9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Image by MagicLinen #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Image by MagicLinen
9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Image by Busy Puzzle #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Image by Busy Puzzle

9 Reusable Advent Calendars For A Conscious Christmas Countdown

Amber McDaniel

Christmas is coming!

There’s no harm thinking ahead, especially if you want a low-impact celebration that doesn’t harm the planet. 

What better way to kick off a conscious festive season than with reusable advent calendars?

Except maybe a building a gingerbread house…😉

As well as being a more eco countdown alternative, a reusable house advent calendar (filled with zero waste gifts, of course) can be a fun add-on to your family’s festive traditions and become a treasured piece of holiday decor.

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The Best Reusable Advent Calendars Yule Really Love

MagicLinen knows the real magic of Christmas is what’s inside—but they also make it easy to stuff plenty of magic inside their simple and minimalist pocketed fabric advent calendar made of chemical-free linen fabric.

For some of the best reusable advent calendars on Etsy, KPort Gift Company’s pull double-duty as Christmas tree ornaments.

Busy Puzzle’s wooden advent calendar for kids not only looks elegant, but its block-inspired design will help engage the kids in using a more responsible advent countdown alternative.

For ideas for reusable advent calendar fillers, as well as what we looked for behind each tiny door in terms of sustainability, jump to the end of the article.

The Full List Of Reusable Christmas Advent Calendar Brands

1. Hudson Valley Maker Co

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Hudson Valley Maker Co #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Hudson Valley Maker Co

About Hudson Valley Maker Co’s Reusable Nativity Advent Calendars 

Price Range: $48–$170

Made from maple and walnut wood, the advent calendar from Hudson Valley Maker Co is one of the best reusable advent calendars if you’re looking for a nativity-based theme. 

Move the wooden angel along the little numbered houses toward the manger as you countdown to Christmas day. 

The star above the manger also slides in and out so you can decide whether to display it all month long or just on the 25th. 

Choose from three different lengths: 15 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches. 

All items are designed and crafted in a small Hudson Valley, New York studio by the shop owner. 

2. KPort Gift Company

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by KPort Gift Company #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by KPort Gift Company

About KPort Gift Company’s Reusable Cloth Advent Calendars 

Price Range: $24–$42

The vintage-inspired advent calendar bag sets from KPort Gift Company are cute and simple.

They consist of 4” x 6” bags or 5” x 7” bags made from either 100% organic cotton muslin or sturdier 100% chemical-free cotton. 

Once filled, the little bags can be displayed in endless ways. String them up along a mantelpiece, hang them like ornaments on your eco-friendly Christmas tree, display them in a basket, or hide one each morning for an advent surprise for the kids.

There are loads of different prints to choose from including a retro Santa set, a Night Before Christmas set, and movie-inspired sets for Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story

There’s also more modern and less festive sets like one inspired by the hit TV series Outlander.

All items are handmade in Maine. Requests and custom orders are warmly welcomed. 

3. Busy Puzzle

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Busy Puzzle #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Busy Puzzle

About Busy Puzzle’s Reusable Wooden Advent Calendars 2023

Price Range: $38–$58

Support a family-owned, Ukraine-based business by purchasing a reusable wooden advent calendar from Busy Puzzle

These chunky, handcrafted calendars would make an adorable gift for younger family members to play with and they’re also sporting the scandi-minimalist vibe. 

The basic set includes a calendar base (available in light or dark wood) and two wooden stars made out of elm and walnut wood. There is also the option to add hooks to your order (supplied loose) so that you can hang up little envelopes or paper bags. 

The full set includes wooden nativity scene figures that can also be purchased separately from the calendar. 

4. Falcon Ridge Designs

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Falcon Ridge Designs #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Falcon Ridge Designs

About Falcon Ridge Design’s Reusable Advent Calendars USA

Price Range: $45

Falcon Ridge Designs makes personalized wooden reusable advent calendars for your planet-friendly festive countdown. 

The base of each calendar is 18” long and made from cherry wood. Choose between 3 different designs for the movable piece, each laser cut from three layers of maple, walnut, and cherry. 

The movable pieces do have some fragile parts (especially the reindeer design) and need to be handled with care. 

Not only is each Christmas advent calendar reusable, but customizable with your family name or a festive quote. 

Each one is handmade to order in Wake Forest, NC.

5. My Papercut Forest

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Holly Booth Studio #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Holly Booth Studio

About My Papercut Forest’s Reusable Felt Advent Calendars UK

Price Range: $51

For unique advent calendars that stand out from the classic Christmas crowd, My Papercut Forest offers tree-themed calendars to decorate your table or shelf. 

Each one is made of additive-free cellulose fiber and is fully biodegradable and emissions-free. 

The reusable felt advent calendar leaves are hand stitched by Kat from The Flat of Kat. These calendars are a collaboration between their shops.

All materials are FSC-certified and come in a recyclable box. However, we recommend holding onto the sturdy box to safely store your tree in-between holidays. 

Because they fold flat, they’ll take up practically no space.

This Brighton-based shop is run by designer and paper artist Silvina De Vita. Alongside advent calendars, you’ll find a unique assortment of paper craft kits, miniature paper domes, greeting cards, and more. 

6. Knotted Sage

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Knotted Sage #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Knotted Sage

About Knotted Sage’s Reusable Advent Calendars for Adults

Price Range: $68–$128

For an alcohol-themed house advent calendar that can be used year after year, take a look at Knotted Sage’s wine and beer holder calendar made from birchwood cut into the shape of a snowman.

Each wooden advent calendar is essentially a festive wine/beer holder that can fit 12 bottles of beer or mini wine bottles. They also have a Liquor Advent Calendar that can hold 24 miniature bottles. 

Note the alcohol is not included! 

For underage users, they also offer one that can be filled with lollipops.All items are designed and handmade by shop-owner Maegan in Vancouver, a serious consideration if you’re after reusable advent calendars in Canada.

7. The T Bird

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by The T Bird #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by The T Bird

About The T Bird’s Christmas Reusable Advent Calendar UK

Price Range: $16–$28

The T Bird’s wooden reusable advent calendar moves a happy Santa day by day towards the 25th December.

Another fitting option if you’re looking for a Christmas advent calendar in the UK. 

Each 40cm x 11.5cm calendar is handmade using birch plywood and features a Santa figure behind the little houses for each day of December. No doubt he’s dropping off presents for the well-behaved! 

It can be personalized with a name, making this a cute reusable advent calendar for kids. 

They also have a gonk version if you’re not a fan of Santa (or just love gonks more). 

8. MagicLinen

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by MagicLinen #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by MagicLinen

About MagicLinen’s Reusable Fabric Advent Calendar

Price Range: $93

MagicLinen may be one of our favorite linen clothing brands, but they make the magic of linen fabric extend to all areas of your life—including holiday festivities.

Featuring 24 pockets perfectly sized for stuffing sweet treats, a small toy, and other little gifts, each minimalist advent calendar is made of 100% OEKO-TEX certified linen grown in Lithuania, where the products are also handmade.

Because the linen is stone washed for softness, these calendars will drape on any wall elegantly—though we recommend hanging to store to prevent creases and wrinkles.

And if you’re looking for more lovely linen holiday decor, they also offer a fun and festive selection of linen Christmas Stockings.

9. Cackleberry Designs

9 Reusable Advent Calendar Brands For A Conscious Christmas Countdown Images by Cackleberry Designs #reusableadventcalendar #bestreusableadventcalendars #reusablechristmasadventcalendars #adventcalendarreusable #sustainablejungle
Images by Cackleberry Designs

About Cackleberry Design’s Reusable Advent Calendar Australia

Price Range: $40–$67

Cackleberry Designs’ personalized cotton hanging advent calendar is another option if you’re looking for reusable fabric advent calendars

Featuring 25 stuffable pockets with white numbers, each reusable fabric advent calendar measure 60cm high and 40cm wide. 

These calendars aren’t totally plastic-free due to the heat transfer vinyl. You can add your own name and wording to the calendar by choosing a font and color. 

10. DIY Reusable Advent Calendars

You can also make your own advent calendar, credit to your own creative juices.

But before you get stuck into reusable advent calendars DIY-style: what’s your skill? 

If you can knit, crochet, or sew, there are plenty of reusable advent calendar ideas out there. From mini crocheted stockings to fabric wall hangings, a quick internet search will throw up a heap of patterns. 

Etsy is also a good place to buy PDF patterns. Have a read of the reviews first to see if other crafters have found the pattern easy to follow. 

Likewise, if woodworking is your thing, have a search for DIY wooden reusable advent calendars. Then put your elf hat on and get crafting!

If you don’t possess any of those skill sets, that’s okay, too. 

There are plenty of Christmas advent calendar designs for the craft-challenged—like this one by Design Mom that only requires you to snip some fabric, operate an iron, and tie a bow.

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What To Put In A Reusable Advent Calendar

If you’ve opted for a pocket advent calendar, mini bags, envelopes, boxes, or advent stockings your next question might be, “What do you put in a reusable advent calendar?” 

The options really are limitless. It depends on who the calendar is for and what they’re into. 

If you’re stocking up (pun intended) on reusable advent calendar fillers here are some ideas for small eco-friendly gifts

What To Put In Reusable Advent Calendars For Kids:

  • Found natural objects: Use special stones, pinecones, feathers, and other foraged objects to create a natural advent calendar
  • Activities: Little envelopes filled with activity ideas such as “baking cookies”, “making Xmas cards”, and “reading a Xmas story” help keep little ones entertained (whilst ticking some Christmas activities off your list). 
  • Eco friendly toys: Have a hunt for second-hand treasures in your local thrift store and if you do need to buy new, help support planet-positive brands. 
  • Puzzle pieces: Pick up a puzzle at your local thrift store and pop a few pieces into each advent pocket or envelope. If you make the puzzle yourself first, you can then add the pieces to the calendar in order so that children can build more of the puzzle each day, adding the final pieces on the 24th/25th. 
  • Beads: Add a bead to each day and by the 25th, recipients will have a new festive necklace to wear!
  • Eco-friendly school supplies: From plantable pencils to sustainable notebooks, stationary and non-toxic art supplies are a useful gift for all ages. 

What To Put In Reusable Advent Calendars For Adults:

Final Thoughts On Reusable Advent Calendars For 2023

Disposable advent calendars are so last decade, nay, century.

Let’s all switch to reusable advent calendars for 2023 and beyond.

Besides, we need a bit of festive cheer to look forward to—minus the eco guilt that inevitably appears during the holiday season. 

Opting for eco-friendly Christmas crackers, advent calendars and sustainable Christmas decorations (in general) that are reusable are ways we can ease ourselves into the low waste living spirit this Christmas.

Make or buy one that you really love. Pack it away carefully post-Christmas, making sure it’s clean and dry and then you can look forward to using it every year. 

And because you’ll find most of these reusable advent calendars on Etsy, they also make for some of the best Etsy gifts this holiday season.

We ho-ho-hope you’ve been inspired by these reusable advent calendar ideas. Feel free to share them with your family and friends and help them create a conscious Christmas countdown.


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