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Image by Recovered Treasures

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State

Molly Willows

Did you know North Carolina ranks #1 in the US for textile manufacturing—with over 600 factories, $2 billion dollars worth of textile exports, and 33,000+ workers employed?

It makes sense that the best thrift stores Raleigh, NC has to offer are brimming with vibrant second hand clothing, ranging from upscale consignment stores to bargain charity shops.

Between weekend trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Corolla beaches, or the world’s largest man made whitewater rafting river, be sure to brush up on your thrift shopping tips then hit up some of these hip shops.

If you’re not yet a thrift-junky, jump to the bottom of this article to learn about why second hand shopping in Raleigh is worth rallying for, not only for your sustainable wallet’s sake, but for the planet’s sake, too. 

Now let’s grab some legendary NC chicken and waffles (with mac and cheese on the side, please!) and get thrifting.

1. Recovered Treasures

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by Recovered Treasures #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Recovered Treasures

About Recovered Treasures’ Thrift Store Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $–$$

Recovered Treasures is a veritable treasure trove of gently used items, hidden gems, and an amazing staff to help you search.

Looking for a used brand name Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren shirt for $1? Some kitschy vintage framed artwork and preloved home decor? Or what about a near-mint condition wood farmhouse table for under $100? 

You’re in luck!

Everything purchased from here directly supports their non-profit organization Healing Transitions, providing addiction recovery and services for the homeless. 

Recovered Treasures also gives any needed secondhand items and employment opportunities to participants and alumni of Healing Transitions’ programs.

Location: Northshore 

2. HANDmeUPs Thrift

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by HandmeUPs Thrift #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by HandmeUPs Thrift

About HANDmeUPs Thrift Shop In Raleigh

Price Range: $$–$$$

We’ve gotta hand it to HANDmeUPs Thrift for being one of the friendliest and jam-packed thrift stores Raleigh has ever seen.

With labels like Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Cole, and Nautica sold secondhand for a fraction of the original price in a large, well-lit store, you’re sure to get lost in their aisles brimming with womenswear, menswear, furniture, art, decor, toys, books, and more.

The shop was created to provide employment and volunteer opportunities to individuals with autism and other intellectual developmental disabilities in the Triangle area, so money spent here also helps the community. 

On a budget and looking for that next-level thrift bargain?

Be sure to follow them on social media, where they post all their sales for the week on Sunday or Monday.

Location: Litchford Village

3. Real-Life Works

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by Real-Life Works #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Real-Life Works

About Real-Life Works Used Clothes Raleigh

Price Range: $$–$$$

Locals love Real-Life Works thanks to its decent selection of well-organized secondhand clothing and various items featuring a little bit of everything.

With a huge kid selection, tonnes of jewelry and handbags, a friendly and helpful staff, and jaw-dropping prices, it’s a real repository of all things stylish, affordable, friendly, and eclectic.

Be sure to regularly check in here because they constantly restock the store with amazing finds. 

For the ladies, their selection of gowns recently included the likes of Ganni and Proenza Schouler, including an impressive vintage wedding dress range on the floor.

Real-Life Works benefits those in the community with developmental disabilities by providing job opportunities, soft-skill training, and financial assistance.

So you can be the change, one vintage score after the next. 

Location: Millbrook

4. dress.

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by dress. #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by dress.

About dress. Upscale Thrift Store Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $$–$$$$

Dress your best thanks to dress.

With new items offered daily from consignors and boutiques nationwide and a blend of luxury resale, boutique overstock, and designer consignment, dress. is THE destination for upscale clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

From Balenciaga leather goods and David Yurman jewelry to real Gucci scarves, Saint Laurent streetwear, and Chanel espadrilles, they have a truly astonishing selection of secondhand luxury goods.

To ensure everything is 100% authentic, they use Entrupy to provide clientele genuine peace of mind.

Dreaming of THAT specific Louis Vuitton baguette purse, but can’t find it online or in-store? They even offer a handbag concierge service to track down your most coveted item and have it imported right to the store for you.

Location: Wade Ave.

5. TrunkShow

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by TrunkShow #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by TrunkShow

About TrunkShow Thrift Furniture Store Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $$–$$$

Open daily, TrunkShow is the legendary multi-dealer vintage furniture mall of your dreams, with a truly mind-boggling selection of home decor, art, books, records, furniture, vintage clothes, collectibles, odds and ends, handmade goods, and so much more.

You’ll discover hard-to-find pieces like mid-century modern tables and chairs, retro cocktail glasses, vintage rattan patio furniture, unique art and photography, funky knick knacks, and everything you never knew you needed. 

Thrifting in Raleigh truly doesn’t get more fun (or iconic!) than this, with the entire community coming together for their various market events. 

As one overjoyed Google reviewer puts it, “Love their vibe! Fun place to ‘plunder’, as my Mamaw used to say!”

Location: East Mordecai

6. All Things Thrift

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by All Things Thrift #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by All Things Thrift

About All Things Thrift’s Antique Store Raleigh

Price Range: $$–$$$

Hidden gems await all those who patiently peruse All Things Thrift, a Meadow Springs-based nonprofit organization and thrift store carrying all your gently used needs.

On a treasure hunt for odds and ends? 

Raleigh residents have long adored this kitschy for exactly that. 

Housed in a large brick warehouse, the store has an old school feel with their funky music, antique/vintage furniture, electronics, and huge VHS tape selection. While some of the stuff is a little higher up in price, the bar is set high for quality here and the selection is huge. 

Think: furniture, clothes for the whole family, a massive year-round costume selection, tons of women’s stilettos, dishware, decor, and more.

We spotted a red circular rattan chair and a matching set of red ‘70s ceramic mugs we’ve been daydreaming about ever since. 

You can also feel good shopping here knowing that the store donates all profits to assisting the blind and visually impaired, not to mention the husband of the lovely owner-couple duo is legally blind himself. 

Students also get a 15% discount. 

Location: Meadow Springs

7. North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe

About North Raleigh Ministries Thrift Shoppe Raleigh

Price Range: $–$$

North Raleigh Ministries’ Thrift Shoppe provides a one-of-a-kind and ever-evolving offering of clothing and household items. 

Mixed in with unique floral creations, an impressive jewelry selection, plus like-new toys, books, office supplies, and housewares, you’ll find a wide selection of gently-used, high-quality vintage and on-trend clothing alike.

We scoped out a pile of overstock from American Eagle Outfitters for bargain basement prices.

The shop directly supports neighbors in the community experiencing a financial crisis, by providing the resources, skills, and helping hand they need to achieve stability. 

The NRM Thrift Shoppe is the primary funding source for their Crisis & Development Center, meaning that the fun you get to have while shopping in a way that also supports community members in need of a helping hand. 

What could be more win-win than that? 

Well, the fact that they DOUBLE the fun and community support with two separate locations.

Location: North Raleigh | Stony Brook 

8. Unorthodox Vintage

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by Unorthodox Vintage #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Unorthodox Vintage

About Unorthodox Vintage Downtown Raleigh Thrift Store

Price Range: $$–$$$$

Bursting with personality and charm, Unorthodox Vintage is hands down one of the best thrift stores in downtown Raleigh thanks to its lofty, exposed brick interior, epic handpicked vintage selection, amazing staff and atmosphere, legendary sales, and all-around cool vibes.

The concept is a collaboration between local legends She Thrifty and Sir Chance’s.

The vintage merch being sold is equally as legendary: we found an OG Wu Tang Clan ‘Enter the 36 Chambers’ oversized vintage tee AND an original tie-dyed Grateful Dead concert tee we’re still swooning over…

Not to mention boldly patterned 80s dad sweaters, vintage silk collared shirts, lacey vintage corsets, and a leopard jacket looking straight off the back of Kate Moss. 

As local guide John puts it in his Google review,

“Dope little spot with some absolute gems… this place is sick, good selection from tees, jackets, and bottoms… Also a super unique selection of jewelry made by local jewelry companies. Highly recommended if in the area.”

They also often host sidewalk sales and off-hours block party events, so be sure to stop by since something always seems to be happening at this popular Black-owned shop and well-loved community hub.

Location: Downtown Raleigh

9. SOHO Consignments

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by SOHO Consignments #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by SOHO Consignments

About SOHO Consignment Shop In Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $$–$$$$

SOHO Consignments is a spacious showroom that features antique and consignment furniture and accessories in a vast array of styles, making it one of the best consignment stores Raleigh has to offer for furniture and interior design.

Its upscale and highly-curated collection makes it a first stop for many in the area looking for consistently high-quality and unique furniture, decor, and art that is well-curated and priced fairly. 

With its large open concept and everything artfully and thoughtfully arranged, shopping here is like a living Pinterest board and they make it easy to imagine how you might see it in your own home.

Owner Trish and her team sure know design, and you can be sure to gather solid decorating information and advice from them all.

We especially want to call-out their gorgeous selection of West Elm-style velvet clamshell shaped couches with legs that must have just walked off the set of Mad Men. 

For total interior design addicts who want to explore more sustainable home decor, this is THE place to cycle in and out unique home pieces.

Location: Oakdale

10. The ReInspired Home

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by The ReInspired Home #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by The ReInspired Home

About The ReInspired Home’s Resale Shop Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $$–$$$

The ReInspired Home is your one stop shop for everything beautiful and stylish including new, antique, gently used, and consignment home decor at super affordable prices.

Whether it’s eclectic, modern, midcentury, hand-carved, or contemporary, this store offers furniture of every shape, size, era, and design style.

We love the vintage 70s candy bowl ashrays we recently saw in-store, along with a wood vintage baking cabinet perfect for storing dishes. 

Shop, style, and save with their curated pre-loved home furnishings and be sure to follow their Instagram to catch all the latest sales and offers.

Location: Rolesville

11. Reader’s Corner

11 Raleigh Thrift Stores: Embrace The ‘Old’ In The Old North State Image by Reader's Corner #thriftshopsraleighNC #besthriftstoresinraleigh #bestraleighthriftstores #thriftshopsinraleigh #consignmentshopsinraleigh #raleighNCthriftstores #sustainablejungle
Image by Reader’s Corner

About Reader’s Corner Resale Shops Raleigh NC

Price Range: $–$$

Reader’s Corner is as good as it gets when it comes to a small, independent seller (and buyer) of pre-owned books, comic books, LPs, DVDs, CDs & Blu-rays.

Conveniently located in the heart of the North Carolina State University campus, this awesome local used book store is THE local institution to find magic treasures of the legible variety. 

Nothing beats the incredible selection of books, specifically classic novels and art books that you’ll be able to thrift here. 

It offers a remarkably unique and varied selection that includes more than books, too. 

Location: NCU

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Why Go Thrifting In Raleigh?

As one of the US’ top producers of textiles, it’s important that North Carolina residents also understand the dire situation around textile waste—especially since 50-90 million tons of fabric and apparel gets tossed globally each year. 

The average U.S. citizen throws away 81 lbs of clothing and textiles annually, or around 6.3 % of the total American waste stream. 

Who wants to see the beauty of NC’s famed Blue Ridge Mountains buried in a landfill of clothing and trash?

Thrifting is a budget-friendly way to not only divert all this landfill garbage, but score some affordable and unique clothing, outdoor gear, and home decor without falling prey to the perils of fast fashion and the waste it creates.

Final Thoughts On The Best Raleigh Thrift Stores

Thrift shops in Raleigh, NC are just as vibrant and smart as the ”Research Triangle” itself. 

With so many scholarly institutions, students, and an overall youthful scene in Raleigh, there’s something special about exploring relics of its residents’ past and discovering hidden treasures like old antique books, vintage apparel, consignment furniture, and groovy home decor.

Apart from the thrill of the “score,” thrift shopping maintains a deeper significance; it’s about rewriting the story of stuff and supporting local community businesses.

If in-person shopping just ain’t your thang, there are also so many online second hand stores to support a sustainable lifestyle from virtually anywhere in the world.

So grab that knick-knack loving friend, share this list of the best home and clothing thrift stores in Raleigh, and hit the town for some unforgettable retail therapy. 

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