Deep Environmental Journalism & The Threshold Podcast with Nick Mott on the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

Podcast #14 · Nick Mott · Deep Environmental Journalism & The Threshold Podcast

“Stories are how we engage with one another and how we connect… That’s really how difference is made and impact is made.”

Nick Mott

Nick Mott is an outdoor guy! He is also a conservationist, climber and environmental journalist. He is the Assistant Producer for Threshold, the beautifully produced Podcast which uses ”stories to explain how humans are changing and being changed by the planet”.

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We met Nick on the Lions Lair Spur Trail Head in Boulder Colorado with the intention of interviewing him out in nature but it was so windy that we ended up having a sauna-like and somewhat noisy interview in the car! Nevertheless, we managed to get the following gems:

  • Nick’s background in conservation, international development and his path to working as a journalist (~01:30)
  • Nick’s interest in the power of stories to help us connect and make a difference (~02:30)
  • Using podcasting as a medium for storytelling and how Nick became involved with The Threshold Podcast (~03:15)
  • Nick’s spirit animal, the ring-tailed Cat and Nick’s happy place in nature (~04:55)
  • The Threshold Podcast approach and staying objective as a journalist (~07:15)
  • Threshold Season 1 including an overview of multiple sides to the Bison issue in the USA, the bigger story and latest updates (~09:30)
  • Nick’s top moments in the field (~14:20)
  • Threshold Season 2 overview, telling the stories and challenges of the Arctic (~19:20)
  • Reporting in the field and the balance between prep and improvisation (~23:00)
  • How to join the Bison Conversation from Threshold from Season 1 (~24:30)
  • How to support the Threshold Podcast (~25:15)
  • Nick’s other projects including the “Take it from Me” Podcast and the importance of connection (~26:20)
  • What’s next for Nick in 2018 (~30:15)
  • Advice for creating purpose and meaning through telling stories (~32:15)

“Amy wanted to start telling environmental stories in new and compelling ways that would be more nuanced, that would really have a chance to encourage people to reflect on the things around them.”

Nick Mott

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Deep Environmental Journalism & The Threshold Podcast with Nick Mott on the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

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