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Image by ZERO Market

13 Zero Waste Stores In Denver You Can Get Rocky Mountain High Refills

Amber McDaniel

The Mile High City is quickly transforming its nickname, and not for the better. 

The mile high mountains Denver is known for may soon be transformed into mile high mountains of waste. 

Currently, over 220,000 tons of waste are collected from Denver homes each year. 

Even as one of the greenest cities in the US, it is clear that Denver still has some work to do—especially if it wants to protect the stunning natural world in its backyard.

Fortunately, these zero waste bulk stores in Denver can help save space in the landfills and help keep Colorful Colorado green.

Pop open our list of thrift shopping tips, queue some John Denver on Spotify, and get ready to hit some of the best zero waste stores Denver has to offer.

1. ZERO Market

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by ZERO Market #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by ZERO Market

About ZERO Market

No one does zero waste quite like ZERO Market

This Denver refill store features over 1,200 products designed to make low-impact living easy. Each one is package-free, organic, locally-sourced, and toxin-free. 

Aiming to make zero waste accessible, they offer various workshops on DIY zero waste products like deodorants, soaps, cosmetics as well as composting classes. They also offer personal services and advice for zero waste startups. 

What You Can Find

Aside from equipping you with the know-how, they also equip customers with the tools to make their own products, thanks to dozens of bulk refill jars of both complete products and natural beauty ingredients like avocado and hemp seed oils.

Menstrual products, eco-friendly cleaning products, and cosmetics are just a fraction of the products they offer.

One of the best finds here is on-tap Kombucha. It’s not everyday you’ll find zero waste kombucha.

Location: North Aurora Division | Sloans Lake (Edgewater) | 5 Points (coming soon)

2. Off The Bottle

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Off The Bottle #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Off The Bottle

About Off The Bottle

Off The Bottle is a low-waste refill store Denver houses right in the heart of the city.

It offers non-toxic, plant-based, and cruelty-free home and body products, all of which are sustainably-sourced and environmentally-friendly.

What You Can Find

From composters to sustainable candles, this one-stop shop has all of your zero waste knick-knack needs. 

Compostable hair ties, plantable greeting cards, or reusable coffee bags anyone? 

In addition to knick-knacks, you’ll also find refills on zero waste shampoos and conditioners, laundry detergent, moisturizers, cleaning products, and more. 

Either bring your own jar, purchase a new one, or check out the freecycle section of donated jars to fill your goodies.

Location: Capitol Hill


Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by JOY FILL #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by JOY FILL


No doubt you’ll be filled with joy after you see the zero waste goodies JOY FILL has to offer. 

With refills on locally made household products and beauty items, this bulk store in Denver has diverted over 42,000 single use plastic containers from landfills, and counting! 

Joyfill donates 1% of all profits to non-profit charity partners who share their commitment to environmental sustainability by fighting racial injustice in conservation, cleaning up the oceans, and conserving natural areas in Colorado. 

What You Can Find

Families can rejoice in the family-friendly items Joyfill offers. You’ll be able to find laundry stain bars, reusable diapers, stasher bags, and wet bags for diapers. Anyone raising a zero waste baby knows just how beneficial it is to have these products on hand! 

In alignment with their zero waste commitment, the store has a rotating recycling program that helps customers discard difficult to recycle products like crayola markers, snack wrappers, bottle caps, and razors.

Location: Northwest

4. Homefill

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Homefill #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Homefill

About Homefill

Homefill will help keep your home filled with all the necessary bulk home care goodies like household cleaners, personal care products, and pet shampoos and treats. 

The majority of products found here are locally sourced from Colorado zero waste vendors, though select environmentally responsible national brands can be found, too. 

Homefill prioritizes building relationships with small and women-owned businesses. 

What You Can Find

Located in one of the best sustainable and partially zero waste markets Denver offers, Modern Nomad, Homefill’s recently expanded home accessories selection provides just a fraction of all your regularly used sustainable home goods with chemical-free bath bombs, shampoo, lotions, zero waste laundry detergent, and more. 

They now offer bulk foods as well, including olive oils, canola, vinegar, fresh coffee beans from local roasters and loose leaf teas.

If you’re looking for sustainable furniture and thrifted goods, it may be worth checking out some of the other vendors at Modern Nomad after you refill all your bulk goodies.

Location: RiNo

5. Mudd House Mercantile

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Mudd House Merchantile #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Mudd House Merchantile

About Mudd House Mercantile

Mudd House Mercantile is one of the friendliest bulk stores Denver has to offer. 

This pet-friendly store often has shop dogs helping out at check out. Feel free to drop by with your zero waste dog for some free treats and hugs. 

Mudd House Mercantile provides an in-house recycling box for plastic bags and film that allows single-use plastics to be recycled into composite decking and railing. 

What You Can Find

Bamboo basics are in stalk (get it?), such as washcloths, travel brushes, eco-friendly toilet paper, and biodegradable bandages

In addition to bamboo products, you’ll find bulk refills on home, kitchen, bath, baby, and pet essentials: all-purpose cleaner, Castile soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, detergent, and more. 

All products are palm oil free.

Location: City Park West

6. Oz Frontdoor

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in DenverImage by Oz Frontdoor#zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Oz Frontdoor

About Oz Frontdoor

The local and zero-waste brands you love. Delivered. 

That’s what Denver’s newest zero waste shop, Oz Frontdoor, is all about.

Shop hundreds of products from your sofa. We offer thoughtfully curated, effective, toxin and forever chemical free as well as plastic and package free home essentials.  60% of our product selection is from local small businesses in Colorado.

In addition to sustainable swaps, Oz Frontdoor also offers a refill program. Shop 21 home cleaning and care products online and they will be delivered in reusable containers. Leave your empties out on your next delivery day, just like the milkman.

Oz offers free delivery on all orders over $35 and all delivery is in Oz Frontdoor’s electric vehicle.

Alternatively, you can pick up directly from their warehouse.

What You Can Find

No need to follow the yellow brick road to have the Emerald City appear before you with a completely colelction of home essentials like laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning essentials and tools, haircare, sustainable oral care, bath & body, and zero waste gifting products.

Then even offer candles with a take-back program for the jars!

Location: North Park Hill (pickup) | Delivery across all of Metro Denver

7. Apothecary Tinctura

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Apothecary Tinctura #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Apothecary Tinctura

About Apothecary Tincture

As one of the only stores that carry bulk herbs in the Denver metro area, Apothecary Tinctura, is a go-to bulk herb stop for many. 

The healers at Apothecary Tinctura empower the community with education on sustainable herbal medicine via workshops and community classes. 

This herbal home has a mission to ensure herbal medicine is accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Herbs are hand-blended locally with intention, connection, and integrity, making them more affordable and sustainable. 

What You Will Find

Whether you’re searching for basic herbs like fennel or jasmine, or hard-to-find herbs like skullcap or willowbark, the bulk herb section has your fill. 

To prevent overharvesting of at-risk and endangered herbs, there is a cap to how much can be purchased at one time. 

Tinctures include popular herbal remedies like ginseng, catnip, milk thistle, turmeric, ginger, and more. Like the herbs, endangered plant tinctures have a four ounce purchase limit.

Location: Congress Park

8. The Balanced Exchange

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by The Balanced Exchange #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by The Balanced Exchange

About The Balanced Exchange

This woman-owned Denver refill shop provides simple swaps for everyday products. 

By reducing packaging, The Balanced Exchange can focus on sustainable sourcing by prioritizing natural, renewable, and locally-sourced ingredients from small batch makers. 

A Best for Colorado company, The Balanced Exchange is committed to working towards a more equitable and sustainable future in Colorado. Each quarter, they donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations fighting for environmental justice through systemic change. 

What You Can Find

The pressed flower greeting cards you’ll find here are made by people experiencing homelessness in Denver. Created from 100% post consumer recycled paper, these cards allow isolated individuals to step into the community by restoring the planet. 

Other cool finds are reclaimed ski dish soap holders and reusable take-and-bake frozen pizza bags.

Location: Park Hill

9. Juniperseed Mercantile

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Juniperseed Mercantile #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Juniperseed Mercantile

About Juniperseed Mercantile

Located slightly outside of Denver, this small bulk refill shop is worth getting out of town for. 

Juniperseed Mercantile offers attractive incentives to shoppers who bring their own containers via deep discounts. All products are housed in glass, paper, and aluminum packaging. 

Juniperseed Mercantile aims for transparency, inviting customers to experience their processes, ingredients, team members, and sustainability practices first-hand by watching products being handcrafted at their facility. 

What You Can Find

Juniperseed Mercantile crafts all-natural bath and body products and home cleaning solutions free from palm-oil and made from organic ingredients. Most are vegan, save those made from beeswax. 

Unlike some other zero waste Denver stores, their products are made entirely in-house and sold in-store or online—including some of our personal favorite reusable paper towels.

You’ll find everything from facial serums and toners to ointments to reusable cleaning paper. A fan-favorite is their vegan lip balm line, packaged in compostable paper tubes and free from petroleum and artificial ingredients.

Location: Littleton

10. Aspire Colorado

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Aspire #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Aspire Colorado

About Aspire Colorado

In friendly Golden, woman-owned Aspire Colorado aspires to inspire more people to go zero waste—and zero energy, since that’s what this operation is.

All products are made in Golden itself and can be bought in bulk refill jugs or in smaller, individual packaging, like plastic or aluminum spray bottles.

Alternately, you can opt out of initial packaging and bring your own containers to refill from the pump. They also have a collection of free reused containers in case you forget your empties.

Golden residents can purchase in store or order online for pickup or free local delivery (which is also zero energy thanks to solar-charged EV delivery vehicles).

If DIY is your calling, don’t miss their workshops for making your own personal care products.

What You Can Find

Aspire Colorado’s line of in-house made products includes all the essentials, including tooth powder, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, ever-popular lotion bars, and all manner of soaps for the body and home.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast (as much of Golden is!) don’t miss out on their natural, refillable natural bug spray to keep yourself bite and DEET-free on all your upcoming summer hiking trips.

You’ll also find they host recycle boxes for hard to recycle materials, including disposable razors and packaging, toothpaste tubes and brushes, and pens and markers.

Location: Golden

11. Nude Foods Market

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Nude Foods Market #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Nude Foods Market

About Nude Foods Market

On your way to go climbing on the Flatirons or simply replenish yourself with some nature in Chautauqua State Park?

Be sure to replenish your kitchen and home with groceries, personal care products, and cleaning supplies at the only zero waste store Boulder currently has.

They also offer delivery to Boulder and surrounding areas, including Denver, Lafayette, and Louisville.

Named based on their commitment to plastic-free packaging, Nude Food Markets is a traditional grocery store that gives local makers an alternative channel to sell their goods free from packaging. 

They have saved over 200,000 pieces of packaging since they began. 

Their commitment to the environment extends past packaging to reducing food waste by sourcing as many products as possible from local rescued produce that would otherwise be sent to compost. Their sourcing partner saves over 327 tons of food from landfills per year. 

What You Can Find

Nude Foods Market has developed a system that allows them to supply harder to find zero waste products like tortilla chips, tofu, chocolate desserts, donuts, bread, veggie broth, popcorn, and more. 

You can also find prepared foods, like hummus, salad dressings, and delicious prepared meals that are ready within five minutes.  

Instead of filling up your own containers, you can purchase pre-filled jars, which are returnable to be cleaned and reused again.

Groceries aside, they offer cleaning items like laundry detergent, zero waste dish soap, detergents and snacks like peanut butter pretzels, sesame sticks, and chocolate chips.

Location: Boulder

12. Minimal Market

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Minimal Market #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Minimal Market

About Minimal Market

If you’re continuing your northbound journey out of Denver (maybe on your annual road trip to Vedawoo?!), at minimum, should stop at Minimal Market.

The couple-owned zero waste grocery store in Denver sources primarily local, sustainable, and natural low waste products. 

They’re almost 100% organic and dedicated to minimal packaging, chemicals, and carbon emissions. 

Customers have the option to fill reusable containers or use provided compostable packaging. 

What You Can Find

They specialize in providing unique bulk foods to Denver residents, with a bulk bar stocked with things like soy sauce, herbs, noodles, pancake mix, flour, dry beans, and pet treats. 

You can also find plenty of non-food items like reusable cotton rounds, dusters, mop pads, napkins, sponges, swabs, utensils, and wipes.

Location: Loveland

13. Simply Bulk Market

Get Rocky Mountain High On Refills With 12 Zero Waste Stores in Denver Image by Simply Bulk Market #zerowastestoredenver #zerowastestoresindenver #denverzerowastestores #bulkstoresdenver #bulkfoodstoresdenver #sustainablejungle
Image by Simply Bulk Market

About Simply Bulk Market

Simply put, Simply Bulk Market is one of the most chic zero waste stores in Denver. 

The store has bins and barrels filled with over 500 different bulk food items. Around 40% of the products are organic, while the rest are all-natural and free from artificial colors and hydrogenated oils.

The majority of items sold at Simply Bulk are sourced locally. 

What You Can Find

Over 100 jars of spices, 10 kinds of oats, 16 varieties of beans, 18 varieties of rice, and plenty of cereals, nuts, trail mix easily makes this among the best bulk food stores in Denver. 

The sustainable snack section is particularly impressive with treats like double-dipped chocolate covered peanuts, peanut butter pretzels, and dark chocolate covered almonds. 

There’s even a bulk bar soap section that allows customers to cut off only as much as they need.

Location: Longmont

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Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Stores Denver

If you can’t tell, we think really highly of this sampling of zero waste stores Colorado offers—and not just because they’re over 5,000 feet in elevation.

By choosing to shop at package-free or refillable goods stores, you have the ability to reduce your personal plastic output and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

We know you’re tired of paying $0.10 for those pesky plastic bags, anyway. 

If you don’t have the chance to visit these places in person (we get it, life in the city can be busy,) these online zero waste stores may be better suited for you. 

Either way, we encourage you to share this list with friends and loved ones in Denver so they, too, can get Rocky Mountain high on zero waste goods. 

Which one are you most excited to take a hike to?

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  1. Hi there – I love this list of zero waste stores in Denver & am happy that there are so many great options for people looking to reduce their plastic waste!

    My name is Sami and in December of 2022 my partner and I opened a delivery-only zero waste shop in the Denver Metro. We wanted to provide a convenient option for those low on time, with limited transportation options, or accessibility barriers at brick-and-mortars. It is called New Moon Refillery & we just wanted to let you know about it!

    Thank you for all you do!


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