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11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia Declaring Plastic Independence

Molly Willows

In Philadelphia and looking for something a little more health-conscious than a cheese steak and a place to watch the Eagles in the Super Bowl?

You’re in luck. Philly’s eco-scene is on the rise! 

The City of Brotherly Love was first named as such by its founder, who imagined a city of religious tolerance where no one would be persecuted. 

That kind of compassion continues to grow, with inhabitants caring more about sustainable food systems, waste reduction, and thrift shopping in Philadelphia.

And with the growing number of zero waste stores Philadelphia offers, you can be sure “The City That Loves You Back” really does.

With less trash and more healthy wholesomeness being served up, these top-notch sustainable shops might be better than Wawa—by which we mean they definitely are, even without the mac-n-cheese.

Whether you’re looking for household cleaner refills or bulk food, Philadelphia provides, so let’s Dunkin’ to the best Philadelphia bulk stores.

The Full List Of Zero Waste Stores Philadelphia

Zero Waste & Refill Stores Philadelphia

1. Ray’s Reusables

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Ray's Reusables #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Ray’s Reusables

About Ray’s Reusables

Ray’s Reusables is a well-loved NoLibs refillery with a mobile van eco-shop for all your zero waste Philadelphia needs. 

With a simple ethos of making sustainable shopping more accessible for all, the shop also offers a number of events and pop-ups that support local brands and the journey to low waste living

The waste-free shop is also involved with two Philly-based recycling programs—Bottle Underground (for glass) and Rabbit Recycling (for difficult-to-recycle items like foil lined snack wrappers, twist ties, and corks).

What You Can Find

Their range of sustainable goods includes  reusable paper towels, beeswax wraps, and bamboo cutlery, plus popular zero waste refills like organic hand wash, laundry detergent, and dish soap.

Some of their more unique products include rosemary and orange all-purpose cleaner, flaxseed and oat protein hair gel, and charcoal infused facial exfoliating sponges. 

Location: Northern Liberties

2. Good Buy Supply

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic IndependenceImage by Good Buy Supply#zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Good Buy Supply

About Good Buy Supply

For all your plastic-free and low-waste shopping needs, look no further than Good Buy Supply

Self-titled a “Sustainable General Store,” this Philadelphia refill shop is just that.

Founded by two artists, everything is curated to be not only beautiful, but sustainable.

It keeps a small footprint (physical and carbon), but Good Buy Supply is chock-full of items and resources to help you live a more environmentally friendly life. Their Refill Bar boasts a large array of refillable products (over 50 and counting) that come completely package-free.

Their Refill Rewards™ program honors a 20% discount on your 10th in-store refill when you fill up your own container or jar. 

They support local suppliers, women owned businesses, and other makers with closed-loop systems built into their missions. 

They also have a bottle drop off program with local recycling company Bottle Underground. Everyone is welcome to drop off cleaned glass for local recycling during business hours. 

What You Can Find

At this refill store, Philadelphia residents are encouraged to bring their own clean and dry containers for refilling. They also have a line of reusable glass or aluminum containers available for purchase if you need one to begin.

Stock up on home and body essentials like grapefruit scented body wash, shower steamers, mineral sunscreen, toothpaste tablets, a variety of shampoo bars, hand and dish soaps, all-purpose cleaners, laundry products and so much more.

They also sell housewares and plastic-free alternatives to common disposable items like reusable coffee mugs, cutlery sets, zero waste coffee filters, reusable paper towels, safety razors, and reusable facial rounds.

They ship anywhere in the US using repurposed packing materials with carbon neutral shipping.  

Location: Passyunk

3. The Rounds

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by The Rounds #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by The Rounds

About The Rounds

The Rounds is a mobile package-free shop that makes the rounds (ah, so that’s where they get the name!) to deliver zero waste products and local favorites right to your door.

Alongside their refill shop, they work with local Philly businesses to deliver pantry items, such as freshly baked bagels, local raw honey, Bean2Bean coffee, and more. 

Like a modern milkman, they deliver weekly (usually by e-bike) and pick up your empty containers for future refills. 

Center City residents can definitely benefit, but those who live on the Philly fringe should sign up (no commitment necessary) to see if they’ll make the Rounds to your address. 

What You Can Find

Get local foods, package-free pantry items, household and personal care refills, and zero waste baby and pet items delivered right to your door. 

For refills, some of our favorites include their facial cleanser, non-toxic lavender laundry pods, and USDA biobased glass cleaner. 

Location: Delivery Only

Zero Waste Grocery Stores Philadelphia, PA

4. Reading Terminal Market

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Reading Terminal Market #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Reading Terminal Market

About Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market is America’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market.

For 130 years, this iconic Philly shopping destination has provided a bustling marketplace and “gastronomic bazaar” to city residents and visitors alike. 

With nearly 100 different vendors, be sure to check out their market map and make a plan to find what you need.

Considered one of America’s finest markets, there is something for everyone at Reading Terminal Market and you don’t have to wait for the weekend. They’re open daily from 8am to 6pm. 

What You Can Find

Whether you want handmade crafts, jewelry, and clothing or bulk spices, Philadelphia residents can find a huge eclectic mix of… well, everything! 

Some drool-worthy offerings  include fresh eggs, baked goods, local produce, spices, teas, bulk items, flowers, dairy, meats, poultry, seafood, and prepared ethnic foods.

Location: Center City

5. Weavers Way Co-op

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Weavers Way Coop #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Weavers Way Coop

About Weavers Way Co-op

With a 50+ year history of environmental and social action, Weavers Way Co-op is more than a low waste grocery co-op. 

It’s a community hub for sustainability education, recycling programs, community grants programs, food bank donations, and environmental efforts via 100% renewable energy and commitment to plastic eradication.

You’ll find four of their bulk grocery stores in Philadelphia, as well as two vegetable farms and an orchard they own and operate.

Membership is encouraged, but not mandatory to shop. 

Stop in every Weigh It Wednesday with your own containers for 10% off your bulk purchase.

What You Can Find

Some of the best bulk stores Philadelphia offers, you’ll find a huge bulk section loaded with grains, cereals, spices, maple syrup, raw honey, candy, dried fruits, sustainable snacks, and more.

Bring bottles (or buy some on site if need-be) to fill from their kombucha, oil, and vinegar taps.

That’s in addition fresh baked goods, fresh and organic produce, and countless other organic food items not in zero waste packaging. 

Location: Mt. Airy | Chestnut Hill | Ambler | Wissahickon Valley Park (seasonal)

6. MOM’s Organic Market

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by MOM's Organic Market #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by MOM’s Organic Market

About MOM’s Organic Market

For 35 years, MOM has served as a caring and purpose-driven independent organic food store, Philadelphia and beyond.

With dozens of locations across America and three in the greater Philadelphia area, MOM is committed to environmental protection through electric car charging stations, solar and wind power for a number of store locations, a zero plastic bag policy, energy conservation, and a regular recycling drive. 

MOM is also committed to social justice through programs like Green Amendments For the Generations, plus exhibits transparency by publishing a yearly sustainability report. 

What You Can Find

Shop for 100% sustainable seafood, organic produce, MOM’s organic coffee, and an extensive BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) bulk section.

Up your sustainable shopping game by checking their online menu to see which locations carry which items in bulk. 

Location: Center City | Bryn Mawr | Abington

7. Mariposa Food Co-op

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Mariposa Food Coop #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Mariposa Food Coop

About Mariposa Food Co-op

For more than five decades, West Philadelphia’s Mariposa Food Co-op has provided its community with access to natural, wholesome, and organic foods. 

While you don’t have to become a member-owner to shop, for a one-time payment of $200, you get access to numerous member benefits, such as voting abilities and profit shares. 

Through their Food For All program, low-income folks can become a member for half price and receive a 10% regular discount.

What You Can Find

Mariposa offers organic and locally grown produce, a fresh bakery, local meats, wild or sustainably harvested seafood, salads-to-go by the weight, and an extensive bulk section with just about every kind of nut, grain, oat, spice, flour, sugar, and other pantry staples.

The shop also features bulk body care items like peppermint bath salts and lavender soap. 

Location: Squirrel Hill

8. Riverwards Produce

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Riverwards Produce #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Riverwards Produce

About Riverwards Produce

Voted as “Philly’s best local market” with two locations to better serve the City of Murals, Riverwards Produce is a haven of all things quality, organic, local, and affordable. 

The stylish market helps reduce food waste by featuring dollar produce bags of soon-to-go-off fruits and veggies and participating in a citywide composting program. 

What You Can Find

Everything local, local, local! 

That means fresh local organic produce, locally raised meat and eggs, bread from local bakeries, cheeses from local cheese makers, extensive vegan options, and fresh cut flowers from local farms. 

You’ll also find a bulk section of nuts and grains, though these may be sourced from other locations.

Location: Fishtown | Old City

9. South Philly Food Co-op

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic IndependenceImage by South Philly Food Coop#zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by South Philly Food Co-op

About South Philly Food Co-op

South Philly Food Co-op’s mission “is to use food as a force for good – at our tables, in our community and for our planet”.

You don’t have to be a member to shop here, but it’s a community worth supporting. 

The co-op does its best to acquire items that are fair trade, regionally produced, organic, and sustainable (like meats from farms that prioritize animal welfare), offering them at affordable prices. 

They also operate as a neighborhood hub for South Philly.

What You Can Find

More of a low waste grocery store in Philadelphia than a zero waste one, they offer low-waste products from the deli counter and in their full bulk section filled with pantry staples.

They currently sell kombucha on tap, but be on the lookout for cold brew coming soon.

To show a little extra local support, check out their catalog of local goods.

Location: Passyunk

10. Premium Steap

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by Premium Steap #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by Premium Steap

About Premium Steap

Netflix, steep, and chill? 

Quality bulk loose-leaf teas are what you’ll find at Premium Steap, Philadelphia’s premier stop for all things sustainable tea-related. 

Says Premium Steap,“Our comprehensive, global selection of tea ranges from the classics, blends, and individuals, single-estate teas to the rare and exotic. Premium Steap’s philosophy is that tea makes people happy, calm and satisfied.”

What You Can Find

For any kind of black, green, herbal, and white tea you can imagine, this specialty zero waste tea shop probably carries it. 

Customer favorites include French Breakfast Tea, Wedding Chai, Coconut Oolong, Tibetan Tiger Tea, and Ginger & Turmeric Kapha Ayurvedic Tea. 

Location: Chinatown

11. The Larder

11 Zero Waste Stores in Philadelphia For Your Declaration of Plastic Independence Image by The Larder #zerowastestorephiladelphia #zerowastegrocerystorephiladelphia #refillstorephiladelphia #philadelphiazerowastestores #bulkrefillstoresphiladelphia #sustainablejungle
Image by The Larder

About The Larder

With hundreds of products for your baking, cooking, and snacking needs, The Larder is a Philadelphia bulk store worth its weight. 

This feel-good old time-y shop encourages you to bring your own container, as everything is sold by the ounce (or pound!)

It’s a Philly favorite for its friendly atmosphere, extensive selection, and reasonable prices. 

What You Can Find

It’s also the holy grail of bulk, including buts, dried fruits, candy, herbs and spices, coffee beans, loose-leaf tea, snack and trail mixes, pretzels, dry baking goods, sugar, sprinkles, flour, oats, and so much more.

Location: Doylestown

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Final Thoughts On Bulk & Refill Stores In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution was written, but nowadays, the city is writing a whole new declaration—one for the sustainable living movement.

With this list of the best Philadelphia zero waste stores, you can support the city’s rising trend towards new refilleries and package-free grocery stores.

A city of America’s firsts—flag, bank, hospital, library, volunteer fire company, stock exchange, and U.S. Mint—perhaps Philly will also one day be the first fully green city in America.

Or maybe Center City will at least stop smelling like garbage in the summer….one can only hope!

Until then, be sure to shop at these Philadelphia bulk stores to encourage eco-friendly living in the Mural City. 

And for those days when SEPTA is broken down (again) and you can’t make it out to one, zero waste online stores have your plastic-free back.

Which zero waste store in Philadelphia will you be pursuing first?

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