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11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Image by Microscope Telescope #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
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11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration

Jenny Bell

After you’ve filled your home with the softest sofas and rag-doll rugs, it’s time to add the finishing touches and bring it to life. 

With the help of vintage home decor shops, you can do so with sustainable secondhand stylings that also have fascinating and unique stories to tell.

Buying something from a bygone time is one of the core tenets of sustainable interior design—and pretty much anything else!

No new resources have to be mined, farmed, or processed (with chemicals) and you’re saving those vintage home decorations from an otherwise grim fate of rotting in landfills.

To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Places To Shop Vintage Home Decor

Etsy hosts many vintage home decor brands, but before you get sucked into their black hole, don’t miss Microscope Telescope and their curated collection of unique curios and conversion-starters.

The Handmade Store, as you might have guessed, specializes in handmade, artisan goods collected from traditional craftsmen around their world—but their options to decorate are just as varied and impressive.

Despite its name, A La Modern is all about retro vintage home decor, all salvaged and collected by the two show owners themselves.

Skip on down to the end of the article where we’ll blow the dust off the factors we took into consideration when compiling this list.

The Full List Of Sustainable Vintage Home Decor Online Stores

1. Micro Telescope

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by Microscope Telescope #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Microscope Telescope

About Microscope Telescope’s Retro Home Decor

Price Range: $3–$3,700

Being one of the best vintage home decor Etsy shops is an accomplishment—because there’s a lot of them.

Microscope Telescope earns the title with mid-century modern vintage wares mixed with a splash of science and retro tech.

If you’re a science nerd, you’ll love items like the 1960s Voltmeter and other antique lab equipment.

But if science isn’t how you prefer to style your home, check them out for vintage brass, furniture, lighting, vinyls, clocks, rugs, wall hangings, maps, globes, paintings, cameras, office items, baskets, and kitchen essentials. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap vintage home decor or want to splurge on a big sustainable rug for your living room, their unique collection is ready to transport any budget to a by-gone era.

Microscope Telescope’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Danielle is the face behind this “vintage meets science” Etsy shop after developing a passion for mid-century furniture while curating pieces for her home.

Her love affair for furniture and globes combined with her boyfriend’s love of space, typography, and science led to a brand featured by Switched at Birth TV show, Architectural Digest, and the Kate Spade pop-up, to name just a few.

They are always shopping for items for their Seattle, Washington house. 

Most pieces are from thrift stores, estate sales, and surpluses and every item tells a unique story or has an interesting history regaled in the product descriptions. 

Seattleites can schedule a pick-up to reduce shipping time and emissions.

2. The Handmade Store

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by The Handmade Store #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by The Handmade Store

About The Handmade Store’s Retro Style Home Decor

Price Range: $80–$298

Items include handmade jewelry, accessories, home decor items, and handmade rugs. 

While not an exclusively vintage home decor website, The Handmade Store operates by an ethos that encourages the consumption of thoughtful, slow-made artisan goods.

Their offerings happen to include a vintage house decor collection of clocks, lamps, and other pieces inspired by 60s and 70s houses and their interiors. 

One of their many antique pieces is a gorgeous vintage gramophone. Made from solid seasoned wood, the base is beautifully decorated with handcrafted authentic carvings.

The Handmade Store’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

A brother and sister and the brains behind this online store that supports local artisans and craftswomen in India. 

Currently, the company employs more than 100 women living in Rajasthan villages. It allows them to provide for their families and express themselves and create unique retro-inspired home decor.

They plant three trees for every item purchased in sites monitored and protected by Cauvery Calling.

Buy just one item and you’re helping save 19.2L of water and reducing 0.189KG CO2.

3. Rust Belt Threads

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by Rust Belt Threads #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Rust Belt Threads

About Rust Belt Threads’ Vintage Home Decor

Price Range: $20–$265

Rust Belt Threads is bringing an eclectic collection of vintage house decor, barware, and clothing to people everywhere.

This Star Seller on Etsy has made over 5,000 sales and earned a 5-star rating.

If you join this group of customers, you’ll be among the likes of the creators of the Mad Men TV series, to whom Rust Belt Threads has sold some mid-century barware.

This vintage decor store boasts a consistent collection of mugs, glasses, decanters, decorative items, blankets, bowls, pottery, knick-knacks, cookware, and other practical yet decorative pieces.

Most are dated between the 1920s and 1980s. 

Because of its vintage nature, the barware and dinnerware is not dishwasher safe, so if you’re eyeing the cute vintage peachy pink Beldno salad bowl set, know that it must be washed with care by hand (preferably with a zero waste dish soap).

Rust Belt Threads’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Shop owner Amanda has been obsessed with all things vintage since the 1990s. 

She started with fashion but has since expanded to interesting pieces for the whole home.

This vintage home decor store is run out of her home in Buffalo.

4. Chairish

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro RedecorationImages by Laurey Glenn & Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of Chairish#vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores  #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Laurey Glenn & Brittany Ambridge, courtesy of Chairish

About Chairish’s Online Vintage Home Decor 

Price Range: $5–$5,000

Chairish has an inventory that’s 85% vintage and, since its inception, has managed to keep more than 700,000 pre-loved items in circulation.

From vintage eco-friendly wallpapers (which you can sample for a mere $1) to ultra-rare collectible wall tapestries from the 1500s, Chairish certainly puts the “ish” in stylish.

Categories of vintage style home decor include tableware and barware, building and design, room accents and accessories, textiles, and organization accessories. 

Chairish’sEthical & Sustainability Practices

By giving pre-owned pieces another cycle, they’re helping to avoid resource impacts typically associated with manufacturing. The company has even published a Resale Report where you’ll find the benefits of resale brought into focus.

The company CEOs are a husband and wife team who are very hands-on, but they have a team of curators who scour Europe and the US for inventory.

5. A La Modern

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by A La Modern #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by A La Modern

About A La Modern’s Vintage Decor Shopping Online

Price Range: $10–$300

One of the best vintage home decor online stores with a large range, A La Modern is à la mode.

To bridge the gap between modern and vintage, they specialize in vintage houseware items from Japan, Scandinavia, America, and Africa—loved by more than 3,000 customers.

Decorate your home with their impressive selection of ceramics and pottery, glassware, metalworks, artwork, sculptures, textiles, sustainable fabrics, decorative LPs, ephemeral pieces, ethical electronics, and lighting.

Expect to find a variety of materials used like ceramic, glass, clay, wood, metal, aluminum, plastic resin, canvas, and fabrics like cotton and linen. 

Most options range from the 50s retro home decor to that from the 1980s, although you’ll find some fringe items from different eras and countries. 

If vases are your thing, make sure you pop in to check out their extensive range of gorgeous Japanese stoneware.

Ethical & Sustainability Practices

A La Modern prioritizes mid-century and vintage modern items, but they also sell antiques and non-vintage goodies.

Shop owners Bryan and Linda act as the curators of all their products, most of which are found locally. 

If you’re in Southern California and have antiques to sell, you can also add to their collection.

6. Simply Chi

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by Simply Chi #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Simply Chi

About Simply Chi’s Retro Inspired Home Decor

Price Range: $12–$1,800

Simply Chi is one of Etsy’s most-loved vintage decor online stores, with more than 12,000 sales and a 5-star average rating.

Prioritizing items from the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll find hundreds of ever-rotating rustic vintage home decor in all kinds of categories: lighting and lamps, furniture, kitchen and barware items, wall art, office items, baskets, eco-friendly planters and pots, toys, general home decor, and trinkets.

Add some flair to your apartment garden with the Italian Tiger Planter Pot, or feed your tableware addiction with Native American vases and pottery.

Most offerings have an earthy, organic, or boho feel thanks to antique metals (silver, bronze, gold), wood (organic wood, bamboo, rattan), ceramic, glass, porcelain, and stoneware.

Simply Chi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Owner Chi grew up with a family of farmers in Arcata, California which is “basically the biggest hippieville ever” (her words, not ours!). 

Her background contributes to her taste in organic, rustic, and simple products, but as a self-proclaimed girly girl, she also likes a little bit of glam. 

The culmination of these eclectic interests has been featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and Own It Network. 

She sources pretty much everything herself—no doubt using tried and tested thrift shopping tips

She’s accompanied on her thrifting adventures by her youngest son Charlie, the most adorable shop assistant you will ever see.

7. Roger Appleyard

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by Roger Appleyard #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Roger Appleyard

About Roger Appleyard’s Rustic Retro Home Decor Ideas

Price Range: $10–$30,000

Have you ever thought, “You know what would look nice in my umbrella stand? A crocodile-headed cane!”

If so, Roger Appleyard is your guy (err, Etsy shop).

For more than 40 years (before Etsy, believe it or not), Roger Appleyard has impressed customers with a unique selection of lamps, sustainable outdoor furniture, fine art, pots and vases, books, outdoor items, and general home decor. 

They have truly one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for your bar, walls, kitchen table, or nearly any other place in the home. 

From the common and cheap vintage home decor (wooden shoe molds) to the unusual and expensive (hand carved wooden Greek busts), Roger Appleyard is a regular yard sale of antiques.

Roger Appleyard’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The shop is actually owned by Stella and managed by Simi, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it. 

Joining other eclectic Atlanta thrift stores, this Georgia-based team travels far and wide to personally source unique vintage home accessories.

8. One Kings Lane

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by New England Mercantile and Vermilion Designs #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by New England Mercantile and Vermilion Designs

About One Kings Lane’s Vintage Inspired Home Decor

Price Range: $45–$8,585

One Kings Lane is also a purveyor of vintage home decor ideas, including furniture, rugs, throws, pillows, art and mirrors, lighting, tabletop, fine art, shipbookends, books, and much more.

Vintage dealers—like Vintage Lux, Mike Seratt, Booth & Williams, and De-Cor—are allowed to showcase some of their latest vintage findings on the site, meaning customers get a massive selection of cool vintage decor of all shapes, sizes, and eras.

Some of the more unusual vintage home decor items are their French Poodle Knife Rests. They were recovered from a French country estate and are certain to get tongues wagging at a dinner party.

Or shop for more practical items like vintage apothecary bottles for all your DIY zero waste skin care.

One Kings Lane’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Your home should be your haven, the place where you can be you.

That’s the driving philosophy behind One Kings Lane.

This vintage home decor website is one of the best, if for no other reason than it’s a compilation of many other retro home decor stores.

If you’re still wondering, “How can I decorate my home vintage style?”, considering utilizing their expert free design services to perfectly craft the room of your dreams.

9. Etsy Vintage

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by ForestVintageFinds and Lichangmei #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by ForestVintageFinds and Lichangmei

About Etsy Vintage’s Retro Home Decor

Price Range: Various

Whatever you want, Etsy will invariably have it. 

This ethical alternative to Amazon gives you the unmatched ability to support small, sustainably-minded sellers located all over the world. 

When you’re looking for vintage home decor ideas, Etsy delivers an almost endless influx of new designs and shops.

You’ll find everything from a retro Olympia Splendid typewriter with keys that have been tweaked to make it more compatible with the QWERTY keyboard layout to a pile of vintage vinyl records suitable for decorating the wall of a music room. 

Etsy’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Thanks to Etsy’s dedicated support of carbon offset programs, anything sold on Etsy (including from any of the Etsy-based vintage home decor shops mentioned above) comes with carbon-neutral shipping at no cost to you or the sellers.

In addition to individual Etsy brands that give back, Etsy as a whole had a number of charitable initiatives, like their Uplift Fund, which supports nonprofits working to “dismantle barriers to entrepreneurship to disenfranchised groups.

10. eBay

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by everythingcasa888 and frugalgrandma #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by everythingcasa888 and frugalgrandma

About eBay’s Vintage Home Accents 

Price Range: Various

eBay is an online marketplace of millions of independent sellers helping to extend the life of products through the resale of pre-owned items and refurbished products. 

You can search eBay for virtually anything you want—from vegan handbags to ethical electronics.

But if it’s retro vintage home decor items you’re after, simply type this in the eBay search feature, then further filter your results by material, style, shape, condition, subject, and type. 

Choose from an overwhelming amount of movie posters, vintage china tea cake stands, lanterns, vintage paper umbrellas, glass plates, and more.

eBay’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Other than being one of our favorite online thrift stores for anything and literally everything, eBay doesn’t have any other notable eco achievements to speak of.

But they did revolutionize and create amazing access to the ability to rehome unwanted goods, which we’d venture to say has saved a LOT of landfill waste over eBay’s nearly 30 years of business.

11. Facebook Marketplace

11 Vintage Home Decor Online Stores for a Retro Redecoration Images by Evgeny Milkovich and Karami Hoy #vintagehomedecor #vintagehomedecoronlinestores #vintagehomedecorshops #vintagehousedecor #retrohomedecor #retrohomedecorideas #sustainablejungle
Images by Evgeny Milkovich and Karami Hoy

About Facebook Marketplace’s Vintage Home Decor

Price Range: Various

While not exactly a quality-checked range, Facebook Marketplace is an online vintage decor thrift store for people who want to use and reuse items and reduce the need to buy anything new.

That sums up to a vast range of goods available at your fingertips—from secondhand eco-friendly sofas to non-toxic rugs.

Offering the ability to buy and sell almost anything imaginable, so it’s no surprise you can fill your home with cheap vintage home decor items, too. 

Facebook Marketplace’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The biggest advantage to Facebook Marketplace is that you can find items locally to avoid shipping.

Just be sure to exercise caution and safety by arranging sale meetings in public spaces only.

If you can’t find what you need locally, there are plenty of sellers who offer shipping.

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How We Found The Best Vintage Home Decor Stores

Vintage home decor is better for our planet, simply because it’s making use of things that already exist and might otherwise be thrown away. 

While being vintage was the #1 thing we looked for in compiling this list, we still donned our vintage cat-eye glasses while considering the following homewares criteria:


Normally, we have to devour product descriptions and labels to figure out which materials get the green light and which ones should be avoided. However, when we’re keeping something out of a landfill, the specific materials are much less of a worry.

Many different materials make up these vintage home decor pieces. 

Of course, we still prefer items made with natural or recyclable materials like metal, ceramics, or wood (much like recycled outdoor furniture). 

Notice what isn’t on that list?


Before the middle of the 20th century, manmade materials weren’t brought into homes much. Vintage home accents are thus not only better from an environmental standpoint but tend to be more durable and last longer. 

That’s why you can find things from nearly 100 years ago still for sale now.

Ask yourself: will the same be said in a hundred years of products made now?

Supply chain and labor practices:

A large portion of the people who make new products are generally involved in dangerous, exploitative, or unfair work conditions. 

We know vintage and retro home accessories don’t require new resources to make them, and they also don’t require any further factory work either. 

When you’re purchasing a vintage piece, it’s typically just been discovered by a single or few people.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Not only does Etsy offer shipping that doesn’t cost the planet, but overall, vintage home accessory pieces generally tend to have less of a shipping impact than new, mass-produced items. 

This is largely because the supply chain is massively shorter and, with the best vintage home decor Etsy shops, you’re able to shorten it even more by looking for domestic and local sellers.

Community & charitable giving:

While many sellers are so small they may not be able to afford charitable partnerships, we always appreciate brands that go the extra mile to give back to their community and the world at large.

Final Thoughts On Retro Home Decor Stores

Take a step back in time because now’s the time for vintage to get on a new lease of life. 

By supporting these retro home decor shops, we can fill our living areas with one-of-a-kind items that are far more special than anything we could find at a big box store. 

Opting for pre-loved and reclaimed is also the way to go for our most important house guest: Mother Earth. 

Just remember to take care of them and give them a good, long life gracing your halls. Unlike disposable decor of the modern era, vintage items are more durable and designed with heirloom intentionality.

Now to you, all you HGTV-watching eco-warriors out there. Feel free to share this list with anyone you know who needs to fill their home with a bit of personality (and history) and encourage them to switch to home decor: vintage style.

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