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9 Zero Waste Stores In Orlando For All Your Bulk & Package-Free Needs

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Looking for some sustainable shopping in O-Town?

The best zero waste stores in Orlando are here to help.

Best known as a vacation destination, Orlando is famous for Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse, giant gators, and golfing. 

What many don’t realize is that “The City Beautiful” is also a burgeoning hub for wellness, sustainable living, and Orlando thrift stores.

Perhaps it’s not the first city you think of when you hear the word “eco-friendly”—especially considering Magic Kingdom alone disposes of 80,000 pounds of trash every single day!

Despite its trash-happy theme parks, Orlando is actively working to become a zero waste city and eliminate solid waste to landfills by 2040. 

Green Works Orlando is a thriving city initiative to become one of “the most environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and economically vibrant cities in America”. 

With 75 million tourists per year, reducing waste, improving local food systems, and using cleaner energy has never been more important.

Next time you find yourself popping into Disney World to feel the magic, how about first grabbing some organically magic bulk snacks to ward off hunger and pack in more theme park rides?

With these zero waste and bulk food stores, Orlando lets you have guilt-free retail therapy and a positive impact on the most visited city in America. 

Let’s explore the best sustainable and bulk stores Orlando offers for some eco-friendly consumption.

The Full List Of Orlando Zero Waste Stores

Zero Waste Stores Orlando, Florida

1. Oh Eco

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free NeedsImage by Oh Eco#zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Oh Eco

About Oh Eco

committed to supporting Oh-Towners on their journey to living more sustainably, Oh Eco offers a wide range of eco products.

They say, “Our mission when we started Oh Eco was to make sustainable options accessible to our community. We wanted to educate people that sustainability is not an “all-or-nothing” lifestyle, but rather, the small conscious decisions we make every day.”

The shop is Latinx and female-owned and run by Alyssa, alongside her husband Patrick and their two young kids. 

You can shop at their eco boutique either online or in-store across from beautiful Ivanhoe Park. 

What You Can Find

As O-Town’s “first sustainable store,” Oh Eco is a thoughtfully curated zero waste Orlando shop carrying all the home essentials, a refill station, skincare and bath items, maternity items, home items like soy candles, reusable paper towels, and eco-friendly toys.

If you’re just starting your zero waste journey, build a zero waste kit with their “eco basics” like refill jars, scrubbies, reusable straws, and water bottles. 

Location: Lake Ivanhoe

2. Zero Orlando

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Zero Orlando #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Zero Orlando

About Zero Orlando

Zero Orlando offers high-quality zero waste products for personal care and home, with the aim to empower customers to reduce their daily impact on the environment. 

Currently, the Orlando zero waste store is available to shop online or in-person at their mini-shop at Veranda B&B. 

What You Can Find

Zero Orlando products are designed for the whole family, including all-natural dog shampoo, diaper balm, zero waste dental kits, shaving soap bars, and aluminum-free vegan deodorant. 

They also have a very well stocked bulk refill station with items like dish soap, toilet bombs, epsom salts, pomegranate and white tea toner, angelica and lavender refillable shampoo, and all-natural eco-friendly cleaning products

Everything carried in the store is vegan. 

Location: Thornton Park

3. Good Fills

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Good Fills #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Good Fills

About Good Fills

Good Fills is a mobile zero waste Orlando market refillable items, in an effort to “reduce plastic waste and change the way we consume”.

Simply check their current location, pick your fill, order by weight, choose your container, check-out, and pick up your order.

Good Fills mobile shop is POC-owned and operated by Jennie Lee and Trung Tran, who also advocate alongside local representatives to update legislation that will allow for more Orlando zero waste stores and products. 

What You Can Find

Their mobile refillery includes eco-friendly shampoo, body wash, laundry pods, activated carbon, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, and pet shampoo for your zero waste dog.

In addition to their bulk and dry goods refillery, they carry a number of popular low waste brands such as Common Good, Home Farm, Dropps, Nellie’s, Vermont Soap, and Carina Organics. 

Location: Mobile | College Park

Zero Waste Grocery Stores Orlando

4. Wild Hare Natural Market

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Wild Hare Natural Market #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Wild Hare Natural Market

About Wild Hare Natural Market

A gourmet organic grocer with farm fresh local food items, The Wild Hare Natural Market is top-rated for high quality foods.

By prioritizing local sourcing, they’re supporting sustainable food systems and providing you with delicious items that grow so well in Orlando’s hot and humid climate.

100% of their zero waste sales go to Eco-Ability, who empower special needs locals to gain meaningful employment via WorkAbility Florida.

What You Can Find

You’ll find things like organic local produce, raw honey, grass fed beef, free-range eggs, organic herbs, supplements, and CBD.

Through their Eco-Ability partnership, they offer zero waste products like refillable all-purpose cleaner, bath bombs, zero waste laundry detergent, bath salts and more. 

Location: Longwood

5. Chamberlin’s Natural Foods

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Chamberlin's Natural Foods #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Chamberlin’s Natural Foods

About Chamberlin’s Natural Foods

While there are no completely zero waste grocery stores in Orlando, there are plenty that give you the option to shun plastic packaging as much as possible.

For almost ninety years, Chamberlin’s Natural Foods has been a trusted health food shop providing Orlandoans with herbs, vitamins, natural foods, and organic produce. 

Committed to making Central Florida a healthier and happier place, Chamberlin’s has seven different locations to best service the region. 

What You Can Find

Fill your cart with fresh juices, fresh salads and deli items, groceries, beverages, organic produce, refrigerated items, health and beauty items, household items, vitamins and supplements, and pet items. 

A look in this Orlando health food store’s bulk aisle will show you a huge selection of pantry staples and sustainable snacks, like oats, flax seeds, cashews, baking goods, tea, and granola.

Location: Multiple

6. Orlando Farmers Market

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Orlando Farmer's Market #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Orlando Farmer’s Market

About Orlando Farmers Market

When it comes to bulk grocery, Orlando’s farmer’s markets are THE place to shop—and the Orlando Farmers Market trumps them all.

Already in its 35th year, this weekly open air marketplace continues to flourish as a top destination for community gathering, family fun, organic local produce, fresh prepared foods, a sustainable beer and wine garden, arts and crafts, and live performances in the park.

A grassroots eco-alternative to the glitz of nearby Universal or Disney, the market is pet-friendly, kid-friendly, and open every Sunday from 10am–3pm. 

What You Can Find

All things homemade, handcrafted, fresh produce, plants, and specialty foods serve as the primary vendors at this whimsical lakeside market. There are also a series of vendors carrying refillable and bulk items. 

Location: Lake Eola Park

7. Sprouts

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free NeedsImage by Sprouts#zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Sprouts

About Sprouts

With two separate locations in the greater Orlando area, Sprouts is a nationwide grocery chain offering farmer’s market-level healthy freshness, seven days a week. 

They also run the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, which offers education, empowerment, and inspiration to Florida youth through nutrition education, gardening workshops, and fresh food access. 

What You Can Find

Need organic, gluten-free, plant-based, keto, paleo, and/or GMO-free food? 

Look no further than Sprouts. 

It’s not all package-free, but both locations boast huge bulk sections with dried fruits, nuts, baking goods, spices, coffee, tea, snacks, sweets, beans, peas, grains, granola, and cereal.

In addition to the usual pantry suspects, you can grind your own bulk nut butter and get honey in bulk.

Location: Colonial Town South | Turkey Lake Road

8. The Fresh Market

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by The Fresh Market #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by The Fresh Market

About The Fresh Market

With a local market feel, The Fresh Market is a small US-based fresh food chain with two locations in the Orlando area. 

Established forty years ago, the supermarket chain has been voted “America’s Favorite Supermarket” by USA Today readers for the last two consecutive years. 

The business is also a member of Feeding America, making food donations to those in need multiple times per week. 

What You Can Find

At any one of their locations, you can find fresh produce, restaurant quality pre-cooked meals, premium baked goods, fresh-cut flowers, a large bulk items section, and the finest ingredients from around the world. 

Location: N Mills Ave | Windermere

9. Sunseed Food Co-op

9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Sunseed Food Coop #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle
Image by Sunseed Food Coop

About Sunseed Food Co-op

Since 1974, Sunseed Food Co-op has provided Cape Canaveral with a proper food co-op that’s stocked with all the freshest organic, health-focused, environmentally friendly, and nutritious health and food items.

With membership costing just $50 per year (and the savings far exceeding that), it’s accessible to just about any budget and likely the most affordable Orlando bulk food store

The co-op also serves as a community hub that organizes and contributes to various local events, including surf competitions and cook-offs. 

What You Can Find

They offer an extensive range of natural foods, toiletries, vitamins and supplements, fresh produce, baked goods, and organic dairy sections. 

As far as bulk foods are concerned, you’ll have a choice of premium herbs, spices, teas, and a smaller selection of other dry goods.

Location: Cape Canaveral

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Final Thoughts On Package Free & Bulk Food Stores Orlando

Are your (Minnie Mouse) ears as perked up by these Orlando bulk food stores as ours are?

When you’re in The City Beautiful and find yourself Googling “zero waste stores near me,” we hope this list helps you out and serves as proof-positive that sustainable living in the Sunshine State is growing. 

If we support the best zero waste stores in Orlando, we’re doing our part to ensure it continues—reducing our own carbon footprint in the process.

Spread the love by sharing this with friends, family, and any Disney fanatics you know, so we can boost the zero waste momentum even further.

Which Orlando bulk store will you be checking out first?

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9 Zero Waste Stores in Orlando For All Your Bulk and Package-Free Needs Image by Zero Orlando #zerowastestoresorlando #zerowastegrocerystoreorlando #bulkfoodstoreorlando #bulkstoresorlando #orlandozerowastestores #sustainablejungle

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