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Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Review

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of PlushBeds’ Luxury Bliss Mattress & Bedding

Amber McDaniel

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Once upon a time in the world of sleep, there was a company called PlushBeds that aimed to revolutionize the way we snooze. 

With a history as cozy as their sustainable mattresses, PlushBeds has become a household name in the realm of premium bedding.

But does their performance match the press?

Here at Sustainable Jungle, we were given the opportunity to personally test several of their products, including their famous Luxury Bliss® hybrid latex mattress.

If you’re looking to upgrade your sleep essentials but are on the fence about whether PlushBeds is the right brand for you, our PlushBeds honest review may just be the before bedtime reading you need.

Or if you need to head straight to bed, catch the highlights in our video below.

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1. Who Is PlushBeds?

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss MattressImage by Sustainable Jungle#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Luxury Mattress Review

PlushBeds was born out of a passion for creating a more comfortable and eco-friendly sleeping experience. 

Founded by Michael Hughes in 2007 after learning his father’s death may have been caused, in part, by exposure to common household chemicals, this brand quickly rose to fame by delivering luxurious mattresses that are as good for you as they are for the planet.

Hughes was particularly disturbed that chemical flame retardants used to treat mattresses—and have been linked to numerous health problems, including thyroid disorders, development disorders, reproductive health, immunological, oncological and cardiovascular diseases—are readily absorbed by the body.

In America, where restrictions on such chemicals are lax, women’s breast milk has been found to have levels of flame retardants 75% higher than European women, where their use is restricted.

Hughes vowed to do something different, and fifteen years later, PlushBeds is now famous for their non-toxic and plush, well…beds!

White they were one of the first to prioritize safer sleep systems, they were far from the last, and have since been joined by numerous other non-toxic mattress makers.

However, despite the increase in competition, PlushBeds still stands as an industry leader in using non-toxic and eco-conscious materials across their entire range of safe sleep-inducing bedding.

PlushBeds’ mattresses come in various styles to cater to your specific dreamscape, from pure natural latex layers to hybrid wonders that combine the best of both worlds. These mattresses aren’t just cozy; they’re also customizable to fit your desired firmness level.

PlushBeds doesn’t stop at mattresses, either. They also offer an assortment of bedding accessories, from organic sheets to organic mattress toppers, designed to elevate your entire sleep experience.

You can essentially turn your bed into a five-star hotel suite without ever leaving home.

2. PlushBeds Review: Sustainability

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Image by Sustainable Jungle #plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Sustainability

PlushBeds is a big name in sustainability circles—but is PlushBeds legit? Just how sustainable are they?

Well they’re all about natural and organic components, so you can slumber soundly in the knowledge that you’re not harming your own body, or the environment.

This sustainable bedding brand tackles environmental responsibility on three fronts.

1. Certified Sustainable & Organic Materials

PlushBeds takes great pride in using natural and organic materials in their products. 

Natural and sustainably sourced latex foam is their superstar—so what kind of latex does PlushBeds use?

Their latex mattresses, for example, are made from 100% Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified natural and organic Talalay and Dunlop latex.

The softer Talalay latex foam features in their contouring comfort layers, while the former Dunlop latex makes up support layers in certain mattresses only.

Natural latex foam, for those who don’t know, is created by tapping rubber trees, a harmless process much like tapping maple trees for syrup.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses do not off-gas harmful chemicals, like VOCs, which can lead to indoor air pollution.

Other materials include USDA Organic and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton, and ethically-sourced and certified organic wool.

All in all, their completed mattresses bear eco-INSTITUT, GREENGUARD Gold, and OEKO-TEX certification (an achievement fewer than 1% of mattress brands can claim), granted only after lab tests confirm them to be free of the 61 chemicals usually found in memory foam mattresses. 

The wood used in their orthopedic foundations bears certification from both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Rainforest Alliance, ensuring it comes from sustainable and well managed sources.

Aside from the fabric encased coils, every component of PlushBeds’ mattresses is entirely biodegradable.

2. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The company’s manufacturing processes are designed to minimize their environmental footprint. 

As a Green America Certified Business and Sustainable Furnishings Council members, they follow strict guidelines for sustainable and responsible production, including reducing waste, conserving water, and utilizing energy-efficient methods.

3. Carbon Offsetting

Through the carbon offset program TerraPass, they fully offset the impact of the PlushBeds website.

3. PlushBeds Review: Ethics

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss MattressImage by PlushBeds#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Ethics

Where Are PlushBeds Made?

PlushBeds wears its “made-in-the-USA” badge with pride. They write:

“By designing and manufacturing our own proprietary mattresses here in the US, we are able to oversee every step of the process to ensure that our mattresses are the highest quality available, as well as provide jobs to workers here in the US.”

Their state-of-the-art factory in California features third-party certification from GOTS, GOLS, and Control Union, all of which not only attest to the organic practices and treatments of materials, but also to the ethical treatment of workers.

By engineering and manufacturing their own mattresses, PlushBeds cuts out middlemen, allowing them to keep costs for consumers lower while also maintaining the highest level of ethical and quality control standards.

Are PlushBeds Mattresses Vegan?

While the entire PlushBeds line is not vegan—due to the incorporation of wool in many of their mattresses and toppers, and down in the PlushBeds pillow lineup—they do offer an array of vegan mattresses and bedding for those who prefer a completely animal-free lifestyle.

The Luxury Bliss® mattress though is not among them, the similar Natural Bliss swaps out the layer of GOTS-certified organic wool in favor of an Eco Fire Barrier™, a plant-based alternative to wool’s natural fire retardant function.

However, for those who aren’t opposed to ethical wool, theirs come from cruelty-free British farms who do not practice harmful shearing techniques like mulesing.

How PlushBeds Gives Back

The PlushBeds Green Scholarships program has donated thousands of dollars to students, and the brand supports numerous other organizations, including Hometown Heros, Every Kid Counts, and The Village of Mange Bureh.

4. PlushBeds Mattress Review: Luxury Bliss® Hybrid Mattress

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss MattressImage by Sustainable Jungle#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

With an average 4.9/5-star PlushBeds ratings from over 10,000 customers, we wanted to know if the hype was legitimate or a well-done marketing campaign.

Which is why we were thrilled to personally acquire and test our very own The Luxury Bliss® Hybrid Latex Mattress.

The moment we lay down on this particular PlushBeds latex mattress, we knew we had made a solid sleep decision. Here are some standouts in our Plush Luxury Bliss® Review:

PlushBeds Setup

Out of the box, our PlushBeds organic latex mattress was easy to set up, thanks to its ready-to-go form and sturdy carrying handles on both the bottom and side.

Even having to hoist the mattress up a ladder and above the top banister to the bedroom loft of our tiny house, setup from delivery-to-done took about 15 minutes.

For those who live in a normal-sized house, carrying the 100 lb or so mattress to the bedroom is an easy feat for two strong individuals.

Comparing a bed in a box vs PlushBeds’ as-in shipment form, the former might make transporting upstairs and through narrow hallways easier, but we think PlushBeds’ thoughtful design still makes the setup process a breeze.

Firmness & Support

Having opted for the medium-firm mattress version, this mattress features firm and support underlayers, with a plush organic cotton pillow top, so it strikes a remarkable balance between comfort and support. 

We’re primarily side sleepers so finding something firm enough to keep the spine in alignment while still providing pressure relief from key joints is critical. The firm yet contouring ability of the latex foam provides all the comfort of memory foam mattresses, but none of the issues often reported from the lack of supportive underlayers.

So while latex foam isn’t actually memory foam, our Plushbeds ‘memory foam’ review couldn’t be more glowing.

Our previous mattress was comfortable, but a little softer than our PlushBeds mattress, which often caused back and hip discomfort. Since sleeping on our PlushBeds latex mattress, we’ve awoken every morning refreshed and pain-free.

And if you love the support of latex foam but are worried about the rubbery smell it sometimes omits, rest assured knowing this mattress had NO rubbery smell, not even right out of the bag.

While the medium-firm mattress is right for us, you can also select medium for a softer mattress.

Temperature Regulation

We’e should also mention that we prefer a cooler night’s sleep. Most people do, because cooler temperatures help you sleep deeper, fall asleep faster, and increase the quality of REM sleep.

What’s more, cooler bedroom temperatures are also shown to boost metabolic activity, conversely decreasing risk to metabolic diseases like diabetes.

The natural latex foam in this mattress proved to be a hero in temperature regulation. It allowed for breathability, ensuring we stayed cool even during the sultry summer nights. This was actually a huge difference we noticed between this mattress and our last one.

Minimal Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with a partner (or a furry friend), you’ll appreciate the minimal motion transfer of the fabric encased coils of this mattress. 

Again, we live in a tiny house, with a half-height lofted bedroom. This means no standing up and walking around the bed during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Instead, the person on the inside must unceremoniously crawl over the top of the person nearest the stairs.

For the first time in the three years since we’ve lived in this house, we’ve actually been able to sleep through that very scenario, which happens nightly, of course.

It also means you feel the tossing and turning of restless sleepers less (guilty!), so this mattress also allows us to sleep without fear of a night of restless thoughts keeping the other awake.

100-Night Sleep Trial Period

We know that a mattress is a big buying decision. They’re not by any means cheap and, if investing in quality, they’re a long-term investment—which is all to say it’s not a purchase that anyone makes lightly.

That’s why we really appreciate that every PlushBeds mattress comes with a free 100-night sleep trial guarantee. If you decide the mattress isn’t for you anywhere in that timeframe, they’ll take it back for free.

We love brands that stand by their products in this way and help us rest easier (literally, in this case) about trying something as personal as a mattress.

It’s worth noting, however, that this trial period is only offered on the mattress themselves, NOT the toppers or other bedding products. We point this out as this misunderstanding seems to have caused the bulk of negative PlushBeds reviews/ complaints we’ve read.

5. PlushBeds Mattress Review FAQs

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss MattressImage by Sustainable Jungle#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Mattress Review FAQs

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Vs Luxury Bliss®

While we’re only able to offer a first-hand PlushBeds Luxury Bliss® review, you may be interested in the brand’s other flagship mattress: the Botanical Bliss.

Let’s compare these two luxurious mattresses to help you make an informed decision.

The biggest difference between the two is the number of latex layers. While the Luxury Bliss® features four all-natural layers (available only in a static 12” overall thickness), the Botanical Bliss mattress features six customizable layers (in your choice of 9”, 10”, and 12” thicknesses).

The two share their top two layers of organic cotton and wool, along with an organic latex comfort layer, but the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress features an additional cotton layer, additional latex layers, and swaps out the fabric encased coils for a pure organic Dunlop latex support core.

This is an important distinction because the lack of coils (which is what differentiates it from a hybrid mattress) means the Botanical Bliss would need to be paired with a box spring or some type of breathable base.

Overall, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss reviews seem to suggest it’s the better option for those seeking a more traditional bed build and who appreciate a slightly firmer mattress.

How Long Do PlushBeds Mattresses Last?

Offering a lifetime warranty on any natural latex mattress, PlushBeds’ guarantee on their products is better than most in the industry.

The warranty includes full-cost repair coverage for any manufacturing defects and flaws that arise within the first 10 years.

If problems occur within the next 15 years, PlushBeds offer repairs for a small handing fee to the buyer or a full replacement for a prorated cost that’s significantly lower than retail PlushBeds price.

While we obviously haven’t had our mattress long enough to truthfully speak to its full lifespan, given that the average lifespan of a conventional hybrid latex mattress is merely 5.5–6.5 years, PlushBeds’ 25-year warranty clearly demonstrates their confidence that the longevity and quality of any PlushBeds latex mattress is far superior to that of the industry standard.

PlushBeds Price

With mattresses ranging in cost from $899–$3,798, they’re more expensive like most sustainable products compared to your average foam mattress (in which case, the cost may instead come to your health, rather than your wallet) but are more affordable than many other brands in the sustainable mattress sector.

Plus, with regular PlushBeds discounts and sales available, the brand does its best to make safer sleeper accessible to more people.

6. PlushBeds Bedding Review

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Bedding ReviewImage by Sustainable Jungle#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle – PlushBeds Bedding Review

In addition to testing out the Luxury Bliss® mattress, we were also able to test out three other pieces of PlushBeds bedding: a down pillow, mattress protector, and set of sheets.

Here are our thoughts on each:

PlushBeds Mattress Protector Review

We firmly believe one of the best ways to preserve the longevity of your mattress is to keep it protected from dirt and spills via an organic mattress protector.

After all, there’s no sense investing in an organic mattress if you’re just going to cover it with dirty conventional cotton or polyester fibers.

Fortunately, PlushBeds offers an Organic Mattress Protector made of a combined GOTS-certified organic cotton cover paired with a non-toxic waterproof underlayer.

If you’re worried about the crinkly, uncomfortable stiffness that often accompanies such liquid barriers, we’ll tell you this one is not the case. While we can feel the protective firmness of it, it makes little to no noise when tossing and turning and doesn’t diminish the plushness of our mattress’ pillow top in any way.

Designed to keep liquid out without trapping in air or heat, this breathable PlushBeds mattress protector keeps you cool and prevents moisture buildup inside the mattress itself.

PlushBeds Pillow Review

The Goose Down Pillow, in our chosen “firm” density, is a miracle for those who regularly suffer from neck pain.

Finding a quality supportive pillow suitable for side sleepers can be a major challenge and this is easily the best we’ve tried.

Firm, but not too firm, it strikes the right balance between cloud-like plushness that cradles your head and firmness that adequately supports the neck while keeping the spine in alignment.

We used to wake up more days than not with a sore neck and pinched occipital nerves. No more, since we’ve started using this pillow.

The attention to detail in the construction of this pillow is commendable. It’s encased in a 100% hypoallergenic GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, which adds to the overall luxurious feel and keeps allergens and other nasal clogging irritations at bay. 

This is crucial for us as people who firmly believe in the benefits of nasal breathing over mouth breathing.

We also appreciate that this organic pillow is filled with Responsible Down System (RDS) certified down feathers.

PlushBeds Vegan Silk Sheets Review

You know how some vegan silk sheets feel, well, less than silky?

Not these Vegan Silk Sheets.

Made of irresistibly soft TENCEL™ (a semisynthetic fabric made of tree pulp in an eco-friendly closed-loop production process), they really do feel just about as close to silk as you get without all the ethical reservations.

Guilt-free indulgence aside, TENCEL™ is known for its temperature-regulating and moisture wicking properties, meaning these sheets keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

As we quickly decline into winter, we’ve now had the opportunity to test them in both types of weather and have slept comfortably no matter.

They’re also durable and easy to care for via a cold wash using natural laundry detergent.

We’ve washed them several times now and used them for a couple of months, and haven’t experienced any pilling, color fading, or loss of silky texture.

7. PlushBeds Latex Mattresses Vs Other Brands

PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss MattressImage by Sustainable Jungle#plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

PlushBeds Vs Avocado

PlushBeds and Avocado are reputable mattress brands known for their commitment to eco-friendly and organic materials. 

Both brands prioritize using natural components like organic latex, cotton, and wool, and hold certifications that underscore their sustainability efforts and USA-based mattress manufacturing.

In terms of trial periods and warranties, both brands are quite generous, with around 100-night trial periods though PlushBeds’ lifetime warranty exceeds Avocado’s 25-year one.

While both brands have similarly entry price-points, the upper tiers of Avocado’s organic mattresses are significantly more expensive than PlushBeds, deals and sales notwithstanding.

However, Avocado has recently been under scrutiny for greenwashing and controversy via a class action lawsuit accusing the brand of falsely advertising their natural latex mattresses as being synthetic and toxin-free.

While the lawsuit has now been dismissed, it has had a negative impact on Avocado’s credibility among conscious consumers.

PlushBeds Vs Saatva

Saatva is a luxury natural mattress brand that, like PlushBeds, emphasizes sustainability and ethical production.

But while PlushBeds offers organic latex options with a variety of firmness levels, Saatva focuses on luxury innerspring and hybrid mattresses with a strong innerspring system for support.

Saatva’s cheapest mattress option is slightly more affordable than PlushBeds’, but overall, PlushBeds offers more competitive pricing for similar quality of materials and USA-craftsmanship.

Birch Vs PlushBeds

Birch, a brand by Helix, specializes in natural and organic materials, offering a latex hybrid mattress built using organic wool and natural latex, similar to PlushBeds’ own latex mattresses.

Choosing between a Birch and PlushBeds mattress will largely depend on your preferences for materials, customization, and budget. Birch is suitable for those looking for natural materials at a more affordable price, while PlushBeds caters to those seeking a customizable, organic latex mattress.

Both brands offer trial periods and warranties to ensure customer satisfaction.

Other SJ team members will be testing out the Birch mattress in the near future, so what this space for our personal thoughts on that.

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Final Thoughts On Our PlushBeds Mattress Review

Regular readers of SJ know that we take matters of sustainability and non-toxicity very seriously.

Rather than take a brand’s word at face value, we do our due diligence to ensure the brands we’re promoting—whether eco-friendly clothing brands or organic makeup brands—are really as pure as they claim to be.

This often involves walking the extra mile (or in this case, sleeping an extra ten minutes) to personally test products and investigate the nitty-gritty details behind the brands to ensure what they’re selling is up-to-snuff.

So you can trust us when we say that a world where everyone is chasing the elusive ‘good night’s sleep’, PlushBeds stands out.

They don’t just sell sleep that’s comfortable and sound in the short term; They sell quality, safe sleep that will benefit the health of your home and body in the long-term, too.

We’ve long been fans of their sustainability, and now, after weeks of blissful slumber in the natural cradle of their products, we can confidently say PlushBeds’ products are worth every penny.

If you know someone looking to upgrade their mattress or has been eyeing PlushBeds skeptically for a while, please feel free to pass along our honest PlushBeds review.

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PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Image by PlushBeds #plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle
PlushBeds Review: Our Honest Review Of The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Image by Sustainable Jungle #plushbedsreview #plushbedsmattressreview #plushbedsluxuryblissreview #plushbedsmattress #plushbedslatexmattress #plushbedsrating #sustainablejungle

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