7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish

Finding the motivation to clean is hard enough but using products that are plain unhealthy for us and the planet while you’re doing it?

We’ve already got too much eco-anxiety, thanks very much.

Zero waste cleaning products, however, may help you end up enjoying one of the world’s most despised tasks (here’s looking at you, dishes).

Think of it as cleaning the planet as well as your home, which somehow just makes it all the more worth it.

Plus, by reducing the clutter that comes from plastic bottles, eco-friendly cleaning products can actually simplify your cleaning routine.

Across all manner of scrubbers, soaps, sprays and sponges, we cleared away the grime to reveal some of the best plastic free cleaning products. Jump to the bottom the learn how.

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7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Most products offered by EcoRoots are palm oil free.

EcoRoots’ Zero Waste Cleaning Products USA

If you’ve been wondering where to buy zero waste cleaning products, EcoRoots is a good place to look.

Their home and kitchen range tackles two of our most common cleaning shores: dishes and laundry (ugh).

Their dish soap blocks and laundry detergent sheets are vegan, cruelty free, and made entirely with biodegradable plant-based ingredients.

For plastic free cleaning tools, they have wooden brushes, reusable cloths, and compostable and/or reusable scrubbers.

About EcoRoots

Founded in Aspen, Colorado, EcoRoots educates us on the impact of plastic consumption, as well as what alternatives exist.

Plastic is in literally everything and EcoRoots’ goal is to change that starting with the home and our most commonly used bath and beauty products.

EcoRoots is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, only uses recyclable materials for shipping, and has made it possible for small conscious businesses to sell their planet-friendly products on a larger platform.

Available: EcoRoots | Amazon


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Ethique
Image by Ethique

Ethique’s Plastic Free Home Cleaning Products

Ethique is a zero waste beauty brand offering non-toxic, vegan, and palm oil free products that are made to take care of our bodies and our homes (including the one we’re all standing on). 

Their range of no waste cleaning products includes a solid laundry bar & stain remover, dish soap, multi purpose kitchen spray concentrate, and bathroom spray concentrate.

To turn the latter two bars into zero waste cleaning spray, add to boiling water and whisk until melted.

About Ethique

Ethique hails from the small New Zealand city of Christchurch, but their plastic free cleaning products and personal care products (like zero waste lip balm and sustainable carpet cleaner) are available the world over. 

They’re a Certified B Corp and donate 20% of annual profits to charity.

Aside from using 100% compostable cardboard product housing and outer packaging, they’re encouraging consumers to challenge all of the plastic found in the industry through their #giveupthebottle campaign. 

Available: Ethique | Amazon | Holland & Barrett (UK) | Nourished Life (AU)


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Due to the use of beeswax tubes, many of etee’s zero waste cleaning products are not vegan.

etee’s Zero Waste Cleaning Products Canada

For cleaning any cloth or corner of the house, etee will bring some pure positiv-etee to your arsenal of zero waste cleaning supplies.

Their range includes zero waste dish soap, PVOH-free laundry soap, probiotic toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner, floor cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner.

Like their zero waste handsoap, the latter three liquid concentrates come in backyard compostable beeswax tubes. 

Just empty into your own container, add water, and start scrubbing.

Aside from the beeswax tube packaging, the products are vegan and don’t contain toxic chemicals, parabens, palm oil, or sulfates.

About etee

etee isn’t just one of Canada’s best plastic free cleaning product brands.

They also all make all manner of personal care and dental products, as well as zero waste reusables.

With 90% made in North America and 100% packaged with recyclable, reusable, or compostable means, etee eliminates as much waste as possible.

They donate a portion of profits to Safe Horizon, MJHS Health System, and more.

Available: etee


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Meliora
Image by Meliora

Meliora’s Zero Waste Cleaning Essentials USA

If your zero waste cleaning routine involves putting in a load (or two or three because you’ve put off doing it until you had no more clean ethical underwear), check out Meliora’s line of vegan and plastic free laundry detergents and stain sticks. 

Meliora has Meli-MORE-a than that when it comes to zero waste cleaning supplies, though. 

There’s also solid dish soap, gentle scrubs, and all-purpose cleaner.

Dissolved in water, these become liquid, but the plastic free cleaning product refills come in recyclable aluminum tins or compostable bags.

About Meliora

The brand’s full name is Meliora Cleaning Products and they like to say, “Meliora Means Better”.

For this Certified B Corp, that means creating and products that are great for the earth and all of her inhabitants (AKA palm-oil free, non toxic, and vegan).

Their Chicago factory is so sustainable that they welcome you to tour it!

The woman-owned and operated business and member of 1% For the Planet provides fair wages and regularly donates to organizations like Women’s Voices for the Earth. 

Available: EarthHero


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: ZeroWasteStore’s plastic free cleaning supplies are vegan but they are not an entirely vegan store.

ZeroWasteStore’s Plastic Free Household Cleaning Products

From plastic bathroom cleaning products to zero waste cleaning spray, ZeroWasteStore’s range covers your laundry, dishes, bathroom, and every surface in between.

They want to make sure you clean with only the best natural ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan.

Though some products contain common palm oil derivatives such as vegetable oils, glycerin, and stearic acid, ZeroWasteStore carefully vets all partner brands to ensure none are actually palm oil derived.

About ZeroWasteStore

ZeroWasteStore specializes in ALL things zero waste, not just zero waste cleaning supplies.

Shop their huge selection of plastic-free kitchenware, pet care products, beauty products, gardening goodies, and much more.

Aside from shopping by interest, category, and brand, you can shop your values (though many items fall into all five value categories). 

Most items are compostable or reusable. For the few with components that are not compostable, they partner with TerraCycle to ensure you can dispose of all your waste properly.

ZeroWasteStore is also a member of 1% for the Planet.

Available: ZeroWasteStore


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Zero Co.
Image by Zero Co.

*Note: Zero Co uses RSPO MB certified palm oil, meaning some is sustainable palm oil but not all.

Zero Co.’s Zero Waste Cleaning Products Australia 

Zero Co. offers a complete range of zero waste cleaning products for Australians.

This includes eco-friendly dishwasher tablets, liquid dish soap, liquid zero waste laundry detergent, multi purpose cleaning spray, zero waste bathroom cleaning product (shower and toilet cleaners), stain remover, air freshener, Swedish dishcloths, and starter packs.

Each one is made with plant-based, non toxic ingredients.

Available in natural fragrances like Wild Ginger & Lemon Myrtle or Blue Gum & Jasmin, they’ll make your home smell fresh and clean, the natural way.

Choose between ordering your first products in their “Forever Bottle” made of Ocean, Beach & Landfill plastic, or use bottles of your own and jump straight to ordering refill bags.

After filling your container, send the 1L pouch back to Zero Co. to be refilled and reused.

About Zero Co.

Founder Mike Smith wanted to put the clean in zero waste cleaning with products that are vegan, cruelty free, and gray water safe.

While Zero Co. uses palm oil, their RSPO MB certification tells us some come from certified sustainable sources. Eventually, all will.

Both their body care and zero waste household cleaning products are made in Australia. 

Citizens down under can opt for an easily modifiable plastic free cleaning product subscription plan to save more money.

Available: Zero Co.


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish Image by Sustainable Jungle #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

*Note: Blueland tries to avoid palm oil but does use RSPO certified palm oil in some products.

Blueland’s Plastic Free Cleaning Products USA

Blueland’s complete collection of zero waste cleaning essentials includes multi-surface, bathroom, and glass + mirror cleaners, as well as PVA-free eco-friendly laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets.

All products are certified by EPA Safer Choice, Cradle to Cradle, and Leaping Bunny, and do not contain parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, or phthalates.

The only plastic involved is if you opt to order a starter kit that includes a reusable Forever bottle.

Otherwise, use your own bottle and opt for their refillable cleaning products that come in the form of dissolvable tablets mailed in compostable paper pouches.

They also offer zero waste cleaning tools, like petrochemical-free cotton cloths and eco-friendly sponges made of FSC-certified cellulose.

About Blueland

With minimalist personal care and home products designed to “make it easy to be eco”, Blueland aims to keep the planet blue and your home green.

Aside from green products, they do this by offering compostable or recyclable packaging and auditing their water and energy use.

They’re also a Certified B Corp, certified Climate Neutral, and part of the USDA BioPreferred program.

While they do sometimes use palm oil, it’s always RSPO-certified.

Blueland’s plastic free cleaning product subscription options can save money, but you can also buy individually as needed.

Available: Blueland


7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Marley's Monsters
Image by Marley’s Monsters

Switching to waste free cleaning products means taking into account the tools we use to clean as much as the cleaning agents themselves. 

First and foremost, use what you already have.

However, once your traditional rags, sponges, and scrubbers start to look a little like they’re doing more harm than good, upgrade to zero waste cleaning accessories with a better end-of-life outcome.

Here are a few of our favorite zero waste cleaning tools:

Brushes and Scrubbers: 

Stains and grime are nearly impossible to get rid of without a little bit of scrubbing power.

Certified B Corp Full Circle Home helps us out with brushes and scrubbers for any surface—toilets, dishes, pots, pans, reusable straws, kitchen surfaces, and more.

While not plastic free cleaning accessories, the replaceable heads feature bristles made of recycled aluminum or recycled plastic, paired with handles made of bamboo and/or ceramic.


Toss out the colorful plastic poofs and petrochemical-based sponges in favor of an eco-friendly loofah.

We mean a real one, as in the subtropical vine that packs a scrubbing punch.

EarthHero and etee both carry options of this plastic free cleaning essential.


To wipe up spills with or pair with your zero waste cleaning spray, the best choice is to use old t-shirts or rags already on hand.

If you don’t have any, try a reusable paper towel, like those the organic cotton dishcloths and sisal washcloths on EarthHero.

UNPAPER® Towels by Marley’s Monsters come in a colorful selection, along with every other one of their reusable clothes for every imaginable zero waste cleaning need.

Reusable Spray Bottle: 

Chances are, you probably have an almost-empty spray bottle lurking in the dark corners of your under-sink cabinet.

In case not, we recommend getting a simple reusable glass spray bottle, like the ones from Meliora and Full Circle Home.

Reusable Trash Can Liners: 

In American households, most people use one garbage bag every.single.day. We won’t bore you with the math but that means a MONSTROUS amount of plastic bag waste.

We can’t have a zero waste cleaning routine if we’re throwing everything in a plastic bag!

Instead of plastic bags, opt for compostable and biodegradable trash bags, like Biobags.

To be truly zero waste, use newspaper to line your bin and compost it afterward.


If you’re ready to take your eco journey to the next level, DIY zero waste cleaning spray can be the best and lowest impact way to take care of your home.

Zero waste cleaning recipes are as abundant as dust bunnies under the couch!

It’s just a matter if you have the time to make the zero plastic cleaning products AND do the cleaning itself, which admittedly we often don’t.

  • Homemade Castile All-Purpose Cleaner from Dr. Bronner’s: You can use this castille soap to clean your body, your hair, your dog, and your home. For anall purpose cleaner, add ¼ cup of soap with a quart of water and ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil.
  • Homemade General Purpose Cleaning Solution from Wasteland Rebel: This DIY no waste cleaning product is so simple, yet works like magic. All you need is one part warm water and one part white vinegar.

If all else fails, pure and simple zero waste cleaning with white vinegar is always an option.

Bulk stores often sell zero waste cleaning supplies (like Dr Bronner’s) or ingredients to make your own plastic free cleaning sprays.

If you don’t have a local bulk store, there are a bunch of online bulk stores from which you can order.


We don’t need plastic to clean up the house. 

However, finding plastic free cleaning products (especially liquids) is sometimes easier said than done—especially when that’s not all we consider.

Based on our sustainable beauty criteria (because zero waste home cleaning products are basically makeup for your home, right?), here’s what looked for with zero waste cleaning brands.

  • Non-toxic: Some conventional cleaning products have been associated with a range of health problems like asthma, birth defects, and chemical burns. Non-toxic ingredients aren’t just better for cleaning; they’re also better for our bodies and the planet, too. 
  • Vegan: We sometimes make exceptions to the vegan rule for things like beeswax, honey, and goat milk, so long as it’s sourced in an ethical way. In terms of sponges, the question, “Are sea sponges sustainable and ethical?” is something to consider personally.
  • Palm oil free: If palm oil is used, we look for that which has been certified sustainably sourced by bodies like RSPO.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing policies
  • Thoughtful packaging: For zero waste, we favored zero plastic cleaning brands but made exception for plastic used in a refillable capacity.


We might not like a dirty sink, but a dirty planet is a bigger problem.

Thank goodness there are no waste cleaning brands making it possible to shine and shimmer without the negative consequences. 

Thanks to them, you can be a lean, mean, sustainable spring cleaning machine with a sparkling zero waste bathroom…sans plastic and pollution.

Cleaning is always more fun with friends, so share this list of the best zero waste cleaning products with your buddies so we can clean up more than just our own messy houses.

7 Zero Waste Cleaning Brands For a Plastic Free Polish #zerowastecleaningproducts #plasticfreecleaningproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Zero Co.

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