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Image by Uptown Cheapskate

11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Making Some Nois-e

Molly Willows

Oh Boise, City of Trees.

Also home to the biggest outdoor street art gallery, a hotel made from a giant potato, the ancient volcanic basalt Black Cliffs for rock climbing, and… the American Northwest’s best kept secret thrift shopping.

Which makes sense, given the region itself is coined the Treasure Valley.

Thrift stores in Boise, Idaho offer an outstanding selection and serve as a reflection of all the good this area has to offer—hop to the bottom for more on why thrifting helps protect it.

From used outdoor recreation gear to charity shops supporting important local causes, upscale mid-century modern antiques, and legendary vintage emporiums, it’s easy to make some noise about Boise’s Treasure Valley trove.

So if you’re feeling tuckered out after hiking the trails, biking the river, or spending a day Bogus Basin, peep our thrift shopping tips (or catch the highlights in our video below) and stop by these Boise thrift stores for some new-old stuff to support all things local and circular.

1. Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores

About Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores Boise, ID

Price Range: $–$$

They call it Treasure Valley and for good reason. 

Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores have six locations in the Boise area of Treasure Valley, offering gently used everything from children’s clothes to outerwear to accessories, toys, homewares, bedding, and more.

The best part? 

Proceeds from your new-to-you Pendleton campfire flannel goes to support the agency’s services, which include an emergency shelter, residential care, job readiness training, adoption services, family and youth therapy, and more for local children and their families in need.

Additionally, Idaho Youth Ranch creates jobs for more than 400 community residents who staff their thrift stores, programming, distribution centers, and administration offices. 

This network of Idaho thrift stores really functions as a community hub with a huge and giving heart to assist anyone in the area who is struggling with mental health issues or to make ends meet. 

Beyond their thorough selection of used clothes for kids and teens, if you’re looking for gently used electronics and housewares, this thrift store chain is your Boise bestie!

Location: Multiple

2. Thriftology Thrift Store

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Thriftology Thrift Store #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Thriftology Thrift Store

About Thriftology Thrift Store Boise

Price Range: $–$$

Housed in a large and packed warehouse setting, Thriftology is sure to inspire the art and science of thrifting after just one step inside. 

With an impressive and carefully organized selection, fair prices, and warm staff, this place is a welcome thrift and vintage hub for the Boise community. 

The owner takes care to curate the racks with high quality merchandise, so you can be sure there’s no junky items here. Better yet, you can always find nice (and affordable!) vintage items in the front glass bins near the checkout area, making it one the best vintage stores Boise has to offer. 

There’s also a freebie bin outside, which is exciting to dive through since people have been known to regularly snag some seriously groovy used garments from it. 

Most recently, we spotted a slew of vintage framed bird illustrations on sale here for 50% off that got us second-hand ga-ga. 

The coolest part? 

Owner Cassandra seeks to re-define the thrift shopping experience by letting customers decide which charities get Thriftology’s profits.

We love your methodology, Thriftology. 

Location: Morris Hill

3. Uptown Cheapskate

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Uptown Cheapskate #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Uptown Cheapskate

About Uptown Cheapskate Thrift Stores Downtown Boise

Price Range: $–$$$

Sure, consignment stores Boise offers are few and far between, but this one makes up for it!

With over a hundred locations nationwide, Boise’s two Uptown Cheapskate outposts provide everything the company is known for: quality consignment and a commitment to spreading fashion sustainability. 

In 2020 alone, they kept 5.2 million items from landfills!

Popular brands you’ll commonly find sold here are Coach, Free People, American Eagle, Zara, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Madewell, and Michael Kors. 

Whether you need a new pair of checkered Vans kicks or a pair of purple lululemon leggings for your next yoga class, they’re a go-to for anyone and everyone.

Have old clothes you’re looking to keep in the circular loop? 

Uptown Cheapskate provides you instant cash for your old but still modern duds as long as they’re in good condition, or you can receive a 25% in-store credit to trade. 

To give back, the company donates millions of clothing items to approximately fifty charities nationwide. 

Through fundraising efforts, they’ve also raised nearly $700,00 to help build more than twenty schools in impoverished areas of India, Nepal, Africa, Central America, and Haiti.

Location: Broadway By Boise State University | West Boise

4. Broadway North Furniture

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Broadway North Furniture #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Broadway North Furniture

About Broadway North Furniture Thrift Stores Boise

Price Range: $–$$$

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar at the best thrift stores in Boise, look no further than Broadway North Furniture, run by St. Vincent de Paul, who works to support people facing homelessness in Southwest Idaho.

The large and centrally located Boise-based furniture store offers used couches, chairs, tables, shelves, stools, side tables, artwork, kitchenware, bedding, dressers, and more at low prices.

Up your organization game with a 3-piece set of rustic rattan baskets or upgrade your dining room with plenty of solid oak tables up for offer.

While they can’t deliver your furniture, the prices are so affordable that you’ll find a way to get your new treasure trove back home.

Saint Vincent de Paul also offers a membership rewards program to help stretch your hard earned cash that much further. 

Location: South Boise Village

5. Serendipity Boutique Consignment Clothing

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Serendipity Boutique Consignment Clothing #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Serendipity Boutique Consignment Clothing

About Serendipity Boutique Consignment Clothing Boise

Price Range: $$–$$$$

Serendipity Boutique is a kaleidoscopic second hand store Boise can proudly offer that brims with unique and eclectic clothing for men and women, including costume, contemporary, and vintage styles.

True to their name, it’s nothing short of serendipity when that perfect item jumps out at you as you peruse rack after rack in this fun, overflowing, and well-organized store. 

Need a wedding dress? 

You’ll likely find it here—along with the earrings, high heeled boots, and other accessories to match.

Their Halloween costume section annually is also bar-none the best in Boise—including a white and gold sequin jumpsuit that will make you feel like the dancing queen as ABBA at your next costumed event.

According to reviewers, you’ll probably get lost in this thrift store for hours, since this is Boise’s best answer to quirky and cool used clothing, shoes, jewelry and other jewels. 

The shop is well organized and the staff is high energy and keen to have fun helping you find whatever you need. 

Serendipity also consigns clothes and offers a punch card for further discounts.

Location: Veterans Park

6. Salvage Sisters & Son

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Salvage Sisters and Son #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Salvage Sisters and Son

About Salvage Sisters & Son Antique Stores Boise

Price Range: $$–$$$

Salvage Sisters and Son do just that: specialize in salvaging antique, vintage, rustic garage type items that are the perfect upcycled accent to your home interior, kitchen, or backyard.

Their true passion is to work with people to find that perfect and on-of-a-kind item they’re looking for, and the owners spend their time regularly traveling the Pacific West and Northwest to track down the coolest vintage home finds from pastures, barns, garages, and estate sales.

They especially love to repurpose old architecture, so if you’re in need of old barn doors, vintage wooden windows, or old school ceiling tiles, stop by.

They also sell a wide range of unique and eclectic antique items. 

The shop is also home to Salvage Coffee Co, which is their own in-house small batch roasted coffee brand available as coffee takeaway or as bulk beans hand roasted to order.

They also regularly host events and pop-ups around Southwest Idaho, so be sure to connect with them on social media for their latest. 

Location: South Boise Village

7. Score Outdoors

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Score Outdoors #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Score Outdoors

About Score Outdoors’ Thrift Store in Boise

Price Range: $–$$$$

With such a wealth of natural splendor around, are you wondering about Boise thrift stores that sell gently used outdoor gear?

Score Outdoors is Boise’s best one-stop shop for camping, skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, fishing, or hunting equipment for less. 

Boise residents love the great outdoors, and shouldn’t have to blow the bank for outdoors recreation gear and friendly and knowledgeable service.

Score Outdoor also has one of the fairest consignment deals we’ve seen, with 50/50 being the bare minimum split for sellers, and consigners getting 75% of the amount an item over $1000 sells for.

In addition to their wide selection of everything for summer and winter recreation—think bike racks, tents, goggles, helmets, boots, and more—they also offer service and repairs for bikes and winter sports equipment. 

If you’re not able to make it to the store in person, they also list most major items for sale online. We’ve personally got our hearts set on their two-person Tahe inflatable kayak with paddles in near-mint condition for just $400! 

Location: West Boise

8. Deseret Industries Thrift Store & Donation Center

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Deseret Industries Thrift Store & Donation Center #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Deseret Industries Thrift Store & Donation Center

About Deseret Industries Thrift Stores In Idaho

Price Range: $–$$

Deseret means “honey bee,” which represents hard work, productivity, and collaboration; fitting for this chain of thrift stores run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Their Boise Idaho thrift store location is a local favorite for everything from clothing to housewares to small appliances and secondhand artwork and more, since the store is so well curated and organized with reasonable prices. 

According to one reviewer:

“This the cleanest, most organized, best smelling thrift store I’ve ever been to. Color coordinated clothing, accessories and housewares!”

To add to the friendly, inclusive, fun atmosphere, the store is also wheelchair accessible, so anyone can find the perfect oversized polka dot for them among its vast racks.

To date, Deseret has given nearly 13,000 grants to local community members in need. They also provide job training and career resources for those in need. 

Location: West Boise

9. Boise Vintage

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Boise Vintage #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Boise Vintage

About Boise Vintage Furniture Thrift Stores Boise

Price Range: $–$$$

Specializing in vintage and mid-century modern furnishings, Boise Vintage offers a wide array of beautiful, rare, and fun pieces from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Located in downtown Boise, this stylish vintage furniture emporium carries a truly impressive collection that you can also peruse via their Instagram

We especially love their minimalist teak wood side tables, desks, and reupholstered retro lounge chairs and ottomans. 

The inventory is refreshed regularly, so it’s worth it to check back often.

Owned and operated by a reputed antiques dealer, Shawn Zedwick, the community agrees he’s just about the nicest, most knowledgeable antiquer out there, which is why this is such a hot spot for sourcing vintage furniture and other treasures. 

Whether you’ve got an exact mid-century modern sofa in mind or you’re simply poking around for fun, Boise Vintage does not disappoint. 

Location: Downtown Boise

10. Repeat Boutique

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Repeat Boutique #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Repeat Boutique

About Repeat Boutique’s Thrift Store Boise ID

Price Range: $–$$$

For nearly thirty years, Repeat Boutique has worked tirelessly to keep Boise’s local fashion in circulation amongst residents with their popular consignment store selling contemporary clothing and vintage finds. 

Looking to sell? 

They’ll generously give you 40%-50% up front as cash back for your items.

Looking to buy? 

They offer an impressive selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories for fair prices in a cozy setting with a friendly and helpful staff.

We’re falling for their selection of fall-ready corduroy jumpsuits as much as we are for their high-waisted red skirts that will brighten up any boring office.

We look forward to at least another thirty years of Repeat Boutique providing some of the best curated and priced consignment in Boise. 

Location: Depot Bench

11. Second Chance Building Materials Center

Make Some Nois-e For The 11 Best Thrift Stores In Boise Image by Second Chance Building Materials Center #thriftstoresboise #bestthriftstoresinboise #thriftstoresvboiseID #boisethriftstores #thriftshopsboise #sustainablejungle
Image by Second Chance Building Materials Center

About Second Chance’s Boise Thrift Store

Price Range: $–$$$

You heard that right, a secondhand store just for building materials… and it rocks. 

If you’re remodeling your home or even just looking for interior home inspo on a budget, Second Chance is the place for you. 

Think: doors, sinks, paint, cabinets, hardware, lighting, counters, carpets, glass, furniture, tiles, and even the power tools you might need to install them

If you’re not actively building or renovating, they also have plenty of appliances, exercise equipment, and furniture (like an antique piano that has local historical value!) to up your sustainable home decor game.

The staff is friendly and helpful, so even if you show up with an obscure backyard art project idea, chances are they have what you’re looking for—and what you didn’t know you needed. 

Location: West Downtown

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Why Visit Thrift Stores In Boise, Idaho?

Boise isn’t just a culinary hotspot full of affordable and hip millennial ‘hoods and outdoor adventure

Treasure Valley is also a treasure trove for all things thrifted and gifted. 

And thrift shopping in Boise is not only fun but also an important circular practice, especially given that America’s clothing waste problem has doubled in 20 years from 7 million tons to a whopping 14 million tons annually. 

Thrifting in Boise is a top-notch way to avoid fast fashion and keep clothing in circulation for longer than the current average, which is just seven wears before a garment gets tossed. 

And with the uptick of local charity thrift stores in Boise, you can find a unique slow fashion bargain that also helps to support a variety of different charities and causes for the region.

And if thrift shopping IRL in Boise isn’t your thing—maybe you’re too busy exploring the many wineries or rock climbing—then online second hand stores will be your ethical shopping BFF.

Final Thoughts On The Best Boise Thrift Shops

This lovable, walkable, and affordable city offers so much natural beauty along with restaurants, bars, and outdoor recreational activities to keep you busy and content.

But while you might have come for the many local speakeasies and hot springs, the thrift and consignment stores in Boise will keep you coming back. 

So if you live (or know someone) in “Spud City,” please pass along this guide to your beloved Boise boys and girls to share the love of all things second hand in Idaho. 

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