11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Image by Véritable #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Image by Véritable
11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your AppetiteImage by Sustainable Jungle#growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits  #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite

Molly Willows

Do you dig indoor sustainable gardening?

It sure can grow on you—and if not, these growing kits are here to help cultivate the passion. 

Apartment gardening is blooming globally, sprouting a 65% increase among Millennials and a 44% increase among Gen Z.

Of those grower newbies, 49% said it was for mental health, while 35% said it was for more family time.

Plant grow kits are cheaper than therapy, AND you get delicious, edible yields.

Not to mention they actively help shape a more sustainable food system rather than the current one fraught with the issues of industrialization. 

So, what comes in a grow kit? 

There are all kinds of plant starter kits, from app-enabled e- seed planting kits to simple succulent planting kits, and more. 

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Growing Kits To Get Your Green Thumb Ready

For the best seed starter kit with grow lights, Véritable are pioneers of smart garden systems, offering a veritably affordable and compact indoor growing kit.

We also love Uproot Design Studio for their scaled back, whimsical, and activist-seeded organic garden seed kits perfect for your kitchen window.

Back To The Roots produces a range of USDA organic mini plant kits to take you back to the roots of human happiness—the simple joy of nurturing new tendrils of life.

1. Véritable

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Véritable #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Véritable

Véritable’s Indoor Plant Grow Kits

Price Range: $99–$329

Véritable is veritably passionate about addressing the lack of urban farming, and has some of the best plant growing kits available. 

Knowing our current food system and distribution channels make fresh, local, organic AND affordable products tricky to come by, they encourage easy at-home farming via seven different seed growing kit options.

Keep it simple with Exky Classic or go all-in with the app connected Veritable Connect—and every ergonomic, silent option in between.

Each feature LED grow lights and cutting-edge automatic irrigation systems to ensure optimal growth.

Seeds include fresh herbs, greens, edible flowers, and mini vegetables, all GMO-free and mostly organic. 

The compact size and simplicity also makes these some of the best planting kits for adults and kids alike.

About Véritable

Véritable is pioneering the burgeoning backyard homestead startup scene, guided by eco-design and sustainable development philosophies that limit their carbon footprint. 

Everything is ethically produced in France’s Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, a region with rich manufacturing heritage. 90% of Véritable’s partners are located within 200km from their Lyon headquarters. 

All packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, with paper from responsible sources and plant-based ink. 

2. UpRoot Design Studio

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your AppetiteImages by Sustainable Jungle#growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits  #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

UpRoot Design Studio’s Plant & Herb Growing Kits

Price Range: $4–$125

Uproot unjust food systems and grow an edible garden thanks to Uproot Design Studio’s artfully sustainable garden seed kits.

If you’re looking for simple mini planting kits for kids or beginner planters, these come without any smart system—just a condensed soil brick, organic and non-GMO seeds, and peat paper pots that can be directly planted in another pot or your garden once the sprouts are big enough.

There are various grow kit options for houseplants, herbal teas, leafy greens, veggies, and flowers. 

All their ethical seeds are batch-tested for viability and packed fresh to ensure top germination rates, grown by US-based responsible growers, and hand-packed in adorable reusable tins.

Kits also feature a whimsy plant meditation card and gardening mindfulness journal, making them a great gift.

We’re currently sprouting their Herbal Tea Garden Kit, which includes a delightful mix of chamomile, calendula, lemon balm, lavender, and catnip herbs. Once matured, we’ll dry them and turn them into all sorts of tea recipes!

Plus, each tin contains an abundant 100 seeds, meaning we still have lots leftover for subsequent plantings.

About UpRoot Design Studio

Brooklyn-based Uproot Design Studio was started by artist, composer, activist and urban gardener Julia Barry, whose concern about the health of humanity prompted her to cultivate “irresistibly joyful” planting starter kits.

Julia sustainably produces everything with only green techniques and non-toxic materials.

10% of profits go to local farms, wildlife protection, and environmental justice.

3. Rise Gardens

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Rise Gardens #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Rise Gardens

Rise Gardens’ Complete Growing Kits

Price Range: $279–$749

Flexing your green thumb from the comfort of your couch was never more fruitful thanks to Rise Gardens’ elegant and modern hydroponic growing kits. 

These green kits get the green thumbs up for being nearly fool-proof, so fear not if you’re a terrible plant parent. 

Of their four models, we recommend the fairly-priced and easy-to-assemble Personal Rise Garden, which can grow up to twelve plants year-round, with yields as soon as 30 days. 

All systems connect to the internet, and with their mobile app, plant needs are tracked, such as water, nutrients, and planting-to-harvest lifespan.

Many of their seeds are organic, but they don’t specify which ones. The seed pods unfortunately aren’t peat-free (since peat is endangered) but it’s used in minimal amounts.

About Rise Gardens

Living room farm to dining room table is the awesome condo-farming approach that Rise Gardens provides.

Rise is passionate about food waste solutions, publishes Sustainability Impact Reports, uses plastic-free packaging, and regularly reduces plastic use. 

4. Back To The Roots

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Back To The Roots #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots’ Indoor & Outdoor Plant Kits

Price Range: $20–$115

Get back to the roots of organic growing with Back To The Roots vast selection of affordable non-GMO, pesticide-free seed grow kits, kids’ planting kits, mushroom grow kits, hydroponic grow kits, and more. 

The Indoor Gardening Essentials Kit comes as a six plant bundle with mushrooms, herbs, and veggies. Reusable mason jars and cans with soil pods to grow from are provided. 

This grow kit is certified USDA organic and comes with a zero-risk gardening guarantee, with as many seeds as needed to get you growing.

Customer reviews are full five stars for this product, which buyers confirm is fast-growing, delicious, and fun for kids. 

About Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots is a minority-founded Certified B Corp.

Since its early days as a college kitchen experiment, the Oakland-based business has spawned into an organic garden brand for a new generation, with no backyard or green fingers necessary.

To give back, BTTR donates a grow kit to one classroom every time a customer posts a photo of theirs with #growonegiveone.

5. Urban Leaf

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Urban Leaf #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Urban Leaf

Urban Leaf’s Microgreens Grow Kits

Price Range: $2–$80

Urban Leaf prides themselves on grow kits that teach city people how to grow things indoors.

As they say, “If you are looking for a machine to produce basil for you like Nespresso produces coffee, then we are not the right company for you.”

Their products lack gadgetry, which can deprive us of the very experience ecological gardening is meant to provide.

Instead, they offer tiny hydroponic Aerogarden kits, herb garden kits, and the Organic Microgreens Growing Kit.

Microgreens harvest within just two weeks, have low light requirements, and are packed with 40x the nutrients of their adult versions. 

Unlike traditional gardening, the kit requires zero soil, nutrients, or fertilizers.

About Urban Leaf

NY-based Urban Leaf was started by Nathan, who is passionate about the intersection of food, technology, and the environment. 

Today, Urban Leaf is a five-person eco-warrior team helping gardeners of all skill levels cultivate fresh food. 

All products come with a green thumb guarantee, so if you can’t get blooming, they’ll send more seeds free of charge. 

They’re the first gardening company to set ‘Net Negative’ emissions targets (aided by Etys’s carbon-neutral shipping), and are currently pursuing a B Corp certification.

6. Modern Sprout

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Modern Sprout #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout’s Seed Grower Kits

Price Range: $9–$25

Chicago-based Modern Sprout empowers the busy modern city-dweller to sprout an indoor garden thanks to their simple plant starters, seed kits, and hydroponic kits. 

We love their creative ideas for kits, like their Cosmic Seed Kit, Mexican Salsa Verde Garden Kit, Santorini Seasoned Salt Garden Kit, and Parisian Cut Flower Garden Kit.

If tried, tested, true, and affordable is what you need, their Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit is a nearly foolproof flower planting kit available for daisies, poppies, or lavender. Simply add water and watch them grow. 

About Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout trades plastic-heavy packaging and generic fertilizers for organic and regenerative materials via reusable terra-cotta or recycled glass containers.

In turn, this enables you to go green indoors in more ways than one.

 Everything features zero GMOs, is ethically crafted in the USA, and ships in recyclable materials. To date, they’ve planted 50,000 trees with American Forests.

7. Fleur Du Bien

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Fleur Du Bien #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Fleur Du Bien

Fleur Du Bien’s Herb Planting Kits

Price Range: $50–$100

Fleur Du Bien translates to “flower of good,” which is exactly what this Etsy brand provides with their eco-conscious line of indoor grow kits. 

Our favorite is their Indoor Herb Garden Kit, which comes complete with ten non-GMO herb seed packs for fresh cooking (basil, thyme, chives, parsley, cilantro, mint, dill, rosemary, arugula, oregano), handmade bamboo windowsill planter, biodegradable growing pots, organic soil disks, plant markers, and instructions. 

With over 150 5-star reviews, you can be sure it’s an attractive, high-quality item that produces delicious and nutritious garden yields. 

About Fleur Du Bien

Fleur Du Bien consciously aims to improve the brand’s impact on climate, resources, and waste, which is why every product is organic or from natural sources. 

All packaging is recyclable and single-use plastic-free, and the brand offsets its carbon footprint through planting trees

8. Spade To Fork

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Spade To Fork #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Spade To Fork

Spade To Fork’s Organic Herb Garden Seeds Kit

Price Range: $30–$60

Fill your plates with flavor and your kitchen counter with fresh green life thanks to Spade To Fork.

The Farmer’s Organic Indoor Herb Garden features USDA-certified organic heirloom seeds (sweet basil, Italian parsley, sage, cilantro, and thyme), OMRI organic compostable peat pots, and OMRI organic potting soil discs, along with burn-engraved plant markers and a simple how-to guide.

Everything comes bundled in sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. 

About Spade To Fork

Oregon-based and family farm-run, Spade To Fork is on a mission to resurrect home farming by providing simple starter and seed kits, plus organic fertilizers and potting soils. 

No spades required here folks: their locally made kits are straightforward, which makes them perfect organic planting kits for beginners. 

In their own words, “Having a toxic-free and healthy farm is important for our health and our planet’s. We want to leave a better place for our children and the future generations. Thank you for being a part of this quiet revolution!”

9. The Savvy Spade

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by The Saavy Spade #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by The Saavy Spade

The Savvy Spade’s Garden Seeds Kit

Price Range: $9–$78

We’ve covered several indoor herb growing kit brands, and The Savvy Spade is another perfect starter product for any budding gardener. 

Each Herb Garden Kit includes a recycled plant pot made from reclaimed barnwood, self-watering liner, heirloom non-GMO seeds from the USA (cilantro, basil, oregano, parsley), laser cut garden markers, compressed coco soil, and organic soil and fertilizers.

Perfect for indoor growing at your windowsill, countertop, greenhouse, or balcony, you’re sure to feel savvy with minimal spade expertise.

About The Savvy Spade

The Savvy Spade is a star seller on Etsy, thanks to their impeccable customer service, fast shipping, and easy-to-follow directions.

The company was founded by Paige and Chris Homen, who have been married and committed to an organic and sustainable lifestyle on a 90-acre farm for more than 30 years. 

Paige and Chris also own Sleep Artisan, a sustainable bedding brand whose factory produces zero waste linens and pillows.

10. Oakland Mushroom Co.

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by Oakland Mushroom Co #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by Oakland Mushroom Co.

Oakland Mushroom Co.’s Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

Price Range: $13–$14

What is the best mushroom growing kit?

You don’t need to hail from Oakland—or be a mycologist—to enjoy the fun(gi) benefits of Oakland Mushroom Company’s organic mushroom grow kits.

Most popular is their Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kit, which is ready to go right out of the box. Simply add water, soak, drain, and watch the spores grow up to 2-3 flushes. 

They also offer popular oyster mushroom kits for blue and pink oyster mushrooms. 

About Oakland Mushroom Co.

Oakland Mushroom Co. specialized in complete grow kits for mushrooms.

Reviews are highly positive for their fast shipping, prompt and friendly communication, excellent directions, and pre-growth prep of mycelium. 

Owner Andrew has a wealth of information for anyone who requires it. 

11. 2 Fun Guys

11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Images by 2 Fun Guys #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
Images by 2 Fun Guys

2 Fun Guys’ Oyster & Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit Logs

Price Range: $38

2 Fun Guys make fungi growing… well, pretty fun, guys. 

And entirely unique, thanks to their method of pre-planting spores into a log, which is shipped to you to soak and watch the mycelium magic unfurl. 

Their oyster mushroom grow kit yields deliciously sweet and velvety fresh, organic mushrooms.

If you’re wacky for shiitake, their shiitake mushroom grow kit guarantees meaty, smoky, earthy, delicious and organic mushrooms. 

These products are completely handmade to order, so all orders are final. 

About 2 Fun Guys

Howard and Todd met in 2011, to discover they’re both fun guys (as in, fungi enthusiasts) and 2 Fun Guys was born.

Todd owes his life to mushrooms for curing his chronic cluster headache illness, while Howard has long urban farmed mushrooms from his family backyard organic farm.

They begin by harvesting recently felled Aspen, Oak, Sweetgum, and Poplar trees and planting spores into the harvested wood with Midwest Organic Services Association (M.O.S.A) Organic Plug Spawn. 

They then age the mushroom logs in special bins, where the mycelium starts to grow for restaurants, or send you unsoaked logs for growing mushrooms yourself. 

10% of sales goes to cluster headache research.

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Final Thoughts On Seed Grower Kits

Grow a pear, and don’t fear gardening. (Pun wholly intended.)

Whether you already run a self-sufficient homestead or have mushroom for improvement when it comes to plant parenthood, these mushroom kits and sprouting seeds kits will transform your kitchen counter from a food desert into your own flourishing personal farmer’s market.

We hope this article has inspired you to turn your slice of the concrete jungle into a downtown sustainable jungle. 

You’ll not only experience health benefits, but support the urban food movement, reconnect with the magic of nature, help soak up carbon, increase biodiversity, and perhaps even get into home composting for MORE benefits.

So please, dig into one of these grow kit options and pass along this article to some fellow plant lovers.

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11 Home Growing Kits to Nourish Your Apartment & Your Appetite Image by Véritable #growingkits #plantingkits #plantgrowkit #microgreensgrowingkit #mushroomgrowingkits #indoorplantingkits #sustainablejungle
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