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Image by Lebze
Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Image by Honeysticks #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Image by Honeysticks

9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons To Color Outside The Chemical Lines With

Deidre Maene

Ready to make a hue-ge leap into a big box of non-toxic crayons?

While crayons have been a beloved tool for creative expression, not all of them are created equal in terms of safety and environmental impact. 

However, just as art knows no bounds, the world of eco-friendly art supplies is brimming with innovative solutions that prioritize the well-being of both your family and the earth—without sacrificing creative possibilities to do so.

So what are the safest crayons to use?

We hope you brought your coloring book, because we have a whole box of natural crayons to ensure you and your little Van Goghs can color their world without worry.

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The Best Non-Toxic Crayon Brands for Safe, Sustainable Coloring

Honeysticks’ natural beeswax, mouth-safe composition makes them perfect for toddlers and babies who are just starting to explore their artistic impulses. 

Specially formulated with natural ingredients like food-grade beeswax instead of toxic paraffin wax, the various shapes of crayons by eco-kids are both safe and environmentally friendly. 

Veggie Baby’s crayons are made from veggie-based ingredients, including food-grade soy wax, making them non-toxic and hand-to-mouth safe for the littlest artists.

For more on conventional crayon toxicity and how we chose these natural crayon brands, flip to the bottom of the article.

The Full List Of Natural Crayons For Toddlers & Kids

1. Honeysticks

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Honeysticks #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Honeysticks

Honeysticks’ Natural Wax Crayons

Price Range: $23–$47

Honeysticks crayons aren’t just any ordinary coloring tools; they’re specially designed to the best non-toxic crayons for toddlers and babies, providing the safest and most natural coloring experience for your little ones. 

Their Pure Beeswax Crayons are free from harmful chemicals, fillers, and petroleum byproducts (including paraffin wax), securing their place as the preferred no-chemical children’s crayons for parents and educators alike.

The rich colors are all food-grade and perfectly safe.

Choose between round non-toxic jumbo crayons and easy-grip triangle ones, which are some of the best non-toxic crayons for 1-year-olds who are just getting their hands on drawing and exploring their artistic impulses. 

About Honeysticks

Honeysticks’ ethos is deeply rooted in delivering products that are environmentally friendly and safe for children. 

In a market crowded with art supplies, Honeysticks distinguishes itself by providing beeswax crayons that parents can trust and children can love, all while supporting the well-being of our planet.

That first means using only natural ingredients, ensuring that the littlest artists can create their masterpieces without being exposed to any toxic substances. 

Beyond that, they also utilize renewable resources, avoid plastic, and handcraft all their own products in New Zealand.

2. eco-kids

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by eco-kids #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by eco-kids

eco-kids’ Natural Beeswax Crayons

Price Range: $7–35

Wondering, “What crayons can a 1-year-old use?”

Pretty much any of them by eco-kids!

Their Natural Beeswax Crayons are a dream for eco-conscious families, offering a splash of rich color that glides smoothly across the page. 

Specially formulated for both toddlers and babies, eco-kids crayons provide a safe, natural coloring experience free from harmful chemicals, making them an outstanding choice for environmentally minded parents and a fantastic way to introduce little ones to art.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional sticks to Dinosaur Bones.

About eco-kids

eco-kids leads with a philosophy that marries creativity with sustainability.

Their art supplies, including crayons, are made from natural ingredients and are both food safe and non-GMO, which means they’re safe for kids who are still exploring the world with their taste buds.

Everything from the product to the packaging is designed with the environment in mind, utilizing eco materials.

As a family-run company based in Maine, Eco Kids crafts their products locally, ensuring that every item supports “creative play, the natural way”​​.

3. Crayola

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Crayola #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Crayola

Crayola’s Non-Toxic Washable Crayons For Toddlers

Price Range: $3–$55

Crayola is a household name in the world of eco-friendly school supplies.

But are Crayola crayons non-toxic?

As with any brand that’s been around for over a century as they have, they haven’t always been.

However, in recent years, Crayola has been making a push toward offering more non-toxic art supplies.

Part of their new Ultra-Clean line, the Ultra-Clean Crayons are made with non-toxic materials, ensuring that they’re safe for children to use and play with. 

Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is using a crayon wax that meets strict safety guidelines and is free from harmful chemicals. 

Crayola Non-Toxic Crayons are also designed with practicality in mind, featuring a durable and easy-to-grip shape that’s perfect for little hands.

The crayons are also washable (from skin, walls, and most clothing), making clean-up a breeze for parents and teachers alike. 

With a wide range of color options and a trusted reputation for quality, the Crayola Non-Toxic Crayon range is a go-to choice for parents and educators who want to encourage creativity while prioritizing safety. 

About Crayola

If you have been wondering, “Is Crayola really non-toxic?”, rest assured knowing they take safety seriously and ensure that all of their products undergo rigorous testing to meet ASTM D-4236 safety standards.

From crayons to markers to paints, they use only high-quality ingredients in their products, their Ultra-Clean line being top-tier.

Beyond their actual products, they’re tackling the impact of other aspects of operations, through things like trying to create a plastic-recycling program and use of energy-efficient manufacturing facilities.

4. Lebze

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Lebze #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Lebze

Lebze’s Natural Wax Crayons

Price Range: $11–$25

Unleash your toddler’s creativity with Lebze’s non-toxic jumbo crayons.

Tailored for the little hands of our youngest artists, these crayons are crafted from non-toxic natural wax, ensuring a safe and silky coloring experience.

Lebze natural crayons are cherished for their silky-smooth texture, reminiscent of markers, that glide effortlessly across paper, making them a joy for little fingers to use.

They’re not just versatile in use—being transformable into pastels or watercolors with a bit of water—they’re also practical, since the Silky Crayon line features a twistable body to keep the creativity flowing without any breakage.

Designed in jumbo sizes, they aid in developing fine motor skills and color recognition, all while being large enough to prevent choking hazards. 

It’s the thoughtful safety features, vibrant colors, and washable nature that makes Lebze a standout choice for conscious parents.

About Lebze

Lebze is a brand that prioritizes child safety above all. 

Their crayons meet CPSC certifications in the United States and comply with stringent safety standards in Europe, making them a reliable choice for parents worldwide.

All products come in compostable cardboard—including paperboard cylinders for their crayson which hold up far better than flimsy cardboard boxes.

5. Stockmar

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Stockmar #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Stockmar

Stockmar’s Beeswax Stick Crayons

Price Range: $20–$39

Stockmar is more than your stock art supply maker.

Their Beeswax Stick Crayons are crafted from non-toxic beeswax, providing a sensory experience that’s as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.

The Stockmar crayons offer a rich, creamy texture that glides smoothly over paper, fostering a love for art in every stroke. 

With their jumbo size, they are perfectly suited for small hands, and their unique formulation allows for a variety of shading techniques, making them a top choice for young and more advanced artists alike.

About Stockmar

Stockmar sets the standard for environmentally conscious art supplies. 

By incorporating pure food-grade beeswax into their products, Stockmar ensures that each crayon not only delivers a superior coloring experience but also promises years of drawing pleasure. 

They use only European-sourced synthetic-organic food-grade pigments, ensuring everything is as locally and sustainably-sourced as possible.


Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by OOLY #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by OOLY

OOLY’s Beeswax Crayons

Price Range: $9–$17

Illuminate your child’s world with the vibrant hues of OOLY.

These beeswax crayons for babies offer a kaleidoscope of color for young artists, with a non-toxic formula that’s perfect for hands both small and big. 

The crayons’ ergonomic triangular shape ensures they stay put on the table and makes them easy to hold, fostering a natural grip for budding artists. 

The Brilliant Bee set stands out with its array of brilliant colors that are as impressive on black paper as they are on white.

About OOLY

OOLY is dedicated to creating a fun, colorful world with art supplies that inspire creativity and expression in artists of all ages. 

Their beeswax crayons are formulated with care, though we’re not sure where production occurs and will be reaching out to inquire.

With a price range that’s as appealing as their colors, OOLY makes creativity accessible and worry-free, inviting everyone to color their world in bold, brilliant hues.

7. Filana

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Filana #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Filana

Filana’s Organic Crayons

Price Range: $16–$21

Whether you’re looking to fill in your coloring book neatly or color outside the lines, fill your art supply box with Filana.

Their organic beeswax crayons redefine coloring with their non-toxic, richly pigmented, and smooth-gliding experience, perfect for young creative minds. 

Created for both toddlers and babies, Filana crayons offer the purest form of color, made from a harmonious blend of natural waxes and organic beeswax. 

Each crayon is a testament to the brand’s dedication to no-chemical, safe drawing tools, making them a top pick for parents and teachers seeking the best for their little ones.

If your kiddo likes keeping their supplies organized, they also have beautiful wooden crayon holders.

About Filana

Filana stands out in the realm of art supplies with its unwavering commitment to natural and sustainable practices. 

Each set of their organic beeswax crayons is crafted in the USA, devoid of any petroleum-based ingredients, embracing the true essence of what it means to be an eco-friendly brand.

Filana crayons not only nurture the artistic talents of children but also cares deeply for the planet, ensuring that every color and every crayon contributes to a healthier, more vibrant earth.

8. Crayon Rocks

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Crayon Rocks #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks’ Natural Crayon Pebbles

Price Range: $6–$33

If your kids are like ours, it’s hard to say what they like better: coloring or collecting rocks.

And with Crayon Rocks’ delightful twist on traditional crayons, they don’t have to.

Perfect for young artists, these charming soy wax crayons are crafted in the USA and are completely non-toxic.

Their unique, pebble-like design is more than just cute; it’s educational, helping to strengthen the tripod grip muscles essential for developing young brains and fine motor skills.

Not only do these crayons make coloring fun with their vibrant, smooth colors, but they’re also eco-friendly, coming in a reusable cotton muslin bag.

About Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks brings an innovative approach to children’s art supplies. Developed by a special education teacher, they’re purposefully shaped to help children prepare their fingers and hands for handwriting. 

Beyond their ergonomic design, Crayon Rocks commits to safety and environmental responsibility, using natural soy wax and mineral powders for coloring. 

This dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability makes Crayon Rocks a smart choice for eco-conscious families and a joyful addition to any child’s creative toolkit.

9. Veggie Baby

Color Outside The Chemical Lines With 9 Natural & Non-Toxic Crayons Images by Veggie Baby #nontoxiccrayons #naturalcrayons #nontoxiccrayonsfortoddlers #arecrayonstoxic #naturalbeeswaxcrayons#sustainablejungle
Images by Veggie Baby

Veggie Baby’s Organic Crayons UK

Price Range: $13

Step into a world where imagination and eco-conscious living go hand in hand with Veggie Baby Natural Crayons.

These crayons are a feast for the senses, made from veggie-based ingredients, including food-grade soy wax, ensuring that they’re completely safe for even the littlest of artists.

The perfect choice for toddlers and babies, Veggie Baby crayons are not just non-toxic but also hand-to-mouth safe. 

They are an excellent choice for parents looking for safe, vibrant, and no-chemical drawing tools for their children, encouraging the joy of coloring with pure, worry-free ingredients.

About Veggie Baby

Veggie Baby is a brand that takes pride in its all-natural, organic approach to playtime. 

Each crayon is crafted with organic ingredients—such as organic spinach and spirulina—making them as nourishing for the spirit as they are for the planet. 

With non-toxic baby crayons as eco-friendly as these, Veggie Baby ensures that every artistic adventure your child embarks on leaves a positive mark on their health and the environment.

10. DIY Natural Crayons

Whether you’re an artist, a parent, or simply someone who loves to color, you add an extra creative edge to your coloring by making an attempt at your own easy homemade natural crayons.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax pellets or grated beeswax (or soy wax, if you’re vegan)
  • Natural colorants and non-toxic pigments (think: turmeric for yellow, beet root powder for pink, etc)
  • Essential oils for scent (optional)
  • Silicone mold with crayon-shaped cavities (or if different shapes are desired, you can even use plain silicone ice cube trays)
  • Heat-resistant container or microwave-safe bowl
  • Double boiler or microwave
  • Stirring utensil (wooden sticks or a disposable spoon)
  • Clothespin or popsicle sticks
  • Thermometer

Once you’ve gathered all that, follow this step-by-step guide for how to make non-toxic crayons:

1. Measure Beeswax: Start by measuring the beeswax pellets or grating beeswax. You’ll need approximately 1 cup of grated beeswax for a small batch of crayons.

2. Prepare Your Mold: Grease your silicone mold lightly with cooking spray or a small amount of melted beeswax to make removing the crayons easier.

3. Add Natural Color: Add natural colorants to the grated beeswax and mix and adjust the amount as needed to achieve your desired color intensity.

4. Melt the Beeswax: Using a double boiler or a microwave-safe container, melt the grated beeswax. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature stays between 160-170°F (71-77°C).

5. Add Scent (Optional): If you’d like scented crayons, stir in a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the melted beeswax.

6. Pour the Wax: Carefully pour the melted beeswax into the silicone mold, filling each crayon-shaped cavity to the top.

7. Insert the Wick (Optional): If you want to create crayon-like crayons with a wick for added fun, insert a wick into the center of each crayon while the wax is still warm.

8. Let It Cool: Allow the crayons to cool and harden for several hours. You can speed up the process by placing them in the fridge, popping your new beeswac crayons out of the mold when cool and hardened.

Now that you have your homemade natural crayons, let your imagination run wild and start coloring!

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Why Choose All-Natural Crayons For Kids?

So, are Crayons toxic?

Crayons are a staple in every child’s art supplies, but have you ever thought about the potential health risks and crayons toxicity?

Most commercial crayons are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum-based wax that can contain toxic chemicals like benzene, stearic acid, and toluene.

These chemicals can be harmful if ingested or inhaled and can cause a range of health issues, from headaches and nausea to more serious conditions like cancer.

Studies have shown that melting paraffin wax-based candles can emit toxic toluene and benzene, which can lead to respiratory problems. 

A study from South Carolina State University found that melting paraffin wax candles emitted toxic chemicals.

What about lead? Do crayons have lead?

Supposedly not. In the US, lead was banned in children’s products back in the 70s and a crayon recall for lead hasn’t occurred since 1996.

But with so many imported products, that doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. In fact, most crayons in the past that have been recalled for lead have come from countries like China that lack the US’s stringent child safety standards.

And as recently as 2018, dollar store crayons were tested and found to have asbestos lurking in them.

In addition to the potential health risks, conventional toxic crayons also contribute to plastic waste. An estimated 15 billion pounds of plastic waste is generated each year from near-impossible-to-recycle plastic in conventional products.

Choosing those made from natural pigments and ingredients like beeswax or soy wax is a safer and more environmentally friendly option.

How We Chose These Natural Toddler-Safe Crayons

When it comes to children’s art supplies, crayons are a staple.

By choosing the best non-toxic crayons for babies and toddlers, not only can we encourage them to create beautiful art, but we can also make a positive impact on the planet.

But what are non-toxic crayons?

 Let’s take a closer look at each factor we considered in our selection process.


We looked for those made of natural ingredients like beeswax, organic soy wax, soybean wax, or other natural petroleum free waxes which are safer and healthier for artists of all ages.

That means those free of harmful chemicals like benzene and toluene that can be found in conventional crayons.

We also made sure to select crayons that are non-toxic and safe for artists of all ages. This means no toxic off-gassing, BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals so we can create art without worrying about our health or the planet’s health.

Look for non-toxic, natural, no-chemical children’s crayons with short and natural ingredient lists, contains things like coconut oil, kaolin clay, bicarbonate soda, shea butter, arrowroot powder, carnauba wax, vegetable glycerin, tocopherol, and beeswax.

In other words, we essentially want edible crayons for toddlers (even if you should still try your hardest to prevent them from being eaten).

Supply chain & labor practices:

To ensure that we chose brands that align with our values, we took into account their manufacturing practices. 

We specifically looked for brands that provide transparency about their production process, including where and how their products are made, and whether they are manufactured under ethical conditions.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

In terms of packaging, we looked for eco-friendly options like plastic-free and compostable containers. 

However, we also considered brands that take sustainability to the next level, such as those that use renewable energy or carbon offset programs to reduce their environmental impact.

Community & charitable giving:

We believe in supporting brands that give back to the global artist community through charitable initiatives.

Final Thoughts On Are Crayons Non-Toxic?

Choosing all-natural crayons isn’t just a matter of safety; it’s a conscious decision to nurture our creative spirits while caring for our health and the environment.

Whether you’re a professional artist, a parent nurturing young talent, or simply someone who revels in the simple pleasure of coloring, the crayon is your trusted ally on this colorful adventure.

Remember, the most eco-friendly art supplies you can use are the ones you already have stashed away in your art box. 

Make the most of what you have before venturing out to buy new supplies, even if it’s just a humble non-toxic crayon.

Though in the case of anything that may end up in a child’s mouth, we encourage you to still avoid giving these to babies and toddlers.

If you have a fellow art enthusiast who shares our deep-seated passion for creating while keeping our beloved Mother Earth in mind, why not pass along this article?

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