7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Image by The Citizenry #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Image by The Citizenry
7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Image by Anchal #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Image by Anchal

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet

Dawn Cowles

If you think sustainable cushions are about dull designs and uncomfortable seating, think again.

We’re about to dive into a world where eco-consciousness meets comfort, where style marries sustainability, and where cushions aren’t just for sitting—but for making a statement about your values.

By choosing eco-friendly cushion brands, fluffing up your living space can simultaneously soften your environmental footprint.

Whether you’re into snug, chic, or simply conscious comfort, we’ve got a a whole host of natural throw pillows to make you jump for joy (or maybe just sink into for a cozy read).

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Cushion Couture Basics With The Most Sustainable Throw Pillows

The Citizenry travels the world looking for the best Fair Trade and sustainable and durable throw pillows handcrafted by artisans using the finest organic materials.

The comfort is real with Coyuchis non-toxic throw pillows, made using organic cotton, organic latex, and responsibly sourced down feathers.

To learn how we found the most comfortable couch pillows for both your bottom and the planet, jump to the end of the article. 

The Full List of Sustainable Decorative Pillows

1. The Citizenry

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by The Citizenry #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by The Citizenry

About The Citizenry

Price Range: $99–$199

The Citizenry offers a wide range of eco-friendly decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes.

Whichever one you choose, they’re sure to make a bold statement and add character to your space.

Each one is handcrafted and features a variety of colors and patterns created from a varied collection ethically-sourced materials.

Even the Dhara Leather Lumbar Pillow is woven from vegetable-tanned and ethically sourced leather.

The Citizenry’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most of the materials used are organic or natural (like organic cotton and ethical leather), but that doesn’t apply to all the brand’s pillows for sale, so be sure to read product details carefully.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The Citizenry is a sustainable home decor brand committed to a better world. The brand works with artisans in various countries including Laos, Turkey, and India. 

The Citizenry is the first home retailer to have 100% of its products made with a fair trade process audited and guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization.

Workers are paid 2x the fair trade wage requirement, and many artisan collectives are women-led.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Second Home is The Citizenry’s program which allows consumers to purchase resale and good-as-new returns, with significant savings.

Community & charitable giving:

The Citizenry also reinvests an additional 10% of profits into their artisan communities.

2. Anchal

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Anchal #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Anchal

About Anchal

Price Range: $50–$116

Anchal is a nonprofit social enterprise founded by sisters Maggie and Colleen following a trip to Ajmer, India. On their return, they made it their mission to create employment opportunities that would address the exploitation of women around the world. 

Such an admirable mission has led them to create some beautiful collections that include some eco-friendly throw pillows.

The attractive designs will add a pop of color to any room. However, one that caught our eye was the Offset Round Throw Pillow, made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and filled with RDS-certified feathers and down.

Anchal’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Anchal’s eco-friendly cushions are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton covers with down filling.

While that means these aren’t vegan-friendly, Anchal’s down is sourced from Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified suppliers.

Supply chain & labor practices:

As a nonprofit, Anchal is all about being transparent and fair. 

Many Anchal artisans are former commercial sex trade workers, and the fair pay they receive helps these women both stay out of the sex trade and support their families, including education for their children and health care.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Anchal partners with Made Trade, which ensures your pillow purchases are shipped using carbon-neutral shipping.

Community & charitable giving:

Product sales help fund Anchal programs which offer women design and skills training, full-time employment, educational workshops, health services, a supportive community, and access to an international market.

3. Coyuchi

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Coyuchi #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Coyuchi

About Coyuchi

Price Range: $88–$248

Coyuchi is all about comfort, plain and simple, but in a sustainable way. From the bedroom to the kitchen and dining room, Coyuchi has you covered.

For the ultimate in a comfortable night’s sleep, there’s an Organic Latex Body Pillow designed for side sleepers or pregnant women.

The GOTS-certified organic cotton outer layers of the brand’s range of pillows encase fillings of either organic latex or responsibly sourced down.

Organic cotton covers can also be purchased if you want to add some color to the best couch pillows you already own.

Coyuchi’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Like their sustainable blankets to complete your cozy couch, Coyuchi’s range of organic throw pillow inserts and colorful pillow covers are both made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The double-washed down used in the down pillows is sourced from an Indiana duck farm where the birds are humanely raised. 

The latex pillows are filled with GOLS-certified organic latex.

Supply chain & labor practices:

This Fair Trade certified brand sources their cotton from the Cheta Coalition, a sustainably-minded organic cotton farming coop that pays all participating farmers fairly.

That’s on top of Coyuchi’s worker-managed Community Development Funds, into which they pay additional fair trade premiums.

Most of the cotton is also woven in India, though some weaving takes place in Germany or Portugal.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Between their 2nd Home Take Back linen recycling program with an 83% recycling rate to their factories that recycle 98% of wastewater, Coyuchi helps keep the planet comfortable, too.

The best eco-friendly throw pillows are zero waste, so theirs are shipped in recycled plastic poly bags and FSC-certified boxes.

Community & charitable giving: 

Coyuchi devotes their pledged 1% for the Planet profits unto regenerative agriculture organizations like Fibershed and White Buffalo Land Trust.

4. Parachute

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Parachute #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Parachute

About Parachute

Price Range: $30–$109

Shop with Parachute and you can choose both sustainable cushion inserts and covers.

Inserts come in various shapes and sizes, from sphere to plain old squares and their cushion covers are no less varied.

Your back relief pillow never looked as lovely as it will in the clean and minimalist Desert Lumbar Pillow Cover, made of a handwoven combination of cotton and linen.

Parachute’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Most of Parachute’s pillows feature natural fibers like cotton and/or linen fabric.

Though not all the cotton is organic just yet, their goal for this year is to ensure 100% of cotton sourced is sustainably (organic, regenerative, or recycled). 

Many of their linen options—like the Linen Grain Sack Pillow Cover—are durable enough for to spruce up your eco-friendly patio cushions, though try to keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Parachute maintains a commitment to fair labor practices throughout its supply chain. The brand collaborates with manufacturers and artisans who share their dedication to ethical working conditions.

The company shares details about where their products are made in each product description.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Parachute is Climate Neutral Certified and their eco-friendly packaging is largely recycled and recyclable.

Community & charitable giving: 

Parachute partners with budding Black entrepreneurs as part of their Home for Dreams initiative.

This program provides grant money, mentorship, finance, and marketing education.


7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Tensira and Oshana #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Tensira and Oshana


Price Range: $135–$995

GOODEE offers a bespoke marketplace that’s a one stop shop for essential lifestyle and homeware products. 

Founded by twin brothers Byron and Dexter, who aim to offer sustainable solutions for modern home living, from sustainable lighting to eco-friendly cushions and durable throw pillows.

The Wellbeing Heavy Kilim Pillow is made to order using hand-spun natural materials free of dyes and bleaches. The natural throw pillow exterior is hand-spun Afghan wool, with a cotton lining and cork filling.

As well as designing their range of sustainably crafted products, the brothers also work with like-minded makers. The GOODEE stamp of approval promises that every item is transparently sourced, ethically made, and designed to last.

GOODEE’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


GOODEE’s eco-friendly cushions and pillows are made using various natural materials including cotton, linen, sustainable Merino, and mohair wool. Inserts are available filled with kapok, a soft and silky natural fiber that’s picked and shelled by hand. 

When it comes to eco-friendly foam for cushions, they offer cork as an alternative, rather than petrol-based foams.

Supply chain & labor practices:

GOODEE works with global artisans and manufacturers—in locations like Spain, Lebanon, and Guinea—who adhere to fair labor practices, ensuring that workers are treated ethically and paid fairly for their craftsmanship.

An annual report is published that provides information about the makers, materials, and production processes behind each product.

The leadership team is comprised of 57% women and 50% BIPOC.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

As a Climate Neutral Certified company, GOODEE is taking responsibility for its environmental impact and is also looking to make changes in its supply chain to lessen its footprint further.

Community & charitable giving:

10% of Giving Tuesday sales plus 1% of the company’s annual revenue is donated to support changemaker organizations, including Women’s Earth Alliance and People Over Plastic.

GOODEE is also a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

6. Kiliim

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Kiliim #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Kiliim

About Kiliim

Price Range: $65–$99

Kiliim is an Egyptian social enterprise and a lifestyle brand that aims to revive and sustain the local craft of handmade kilim making in Egypt.

In the case of this supplier, you’re buying a cover without an insert, but don’t let that put you off.

You’re buying unique throw pillows for your couch because they are handcrafted using premium Egyptian cotton sourced from the local markets.

For a truly tactile comfortable couch pillow, check out the Mix Wool Lumbar pillow cover made using wool, hand-woven on a cotton base.

Kiliim’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The cotton used in Kiliim’s artisan-made covers for your eco-friendly couch cushions is Egyptian cotton sourced from the local markets. All the colored wool yarn is spun from upcycled remnants from Cairo carpet factories, making use of fibers that would otherwise be discarded.

This makes them an excellent choice if you want to adorn your home with recycled pillows.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Kiliim’s covers are manufactured in Fowwa, a village situated on the Nile Delta and the craftspeople who ply their trade come from a long line of kilim artisans who use traditional techniques. 

Their craft is viewed as part of the area’s heritage, and they receive stable incomes that are 50% higher than the industry average for the area.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Kiliim partners with Made Trade, ensuring your purchases are shipped carbon-neutral.

Community & charitable giving: 

Kiliim donates all proceeds from specialty collections to an extensive list of nonprofits.

7. Boll & Branch

7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Images by Boll & Branch #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle
Images by Boll & Branch

About Boll & Branch

Price Range: $65–$99

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to Boll & Branch’s organic throw pillow covers.

Earthy colors and unique textures are what make this brand so appealing, and you’ll find them both across this sustainable bedding brand’s entire range—sustainable throw pillows included.

Take the Smocked Decorative Pillow Cover that’s inspired by calming ocean waves. The gathered design offers a dimensional effect.

Boll & Branch’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


100% GOTS-certified organic long-staple cotton is used for these elegant non-toxic throw pillow covers. This type of cotton is known for its superior strength and uniformity. It’s also a material that gets softer with every wash. 

Everything is free of toxic chemicals per OEKO-TEX certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Boll & Branch is Fair Trade Certified. Over the last decade, they’ve paid almost $1 million in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain fair wages and invest in their community. 

Their factories in India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Portugal only employ adults who are treated with respect and paid fairly. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Everything from organic comforters or sustainable throw pillows are sent to customers in eco or recycled packaging. Their gift boxes contain no lamination and water-based adhesives make up more than 80% of each box.

The gift boxes are also produced in a socially and environmentally focused factory, which is SA8000 certified, an accreditation for social accountability in the workplace.

Community & charitable giving:

B&B has donated 10% of order purchase prices to a variety of charitable initiatives including Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity, helping thousands of family’s access affordable housing.

In 2021, 1,500 homecoming bedding bundles were donated to US service members returning from duty.

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Cushions

Not to sound like a grouch (er, couch) but synthetic fabrics and off gassing petroleum foams sure don’t have us feel like lounging around.

Whether seeking couch pillows or eco-friendly outdoor cushions for your favorite sustainable outdoor furniture, our choices should give us some planetary peace of mind, too.

Because pillows are one of the easiest ways to dress up a space, we naturally used our sustainable fashion criteria to handpick the best brands.


We scoured the web for eco-friendly cushions, beginning our search with fabrics that would make for 100% natural throw pillows, like organic cotton, linen, hemp, jute, cork fabric, and sustainably sourced down—dyed with natural dyes, of course.

After natural fibers, we looked for recycled ones.

Our focus was on quality, comfort, and a reduced environmental impact, ensuring that each cushion not only feels good but also does good for the planet. 

While it’s still someone hard to find eco-friendly foam for cushions, we also looked for sustainable throw pillow covers you can use with the pillows you already own. Freshening up what you already own (and providing a natural barrier between any synthetic fabrics) is always the best choice.

Plus, removable covers make for the most easily washable couch pillows, too.

Supply chain & labor practices:

We delved into brands with transparent supply chains, favoring those committed to fair labor practices. 

From ethical sourcing to responsible manufacturing using traditional techniques, our top picks ensured that the entire process, from raw materials to finished cushions aligned with humane and ethical principles. 

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Our search extended to brands actively minimizing their carbon footprint and implementing green practices. 

Cushions with low environmental impact, energy-efficient production, and commitment to reducing waste took precedence. 

Community & charitable giving:

Beyond comfort, we valued brands engaged in community initiatives. Our top picks demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility through charitable giving, community engagement, or sustainable development projects. 

Their cushions not only enhance your home but contribute positively to wider communities and causes.

Final Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Couch Cushions

As we conclude our cozy exploration of these top-notch sustainable cushion brands, it’s evident that sustainable living and stylish comfort can indeed go hand in hand.

These brands have shown us that cushions can be more than just fluffy accessories; they can be a soft embrace for both you and the planet.

By choosing these eco-conscious options, you’re not just decorating your space; you’re making a conscious choice to sit not just comfortably, but eco-consciously, too.

If you have friends or family who are also looking to up their sustainable seating game, throw (pillow) this guide their way (along with our list of sustainable sofas) so we can all enjoy a more sustainable living space.


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7 Sustainable Cushions That Won’t Throw (Pillow) Away Our Planet Image by Anchal #sustainablecushions #sutainablethrowpillows #ecofriendlycushions #ecofriendlythrowpillows #sustainabledecorativepillows #sustainablejungle

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