Introducing the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

Podcast #01 · Introducing The Sustainable Jungle Podcast

Lyall & Joy are the founders of Sustainable Jungle and The Sustainable Jungle Podcast. We’re a young, professional couple hoping to contribute positive change in the world by sharing inspiring stories of incredible people working hard at solving the world’s trickiest sustainability and conservation challenges.

Join us in this (our first ever) episode of The Sustainable Jungle Podcast where we discuss what it is we’re doing, why we’re doing it and who we plan to interview.

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Talking points:

  • Who are we and why are we doing this (~1:00)
  • What is this podcast is about and our overarching objective (~2:00)
  • Other objectives we hope to achieve (~3:25)
  • What kinds of people are we going to be interviewing and how will we do it (~04:45)
  • Who can we expect to hear from in the first few episodes (~6.00)
  • What “Vibe” are we going for (~6:45)
  • Special request for our future listeners (~07:15)

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Introducing the Sustainable Jungle Podcast #sustainablejungle

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