Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love
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Sustainable Valentine’s Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love

Deidre Maene

When cupid’s arrows are aplenty, so too, unfortunately, are the carbon footprints of our well-meaning gestures. 

So how does Valentine’s Day affect the environment?

It’s a day where hearts flutter, and sadly, so does the wrapping paper into the trash. 

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making it the second-largest seasonal card-sending occasion of the year.

Not to mention 18,000 tons of chocolates are sold during Valentine’s week, often clad in layers of plastic packaging that are anything but sweet for our planet.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day not just about exchanging hearts but also about heartening our commitment to Mother Earth. 

So how can green be a Valentine’s day color? 

Read on for some sustainable Valentine’s Day tips that will help you spread love, not waste.

1. Sustainable Valentine’s Day Candy

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Image by Toute Douceur Candy

Chocolate is a beloved part of Valentine’s Day, symbolizing both luxury and love. 

Yet, the industry behind this sweet treat has been marred by serious ethical concerns, including poor working conditions and unethical labor practices—not to mention all the wrappers and waste.

Thankfully, we can fill our hearts (and tummies) with eco-friendly Valentine’s Day candy from forward-thinking ethical chocolate brands.

Alter Eco offers organic, fair trade chocolate, notable for being made with over 50% cocoa from regenerative agriculture, environmentally friendly 100% compostable packaging, and a commitment to Fair Trade practices.

Toute Douceur Candy brings the allure of handcrafted chocolate boxes, showcasing the unique appeal and smaller ecological impact of artisanal chocolate production.

2. Sip Some Sustainable Wine

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by Winc #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by Winc

Having a romantic dinner or just hanging out with friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

Chances are, a bottle of wine will be part of the fun.

Sadly, traditional winemaking can have a significant impact on our planet, from the use of pesticides to the carbon footprint of distribution. 

Enter Winc; an organic wine subscription service that is changing the game by bringing sustainability to the forefront of viniculture.

This innovative sustainable subscription box allows wine lovers to explore a diverse range of eco-friendly wines, tailored to their taste preferences. 

Winc’s commitment to organic winemaking means that the wines are not only better for the environment but also often offer a purer expression of the grape and terroir. 

Also, by choosing organic practices, Winc helps to reduce the chemical load on the land, protecting both the environment and the health of the vineyard workers.

So, this Valentine’s Day, raise a glass of Winc’s organic wine to toast to love, to health, and to a greener planet.

3. Give Planted Flowers Over Cut Ones

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by kseniia perminova #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by kseniia perminova

When we think of Valentine’s Day, it’s often the classic image of a bouquet of freshly cut flowers that springs to mind. 

But consider some that symbolizes a deeper, more enduring love.

Instead of cut flowers that die in a matter of days, let’s make planted flowers a to-to for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts.

This simple yet meaningful change not only adds a lasting touch of green to your or your loved one’s space but also aligns beautifully with a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to celebrating love.

Potted plants and flowers offer a gift that quite literally grows, becoming a lasting part of their home and continuously purifying the air and bringing a piece of nature indoors. 

How’s that for an ever-green Valentine’s Day?

Bonus points if you plant it for them in an eco-friendly planter!

4. Gift Sustainably Sparkly Jewelry

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by Catbird #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by Catbird

Thinking about gifting your significant other a glistening piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day?

Traditional jewelry, while often a symbol of luxury and elegance, can carry hidden costs that go beyond your wallet.

The industry frequently faces ethical and environmental challenges, including labor exploitation and dangerous conditions in the mines and factories where jewelry is produced.

By choosing sustainable jewelry brands, you’re proving that sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas don’t have to be dull and boring.

Catbird crafts its jewelry with over 95% recycled 14k gold and recycled diamonds, ensuring minimal environmental impact and promoting responsible sourcing.

Their “Sweet Nothing Earring (single)” is a fine example of their work, combining ethical craftsmanship with elegance.

5. Hand Out Sustainable Valentine’s Day Cards

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by FlowerSeedPaper #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by FlowerSeedPaper

For a love-inspired craft idea for you or your kids, make your own DIY cards. 

But, before you reach for stock standard crafting paper, why not explore using eco-friendly alternatives like the homemade, recycled paper by DragonFlyPaperyCo?

Alternatively, FlowerSeedPaper offers an ingenious twist on the classic Valentine’s card. Their cards are made from seed paper, which can be planted post-Valentine’s Day, blossoming into flowers.

It’s a beautiful metaphor for love and growth, turning a simple gesture into an enduring and green reminder of affection.

6. Slip Into Some Sustainable & Spicy Lingerie

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by Sustainable Jungle #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Who said sustainable can’t also be spicy?

Whether you’re looking to buy sustainable gifts to give on Valentine’s day or already own some and are gifting the, erm, unwrapping part—sustainable lingerie says ‘oo-la-la-love’.

Understatement is all about giving women’s underwear a makeover that’s as kind to the planet as it is empowering.

Their bold and sleek designs include lace bralettes, bras, and tops, cheeky briefs, high waisted lace thongs, and even a range of swimwear made of recycled materials from the ocean.

For those who like to dive deeper into comfort, their cozy organic cotton blends for sweatshirts and tees are the perfect match.

If you’re looking to set hearts aflutter without ruffling Mother Nature’s feathers, pair their Lace Plunge Bralette with the Lace High Waist Briefs

It’s a combo that’s black, beautiful, and eco-believable! 

The bralette is a peek-a-boo pro, offering just enough mystery, while the cheeky lace bottoms are sheer (literally) genius.

7. Get Crafty & Creative With Cupid Decor

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by ilonakozhevnikova #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by ilonakozhevnikova

Get eco-friendly crafty with love this Eco Valentine’s Day by whipping up some DIY decorations that are sure to set the mood without setting back the planet.

Embrace the art of upcycling and zero waste and create heartfelt decor from items you already have around the house.

Start by stringing together a garland of love with old book pages or scrap paper—cut out heart shapes and stitch them together with thread for a vintage vibe that reads “romance”. 

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, fashion a wreath from twigs and branches you find outside. Tie them in a circle with some twine, and voilà, nature’s embrace is now part of your home.

Light up the night with some homemade candles, using beeswax or soy wax for a cleaner burn. 

You can even set the scene with a constellation of mason jar lanterns, decorated with eco-friendly paint or adorned with ribbons from past gifts. 

These twinkling lights will add a warm and cozy glow to your eco-conscious love fest.

For the table, craft some charming place settings by repurposing old jars as vases for a bouquet of wildflowers or creating coasters from slices of wood. 

8. Host A Romantic Home Cooked Vegan Dinner

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by prostock-studio #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by prostock-studio

Whip up a wave of romance with a home cooked meal this vegan Valentine’s Day, featuring the freshest picks from your local farmers’ market. 

Embracing a plant-based menu is a wonderful way to lessen your environmental impact, as vegan dishes have a smaller carbon footprint than their meat-based counterparts.

By choosing local ingredients, you’re not only getting the peak flavors of your region but also reducing the food miles and emissions associated with transportation. 

Plus, supporting local farmers helps sustain community agriculture and preserves green spaces.

And for the grand finale, why not indulge in a sweet treat like a grain-free vegan berry crumble or chocolate avocado mousse?

9. Plan Sustainable Date Experiences

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by shironosov #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by shironosov

For a truly heartfelt green Valentine’s Day, consider date experiences that focus on quality time together rather than material gifts. 

Nature itself offers a romantic backdrop that’s both free and freeing. 

A nature walk along verdant trails or a leisurely bike ride to a picturesque overlook provides an opportunity to connect with each other and the great outdoors. 

As you walk or cycle, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, encouraging healthy activity, and creating memories that don’t end up in a landfill.

Alternatively, roll up your sleeves and spend the day volunteering at a local community garden. 

It’s a chance to nurture your relationship while nurturing the earth and your community by contributing to local green spaces and perhaps even learning a thing or two about sustainable gardening practices.

10. Relax With An Organic Spa Day at Home

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by africa images #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by africa images

Looking for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that are as much a treat for you as your sweetheart?

Transform your home into a romantic tranquil oasis with an organic spa day.

It’s an intimate and eco-friendly way to pamper your partner while showing reverence for the environment.

Set the mood with dimmed lights, candles, soft music, and perhaps some organic cotton towels for a touch of luxury. 

Then pamper yourself with organic bath bombs, soaps, and lotions—of course made from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, to nourish the skin but also ensure that your spa day has a minimal environmental footprint. 

11. Say “I Love You” With Secondhand Treasure

Sustainable Valentine's Day: 11 Tips To Spread The Low Impact Love Image by yuri_arcurs #sustainablevalentinesday #sustainablevalentinesdaygifts #sustainablevalentinesdaytips #ecofriendlyvalentinesday #ecovalentinesday #susstainablejungle
Image by yuri_arcurs

As is it with just about everything, shopping second hand is our very favorite of these eco-friendly Valentine’s Day tips.


Because it’s not only kind to the planet, but can add a timeless and one-of-a-kind touch to your romance. 

You’ll decrease waste, dial back on the need for new stuff, and make your carbon footprint as light as a love note, all while dodging the relentless buy-and-discard culture. 

It’s the perfect way to show your love is not just a flash in the pan, but a classic in the making.

Plus, browsing through antique shops or thrift stores with your significant other can be a fun adventure, offering the chance to uncover one-of-a-kind gifts that carry the charm of a bygone era!

Whether it’s a classic vinyl record, an ornate piece of jewelry, or a retro home decor item, each find is imbued with a personality that new, mass-produced items simply can’t match.

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Final Thoughts On Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, will you be our eco-friendly Valentine?

As we close the book on our eco-savvy tips for a green Valentine’s Day, remember that going green this Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the grand gestures—it’s about planting seeds of change that can grow into a greener future for us all.

Whether it’s a candlelit dinner with locally-sourced ingredients, a handmade gift or finding that timeless piece in a thrift shop corner, every choice we make is a chance to show some love for our planet.

So let’s make our celebrations and sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts as sweet for the Earth as they are for our sweethearts.

Here’s to a Valentine’s Day that’s less about the stuff and more about the stuff that matters—like laughter, love, and keeping our world blooming.

After all, isn’t love the most renewable resource we have?

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