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11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won’t Want To Miss-ouri

Molly Willows

Did you know that the Gateway to the West is also the gateway to secondhand seventh heaven?

St. Louis is celebrated for its major league sports teams, gorgeous parks, astounding architecture, citywide art and blues music, LGBT-friendliness, and BBQ—and now you can add St. Louis thrift stores (and St. Louis’ zero waste stores) to the list of reasons to love “Louie.” 

It may be seen as the underdog to Chicago, New York, or Boston, but St. Louis has got some serious secondhand fashion swag. 

And that makes sense, given the first-ever cocktail party was hosted here in 1917 by a local woman who balked at prohibition trends condemning women drinking. 

All that playful, renegade individuality made its way to modern STL, where we’re more like a cultural playground (or catwalk!) for adults than a serious nose-grinding “most fun city”. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you won’t be singing the blues after getting some vintage clothing retail therapy from the best thrift stores St. Louis offers.

Don’t forget, your hot new thrift haul is about more than just sifting through a pile of second hand stores in the Show Me State.

 Iron out your thrift shopping tips and unfold your way to the bottom of the bin (ahem, article) to see why thrift shopping makes our planet greener, too.

1. Twice Blessed Resale Shop

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Twice Blessed Resale Shop #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Twice Blessed Resale Shop

About Twice Blessed Resale Shop In St. Louis

The Lou’s clothing and objects are twice blessed with life thanks to Twice Blessed Resale Shop, where you can find high quality brand name second hand clothing in a boutique atmosphere for affordable prices. 

If you’re dreaming of walking about America’s most walkable city in a cropped art deco jacket, make sure this is a stop on your way.

Clothing aside, this St. Lou treasure trove carries shoes, jewelry, and household and decor items.

It’s also a welcoming non-profit store operated by and for the benefit of Our Lady’s Inn, who provide pregnant women and their children shelter and hope for a brighter future through their Maternity Home. 

Location: Meramec St.

2. NCJW The Resale Shop

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by NCJW The Resale Shop #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by NCJW The Resale Shop

About NCJW The Resale Shop St Louis

The Resale Shop is a charity shop run by the National Council of Jewish Women, St Louis. 

You’ll find used quality and luxury fashion at a fraction of the cost, in support of advancing social and economic justice for all women, children, and families.

This beloved local institution of 80+ years accepts donations and resells lightly used clothes, shoes, accessories, decor—from subtle to statement-making (a 3D Gardenia stone flower necklace anyone?).

Alongside a legendary selection of vintage, they offer used luxury handbags, belts, hats, and scarves.

 They also recently launched an online shop with a select range of women’s clothes and accessories from some of the most celebrated names in fashion at discounted designer prices.

Location: Creve Coeur

3. May’s Place

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by May's Place #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by May’s Place

About May’s Place Thrift Store St. Louis

You’ll cry “mayday” with tears of eco-friendly joy at May’s stylish secondhand offerings.

Self-titled River City’s “slow fashion headquarters,” May’s Place is a family-run vintage boutique committed to sustainability, quality selection, and exceptional customer service.

Vintage distressed Levi’s denim jackets, cool secondhand stitch pocket tees, 30s handmade floral summer dresses, 70s pastel blouses, or vintage turquoise and coral 925 silver rings are just a sampling of the retro, hip finds at May’s. 

The store also carries a range of gift items like greeting cards, handmade soy candles, and self-care products by black-owned Butter Love.  

In May’s Place’s own words, “Be green. Buy Vintage.”

Location: City Foundry

4. Rise Together Resale

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Rise Together Resale #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Rise Together Resale

About Rise Together Resale’s Resale Shop in St. Louis

Rise Together Resale serves to support the local refugee community in the South City through the Rise Together Ministries

Their goal is to be a beacon of decent and dignified shopping in the area for local residents, so we can all rise together. 

In addition to gently used clothing, home goods, books, and electronics, this unassuming storefront is one of the best furniture store St. Louis has for things like gorgeous antique record cabinets—with a secret integrated record player included!

It’s still a bit of a hidden gem in St Louis and is noted for its friendly, helpful staff and affordable prices. 

“OPEN” describes the hearts of those who run this sweet little shop. 

Location: South City

5. The Green Goose Consignment Gallery

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by The Green Goose Consignment Gallery #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by The Green Goose Consignment Gallery

About The Green Goose Furniture Consignment St. Louis

When it comes to used furniture, St. Louis is blessed with the ability to keep it green with the Green Goose, a consignment store that offers high quality furniture, decor, art, and lighting at fair prices.

There’s a variety of vendors and goods offered, with the focus on used fine home decor items along with a blend of antique and modern furniture, like a gorgeous embossed metal Carved Settee that would make the perfect living room centerpiece.

This store gets bonus points for being visually appealing, clean, organized, and friendly, which is why it’s considered one of the top furniture resale shops in St. Louis

Stop in regularly since inventory is constantly changing. Better yet, stop in on payday, since it’s not easy to leave this store empty-handed.

Location: Webster Grove

6. Mesa Home

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Mesa Home #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Mesa Home

About Mesa Home’s Vintage Clothing Store St. Louis

Cherokee Street got even more eclectic with the introduction of this tiny St. Louis vintage clothing store.

Mesa Home offers impeccably curated vintage from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, thanks to owner Annie Jones and her smart entourage who carefully curate the most hip finds, with some items reworked and upcycled through Annie’s Slow Moves slow fashion label. 

If you like the thrift flip concept but don’t have the DIY time, this is the shop for you to find hand-painted vintage denim and reworked Y2K miniskirts.

Or peruse the sustainable vintage threads for tiny tots in their Mesa Baby section while someone spins vinyl classics out back. 

Beyond their affable atmosphere and beyond-stylish threads, Mesa Home is an enjoyable brick-and-mortar visit because of its celebration of the local community.

Not only does the shop sell art and home goods created by local artists, but they also host unique events like their yearly Black-owned Sustainable Black Friday pop-up to elevate the works of Black brands, artists, creatives, and makers. 

Location: Cherokee St.

7. Miriam Switching Post

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Miriam Switching Post #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Miriam Switching Post

About Miriam Switching Post’s Resale Store St. Louis

Miriam Switching Post is a not-for-profit furniture resale shop in St. Louis selling used, vintage, antique home decor and retro items. 

All proceeds support Miriam’s mission of empowering unique learners through the Miriam School & Learning Center, who provide individualized curriculum, small class sizes, and integrated speech and occupational therapy at their K-12 school. They also offer a “Variable Tuition Program,” which provides financial assistance to students and families. 

Since volunteers staff the store, Miriam’s overhead is kept low to ensure maximum funding is attributed to the school’s programs.

The next time you’re in need of some preloved furniture, support a great cause while stocking up on awesome home finds like leather sofas, art deco candy bowls, unique crystalware, jewelry, framed rare artwork, one of a kind rugs, and more. 

We love their wild collection of tea and china sets. Claim a whole matching set or mix and match from to host your next fun Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party with friends.

Location: Brentwood

8. Logan’s Kids Resale

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouriImage by Logan's Kids Resale#thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Logan’s Kids Resale

About Logan’s Kids Resale Thrift Store St Louis

Logan’s Kids Resale is Black female owned by downtown local Cassandra Logan, who shares her passion for good quality kids clothes and toys without hurting your wallet or the planet. 

Don’t worry mom, they have clothes for you, too—like a boho chic paisley jumpsuit that will cement your title as your neighborhood’s “cool mom”.

Logan’s sells predominantly used clothing for kids, along with some new items for kids and adults. They also resell other household kid essentials like strollers, cribs, car seats, plus used electronics, TVs, and more. 

Cassandra’s entrepreneurship and customer care are prized by Downtown Dutchtown and beyond, along with her dedication and fair pricing.

Location: Meramec St.

9. Clubhouse Shop of Independence Center

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Clubhouse Shop of Independence Center #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Clubhouse Shop of Independence Center

About Clubhouse Shop of Independence Center’s Second Hand Store St. Louis

Independence Center, one of St. Louis’ top psychiatric rehabilitation centers, features a  Clubhouse Shop among other community support pillars. 

They resell clothing, furniture, and collectibles while supporting those with mental illness by providing a chance to work full time. 

Whether it’s a new desk, a prom dress, retro lamp, or rare golf club set, you’re sure to find something unique and ready for its second life here. 

This place has the perfect trifecta: unrivaled selection, quality with affordability, customer care. All that in addition to supporting such a worthy cause makes a trip to the Clubhouse Shop a heartwarming and fruitful one. 

Location: Central West End

10. The Green Shag Market

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouriImage by The Green Shag Market#thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by The Green Shag Market

About The Green Shag Market’s Second Hand Store St. Louis

Dreaming about adding a bamboo tiki bar to your collection of sustainable outdoor furniture?

Disco down to The Green Shag Market, an eclectic antique and vintage mall with multiple vendors stocking the store with STL’s grooviest vintage, boho, mid-century, and antique gems. 

Rare vintage tees, sweeping 70s floral mumus, endless glimmering vintage jewelry, bauhaus dining sets, rattan patio furniture, unique lighting and wall decor, designer silk scarves and endless oddities are a hint at the treasures you’ll uncover here. 

It’s only open Fridays to Sundays, so we recommend arriving early and spending an entire day (or weekend!) sleuthing what’s in stock.

If you’re curious about St. Louis flea markets and thrift stores, Green Shag also regularly hosts open air flea markets.

Location: Fleischer Court

11. Vintage Haberdashery

11 Resale & Thrift Stores In St Louis You Won't Want to Miss-ouri Image by Vintage Haberdashery #thriftstoresstlouis #bestthriftstoresinstlouis #thriftstoresstlouismo #stlouisthriftstores #resaleshopsinstlouis #beststlouisthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Vintage Haberdashery

About Vintage Haberdashery’s Thrift Store in St. Louis

As secondhand interest in The Lou rises, the tried-tested- true vintage emporiums deserve special homage. 

One such shop is the ever charming and cool Vintage Haberdashery, which has served St. Louis for more than forty years. 

They continue to stock new items every single day, and you can be sure their selection is always high quality, well maintained, and expertly curated.

They retail thousands of vintage shoes, accessories, handbags, and clothing and also offer clothing rentals of authentic, fantastic outfits from the 1890s through the 2000s. 

Have an upcoming special event? 


Whether you’re looking for a sustainable dinner party ensemble or you’re a lifelong vintage diehard, VH loves the opportunity to make customers look fabulous. 

Be sure to take some style inspo from their mannequins. Where else would you get an amazingly wild idea like pairing a magenta blouse with metallic gold pants and a leopard-print blazer?

Location: Tower Grove

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Why Thrift Shop In St. Louis?

St. Louis is a thriving hub for style and creativity with deep cultural roots, and with all that expression unfortunately comes large amounts of textile waste. 

Missourians generate 6.15 lbs of waste daily, which is 37% above the national average.

The same report found that more than 1.9 million tons of materials that could have been recycled are dumped into Missouri landfills each year. 

If repurposed, the economic value would hold approximately $208 million dollars—not to mention alleviating dangerous GHGs released like ammonia, sulfides, methane, and carbon dioxide that further escalate the global climate crisis. 

Enter: thrifting.

St. Louis ranks 13th for best US thrift cities—scoring higher than LA, Seattle, and San Diego—and its secondhand scene has that special something for everyone, from cocktail party vintage rentals or secondhand sportswear scores for the next Cardinals or Blues games. 

The best St. Louis thrift stores offer an all-star array of secondhand items, so the Show Me State doesn’t have to show us more landfill waste that further degrades our environment.

If you’re wondering what to do with old clothes, St. Louis also has a variety of donation boxes and options to help stop the 26.7 billion pounds of textiles sent to the landfill in America annually. 

Final Thoughts On Resale Shops In St. Louis, Missouri

With St. Louis signed on as a Biophilic Cities member, the city’s connection to the natural world and the importance of its green spaces like Forest Park means St. Louisans are more conscious than ever about the effects of their consumption on the environment. 

And “Louie” is both vibrant and laid back, which is why our local slow fashion movement is sustainably gathering steam.

Knowing how to avoid fast fashion while rocking your freshly thrifted styles at a local blues session or hot city art opening is sure to make you stand out in a charming hub like STL.

Prefer your perusing of treasure troves online? 

You can still champion the movement by checking out these online thrift stores.

So instead of heading to the Goodwill outlet St. Louis, spread the love for these little thrift stores in St. Louis, Missouri (and if you know anyone in the neighbourhood, then these Kansas City thrift stores too) to keep the city overflowing with parks and culture (and world-famous fried ravioli) instead of landfill waste.

Don’t forget to share the article with your thrift therapy-loving friends.

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