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9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush

Molly Willows

When it comes to conventional toilet paper, our bodies and the Earth have endured a lot of crap.

From relentless deforestation and loss of ecosystems to the harmful chemicals that get absorbed by our bloodstreams and waterways, regular toilet paper is down in the dumps.

If you give a poop about the health of yourself and your planet, making the switch to organic toilet paper is anything but a bummer.

For a less dumpy approach to eco-friendly bathroom products (minus going the whole nine yards with zero waste toilet paper) say hello to some of the best non-toxic toilet paper options for an all-natural revo-poo-tion.

So is there a chemical-free toilet paper?

You bet your bottom dollar!

We’ll spare you the verbal diarrhea and cut to chase.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Organic Sustainable Toilet Paper Brands For An All-Natural Sh*tuation

We love to make a stink over Cloud Paper’s tree-free, organic bamboo toilet paper that considers its sustainability every step of the way from shipping to sh*tting. 

Creekside Kid offers an organic cotton way to ensure toilet paper without PFAS, by providing reusable organic cloth options of (un)paper.

The heart of the (fecal) matter is that there’s a better way for potty hygiene, and Betterway’s bleach and formaldehyde-free toilet paper proves just that. 

How’d we find the best non-toxic toilet paper? Pee-p the bottom of this article.

The Full List of Chemical-Free Toilet Paper Brands

1. Cloud Paper

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Cloud Paper’s Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

Price Range: $37–$92

Is there such a thing as organic toilet paper?

There sure is, and we welcome you to join us on Cloud Nine with Cloud Paper’s soft, strong, sustainable and organic bamboo toilet paper

Instead of using virgin tree pulp, it’s made from highly regenerative and FSC-certified bamboo that’s sustainably sourced without killing the plant itself, reduces soil erosion, and produces 35% more oxygen than trees can during regeneration.

It’s also free of chlorine bleach, scents, dyes, pesticides, and BPA. Other than the paper itself and the compostable wrapper, just a bit of cornstarch adhesive is used to attach the first sheet to the roll. 

We’d also call this toilet paper 100% greenwashing-free, since Cloud Paper is awarded the highest possible score by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The organic jumbo 3-ply premium bamboo toilet paper comes in plastic-free packaging and packs of 24 or 80, which are purchased through their subscription service that can be paused or canceled at any time. 

About Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper’s mission is to “wipe out deforestation” and save the 526 million trees used in the US alone per year for toilet paper. 

The Seattle-based brand sources and manufactures their tree-free and chemical-free toilet paper in China, and offset doubly through Carbonfund AND planting a tree for every order with One Tree Planted.

All packaging is 100% plastic and virgin tree-free, including the 100% post-consumer recycled content they’re mailed in—so the paper tape really means it when it says “No Trees Harmed”.

Cloud Paper partners with Food Lifeline (plus other non-profits) to donate over 120,000 (so far) toxin-free toilet paper to local food banks and shelters. 

2. Tushy

9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush Images by Sustainable Jungle and Tushy #organictoiletpaper #bestorganictoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaper #chemicalfreetoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaperbrands #organicbambootoiletpaper #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle and Tushy

Tushy’s Unbleached Chemical-Free Toilet Paper

Price Range: $59–$599

Spoil your tush with Tushy’s organic unbleached toilet paper.

What is the healthiest toilet paper to use? 

Chemical and tree-free toilet paper solutions like Tushy’s, which offers 100% organic bamboo, unbleached, BPA-free toilet paper to be used alone or in tandem with their best-selling bidets, which are easy-to-install DIY attachments without the need for a plumber. 

Their bamboo toilet paper is luxuriously soft and made from virgin bamboo pulp into premium silky-strong, hypoallergenic 3-ply.

Every roll comes with art-decorated recycled paper packaging, both to help reduce the planet’s plastic scourge and to display your tush’s commitment to a healthy planet proudly.

This non-toxic toilet paper is also 100% biodegradable, and returns to the Earth as naturally as it entered it, with zero traces of fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals of any sort.

How much toilet paper is too much? 

Look to Tushy’s legendary modern bidets for natural alternatives to toilet paper.

Our own lives were long ago changed by the royal flush of the Ace Electric Bidet, which is worth the upfront investment thanks to its optional heated water output, butt blow dryer and adjustable heated seat. Not to mention it uses 1/8 gallon of water per potty versus 37 gallons to manufacture one single toilet roll. 

Together, their toilet paper and bidet will become your bum’s best buddies, and their organic bamboo toilet paper is designed for patting dry after you spray since it’s strong enough to hold water without tearing. 

About Tushy

Tushy believes there’s a better way to “doo-doo” things, and we support their mission of “fighting for clean bums and reduced global wastefulness.”

The brand’s organic biodegradable toilet paper helps take the wastefulness out of toilet waste by providing organic, regenerative, bleach-free, plumbing safe, and tree-free paper, plus with over one million bidets sold so far, the brand has saved millions of trees and gallons of water.

Tushy toilet paper production happens in Chengdu China, with a published factory tour to support transparency.

They have 100% plastic free packaging and shipping, plus subscription services or one-time purchasing are available. 

Since Tushy believes our toilets are centers for empowerment, they partner with Samagra to help build community toilets in rural India and support hygiene and dignity. 

3. Creekside Kid

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Images by Creekside Kid

Creekside Kid’s Organic Toilet Paper

Price Range: $14

If the idea of organic cotton toilet paper wipes a smile across your face, then get the potty started with Creekside Kid, who provide some of the most highly rated and least toxic toilet paper in the form of reusable organic buttwad.

If that concept makes you want to crap yourself, hold on and hear us out: closely related to reusable organic baby wipes or cloth diapers, organic cotton toilet paper is sanitary, luxurious, comfy, and absorbent.

Keep a large stack of organic cotton wipes beside the loo, plus a wet bucket for post-use. Whether you use it alongside a bidet, just for pee-pee, or also number two, use this toilet unpaper once per potty and dump the bucket of soiled rags into the laundry machine every couple days.

Every type of organic reusable “toilet unpaper” Creekside Kid sells is soft flannel, gentle on the skin, machine washable, and sewn with serged edges for durability. 

They offer a slew of sizes, styles, and patterns. We especially love their sweetly patterned ones for kids, since the magic of a zero waste bathroom is never discovered too young.

About Creekside Kid

Creekside Kid’s organic toilet unpaper is potty platinum for being handmade with organic cotton and love.

Craftswoman and proud mama Claudia first started the brand to help busy families to reduce toilet paper usage and welcome low-waste living choices that will preserve the Earth while supporting healthy bodies.

It’s all sold on Etsy, who carbon offset all shipping.

4. As You Stitch Baby

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Images by As You Stitch Baby

As You Stitch Baby’s Organic Cotton Toilet Paper

Price Range: $28

Don’t lose your sh*t about the concept of reusable natural toilet paper until you’ve tried it once. 

As You Stitch Baby is one such brand on Etsy providing reusable toilet paper which also happens to be some of the best organic toilet paper out there.

Before you crap yourself, reusable organic cotton toilet paper is 100% hygienic and safe if used correctly. It’s essentially a roll or stack of super-soft washcloths.

Whether you use it to pat dry after a bidet, for number one, or number two, the key is to keep a bucket (optional soapy water already inside) with a lid on it beside the toilet. 

Use one or two squares per toilet trip, and never flush them down. Instead, drop soiled cloth into your bucket next to the loo and wash them in your washing machine every few days.

After they’re washed, just re-roll onto your TP roll or fold in a basket by the can!

Their reusable 100% organic toilet paper comes with 24 pieces that are 10 x 4 inches, or the size of two squares of toilet paper. Each sheet is 1 ply of organic cotton and serged all the way around the edges. 

About As You Stitch Baby

As You Stitch Baby is a clean potty dream mother-and-daughter (do)du-o based in Colorado who make and sell plastic free and paperless products including toilet unpaper, cloth wipes, cloth napkins, paperless towels, and burp cloths via Etsy. 

All items listed are handmade with love by mama Lori and can be washed in hot, disinfecting water with eco-friendly laundry detergent after each use.

When you make your online order, you’ll be chatting with daughter Ali, who provides all-star customer service on the business side of things.

Etsy carbon offsets the impact of shipping.

5. PlantPaper

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Images by zerowastestore.com and PlantPaper

PlantPaper’s PFAS-Free Toilet Paper

Price: $68

What brands of toilet paper don’t have PFAS?

PlantPaper demonstrates plant power when it comes to PFAS chemical and tree-free toilet paper.

This 3-ply septic-safe paper specifically uses the plant power of fast-growing FSC certified bamboo from China, and each roll is soft, strong, absorbent, and made entirely without the use of any harmful chemicals. 

In other words, you get some of the safest toilet paper without bleach, BPAa, PFAS, or formaldehyde—and only a fraction of the water needed to produce tree paper. 

Because we now know the great irony that the very chemicals in traditional toilet paper to make it white and fluffy also make it the reason for UTIs, hemorrhoids, fissures, vulva irritation, and more. 

Each order comes in either a 16 pack, 32 packs, or 96pack, and 200 sheets per roll, each of which feature two sides—one for grabbing, one for dabbing.

About PlantPaper

PlantPaper was started by four friends frustrated by a hygienic practice and industry both in dire need of an update. Because the times have changed, along with our notions about what it means to be clean.

After three years of conducting extensive research and development, they developed PlantPaper to establish themselves as one of the best unbleached toilet paper brands on the market.

The brand proudly provides an entire supply chain, from manufacturing to your door, that is completely plastic-free. 

For packaging, PlantPaper uses chipboard cartons and shipping boxes that are 100% recycled, recyclable, compostable, and free of dyes and coating. 

6. Green Little Nest

9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush Images by Green Little Nest #organictoiletpaper #bestorganictoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaper #chemicalfreetoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaperbrands #organicbambootoiletpaper #sustainablejungle
Images by Green Little Nest

Green Little Nest’s Organic Cotton Toilet Paper

Price: $17–$60

Low waste living is made easier with Green Little Nest’s organic cotton toilet paper to keep your nest truly green. 

Heads (bottoms?) up, this is toilet paper organic AND reusable, so if you’re not done crapping yourself over the reusable organic toilet paper concept, maybe save this for another day.

But we recommend you flush away your judgments, because this healthy toilet paper alternative really works.

For those keen on these hygienic, affordable, and healthy booty rags, it’s easy to make a stink about brands like Green Little Nest who sell super soft, durable, and absorbent organic cotton flannel toilet “unpaper”. 

Each cloth measures 5 x 6 inches and features two layers of unbleached GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is sewn with professionally serged and ever-so-sturdy edges. 

About Green Little Nest

Green Little Nest is run by Mashika, a Washington State-based stay at home mom of two. 

Together the family loves to do wholesome and heart-filled adventures like scouring for rocks and bugs, digging tunnels in the garden, or prancing through the old growth forests of the majestic Pacific Northwest.

It is that love of the Earth that made Makisha want to protect it by offering reusable and organic home alternatives to the plastic world we live in.

All eco-friendly home products are tried, tested, true, used in Mashika’s own family household and handcrafted with love.

7. Reel

9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush Images by Sustainable Jungle #organictoiletpaper #bestorganictoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaper #chemicalfreetoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaperbrands #organicbambootoiletpaper #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Reel’s Bleach-Free Toilet Paper

Price: $37–$70

Reel keeps it refreshingly real with some of the best chemical-free toilet paper made from bamboo.

They ensure their product is the reel sustainable deal by making septic safe, plastic-free, biodegradable, organic toilet paper that’s also 100% free of any BPA, PFAS, inks, dyes, fragrances, and chlorine bleach.

Reel ass-isted our recent weeks to the loo with their rolls, and we think they’re some of the most durable organic bamboo toilet paper we’ve tried. Even with that durability, its softness delivers and it wipes comfortably.

This chlorine-free toilet paper is whitened using elemental chlorine-free (ECF) technology, which is recognized by the EPA as the healthiest available technology for bleaching paper products.

Whether you’re testing it as a one-off or a forever Reel devotee, the rolls come in boxes of 24, packaged in recycled plastic-free packaging, shipped carbon-neutral, and each roll comes wrapped in 100% recycled and compostable tissue paper.

About Reel

Reel offers 100% tree-free and organic paper products that also include FSC-certified recycled paper towels.

This California-based Certified B Corp’s doo-doo good mission is to provide sanitary and safe bathroom services for marginalized communities, motivated by co-founder Derin Oyekan’s upbringing in Lagos where it was so needed. 

They also partner with SOIL Haiti to build toilets and remove harmful waste buildup, which is treated and turned into compost mulch for reforestation projects and local farmers, and they partner with One Tree Planted to help reforest our planet, one tree at a time.

8. Betterway

9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush Images by Betterway #organictoiletpaper #bestorganictoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaper #chemicalfreetoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaperbrands #organicbambootoiletpaper #sustainablejungle
Images by Betterway

Betterway’s Non-Toxic Toilet Paper

Price Range: $25–$64

Looking for a better way towards a clean booty and a clean planet? 

Try Betterway, whose biodegradable organic toilet paper made from bamboo is some of the softest, least toxic toilet paper being sold today. 

Their Premium Bamboo Double Rolls are made from sustainably sourced 100% FSC-certified and organically grown virgin bamboo pulp, with fluffy soft 3-ply sheets embossed for added strength and a buttload of premium squares per roll—360 to be exact.

Not just ink, fragrance, BPA, lint, and dye-free toilet paper, it’s also hypoallergenic, septic safe, and biodegradable.

Their premium bamboo toilet paper is whitened via elemental chlorine free (ECF), which is better for the environment and safer for your bits. Bye carcinogens!

Plus, if you’re not convinced Betterway’s is the best chemical-free toilet paper, the brand has a “happy wiping” satisf-ass-tion guarantee with 100 days to be sure you want to wipe the better way.

Each roll is wrapped in compostable paper wrappers and is shipped plastic free, including their sugar-based packing tape.

About Betterway

Betterway is passionate about their “bottom” line:

”We’re cutting down 16 million trees every year just to wipe; accounting for 15% of global deforestation… It’s our forests, and the lives that depend on them, that are paying the real price. So, how about we stop wiping with trees?”

The bamboo used in their toilet paper isn’t farmed commercially, but rather sourced from FSC-certified farms that support local communities. 

It’s all hand-cut harvested, which means no energy intensive heavy machinery and no other destructive or invasive farming practices.

While the chlorine-free toilet paper is made in China, Betterway’s supply chain only has BSCI-certified partners. This manufacturing certification ensures equitable supply chains and working conditions that are fair, safe, sustainable, and transparent.


9 Best Organic Toilet Paper Brands For A Non-Toxic Tush Images by WHOLEROLL #organictoiletpaper #bestorganictoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaper #chemicalfreetoiletpaper #nontoxictoiletpaperbrands #organicbambootoiletpaper #sustainablejungle

WHOLEROLL’s Organic Toilet Paper

Price: $38–$150

You’re going to want to hog the whole roll for yourself with WHOLEROLL’s 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, septic safe, chemical-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, super soft FSC-certified bamboo non-toxic toilet paper.

Made from highly regenerative and organically grown bamboo, this earth friendly toilet paper is perfect for sensitive skin and those looking to lessen the impact of their toilet routine. 

The high quality organic bamboo tissue has an organic cotton-like softness, and comes as strong, silky, and chemical and tree free 3-ply in jumbo rolls of 300 squares. 

We suggest buying their 12 Family Mega Rolls, which equal 45 regular rolls, because this set of TP comes entirely plastic-free. 


This mom-made and mom-approved tree-free and chemical free toilet paper was founded in San Francisco to help end deforestation and combat climate change, while also providing a sustainable alternative to typical toilet paper.

When you buy a pack, WHOLEROLL plants one tree in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

The brand values being transparent, doing good, providing high quality natural products and customer satisfaction, which is why this toilet paper receives such stellar reviews. 

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Why Choose Non-Toxic Toilet Paper Brands?

Both the toilet paper industry and the hygienic practice could stand going down the drain for once and for all.

Early in the 1900s, the process of mass clearcutting Boreal forests to create virgin tree pulp that’s then heavily bleached and chemically-produced somehow became central to our approach to cleanliness.

In the century-plus since, not much has changed. 

Meanwhile, the hidden costs of toilet paper are horrendous to both the body of Earth and ourselves.

27,000 trees per day are flushed down the planet’s toilets, including thousands of acres of boreal forest per minute; in Canada, one million acres of it per year. 

The process uses 37 gallons of water, 1.5 pounds of wood, and 1/3kWh of electricity to produce one single roll.

One tree yields about 1,000 rolls, so one American will wipe out 384 trees during their lifetime.

And we still use highly toxic chlorinated bleach to whiten the paper too, about 253,000 tons per year. If you’ve ever driven past a modern paper mill, you know how toxic those chemicals are. The radius of harmful stench lingers for miles and miles. 

Meanwhile, the toilet paper supply chain for North America remains fixed to a small group of powerful corporations who receive little reason to innovate beyond their large toxic mess, as their product and its process continue to contaminate our bloodstream and our ecosystems for their profit.

Luckily, today we can demand an alternative—and we know those fuzzy kittens and cuddly teddy bears in their marketing only serve as a distraction from the actual brutal business. 

So, is toilet paper non-toxic? 

Those traditional wads sure aren’t, which is why we’ve made a handy list of some of their common chemicals to be avoided (whether you have sensitive skin or not). Should you wish to avoid things like anal fissures, hemorrhoids, vulvar dermatitis, UTIs, and more…

Chlorine Bleach:

Did you know bleached paper is one of the most carcinogenic products known to science? 

When conventional toilet paper is bleached with chlorine bleach, carcinogenic chemicals like dioxin are released into the atmosphere, plus they’re released into our skin and bloodstream when we wipe. These toxins then accumulate in our bodies, which can lead to serious health problems.

Meanwhile, there is no reason to keep using such harmful methods. ECF bleach methods and hydrogen peroxide are significantly less toxic and form no harmful by-products. 


PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, AKA “forever chemicals,” are ubiquitous manufacturing chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) links with a range of serious issues.

These include decreased fertility, increased risk of certain cancers, hypertension in pregnant people, developmental delays in children, low birthweight, hormonal irregularities, elevated cholesterol, reduced immune function, and more. 

Even some recycled and supposedly “healthy” toilet paper brands were tested and confirmed to contain the PFAS organic fluorine.


Also known as bisphenol A, it is a likely toxic endocrine disruptor that’s been linked to cancer, heart disease and infertility.

It has been detected in some toilet papers, especially recycled options.


It’s used to strengthen the paper to stop it from tearing, but carcinogenic formaldehyde in toilet paper has been linked with chronic vulva irritation

…Need we say more? 

Synthetic Fragrances: 

Since manufacturers aren’t required to disclose what comprises their fragrances, we have no way to know if the ingredients are harmful or will cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. 

Phthalates (potent endocrine-disrupting chemicals) and synthetic musks typically hide in there, which are also linked to obesity, hyperactivity in children and degraded sperm quality.

Talk about a bummer, right? 

Not to use a potty mouth, but(t) it’s !@#$ing time to change our wasteful, toxic toilet routine. 

We never wanted our wiping to wipe away our health and our species’ survival on this planet, which is why our methods to “take care of business” need to radically reframe our business-as-usual toilet mindset. 

After all, the average human lifespan includes two to three years on the can. Let’s make them count.

How We Found the Best Organic Toilet Paper

We hope that by now we’ve answered your question, “Where can I buy chemical-free toilet paper?

But now let’s switch from the why and where to how we chose these organic toilet paper manufacturers.


Organic toilet paper, like these sustainable tissues, are typically made from bamboo, while the reusable type is typically made from organic cotton. 

Look for materials that are organically, sustainably, and ethically produced, and preferably with a sustainable forestry certification.

Supply chain & labor practices:

How the products are made is likewise important. Fortunately, many of the brands here use bamboo ethically sourced from small-scale local farmers who grow bamboo as a second income.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Manufacturing TP creates carbon, full (potty) stop. We like to discover how brands reduce their impact aside from just the products they make, like using renewable energy, non-toxic and closed loop processes, carbon offsetting, tree planting, and initiatives to reduce emissions throughout their supply chain.

The brands featured here also use plastic-free packaging, opting for biodegradable or compostable materials instead. 

Community & charitable giving:

The best tushy-tender makes us feel good afterward, and that feel-good post-wipe feeling only increases with knowing your purchase helped the environment or those lacking access to basic hygiene products.

Paying it forward matters, and we love to prioritize brands with charitable initiatives.


Final Thoughts On Chemical-Free Toilet Paper

Life is all about taking plunges.

We’re not saying to wipe out toilet paper entirely, but we hope this motivates you to at least wipe away unnecessary waste by reducing paper usage and making the switch to organic.

Because organic toilet paper brands are anything but party poopers.

When you’re on a roll towards a more sustainable living routine, it’s such a simple swap to avoid getting caught up in dirty situations. 

So flush away the toxicity that conventional toilet paper dirties the Earth and our bodies with by using a cleaner choice.

Help keep this dirty discussion going by sharing this article with your toilet paper hoarder peers whose overuse habits totally bum you out. 

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