Wolf Tracking with Daniela from Wildlife Adventures on a European Sarafi #europeansafari

A European Safari And The Rewilding Of The Abruzzo National Park: An Ecotourism Success Story

Stumbling across the ecotourism company, Wildlife Adventures was a bit of a serendipity. In 2017 on a flight, Joy found an article on the successful rewilding efforts in Europe and the positive impact ecotourism (and ecotourism companies like Wildlife Adventures) were having on conservation, especially in relation to larger predators like the lupo (i.e. Italian for wolf) who were not so long ago (circa 1970s) reviled and hunted nearly to extinction in that part of the world.

Minimalist Packing Lists for 6 months around the world #minimalist #packinglist #travel #ecotravel

Our Minimalist Travel Wardrobe: Packing For 6 Months Around The World

We’ll be travelling for 6 months through 4 continents including Europe, North America, South America and Africa. We’re obviously passionate about living more sustainably and constantly feel like we have too much stuff in our lives so we thought it would be “fun” to find a way to combine all of these thoughts and ideas together when packing for 6 months on the road… Time will soon tell if this is a crazy idea or not?!