12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Illicit Rag Vintage
Image by Illicit Rag Vintage

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City

Are there good thrift stores in Baltimore?

Is like asking if your thrifting BFF likes shopping.

You better believe it, hon.

Maybe you’re planning a trip to “Bawlmore,” as you’ll hear some natives call it, or maybe you’re a proud local. Either way, if you love a good thrift find, you’ll be glad to know Charm City delivers some extremely charming thrift shopping. 

Think Lexington Market but thrift stores. 

If you’re a Baltimorean, you’ve probably heard of some of these shops. Still, though, because you can find such a range of clothing consignment shops in Baltimore, you may have missed one or two.

We’ve got you. 

Whether you plan to take the city’s Water Taxi or explore on foot, by bike, or by car, we’ve teed up the best thrift stores Baltimore offers. 

Heck, we’ve even got some thrift shopping tips you can use as you peruse the racks. Or just watch our video highlights below if you’d prefer.

If you need a little extra motivation to thrift rather than buy new, jump to the bottom to explore the eco-benefits of shopping at thrift stores in Baltimore, MD and beyond.

1. Second Chance

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Second Chance
Image by Second Chance

About Second Chance Thrift Store In Baltimore

Second Chance does more than operate one of the best thrift stores in Baltimore, Maryland. 

This organization also deconstructs homes and buildings, salvages what it can, and operates a gigantic retail center to resell it all. They use the money earned to set Baltimore residents up with job training and workforce development. 

You should only hit this 250,000+ square foot (!) Baltimore thrift shop when you’re wearing comfortable shoes and have plenty of time on your hands. 

Check their virtual tour to see what you’re getting yourself into and use the warehouse map to help navigate their massive selection. 

If you’re looking for a second hand furniture store in Baltimore (think: eight seater black and gold cherub inlay table, date of manufacture unknown), this is it. They also offer architectural salvage, lighting, building materials, decor, art, and more.

They currently operate in limited open hours (9am to 5pm Thursday to Sunday), so check the times before you go.

Location: Pig Town

2. Illicit Rag Vintage

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Illicit Rag Vintage
Image by Illicit Rag Vintage

About Illicit Rag Vintage Thrift Store Baltimore

If you love color and one-of-a-kind pieces, make it a point to visit “home of the statement pieces”, Illicit Rag Vintage

The moment you walk up to this Baltimore thrift shop, it’s clear you’re in for a shopping-good time. The eye-catching window display feeds into a vivid and vibrant store. 

Have a look at the owner’s Instagram for what to expect. 

If bold is your thing, put this thrift store in Baltimore on your list but be aware that Illicit Rag Vintage is only open for a handful of hours in the afternoon Wednesday through Sunday. Mark your calendars!

Location: Homeland

3. The Duckpin Consignment Adventure

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Duckpin Consignment Adventure
Image by Duckpin Consignment Adventure

About Duckpin Consignment Store Baltimore

Duckpin Consignment Adventure blends luxury items with consignment store prices. If you want to be bougie on a budget, you can’t miss this one. 

The wide selection of designer items makes it a clear-cut inclusion for our list of the best Baltimore consignment shops. 

They tick all of the major shopping categories, offering women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

Technically, Duckpin falls a little outside the City That Reads, but the selection is so good we had to include it in our roundup of thrift stores in the Baltimore area. 

The drive north is worth it if you want designer items from the likes of . At the time of this writing, they had pieces from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Versace, and more on offer. 

Red Cartier embossed Happy Birthday Flap Satchel, anyone?

If you have luxury items in your own closet, they’re also a consignment option for you.

Location: Timonium

4. Hunting Ground

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Hunting Ground
Image by Hunting Ground

About Hunting Ground Vintage Thrift Store Baltimore

For more than a decade, Hunting Ground has been serving up vintage finds to Baltimore residents and tourists alike. 

You can also find some new pieces in this shop — particularly in their apothecary and housewares sections — but the primary focus remains on vintage clothing. 

They do ship, but the Hunting Ground website is currently pretty sparse. If you have the benefit of visiting Baltimore vintage stores in person, make a trip to this shop. 

Like many of the best thrift stores in Baltimore, Hunting Ground has very specific hours (not opening before noon and closed Tuesday and Wednesday).

Location: Roosevelt Park

5. FOE Variety Thrift Store

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by FOE Variety Thrift Store
Image by FOE Variety Thrift Store

About FOE Variety Thrift Store Baltimore, Maryland

A Black-and-family-owned business that stands for “Family Over Everything”, FOE Variety Thrift Store in Baltimore, Maryland has a full range of thrift finds ready for your perusal. 

They mix in the gently used clothes like Dolce & Gabbana Super Queen Sneakers to old acoustic guitars, furniture, toys for kids,, and what they call “brick brack” — items like suitcases and printers. 

If you’re interested in consigning with FOE, give them a call at (410) 501-8214.

FOE Variety Thrift Store caters to those who work the 9–5 grind by opening at 1 p.m. and closing at 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Location: Cedmont

6. ReDeux Consignment

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by ReDeux Consignment
Image by ReDeux Consignment

About ReDeux Consignment Shop Baltimore

ReDeux Consignment has to make the list of the best consignment shops in Baltimore. 

The selection is high-end—current offerings include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Isabel Marant—but the prices aren’t. 

At ReDeux, you give luxury items a second life and, as a result, your budget gets a bit of a break. 

If you have any designer labels in your own closet that you’re ready to part with, you can also consign with ReDeux and get 50% of the sale. They only accept consignments during the first three weeks of each month.

Location: Roland Park

7. Milk & Ice Vintage

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Milk & Ice Vintage
Image by Milk & Ice Vintage

About Milk & Ice Vintage Store Baltimore

Sure, you could buy from Milk & Ice via their Etsy page. But how would you know if those vintage 501s will fit? 

If you’re in Charm City, you get the benefit of being able to visit one of the best thrift stores in Maryland in person…provided you make an appointment. The Milk & Ice team takes appointments every day except Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m.

Once you’re there, you’ll get the chance to explore a wow-worthy selection of adult and kid clothes, accessories, and collectibles like their copy of the 1905 German Snow White book from one of the top vintage stores in Baltimore. 

Have a period dress-up party you’re going to? Try on some of their genuine pieces that go all the way back to the early 1900s.

Location: Lauraville

8. Get Shredded Vintage

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Get Shredded Vintage
Image by Get Shredded Vintage

About Get Shredded Vintage Thrift Store Baltimore

Get Shredded Vintage does something pretty impressive among thrift stores in the Baltimore area and beyond. They put new pieces on the racks every day they’re open. 

From 70s Cotton Flannel Retro Floral Print Pajama Sets to 60s Turquoise Velvet Cheongsam Gold Trim Mod Party Fitted Shift Dresses, their vintage clothing, home goods and handmade items are a shoppers feast. 

You can also visit Get Shredded’s Etsy shop. Don’t be alarmed by the prices you see there; They use Etsy for the more exclusive (read: expensive) items they stock. 

Get Shredded stays open from 11am to 5pm Thursday through Sunday. You can also email them for an appointment outside these hours.

Location: Remington

9. Bottle of Bread

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Bottle of Bread
Image by Bottle of Bread

About Bottle of Bread Vintage Store Baltimore

While a lot of the home, apothecary, and accessory items at Bottle of Bread are new, they do offer enough second-hand goods to make our list of thrift stores in Baltimore, MD. 

In fact, their vintage selection was enough to catch the eye of Vogue

Like some other stores we’ve recently shined a light on, this Mt. Vernon storefront also has a robust Etsy shop to give you an idea of what’s on offer. 

Bottle of Bread doesn’t top our list of affordable thrift stores in Baltimore, but they do offer one-of-a-kind vintage finds. 

If you care more about giving a piece a second life and bolstering your wardrobe with new-to-you garments, they warrant a visit Thursday through Sunday.

Location: Mt. Vernon

10. Vogue Revisited

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Vogue Revisited
Image by Vogue Revisited

About Vogue Revisited Consignment Store Baltimore

Speaking of Vogue, let’s talk about one of the best, longest-standing consignment shops in Baltimore. Vogue Revisited offers name-brand clothing at budget-conscious prices. 

Its more-than-two-decade tenure in Roland Park speaks for itself. If you want to visit a well-established, award-winning consignment store in Baltimore, pop by this one. 

You’ll find a wide selection of quality clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

You can also consign with Vogue Revisited yourself.

Location: Hampden

11. Wishbone Reserve

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Wishbone Reserve
Image by Wishbone Reserve

About Wishbone Reserve Second Hand Furniture Store Baltimore

If you want to fill your home with vintage treasures, Wishbone Reserve is a must-visit spot. 

They’re one of the best thrift stores in Baltimore, Maryland for eclectic furniture, mirrors, lighting, rugs, decor, kitchenware, glassware, prints, art, holiday decorations, and “curious objects”.

And if you’re a true Baltimorean, they specifically offer Baltimore memorabilia and ephemera and locally made finds. 

In fact, Wishbone Reserves offers so much that it has attracted a crowd of devotees, which the store owners call “Wishboners.”

You can browse this Baltimore consignment store Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m. or schedule curbside pickup Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Location: Hampden

12. Tried But True

12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Tried But True
Image by Tried But True

About Tried But True Children’s Consignment Shop Baltimore

While other Baltimore thrift stores offer kids’ clothes, Tried But True specializes in children’s and maternity clothes and goods. 

As one of the best children’s consignment shops in Baltimore, you would expect them to carry a lot—and they do. 

children’s clothes and accessories (e.g., handmade bows and headbands), maternity clothes, strollers, ballet and tap shoes, baby gear, and more.

If you’re welcoming a new little one into the world and you want to minimize your environmental and budgetary impact, gathering up what you need at Tried and True can go a long way.

Location: Cockeysville

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Why Shop At Baltimore Thrift Stores

With so many eclectic thrift and consignment shops in Baltimore, finding the motivation to give them a visit shouldn’t be too hard. 

There’s unique and unexpected shopping at all of these spots.

But shopping thrift and consignment comes with another perk. When you visit any of these stores, you’ll get the good-feeling that comes with knowing you’re avoiding fast fashion, supporting local businesses, and minimizing your environmental impact. 

And Baltimore desperately needs this.

By 2027, it’s projected that Baltimore’s only active landfill will fill to the point of being inoperable.

At that point, Baltimore will have nowhere to put its annual 455,000 tons of residential trash that go to landfill—and that’s not to speak of commercial waste.

Sure, thrifting may not be able to solve this garbage crisis, but it’s an important step toward supporting a circular economy so we can say (in words of famous Baltimorean Edgar Allen Poe) “nevermore” to the disposable mentality that created the problem.

Final Thoughts On Thrift Stores In Baltimore Maryland

You might have come for the crabcakes but the thrift and consignment shops Baltimore offers are reason enough to stay in Mobtown.

Want to do good as you shop but don’t have plans to go to an Orioles game anytime soon? 

Online thrift stores—including those run by the stores on this list—are always open.

But if you’re headed to college at Johns Hopkins or are a big enough Hairspray fan to “Good Morning, Baltimore” your way to this Monumental City, check out some of the best thrift stores in Baltimore and encourage your fellow Marylander to do the same by sharing this list with them.

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12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Illicit Rag Vintage
12 Baltimore Thrift Stores That Put The Charm In Charm City #bestthriftstoresBaltimore #thriftstoresBaltimore #baltimorethriftstores #ConsignmentShopsinBaltimore #sustainablejungle Image by Bottle of Bread

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