • Ingredients used in the Zero Co range including thoughts on palm oil, plant based chemicals and eco fragrance (~22:40)
  • Manufacturing in Australia (~33:50)
  • Projections and progress on meeting the ambition to save 1 million single use plastic from landfill (~36:00)
  • Mike’s thoughts on the success of the Zero Co campaign and the level of support already of achieved (~38:15)
  • Thoughts on the role of capitalism and business in an era requiring such dramatic positive change (~40:10)
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start a mission driven business (~45:00)
  • Things that have inspired Mike along the way (~47:25)
  • Where to from here for Zero Co and plans to expand overseas (~48:00)
  • Supporting Zero Co and buying their products (~49:40)

“If we can prove to the biggest companies in the world that doing the right thing is profitable, then they will start to do that”

Mike Smith

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Sustainable Jungle Podcast - Mike Smith - What better time than now @Zero Co #zerowaste #plasticpollution

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