9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The EarthImage by Sustainable Jungle#zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth

What’s the ultimate zero waste shaving routine?


And more power to you, if au naturale is your schtick!

But for those who don’t enjoy fuzzy features, we need zero waste razors to reduce waste and unwanted hair.

We recently explored ways in which you can create a zero waste bathroom, and one oft-overlooked eco-friendly bathroom product is the razor.

Which is surprising because not long ago people used a metal razor—zero waste already.

For some reason, reusable safety razors went out of vogue in favor of colorful plastic sticks, which, according to the EPA, take 1000 years to degrade.

Don’t think of them as geriatric; think of them as tried and true. 

Non-plastic razors aren’t just more eco-friendly, but a smart investment that will last you long after they discontinue the replaceable heads that fit your current razor.

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Reusable Zero Waste Safety Razors For Smooth, Sustainable Skin

Which razor gives the cleanest shave?

If we’re talking “clean” in a planetary sense, the rose gold safety razor by EcoRoots not only prevents plastic razor waste, but ships plastic-free too.

While the Black and woman-owned OUI The People are redefining the antiquated perception of safety razors with their curved custom milled design.

If you have left over changeable razor heads, Imperium Shaving adds an extra layer to the notion of waste-free razor with handles that are compatible with many name-brand razor heads.

Glide your way down to the bottom (or watch the video below) to discover more about the most environmentally friendly way to shave and why making the switch is a sharp idea.

The Full List Of Zero Waste Razors For Men & Women

1. EcoRoots

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

EcoRoots’s Zero Waste Safety Razor

Price Range: $40

When it comes to your safety razor, zero waste doesn’t have to mean zero style.

EcoRoots’ sleek black or rose gold options prove that fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive.

It includes five double-edged stainless steel razor blades.

About EcoRoots

EcoRoots is a one-stop source for ethical online shopping

Their range of bath and beauty products are free of animal byproducts, animal testing, toxic ingredients and SLS. They also happen to be mostly organic and palm oil free.  

EcoRoots uses recycled and biodegradable shipping materials and, as a member of 1% for the Planet, supports organizations like the Ocean Conservancy.

2. ZWS Essentials

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by ZWS Essentials #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by ZeroWasteStore.com

ZWS Essentials’ Metal Reusable Razor

Price Range: $25–$35

ZWS Essentials keeps is simple and classic, and in doing so, offers some of the best zero waste safety razors for men and women.

Depending on your grip preference, choose between a long or short handle to optimize the double-edge for the closest shave.

Each razor comes with 10 blades, after which they offer replacements.

About ZWS Essentials

ZeroWasteStore.com wants to use their in-house ZWS Essentials line of clean beauty and home products to save the world from plastic—or in this case, just shave the world. 

This zero waste online store has a little bit of everything, all packaged in reusable or compostable materials and shipped via carbon offset program supportive mail.

They’re a member of 1% For The Planet, too.

3. Well Kept

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Well Kept #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Well Kept

Well Kept’s Zero Waste Razor Canada

Price Range: $72

Well Kept’s Dusty Rose and Cream Safety Razors are designed to reduce the 2 billion disposable plastic razors hitting the trash annually in the United States alone.

While they’re at it, they prevent irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

The zero waste women’s razors are made with solid brass and a single high-quality steel blade—both of which are recyclable.

About Well Kept

Well Kept was founded by “two badass ladies” who, after noticing that women’s razors were pricey and plastic, decided to make something different.

They’re 100% made in Canada and sent in plastic-free packaging.

4. OUI The People

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by OUI the People #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by OUI the People

OUI The People’s Zero Waste Women’s Razors

Price Range: $85–$149

OUI The People makes nickel-free, stainless steel reusable razors, either individually or in comprehensive zero waste shaving kits.

With a curved design, the custom razors are milled to fit feminine hands, while carefully removing hair. 

They’re especially suitable for those with sensitive skin or sensitive areas.

About OUI The People

OUI The People isn’t just a clever name. 

They’re a Black and woman-owned company that provides planet-friendly products for women, all while redefining the antiquated need to be “flawless” and “perfect” with their reConstitution of beauty.

Their products stop ingrown hairs, razor burn, and dry skin.

5. Leaf Shave

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Leaf Shave’s Zero Waste Razors

Price Range: $59–$84

Sustainable shaving is simple with Leaf Shave’s single-blade, fixed head safety razor.

Available in gold, chrome, black, and rose gold, these razors feature a chunky handle optimizing for grip and control.

If you prefer the feel of a more modern razor, their pivoting head razors provide it, but without the plastic.

A razor stand, replacement blades, and tin to collect used blades are also available. 

About Leaf Shave

With their “plastic-free shaving made easy” motto, Leaf Shave has prevented over 1.5 million disposable plastic razors from hitting landfills. 

They also ship plastic-free, offset their carbon footprint, and support climate action non-profit work.

To ensure zero waste razor blades, they offer a mail-in blade recycling service.

6. Jungle Culture

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Sustainable Jungle #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Jungle Culture’s Zero Waste Razor UK

Price Range: $23–$30

Jungle Culture mixes it up with a combination of chrome and natural bamboo in their unisex reusable razors—with optional matching stands.

They’re weighted and balanced to support those new to shaving (or new to safety razors).

You can also opt for chrome-only safety razors in a variety of pastel and metallic colors.

If you’re building a zero waste shaving kit for traveling, you’ll be happy to know that these razors come with a jute travel bag to keep the blade (and everything else) protected in your eco-friendly luggage.

About Jungle Culture

UK-based Jungle Culture provides the world with eco-friendly alternatives—like zero waste shaving cream to complement your new razor—all while supporting their farmers and artisans.

They’re also a member of 1% for the Planet and everything is shipped using plastic-free packaging.

7. Imperium Shaving

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Imperium Shaving #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Imperium Shaving

Imperium Shaving’s Plastic-Free Razors

Price Range: $27–$200

Upgrade your shave with the hand-turned razors for men and women from Imperium Shaving

Made in the USA from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood and plant-based, eco-friendly acrylics, each no-waste razor features a unique wood grain and acrylic pour pattern.

If you’re shopping for minimalist gifts for him, look at some of their beautiful zero waste shaving brush sets

Or for something with less bling and more budget, they offer more simple all-metal reusable razors.

About Imperium Shaving

Imperium Shaving is a small artisan studio in Baltimore, Maryland committed to making stylish products at reasonable prices. 

All products are made by hand, supporting the hard-working traditions of their city.

8. Shoreline Shaving

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Shoreline Shaving #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Shoreline Shaving

Shoreline Shaving’s Plastic-Free Safety Razors

Price Range: $35–$61

Shoreline Shaving makes bamboo or stainless steel reusable safety razors —in ten popping colors.

They feature a single, double-edge blade that reduces razor burn, tugging, pulling, and rashes. A safe and effective alternative to disposable razors.

If you’re looking for the best zero waste razor for women, check out their complete Women’s Shaving Kit. It includes a razor, shaving soap, 10 replacement blades and hessian storage bag, in a recycled gift box.

You can also add only certain necessary accessories to your purchase, like various packs of Shark zero waste razor blades.

About Shoreline Shaving

Their name’s a giveaway.

With every purchase from certain collections, a donation is made to support the world’s coral reef ecosystems or to The Ocean Cleanup.

9. Bambaw

9 Reusable & Zero Waste Razors S(h)aving The Earth Images by Bambaw #zerowasterazor #zerowastesafetyrazors #zerowasteshaving #bestreusablerazors #reusablesafetyrazors #sustainablejungle
Images by Bambaw

Bambaw’s Affordable Safety Razors

Price Range: $20–$25

Each Bambaw plastic-free razor is made with colorful stainless steel or stainless steel and bamboo. As far as sustainable gifts for him go, we think the design of the latter is up there with the best of them.

Regardless, they feature a double-edge design via a single, recyclable blade (ideal for beginners). 

If you want to start your zero waste shaving routine on a budget, s(h)ave money by adding these to your zero waste kit.

About Bambaw

Bambaw creates products that are reusable or biodegradable. 

All purchases are shipped carbon-neutral and support organizations committed to curbing plastic pollution and saving our planet.

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How We Found The Best Zero Waste Razors (And How They Work)

Let’s cut to the chase: disposable razors have got to go.  

And we don’t mean to the landfill, where 2 billion of them end up every year (in the US alone). 

Some traditional razor companies are attempting to reduce their impact.

Schick operates with zero-landfill production and offers a razor recycling program and Gillette razors are now recyclable nationwide in the US. 

But how many actually get recycled?

Not many. Which is why a zero waste razor (in whatever form it may take) is the only sustainable alternative.

Since biodegradable razors aren’t yet an option, reusable safety razors are the best bet.

What is a safety razor?

“Safety” razor may seem like a misnomer; they don’t look very safe. With no guards, plastic bumpers, or plastic of any kind, admittedly they’re intimidating. 

A safety razor is an all-metal, plastic-free razor (usually stainless steel or chrome) with a double-sided blade. Instead of throwing away the whole head to change the blade, the blade alone is removable and replaceable.

There are two types of blade access:

  • Standard: screw off the whole head
  • Butterfly: twist the bottom of the handle to open the blade compartment like a butterfly’s wings

How to use a safety razor?

Safety razors utilize the now somewhat dying art of wet shaving, which, as the name implies, means water is involved. Disposable razors bypass this requirement due to integrated strips of lubricated gel.

Wet shaving is better for your skin and reduces nicks, razor burns, and ingrown hairs when done properly:

  • Step 1: Prep your skin with hot water or a hot towel. If you shave in the shower, you’re already ahead of the game. Apply shaving soap for thorough coverage.
  • Step 2: Gently press the flat head of your razor against your skin and tilt it to a 30° angle until one side of the blade rests against your skin. Maintain this angle (anything more will be too harsh) and make short, feathering strokes with the grain of your hair.
  • Step 3: After one full pass, re-lather and go again, this time against the grain.

Pro tip: Do not apply pressure. There’s a reason safety razors feel weighty; their own weight is designed to apply all the pressure the blade needs. For more wrinkled, contoured areas, keep the skin as taut as possible.

Gentleman, for a humorous how-to, check out this tutorial video and use this handy shave map to learn how to shave your face like a pro.

Ladies, make no mistake: safety razors aren’t just for guys. They work on legs, armpits, and more, erm… sensitive areas, too. 

Once you get over the scare factor and get a little practice, you’ll wonder how you ever shaved without one—if you’re like us, anyway.

What’s the difference between a zero waste straight razor and a safety razor?

Coming at you from the 1800s, straight razors are for those who really want to get into the art of shaving

These are similar to reusable safety razors, as they’re both wet shave methods that rely on the angle of blade for effectiveness.

A straight razor, however, is more suited for male facial hair, as the wide blade isn’t friendly to smaller, contoured areas.

Because of the offset grip placement, straight razors have a slightly higher learning curve but give you the closest shave possible. 

There’s also more maintenance involved (honing and oiling), but no need for replacement blades.

Can zero waste razors save you money?

Are refillable razors worth it? 

Not to answer a question with another question, but when’s the last time you did the math on disposable razors?

Unless you’re buying super cheap single-use razors, you’re forking out around $20 for a handle and a few short-lived blades.

Subscription shave clubs (which also yield monthly shipping and packing waste) cost an average of $10 per month.

A few months already covers the cost of an affordable safety razor, which will last a lifetime barring any unfortunate misplacements.

Sure, the blades need replacing, but a pack of 100 Shark blades costs a measly $10. Considering each blade lasts 1–4 weeks, depending on how frequently you shave, that’s four years of replacement blades for the cost of one month’s subscription.

How to care for your safety razor?

In order to extend its life, it’s important to know how to clean a safety razor

After shaving, rinse thoroughly with warm water, ensuring all hair is removed (removing the blade if necessary).

Then shake out and store in a dry place to avoid rusting. 

Can you recycle old razor blades, zero waste-style?

Due to cutting hazards, razor blades can’t be dropped off with the rest of your curbside recycling. 

Instead, check with your city council to find out where your community collects scrap metal.

For American shavers, scrap metal recycling locations are not always easy to find, so you can always mail your blades of any brand to Leaf Shave.

In between recycling runs or mailings, collect used blades in an old jar or “blade bank” like this one from ZeroWasteStore.

Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Shaving

There may not be a razor that doesn’t leave stubble, but there is one that won’t leave a plastic mess behind.

Men’s and women’s reusable razors—or whatever plastic-free variety you (shaving) gel with—are better for a smooth shave, a clean planet, and a fuller sustainable wallet

Ditching your disposable razor (along with the aerosol gel cans in favor of a shaving soap bar) is also one of the easiest zero waste swaps you can make.

Know someone with prickles or unwanted stubble? 

S(h)ave them the hassle of searching by sharing this list so they, too, can cut out plastic waste (pun intended).

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