Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste

Francesca Brooking

If you’re pursuing the lofty-lifestyle goal of zero waste, eventually you’ll have to confront the least favored challenge: toilet waste.

The very nature of the toilet involves a lot of waste, after all.

So, what to do about the doo?

We’re going to get down and dirty and talk sustainable butts and zero waste toilet paper options. Believe it or not, there are more eco-friendly toilet paper choices than you might think.

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The Best Plastic-Free Toilet Paper We Loo-ve

Reel makes bamboo toilet paper that’s 100% biodegradable and free from toxic chemicals, so there’s no chance of it sticking around in your plumbing or your body.

Tushy goes far beyond plastic-free TP with sleek and modern bidets that scrap toilet paper altogether for a waste-free water spray.

Or if you identify as brave of heart (and bum) you can try no toilet paper at all in the form of reusable cloths by Marley’s Monsters.

Still poo-plexed over just what is zero waste toilet paper and why we need to think about our wiping habits? Jump to the bottom (pun definitely intended) of this article.

The Full List Of Zero Waste Toilet Paper Brands

1. Tushy

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Tushy’s Zero Waste Toilet Paper 

Price Range: $59–$599

Do zero waste people use toilet paper?

Oftentimes, yes, but some—ourselves included—have instead adopted a classic yet still revolutionary primary means of wiping: the bidet.

Tushy wants the American public to get smart about their toilet habits by joining the modern bidet (bowel) movement. 

Their best-selling bidets are easy-to-install DIY attachments which are added to your existing toilet without the help of a plumber. 

Tushy prides itself on having an easy bidet installation process which takes about 8-15 minutes (seriously, we clocked ourselves at 10 minutes).

Choose a bidet with a button on the side à la the Tushy Classic, enjoy soothing warm water on your nethers like the Tushy Spa or get high-tech with a remote-controlled Ace.

With an adjustable heated seat, heated water output, and bum blow dryer, it’s a real royal flush, and we can’t imagine ever going back.

Your trips away are taken care of too with a handheld portable bidet.

So why foray into bidets as substitutes for toilet paper? 

It gives you a 99% better clean than TP, and it uses 1/8 gallon of water per use in comparison to 37 for a single toilet roll. 

Bidets like the Ace are admittedly an upfront investment, but considering how much toilet paper you won’t need to buy in the long run, it ends up being just about the best option for cheap zero waste toilet paper alternative.

Especially considering Tushy’s non-electric bidet models provide a far more affordable price point for those who maybe aren’t sure if a bidet is for them

About Tushy 

Tushy is revolutionizing the modern bidets for modern behinds. 

They take wastefulness out of toilet waste by encouraging Americans to dump cleaning up after dumps with paper and discover the benefits of adopting the bidet lifestyle to “save money, save the planet, and save your butt”.

Tushy has also partnered with Samagra to donate a portion of the profits to building community toilets in rural India. 

Their ultimate goal is to help communities live healthier and more dignified lives.

2. Marley’s Monsters

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Marley’s Monsters #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Marley’s Monsters

Marley’s Monsters’ Zero Waste Cloth Toilet Paper

Price Range: $42

Now that you’ve stopped losing your s*** over the first mention of reusable toilet paper, we’re back at it with Marley’s Monsters

As with their reusable paper towels, the UNpaper Rolls are made from 100% soft cotton flannel and are for those who want to be sustainable but still like the traditional “luxury soft” á la 3-ply.

One roll of these zero waste toilet paper alternatives comes with 24 pieces that you can rewrap around the compostable cardboard center for each reuse (or just toss them in a basket).

The edges feature extra durable full-wrap stitching so feel free to embrace your small bladder (if you have one).

About Marley’s Monsters

Not only one of the best zero waste toilet paper brands, Oregon-based Marley’s Monsters is one of the best online stores for zero waste alternatives, period.

Their zero waste products include everything from reusable paper alternatives to bath and beauty products.

The BRING-certified brand began when Sarah Dooley created a stuffed monster for her soon-to-be-born daughter. 

The fun fabric crafting really took off and now Marley’s Monsters sells globally and has its own brick-and-mortar store.

They also use entirely plastic-free shipping materials and donate textile waste to recycling nonprofits.

Also available on Etsy

3. Reel

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Reel’s Zero Waste Lifestyle Toilet Paper

Price Range: $37–$83

Reel is another one of the zero waste toilet paper brands jumping on the bamboo loo train.

Not only is 100% bamboo toilet paper plastic-free, it’s also free from all BPA, inks, dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleach.

The paper itself is certified “ready biodegradable” and the individual wrapping is safe for your indoor compost bin

If you’re wondering, “Is reel toilet paper septic safe?” 

Yes, it is. No clogged bowls here, even if you have somewhat weak plumbing as we do. We’ve been using this impressively soft and strong TP all summer and never clogged once.

Whether you’re trying it out one-time or a lifer (aka subscriber), the rolls come in boxes of 24, packaged in recycled cardboard, and shipped carbon-neutral.

About Reel

From tree-free toilet paper to recycled paper towels, Reel is out to doo doo some good.

A large part of their mission is providing safe, sanitary bathroom services for communities without, especially since co-founder Derin Oyekan grew up in Lagos where these services were few.

By partnering with SOIL Haiti, they build toilets and remove harmful waste buildup, which then gets treated and turned into compost for local farmers and reforestation projects.

This California-based brand sources bamboo in China and manufactures it there as well.

4. Organic Craft Store

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Organic Craft Store #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Organic Craft Store

Organic Craft Store’s Zero Waste Cloth Toilet Paper

Price Range: $13–$66

In a literal sense, the best alternative to toilet paper involves zero flushing besides your own organic matter.

It’s not as unsanitary as it sounds!

Organic Craft Store provides a solution should you choose to ditch the disposables for your doo-doo altogether with their natural alternatives to toilet paper. 

Their zero waste cloth toilet paper (AKA reusable or family cloth) is made from 100% high-quality, hypoallergenic cotton that’s pre-washed with non-biological detergents. 

Use one rag per potty then toss it in a sealed, waterproof “wet bag”.

When you start to run low on clean cloths, toss the wet bag and contents in the washing machine, washing on hot to positively disinfect all pathogens.

If you don’t have an eco-friendly washing machine (or otherwise), we’d suggest you skip this plastic-free toilet paper alternative as it’s necessary to properly sanitize for reuse.

Cared for properly, this alternative to toilet paper will last 3-5 years with regular (again, pun intended) use, saving you a crapload of money.

About Organic Craft Store

Organic Craft Store values the same things we do: sustainable fabrics, low-waste lifestyles, and happy people living in a happy world.

Their motto resonates with us: “Caring for ourselves is caring for nature.

Liland is the brand’s owner, designer, and visionary. She’s a registered nurse, too, so you can be sure that her products are sanitary, hygienic, and healthy.

OCS is located in Europe, but they ship worldwide via Etsy’s carbon-neutral shipping.

5. Who Gives a Crap

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Who Gives A Crap’s Zero Waste Paper Wrapped Toilet Paper

Price Range: $38–$68

Who Gives A Crap’s toilet paper without plastic packaging is still soft on the bum, but softer still on our plumbing and the planet.

They’re not only 100% recycled paper rolls, but free of dyes and perfumes and, at 3-ply, strong enough to handle the most enthusiastic of wipers.

While technically recycled fibers are shorter (and thus coarser) than virgin fibers, we forget that “luxury ultra soft” papers are not natural, good for the earth, or our septic systems. 

And after trying it out for ourselves, our review is that it’s perfectly soft and definitely strong enough to withstand the poke test.

If you still can’t get over the “recycled” bit for your bits, they also make bamboo toilet paper.

Regardless of your preference, they’ll come wrapped in colorful compostable paper which you can reuse for things like zero waste dog doo bags or zero waste gift wrapping.

They come in huge economical boxes to reduce frequency of orders, and thus shipping emissions.

About Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives A Crap really does give a crap, about providing cheap zero waste toilet paper and doing good in the world.

They’re a Certified B Corp and donate a whopping 50% of their profits to help build toilets for the 2 billion people globally who do not have access to them.

Their TP is ethically made in China, where the materials are locally sourced.

6. Cloud Paper

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Cloud Paper’s Plastic-Free Toilet Paper

Price Range: $37–$92

Why does Cloud Paper have us on Cloud Nine?

Because a staggering 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day.

Cloud Paper puts a stop to that with “tree-free” toilet paper made not from virgin tree pulp, but renewable bamboo.

While trees take decades to regrow, bamboo hits maturity in only 3–4 months, making it far more sustainable.

Bamboo can also be harvested without killing the plant itself, which in turn reduces soil erosion, and produces 35% more oxygen than trees while regrowing.

Without the sustainability hangups facing bamboo fabric, sustainably sourced bamboo (from areas unrelated to endangered pandas), is the future of the bathroom.

These premium 3-ply rolls are soft and strong, whitened without chlorine bleach, and absent scents, dyes, pesticides, and BPA—making it some of the best toilet paper for sensitive skin

The roll wrapping is compostable and even the inner adhesive strip is cornstarch-based.

While they only offer subscriptions, options to delay or cancel anytime make it as easy as popping down to the market.

About Cloud Paper 

On a mission to #FreeTheTrees, Cloud Paper uses bamboo from sustainable forestry certified family farms in Asia.

Manufacturing happens there as well, but they are working on bringing manufacturing to the US as soon as possible.

Not only is packaging and shipping plastic-free, but also ‘carbon-neutral plus’. 

We say “plus” because they offset twice the emissions created by every order and do not offer expedited shipping to curb further waste.

No wonder they received the highest score possible for bamboo TP from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Through a partnership with Food Lifeline, they donate rolls of their zero waste toilet paper to local food banks and shelters.

7. Naked Sprout

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Naked Sprout #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout’s Zero Waste Toilet Paper UK

Price Range: £21–£40

Which is the most environmentally friendly toilet paper?

We would argue Naked Sprout comes pretty close.

Taking a swing at the title of the most sustainable zero waste toilet paper in the UK, the brand is turning the industry on its head.

Their unbleached toilet rolls guarantee no plastic, no harsh chemicals and absolutely zero fragrances in their toilet paper, so no nasties will be leaching into the environment once it’s flushed.

Opt for bamboo rolls made from renewable sources or go recycled and keep valuable waste cardboard in production. They’re just as soft and gentle on the skin.

Choose a box size of 24, 48 or 96 rolls. Order them one time or subscribe and save for the best value.

About Naked Sprout

Naked Sprout is challenging the concept that the paper industry needs to be energy-intensive.

They’re the first zero waste home toilet paper brand to not only consider the raw materials they use but also how the rolls are manufactured.

Most paper factories use heavy-duty machinery to pulp wood and turn it into paper. The problem?

They guzzle fossil fuels and poop out a crapload of carbon emissions.

The factory Naked Sprout uses in Spain is fossil fuel-free and entirely powered by onsite renewable energy, thus producing 50% fewer carbon emissions.

It’s also fifth-generation family-owned and the world’s only Certified B Corp tissue factory.

Back to Naked Sprout, they have a transparent supply chain and ensure all workers are paid a fair wage. 

Their additional annual impact reports and work providing children with safe water in Kenya have given them the elite status of the highest-scoring Certified B Corp in their sector. 

8. Grove Collaborative

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by Grove Collaborative #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative’s Best Plastic-Free Toilet Paper 

Price Range: $10–$22

We get through around 127 toilet rolls a year and Grove Collaborative is determined to make sure we leave trees out of it with their Tree-Free Toilet Paper.

Each roll contains fibers from 100% FSC-certified bamboo that’s free of pesticides and is panda-friendly, meaning it’s not stealing a vital food source for our endangered chums.

Using bamboo is better for the planet as it’s renewable and keeps trees in the ground which is where they should be. 

Each 3-ply sheet is absorbent, soft, and stronger than recycled alternatives—not to mention free from dyes, inks and scents, so they’re biodegradable and good for your butt.

The Ultra Mega eight rolls in a pack are the equivalent of 40 standard rolls.

Need more?

Order packs of 18 or 24, all of which come in plastic-free packaging.

About Grove Collaborative

Certified B Corp Grove Collaborative is an ethical online shopping emporium based in San Francisco. 

They want to help customers create a sustainable home and personal care routine, by linking them up with 200+ ethical, cruelty-free, and plastic-free brands. 

They also have their own Grove line which guarantees no plastic toilet paper among other personal care, bathroom, and cleaning essentials—like eco-friendly dishwasher tablets.

Every order from Grove Collaborative is 100% plastic-neutral or plastic-free. All shipments are 100% carbon-neutral too.

9. The Good Roll

Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste Images by The Good Roll #zerowastetoiletpaper #cantoiletpaperbezerowaste #plasticfreetoilerpaper #notoiletpaper #bestplasticfreetoiletpaper #zerowastetoiletpaperalternatives #sustainablejungle
Images by The Good Roll

The Good Roll’s Plastic-Free Toilet Paper UK 

Price Range: £19

Imagine saving over 3,500 trees just by using all-natural toilet paper

That’s exactly what The Good Roll promises with their #naked tree-free premium bamboo toilet paper.

Their 2-ply rolls are produced in a European Certified B Corp factory to satisfy ethical bums.

Each one contains 300 super soft and strong sheets that are free from chlorine, colorants or fragrances, making them safely biodegradable.

The Good Roll does toilet paper without plastic packaging, so your 24-roll delivery comes in cardboard boxes that are easy to recycle.

About The Good Roll

An estimated 2.3 million people worldwide don’t have access to safe and sanitary toilets. The Good Roll exists to get to the bottom of this problem with toilet paper.

The Dutch brand donates 50% of its net profit to building toilets in places like Ghana and Uganda.

Through their own Good Roll Foundation and in collaboration with the non-profit Simavi, they work to provide safe toilets for all, particularly for children in schools. 

A Certified B Corp themselves, their toilet paper made from European recycled paper or bamboo is also a sustainable alternative to trees being chucked down our toilets. 

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Why Choose Plastic-Free Toilet Paper?

Did you know the average person actually spends 3 years of their life on the toilet?

The fact is, we all poop.

And everybody needs to clean their bottom to maintain basic health and hygiene, no matter how dedicated to low waste living you are.

So is toilet paper zero waste?

Not even a little bit. The problem with conventional toilet paper is that it’s incredibly wasteful.

Toilet paper waste ends up in sewers and landfills. The process also consumes 37 gallons of water, 1.5 pounds of wood, and 1/3kWh of electricity to produce one roll.

Let’s not forget that we use chlorinated bleach to whiten the paper too, using 253,000 tons per year.

Now consider that, when stretched, the average American’s toilet paper used over a lifetime would cover 634 miles, based on average use of 141 rolls per year.

One tree only produces about 1,000 rolls, so a single American will wipe 384 trees on their bum in their lifetime.

That means we’re also wiping away millions of acres of trees to deforestation.

Traditional toilet paper isn’t plastic-free, either, as it often comes individually wrapped, or packed in soft plastic which has a low recycling rate.

Tips For Using Less Or No Toilet Paper

We’ve covered all the different types of zero waste toilet paper options—from biodegradable bamboo to no toilet paper alternatives. 

If you’re looking to go truly zero waste, no toilet paper whatsoever is the purist (or rather, poo-ist) approach.

But we understand that’s quite the commitment, so (as with all things sustainable living), we encourage you to take baby steps and work your way there.

Start by just learning how to use less toilet paper and using better toilet paper when you do.

If you need a little help taking the plunge(r), we recommend installing a bidet like Tushy (we use the Tushy Ace).

Then pat your nethers dry with a sheet or two of package-free toilet paper. That way, you’re not totally cutting out TP, but you’re drastically lessening your usage.

Using this method, we go through perhaps one roll a week for two people—which is FAR less than the average 2.6-person household’s use of 7.3 rolls per week (or 3 rolls per person).

What Can You Use Instead Of Toilet Paper?

If you’re looking for what to do with no toilet paper whatsoever, 

Try reusable cloths from Marley’s Monsters or Organic Craft Store. If you’re nervous about how to wipe without toilet paper, it will feel less messy with a bidet clean first. 

Think of it like a shower for your butt and then a towel dry. You might even feel cleaner!


Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Substitutes For Toilet Paper

Can toilet paper be zero waste?

As sure as everybody poops, it can.

Have we helped wipe away some of your misgivings and misconceptions about zero waste toilet paper?

Talking about our bathroom breaks is a little icky, yes, but ultimately, is eco-friendly toilet paper worth it?

We think so.

It’s a step towards a cleaner, greener planet after all. 

If the zero waste toilet paper option still makes you cringe though, try some other zero waste bathroom swaps to begin with.

In the meantime, be conscious about the number of sheets you use by cutting down your ply amount. Besides, the average person uses a whopping 57 sheets per day, so try to slowly start using less.

Now don’t be a party pooper—help us roll out the good word about zero waste toilet paper by sharing this article.

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7 thoughts on “Zero Waste Toilet Paper: 9 Plastic-Free Alternatives Wiping Away Bathroom Waste”

  1. I have cut cloth squares from worn out sheets. I don’t use them for poop, but they help cut down paper use to a minimum. Like I did with the diaper pail (many years ago) I pre-soak the soiled cloths before washing them, hang them on the line, and let the sunshine help disinfect them.

  2. A mention on zero waste toilet cloths. Its not everyone who wants to ‘wipe and then wash’ toilet cloths but ladies why not consider using cloths to just wipe when peeing and other toilet paper for when pooing. If my partner lived on his own he could make one toilet roll last … a long time. But put females in the picture and the paper doesn’t last long at all. Sorry ladies but its a fact isn’t it? Line a small peddle bin with a washing net bag and when needed put the lot in the wash. I don’t fancy doing this for all ‘events’ but it could go a long way to help those trees.

    • Been doing that for a few months and have gone from using 20 big rolls per month to only 1.5-2 per month. I use a wash cloth folded as usual and get 8 “blots” per cloth. I have found a neat way to keep up with where I am so I don’t get confused in the middle of the night and reuse a side.
      Sooooo. I’ve gone from using 240 rolls per year to just 18-20 per year. All females need to do this. For more info email me at [email protected].

  3. I have been on amazon for a while and I cannot find any bidet attachments that have like an air sprayer too. I’m not a mechanic or anything but spraying air doesn’t seem too far fetched right? The toilet seats that cost upwards of 200 dollars include air sprayers I think but other than that I haven’t seen any. I would love to be toilet paper free but I can’t bare the thought of putting my pants back on with my bum still wet. Any suggestions?


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