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Image by The Melting Pot World Emporium

11 Reno Thrift Stores In The Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World

Did you know Reno, the “Biggest Little City in the World,” is also the birthplace of blue jeans?

It’s just the right fit, then, that Reno is a thrifting and slow fashion hub.

From Burning Man to Artown to outdoor adventure and skiing, there are so many expansive and enlivening activities in the region that also produce plenty of pre-loved items ripe for the thrifting at the best thrift stores Reno offers.

In fact, Reno probably has such a hot thrift scene largely because of Burning Man, when upwards of 100,000 dreamers descend upon the nearby desert to temporarily create Black Rock City for a weeklong festival of expression, camping, creativity… and waste.

Thankfully, one of many of Tree City’s second hand stores is there to provide a second life for much of the festival’s leftovers, helping ensure the trees stay green-o in beautiful Reno.

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your home, find quirky cool vintage, support local charities, or pick up some lightly used pre-loved ski gear for your next short trip up to Tahoe, one of these Reno thrift stores is sure to have you covered.

So brush up on your thrift shopping tips and zip down to the bottom of this article to discover why thrift stores in Reno (or anywhere!) really matter.

1. The Nest

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by The Nest #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by The Nest

About The Nest Reno Thrift Store

For the last decade, The Nest has held its own amidst the plethora of Reno vintage stores as Reno—and Burning Man’s—most meticulously curated destination for everything upcycled, vintage, and pre-loved. 

Local, sustainable, and iconic are the three words used to describe the incredible inventory found at this gem.

From your grandmother’s heirloom Victorian couch to one of a kind jewelry, accessories, and more, The Nest is impeccably organized, clean, fun, whimsical, and diverse in its approach to selling secondhand. 

Snag a southwestern poncho and kick pack to relax on the sands of Black Rock City in your new-to-you paisley papasan chair, all thanks to their kaleidoscopic variety of vintage.

And finally, a mention of The Nest Reno is incomplete without acknowledging its powerhouse founder and owner, Tessa, who newcomers and regulars alike celebrate for her awesome taste, good vibes, compassionate care, and dedication to sustainable living

Location: Dickerson

2. Junkee Clothing Exchange

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Junkee Clothing Exchange & Antique Store #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Junkee Clothing Exchange & Antique Store

About Junkee Clothing Exchange Thrift Store Reno

One of the best thrift stores in Reno, we recommend you carve out an entire day to explore this behemoth vintage depot specializing in vintage, costumes, Burner Playa wear, antiques, oddities, home goods, handmade goods, and more. 

Not to be confused with nearby Truckee, CA, Junkee is eclectic and sprawling but well-organized and run by friendly and helpful staff. Prices are a bargain, and they’re known to offer you free beer while you shop. What’s not to love?

You might not make off with anything you came looking for, but you’ll find that cool thing you never knew you needed your whole life.

Burners especially love this store for filling up on unique costume gear—with the option of selling it back once their Burn is done and dusted.

Not only is Junkee branching out by opening called Uncle Junkee, a new antique store Reno collectors will love–complete with records and rare furniture–but Junkee is also set to move into a new and improved location at the Reno Public Market. 

Location: Midtown (until Sept. 30, 2023)

3. The Melting Pot World Emporium

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by The Melting Pot World Emporium #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by The Melting Pot World Emporium

About The Melting Pot World Emporium Reno, NV Thrift Store

A family-owned hub of counterculture, The Melting Pot World Emporium has proudly served their community for twenty-five years with unique goods found during travels to Nepal, India, Thailand, and Bali. 

Living up to their name, they offer women’s & men’s clothing from around the world with styles ranging from cutting edge couture to totally tribal to comfy clothes and anything in-between. 

If you’re participating in the Reno Onesie Crawl, you might just get to go in a bright blue octopus onesie, courtesy of The Melting Pot.

Their specialty is unique items from fair trade manufacturers and small-batch indie designers, along with jewelry, art, novelties, accessories, home goods, and more… like their “secret” smoke shop. 

They’ve also been at the forefront of the Burning Man movement, as the original ticket hub for the world-famous festival and the OG pioneers of the city’s hip midtown thrift stores. 

Voted best clothing boutique and best place to shop for Burning Man by the Reno News & Review readers poll every year, the shop honors its strong ties to the community and local performing arts. 

Location: Midtown

4. Holy Cow Thrift & Beyond

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Holy Cow Thrift & Beyond #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Holy Cow Thrift & Beyond

About Holy Cow Thrift & Beyond Reno

“Holy cow!” is probably exactly what you’ll exclaim when you find yourself inside this little gem of a thrift store Reno offers. 

Fairly priced, great selection, helpful staff, meticulous organization and cute dogs lazing about all add to the positive shopping experience here. 

Despite its small, unassuming storefront, Holy Cow is best known for its great antiques, linens, jewelry, furniture, clothing, and decor, like decorative crystal decanters.

The store donates a portion of its proceeds to the local church. 

Location: Wells Avenue District

5. Consign Furniture Reno

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Consign Furniture Reno #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Consign Furniture Reno

About Consign Furniture Recycled Furniture Reno

For purveyors of recycled furniture, Reno residents shouldn’t miss this Sierra Town Center outpost.

Consign Furniture Reno’s quality, selection, and prices are unmatched anywhere. That’s also why Consign Furniture regularly wins Community Choice awards in the Biggest Little City in the World. 

No matter what you might be looking for in your home, this treasure trove is sure to have it. And because they don’t just accept any old thing, you can be sure the standards and quality are impeccable. 

In addition, they offer convenient and friendly delivery and excellent customer service. 

Whether it’s a comfy clean mattress, side chairs, sustainable office chairs, bed frame, pre-loved dining set, antique rocking chairs with hand-carved details, or anything home-related, this store probably has just what your home needs.

On the (thrift) flip side, if you’re looking to consign furniture, the staff here make it smooth and easy to sell and deliver your items to them. 

Location: Sierra Town Center

6. Grassroots Books

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Grassroots Books #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Grassroots Books

About Grassroots Books Reno Second Hand Store

Amazing secondhand shops aren’t only limited to clothing and furniture in Reno. Stores like Grassroots Books prove that the city also has an excellent circulation of used books at affordable prices.

This local independent used bookstore offers a whopping selection of 40,000+ books with a constantly-changing inventory of both used and new books of all genres that are priced so low, it’s regular for customers to ask how they stay in business.

Their Outside Sale has 10,000+ books for $1 or less and their Bag Sale Sundays allow customers to fill a grocery-size bag for $5. 

If their huge hearts and passion for reading wasn’t enough, Grassroots Books also gives back to their community through involvement and donations, like usually offering $20 for at-risk and low-income kids to pick out whatever books they want from the store. That’s in addition to other past kid’s book giveaway events they’ve hosted.

If you can’t find the specific book you need in their cast used selection (say, a local hiking guidebook), they also offer a selection of new books.

Location: Grove & Harvard

7. Gear Hut

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Gear Hut #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Gear Hut

About Gear Hut Outdoor Thrift Store In Reno, NV

Used camping is the most eco-friendly camping gear, and the Biggest Little City’s biggest little gear store operates “because everyone should be able to afford getting outside”. 

Gear Hut believes in #RecycledAdventures and are dedicated to finding a new home for your old outdoor gear and apparel—from Patagonia puffy coats to coveted, discontinued Dana Designs backpacking packs.

If last camping season’s eco-friendly tent or hiking pack is still in decent condition, there’s no need to throw it away. Bring it to Gear Hut, where they’ll help you get the most for your item and keep it out of the landfill. 

They operate like a consignment store, so you’re paid once your item sells. 

Truly a haven for outdoor enthusiasts in need of affordable and gently used outdoor goods, this local family-run outpost has also helped raise more than $65,000 for local nonprofits that do things like improve trails or help kids get outside to explore. 

Location: Wells Avenue District

8. Interior Consign

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Interior Consign #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Interior Consign

About Interior Consign Furniture Thrift Store Reno

High-end furniture at low prices… who could say no to that? 

Interior Consign is one of Reno’s premium furniture consignment destinations because of its constantly changing unique selection, amazing prices, and the expertise of its caring staff. 

Everything from artwork to lighting to carpets to furniture can be found here in all interior design styles—from elegant white marble-topped dining room tables to coffee tables that double as the face of a giant clock.

Best yet is knowing those items have been given a new life somewhere other than a dumpster.

Location: South Reno

9. Pet Network Thrift Store

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Pet Network Thrift Store #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Pet Network Thrift Store

About Pet Network Thrift Store Reno

Shopping at the Pet Network Thrift Store not only provides a second life to pre-loved items, but also supports the local Humane Society. Shopping has never felt so virtuous!

Come here for a clean, organized, and quality selection of clothes, jewelry, shoes, housewares, household goods, candles, seasonal stuff, books, stools, wall decorations, decorative pillows, pet clothes and gear, bags and purses, and more, all well-organized by color on antiqued-looking racks.

And since it’s a thrift store in support of animals, you’re also likely to come across one of their resident pets, like greeter-in-chief Gus, a very lovable Mastiff and Pet Network alum. 

Some merchandise may even be modeled by these adoptable pets, like an antique pearl collar necklace that will look as good on you as it goes with Lulu’s the cat’s purr-fect jet black coat.

Living in Reno and looking to give back? 

They’re also regularly looking for human volunteers alongside the shop’s beloved pets. 

Location: Incline Village

10. Assistance League Thrift Store Reno

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Assistance League Thrift Store #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Assistance League Thrift Store

About Assistance League Thrift Store Reno

Reno is RENOwned for its incredible thrift stores, and Assistance League is another one not to be missed.

Whether you’re a thrift addict or not, the community feeling, bargain deals, amazing selection, and quality of secondhand goods here keeps shoppers returning for more. 

From crafts to clothes to housewares, glassware (both ordinary and unusually handcrafted), books, bags and more, the inventory is always changing but consistently impeccable here. 

Shoppers also celebrate how sweet and helpful the staff here are. 

If that wasn’t enough, the store supports and runs ten different philanthropic programs with all proceeds staying right there within the local Reno community. 

Location: Town and Country Plaza

11. Thrift Depot

11 Reno Thrift Stores in the Biggest Little Secondhand City in the World Image by Thrift Depot #thriftstoresreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #renothriftstores #thriftstoresinreno #thriftstoresrenonevada #sustainablejungle
Image by Thrift Depot

About Thrift Depot Thrift Stores Reno, Nevada

Another great place to give back while you’re buying secondhand is the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission that boasts four local Thrift Depot locations. 

In their words:

“Stop in for great deals on clothing, home goods, furniture, and more! Your purchases at our donation-based thrift stores go directly to the Mission, helping the homeless and hurting in our community!”

With amazing deals, nice staff, and a worthy cause, there’s no reason not to support one—if not all four—of the Thrift Depot locations. 

You may come for the 50% off clothing on Friday and Saturdays, but you may walk out with something as unexpected as a genuine salon hair dryer or antique Universal sewing machine.

The store also employs people on the recovery journey who have used their programs and services. In that way, Thrift Depot not only gives humans a second chance at life, but also gives used items a second chance at a life beyond the landfill. 

Locations: Multiple

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Why Support Thrift Stores In Reno, Nevada?

In spite of Burning Man being the world’s single largest Leave No Trace event, locals often complain about the amount of trash heaped upon Lake Tahoe and Reno after the desert Playa festivities.

While the world-renowned festival of imagination intends to be carbon-neutral by 2023, currently it remains a carbon spewing event despite its best efforts to be environmentally conscious. 

For now, Reno residents are left yearly with mountains of furniture, clothing, and oddities from Burners. While it’s an environmental issue, on the positive side it’s what contributes to Reno’s remarkable thrift culture. 

Reno supports sustainable fashion (and interior design) and we love it for its thrifty funky vibes. 

That sure beats it ending up in landfills, where worrying gasses like ammonia, sulfides, methane, and carbon dioxide are released to further escalate the global climate crisis. 

Thankfully, the state of Nevada has already committed to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, so thrifting will need to be embraced by all (not just those Burners) to keep it out of the landfills!

Final Thoughts On Reno, Nevada Thrift Stores

The landfills and thrift stores alike are bursting at the seams in Reno.

You can help lighten their load—and the planet’s—by choosing from the best thrift stores in Reno the next time you’re in need of a consumer fix. 

The trees (and birds, air, water) of Tree City will thank you. 

If you don’t love digging through second hand items in person, you can still support the second hand movement by checking out these online thrift stores.

But we recommend you take a gamble on Nevada’s Biggest Little City’s thrift stores… this ain’t Las Vegas (though the Las Vegas thrift store scene is equally star-studded), so hopefully the hole in your wallet won’t burn as deeply. 

Heading to Black Rock City for the next Burning Man? 

Please keep it traceless and enjoy the bounty of self-expression that can be found through any one of the world-famous Reno thrift stores.

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