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Image by The Source Zero

Bay Area Bulk: The 16 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco

Molly Willows

Did you know trillions of pieces of microplastics end up in beautiful San Francisco Bay each year? 

Throughout the area, state water quality standards have been exceeded for pesticides, invasive species, mercury, and toxic substances. 

Unlike the bay, it’s crystal clear ‘Frisco has to do better, because while everyone loves Full House, no one loves a house full of plastic.

Fortunately, we already know the key to the Golden Gate of sustainability: low waste living.

Way back in 2002, San Fran set its sights on becoming the first zero waste city in America, a goal as steep as the city’s streets,

Through actions like the Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance, they succeeded in diverting 75% of waste by 2008, now aiming to reduce landfill or incineration disposal by another 50% by 2030.

Slowly but surely, San Francisco is becoming a zero waste city, but it can’t do so alone.

San Franciscans can help through simple lifestyle changes that can divert pounds of plastics from precious waterways. 

Thanks to the many thrift stores and zero waste stores San Francisco and the wider Bay Area offers, it’s now easier than ever.

Zero Waste Stores Bay Area

1. The Daisy Refillery

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San FranciscoImage by The Daisy Refillery#zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by The Daisy Refillery

About The Daisy Refillery

We know San Fran is a big place and getting around to different zero waste stores can be a challenge.

But everything’s coming up daisies for the less mobile thanks to The Daisy Refillery.

This one woman show and mobile refill service understands that living sustainability is still a privilege and wants to make it more accessible to more people.

They make zero waste shopping easy as can be. Just fill up your online cart like you would any online store and schedule a local “milkman-style” delivery at checkout for a minimal fee based on their Zone Map

Don’t worry—you can still use your own containers when the van rolls up!

Alternatively, you can find them at various rotating markets around the city or schedule a house call and set up a temporary refill station on your block to encourage your neighbors to live lower waste, too!

On top of all that, The Daisy Refillery is a certified California Green Business and a 1% for the Planet member since founding.

What You Can Find

The van may be small, but their product offerings are huge.

In addition to refills of body and home care products (like cleaning solutions, skin care, sustainable oral care, and hair care), they also offer other essentials reusable and zero waste swaps, like beeswax wraps, Swedish dishcloths, and much more.

It’s all (obviously) plastic-free and made of sustainable ingredients. 

For sourcing, they prioritize partnering with certified sustainable brands  (i.e. Certified B Corps and 1% for the Planet members) and small businesses that are vetted on a strict set of sustainability standards.

What’s really cool is that each product includes usage, care, and end-of-life instructions for everything to ensure you’re equipped to make the most sustainable choices possible.

Location: Mobile

2. Simple

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Simple #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Simple

About Simple

This neighborhood eco-market makes shopping zero waste simple. 

Simple features a full-range of plastic-free products that have been carefully curated from local makers, all of which are vetted to ensure they meet company standards and ethics. 

This mission-focused San Francisco zero waste store strives to facilitate fundamental change by addressing our consumption of single-use plastics. 

What You Can Find

You can find bulk refills on household essentials like zero waste shampoo and conditioner,  laundry detergent, glass cleaner, hand sanitizer, and more. 

Curate your very own zero waste skin care routine with facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, facial lotion, and sunscreen (for when that pesky fog lifts and lets the sun shine through).

Location: Cole Valley

3. Byrd’s Filling Station

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Byrd’s Filling Station #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Byrd’s Filling Station

About Byrd’s Filling Station

Byrd is the word at this women-owned San Francisco refillery. 

Byrd’s Filling Station is a one-stop hub that combines awareness and convenience with bulk options for food, household cleaners, and self-care items.

This California Green Business is committed to environmental change by using electric vehicles and green cleaning products, recycling, and reducing packaging. 

In addition to these habits, they partner with Sea Hugger, a nonprofit dedicated to healing the ocean.  

What You Can Find

Food and non-food items alike fill the Byrd’s bulk bins. 

Browse an extensive selection of sustainable teas and coffees, candies, cereals, spices, and snacks, or stock your bathroom with vegan shampoo, conditioner, and body wash refills from SJ favorite brands like Plaine Products.

The bookshelves offer zero waste book resources like cookbooks, beginner’s guide books, and children’s environmental books to start their awareness of the planet early.

Location: San Mateo

4. Ethos

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Ethos #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Ethos

About Ethos

We love a store with great ethos, which is why Ethos is one of our favorite zero waste shops San Francisco offers. 

Products are sourced from local, minority-owned businesses whenever possible. 

As a member of 1% for The Planet, they donate 1% of gross profits to environmental and social justice nonprofits. 

Through Carbon Ethics, Ethos has completely offset all of their carbon emissions from shipping operations. 

What You Can Find

Body care essentials are a must-buy here, with options for zero waste deodorant, bathroom toiletries, menstrual products, and more. 

If you’re just dipping your toes into the zero waste movement, their zero waste kits are an easy way to get started cutting out some of our most common daily plastic use. They also have curated boxes for kitchens and self-care routines. 

Location: Santa Cruz

5. Fillgood

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Fillgood #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Fillgood

About Fillgood San Francisco

You can feel good, or even great, knowing you’re supporting the best zero waste store in Berkley.

Stepping a little outside proper San Francisco, Fillgood partners with local zero waste businesses to provide durable, natural products for everyday use. Their products are cruelty-free, organic, and almost entirely vegan. 

If you don’t find yourself in Berkley that often, Fillgood may deliver to your house or a nearby pickup location.

This women-owned store purchases verified carbon offsets and runs on 100% renewable electricity. 

Fillgood works with various plastic-fighting nonprofits in the community. One such organization is SeaTrees, a non-profit providing funding to protect our vulnerable ocean ecosystems through kelp forest restoration, mangrove planting, and coral reef preservation. 

What You Can Find

All the usual suspects line their shelves—hair and personal care products, refillable cleaning products, and every day reusables (recycled paper towels, anyone?)—as well as more unique and hard-to-find items.

Conscious parents should definitely check out their baby section, which features various zero waste baby essentials like bamboo feeding spoons, bum salve, diaper balm, baby soap bars, non-toxic dish soap, toys, and kids sunscreen. 

All products come in compostable, reusable, or recyclable packaging. 

Location: Berkeley

6. Re-Up Refills

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Re-up Refills #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Re-up Refills

About Re-Up Refills

Re-Up Refills is one of the best refill stores San Francisco has to offer. 

You’ll find a range of ecological bath, body, kitchen, and food products available in bulk

Re-Up has rigorous sourcing standards, prioritizing local, circular, minority-owned businesses with plastic-free products. In the name of transparency, you can meet the makers supplying these quality products. 

All refillable cleaning products are non-toxic, and food items are certified-organic. 

What You Can Find

Re-Up Refills raises the bar with their bath and body bars. They have bars of all shapes and sizes from shampoo and conditioner bars, to facial cleansing bars, to pet shampoo bars.

Speaking of pets, your zero waste dog will shower you in love when they taste the upcycled dog treats Re-Up offers. These treats are made from ReGrained spent flour, chicken broth, and ripe banana.

Location: Oakland

7. The Source Zero

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by The Source Zero #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by The Source Zero

About The Source Zero

The first zero waste store in San Jose, woman-owned The Source Zero brings together other small women-owned businesses in the Bay to provide resources for plastic-free living. 

Part of their proceeds are dedicated towards building an animal sanctuary in the future.

What You Can Find

This one-stop shop has all of your body care and home care goods. They sell curated body care kits that include sustainable perfume, deodorant, and body cream in fun scents like cat lady and dirty hipster. 

For coffee lovers (or addicts) out there, be sure to grab one of their zero waste coffee kits, complete with a reusable cloth and filters, travel mug, and a locally made coffee scrub. 

Location: San Jose

8. The Fillerup Shop

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by The Fillerup Shop #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by The Fillerup Shop

About The Fillerup Shop 

Fillerup has diverted over 7,000 pounds of plastic from the landfills, and counting. 

This mother-daughter south of San Francisco refillery is a place for the community to come together and reduce and reuse together. 

Their “Refill Not Landfill” motto supports their mission to keep waste out of our landfills. Not only do they stock plastic-free products, but they also have resources on local composting in the area.  

What You Can Find

Fillerup is the place to go when you need to fill ‘er up—“er” being all of your bath, body, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

For those much-needed self-care days, try their lavender sage natural bath bombs, made with magnesium sulfate, sea salt, and real essential oils. The aromatherapy bombs are designed to soothe aching muscles and drained brains. 

Location: Morgan Hill

9. Refill Madness

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Refill Madness #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Refill Madness

About Refill Madness

Traveling farther outside the Bay Area, Refill Madness is a zero waste store Sacramento can be proud of. 

Known as Sacramento’s zero waste headquarters, Refill Madness stocks refills and plastic-free alternatives to everyday household products. 

They’ve implemented an outstanding take-back program for the community, provide recycling opportunities for hard-to-recycle items, and advocate for legislative change on local waste reduction policies. 

What You Can Find

You can find locally-made household essentials for all areas of your home including your zero waste bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. 

Whether you need refills on laundry soap, body soap, or zero waste dish soap, Refill Madness will impress. 

Their zero waste accessories won’t leave you feeling bamboozled either, with options for bamboo cleaners, facial rounds, and hairbrushes. 

Location: Sacramento

Zero Waste Store Grocery Stores Bay Area

10. Rainbow Grocery Cooperative

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Rainbow Grocery Cooperative #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Rainbow Grocery Cooperative

About Rainbow Grocery Cooperative

Co-ops are always a stellar choice for bulk food buying, Bay Area or otherwise. 

With 800 bulk bins, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is perhaps the most impressive zero waste grocery store San Francisco offers.

They run 100% off of renewable energy, provide customer incentives for reusable bags, and donate to local nonprofits that support social and environmental change. 

What You Can Find

They have departments for bakery and deli items, alcohol, frozen foods, and bulk foods as well as bath and body products and housewares. 

Their bulk section features bins of sustainable coffees, granola, olives, nuts, flours, olive oils, chocolates, rice, and beans of all different colors—hence their name. 

Location: Mission District

11. Green Earth Natural Foods

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Green Earth Natural Foods #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Green Earth Natural Foods

About Green Earth Natural Foods

We love a green earth, and so does Green Earth Natural Foods

This family-owned health store features organic produce, bulk items, and hand-made deli items among other things. 

The majority of the products they offer are locally-sourced and organic. 

What You Can Find

This little natural foods market is a wonderland for those with plant-based bulk food Bay Area needs.

 There are plenty of plant-based options from vegan cheese alternatives to vegetarian noodles, from the cold bar to avocado ice cream. 

The bulk bins are stocked with all of your pantry staples from sustainable food brands that specialize in nuts, seeds, trail mix, spices, granola, cereal, grains, and more. 

Location: Alamo Square

12. North Coast Co-Op

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by North Coast Co-op #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by North Coast Co-op

About North Coast Co-Op

North Coast Co-Op gives major San Francisco supermarkets a run for their money. 

You’ll find this zero waste grocery store around San Francisco in multiple neighborhoods, each with over 500 bulk bins.

Each location actively works to reduce their environmental footprint through ethical sourcing practices, recycling and composting systems, and energy reduction methods. 

North Coast Co-op donates hundreds of pounds of food each year to local organizations combating food waste and food insecurity. Each fall, part of their proceeds are donated to local nonprofits and school districts that focus on environmental education. 

What You Can Find

This bulk food store in San Francisco carries only products that are environmentally sound and socially responsible, prioritizing local, organic products whenever available. 

You can find everything from fresh, organic produce to refills on home and body care goods.

You can find bulk bins stuffed with coffee, tea, spices, pasta, grains, beans, candy, popcorn, flour, and more, each one fresh and replenished daily.

Location: Multiple

13. Other Avenues Co-op

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Other Avenus Co-op #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Other Avenus Co-op

About Other Avenues Co-op

Other Avenues Co-op is a leading player in San Francisco zero waste initiatives, providing food and supplies for everyday sustainable living. 

Their buying guidelines emphasize organic, sustainable, vegetarian, and fair-trade products. 

Part of their zero waste incentives, customers will receive a five cent discount for every reusable container brought in. 

The Co-op donates to various local and national nonprofits that fight for environmental protection, civil rights, immigrant’s rights, workers rights, and sexual reproductive freedom. 

What You Can Find

Their bulk bar offers over 700 products to choose from with grains, nuts, seeds, flours, chocolates, sustainable snacks, and more. 

Other Avenues is especially known for their renowned coffee section, which features beans sourced exclusively from the Bay Area and other neighboring areas. 

Location: Outer Sunset

14. Alameda Natural Grocery Store

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Alameda Natural Grocery Store #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Alameda Natural Grocery Store

About Alameda Natural Grocery Store

Alameda Natural Grocery Store is an all-in-one natural health foods store that offers organic produce, natural supplements, and bulk grocery items. 

Committed to sustainability, this zero waste grocer runs fully on renewable resources.

Their round-up program allows customers to donate to local nonprofits by rounding up to the nearest dollar during checkout. Each month, they match up to 100% of customer contributions to support organizations fighting for sustainability.

What You Can Find

Bees are all the buzz at Alameda, who put a literal spin on the “land of (sustainable) milk and honey”.

In order to support honey bee conservation, the grocery store has installed several of their very own rooftop hives, increasing biodiversity and allowing customers to buy hyper-local honey right in the store. 

Other goods you can find include locally grown-eggs, hormone free dairy products, and antibiotic-free meats. 

Location: Alameda

15. Canyon Market

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by Canyon Market #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by Canyon Market

About Canyon Market

This San Francisco bulk store merges traditional grocery offerings with natural and package-free options and specialty lines. 

Canyon Market partners with producers that support regenerative farming methods and treat our waterways with care. 

They’re dedicated to community giving by partnering with local schools and non-profit art organizations. 

What You Can Find

One of the benefits of being a traditional grocery store is that you have all sorts of fun departments. For example, their bakery department features local, seasonal goods from local and family bakers (or, should we say, bay-kers.).

Of course, we have to highlight their bulk bins, which stock over 100 pantry staples from dried grains and beans, to baking ingredients and specialty spices. 

Almost all products are organic and fair trade

Location: Glen Park

16. The Food Mill

Bay Area Bulk: The 15 Best Zero Waste Stores in San Francisco Image by The Food Mill #zerowastestoressanfrancisco #zerowastegrocerystoresanfrancisco #zerowastestorebayarea #sanfranciscozerowastestore #zerowasteshopsanfrancisco #sustainablejungle
Image by The Food Mill

About The Food Mill

The Food Mill is the best zero waste store Oakland harbors. 

This natural foods store offers 100% organic produce, grocery, supplement, and beauty items. And, to no one’s surprise, an extensive bulk food section. 

If you are looking for specific or large quantities of a certain item, The Food Mill will special order it for you with up to a 10% discount. 

What You Can Find

We are nuts about the nut butters The Food Mill offers. Their age-old peanut butters are made from slowly ground peanuts. With no added salts or hydrogenated oils, these Bay Area exclusive nut butters have quickly made a name for themselves. 

Their bulk food department features over 800 items of spices and teas, flours, baking ingredients, protein powders and supplements, and grains. 

Location: Oakland

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Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Stores San Francisco

Stay remembered as the San Francisco Giants; not the San Francisco Giant Plastic Producers. 

So do any of these zero waste stores in the Bay Area inspire you to go zero waste? If so, which ones?

Unlike escaping Alcatraz, going zero waste is completely possible with small, everyday sustainable choices. Just take a hint from the city’s two-decade long zero waste journey: it’s all about progress, not perfection.

If you can’t find the time to visit one of these stores in person, don’t freight. These online zero waste stores will deliver zero waste goods right to your home. 

And, unlike the 49ers, they actually do deliver on Sundays. Just kidding…unless you’re a (formerly Oakland) Raiders fan, in which case we’re not 😉.

As always, we encourage you to share this article with your fellow zero waste friends, families, and neighbors.

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