11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Image by Fellow #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Image by Fellow

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans

Dawn Cowles

It’s high (tea) time we pay more attention to our environment before it starts boiling.

We can start sipping away at our most used products and switch to alternatives like eco kettles.

Think: better materials, designed to minimise water and energy usage, and created by a company conscious of that cuppa’s carbon footprint.

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Spilling The Tea On The Top Eco Kettles

Made from surgical stainless steel with a cool touch ergonomic handle and push-button technology that makes pouring a breeze, any tea lover will get carried away by Caraway’s durable kettle.

Take your sustainable tea and coffee moments up a notch with xtrema’s pure ceramic kettles that are sustainably manufactured with natural materials free of toxins.

If retro is more your style, SMEG’s color popping eco-friendly kettle features a removable stainless steel limescale filter so there are no compromises in the quality of your brew.

What is an eco kettle, you ask?

While the water’s boiling, head to the end of the article to find out.

1. Caraway

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

Caraway’s Energy Efficient Kettle

Price Range: $245

Caraway introduces their modern take on a classic kitchen essential, the Whistling Kettle. 

Their beautifully constructed non-toxic stovetop tea kettles will keep your boiled water clean and free from harmful chemicals. 

Available in seven modern colours—from bright marigold to the deep, calming navy blue of the kettle we own—they come with a complimentary potholder making your kettle easier to handle after boiling water. 

Like all of Caraway’s non-toxic cookware, the kettle’s stainless steel body is coated in non-toxic ceramic that’s free of PFOAs and can be used on any type of stovetop including induction, electric, and gas.

It released up to 50% less CO2 when produced compared to traditional non-stick coatings. 

Its design is also highly heat conductive and boils water more efficiently. We actually timed how long it took to boil the same amount of water in this kettle and our old one, and Caraway came out on top by nearly two minutes!

About Caraway

Caraway produces planet-approved products. 

Their plastic-free kettles and cookware are designed with ethically produced materials that don’t lead to any toxic run-off. 

Caraway also supports BSCI and SMETA-certified manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours. 

All orders are shipped in packaging made of recycled materials, free of any single-use plastics and using low-impact print dyes. 

2. Nisolo

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Hario #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Hario

Hario’s Non-Plastic Kettles

Price Range: $39–$84

Japanese for “King of Glass”, Hario designs and makes non-toxic kettles in Japan.

Their drip kettles and stainless steel stovetop kettles boast an ergonomic design that might look a little unusual at first. 

Once you start using it, you’ll appreciate how the Hario V60 “Buono” Drip Kettle and similar models feature a thin spout for easy pouring.

The gooseneck spout allows for a slow, steady, and controlled pour, making it perfect for pour-over, drip, manual coffee brewing, boiling water for tea or cooking.

Hario also has an eco-friendly electric kettle.

About Hario

While we’re not very familiar with Hario kettle manufacturing practices, we do know a little more about Hario’s factory in Japan which has been making its plastic-free coffee makers since 1972.

It makes their glass with electricity, as an environmentally friendly alternative to combustion smokestacks. Any excess glass material is returned to the furnace for reuse.

This Japanese company is also known to be working to increase the number of women in managerial positions and regularly participates in local philanthropic clean-ups.

We’ll be reaching out to ask some questions about their supply chain.

3. Xtrema

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Xtrema #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Xtrema

Xtrema’s Best Non-Toxic Tea Kettle

Price Range: $183

Xtrema’s trio of non-toxic tea kettles are made using 100% pure ceramic, making them safe, non-toxic, and free from metals or harmful chemicals.

Each piece, whether it’s the Retro, Swirl, or Asiana tea kettle is handcrafted by specialty Chinese ceramic artists. 

As pure ceramic tea kettles, they won’t change the taste of the water you use for your precious cup of tea or ethical coffee, or leach chemicals, lead, cadmium, or metal. 

Their 100% mineral clay construction means they won’t get scratched and reveal toxic chemicals underneath, a common problem with ceramic-coated products.

They withstand extreme temperatures so feel free to throw it on the BBQ grill, over a fire, in the microwave, or stovetop.

They’re also California Prop 65 compliant.

About Xtrema

Xtrema is a family-owned and operated company with decades of experience in providing uncomplicated, non-toxic bakeware and cookware. 

Xtrema’s kettles are handmade in China because of the country’s reputation for producing ceramic products of the highest quality. 

We’ll be touching base with Xtrema to find out more about working conditions, living wages, and the brand’s carbon commitment. 

4. Alessi

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Alessi #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Alessi

Alessi’s Induction Hob Kettles

Price Range: $86–$250

The Alessi sustainable tea kettle range may feature novel designs (dragon, dinosaur, and bird-shaped whistles, anyone?), but they’re all made of classic stainless steel.

This includes their “designer boilers”, which feature a magnetic heat-diffusing bottom.

They also offer an electric kettle made with a thermoplastic resin, making it highly responsive to temperature without requiring toxic chemicals.

About Alessi

The Certified B Corp has taken an impressive approach to corporate social responsibility, including charitable contributions for orphans and striving to reduce environmental impact.

Most of their sustainable tea kettles and other sustainable kitchen products are made by skilled workers in Omegna, Italy.

5. Etsy

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Artellas and Vintage Italy Mix #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Artellas and Vintage Italy Mix

Etsy’s Vintage Non-Electric Kettles

Price Range: $5–$11,909

Vintage kettles are not only unique but they also do away with the manufacturing footprint of a new kettle.

Are you looking for an eco tea kettle for a particular aesthetic and budget?

Etsy has them all: splatter-ware, stoneware, and even kettles dating back to the 1700s.

Just be sure to steer clear of those older models that have potential toxin leaching—like those made of plastic, aluminium, copper, colour coatings (unless external only), and enamelled cast iron kettles.

About Etsy

Invite Etsy over for a cuppa and you’ll be supporting small, independent businesses. 

You can search for eco kettle UK sellers to minimise shipping impact, but regardless, you’ll receive it with carbon offset shipping. 

Their data centres, website, global offices, and even work-from-home employees are powered by renewable energy.

Sustainable Electric Kettles


11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by SMEG #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by SMEG

SMEG’s Green Electric Kettles

Price Range: $119–$448

They may look like something out of that 70s show, but SMEG’s retro kettles feature all the modern tea tech.

On top of a keep warm function, the temperature settings allow for customisation for your favourite tea type and an auto shut-off feature.

Their enamelled stainless steel surface (available in several colours) and uncoated stainless steel interior provides for the most efficient heat conduction, making them one of the best eco-friendly tea kettles

Each kettle has an in-built but removable stainless steel limescale filter for cleaner cuppas. 

About SMEG

A well-known eco-friendly appliance brand, SMEG combines high performance and energy efficiency in their range of kitchen and laundry products.

They prioritise easy-to-recycle materials such as steel, glass, aluminium, and brass.

As an Italian company, they adhere to REACH and RoHS standards set by the EU, which restrict hazardous chemicals and materials in their supply chain. 

7. Great Jones

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Fellow #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Fellow

Great Jones’ Best Non-Toxic Tea Kettle

Price Range: $165 

Great Jones has collaborated with fellow coffee-lovers, Fellow, for their take on the best energy efficient kettles. 

Their custom Stagg EKG electric kettle includes a precision-pour spot specifically designed for pour-over coffee—though we’re pleased to tell you it’s very tea-friendly too. 

The Great Jones x Fellow kettle features a built-in temperature control system and boil-dry protection, which ensures you don’t waste energy and harm your kettle by accidentally leaving it on and empty.

Great Jones Ethical & Sustainability Practises

Great Jones is a women-run, New York-based small business eco-friendly cookware brand that uses three main materials in its products: enamelled cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic nonstick.

Pieces made with stainless steel contain trace amounts of nickel, but they’re free of Teflon, using a non-toxic ceramic coating instead.

The products are made in vetted cookware factories all over the world, including Guangdong, Tianjin, and the US. We will be contacting Great Jones for more details about specific labour practices and worker protections.

Any returned cookware is recycled or donated via their partnership with Hot Bread Kitchen in New York.

8. Dualit

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Dualit #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Dualit

Dualit’s Low Energy Tea Kettle

Price Range: $59–$129

Tea time equals green time with Dualit’s range of non-toxic electric tea kettles, all stainless steel designed to minimise limescale buildup, and automatic shut-off functions.

At just 2300 watts, the Architect Kettle is an ideal low-watt kettle.

Their Classic Kettle has an eco one-cup setting for a quick cup on the go. Unlike others, it comes with a replaceable 3KW heating element to extend its lifespan.

About Dualit

Dualit values sustainability and ethical sourcing, which is why they offer reparable toasters and kettles and industrial compostable coffee capsules.

These coffee capsules are mostly Fairtrade certified, too.

9. Philips

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Philips #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Philips

Philips’ Sustainable Electric Kettles

Price Range: $50

The silk white matte finish may look unassuming, but the Philips low-watt kettle is made with 100% plant-based plastic that reduces the Philips eco kettle’s carbon footprint by 25%. 

The recyclable and durable biobased plastic is created from used cooking oil.

It’s packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and plastic.

Not all of their kettles are made of eco-friendly materials, but for any of them, you check their Service & Repair options to help keep them in use longer. 

About Philips

Philips is a carbon-neutral company and plans to use 75% renewable energy in their operations by 2025. 

They also plan to generate 25% of their revenue from circular products, including medical equipment that can be responsibly repurposed. 

Their ESG strategy aims at improving the health and well-being of more than 2 billion people by embracing diversity and inclusion, providing development opportunities, and paying at least a living wage. 

10. Vektra

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Vektra #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Vektra

Vektra’s Quiet Energy Efficient Kettles

Price Range: $79–$120

Vektra kettles feature a protective outer casing and insulation layer (both stainless steel) to direct heat into the water. The trim and handle are the only plastic bits.

For continuous cuppas, they keep water at 80°C for two hours and 68°C for four hours, cutting energy use and extending the kettle’s life.

The kettle is CE-certified and free of banned substances.

About Vektra

Maker of the world’s first thermal insulated electric kettle, Vektra’s four-hour heat maintenance is backed by a guarantee. 

The kettle has a two-year manufacturing warranty.

Also available on Ethical Superstore

11. Used Electric Kettles

11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Images by Salter and Geepas #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle
Images by Salter and Geepas

Are electric kettles eco-friendly? 

Typically not, however, used electronics are the most ethical electronics—and eco-electric kettles are no different.

There are many options when it comes to sourcing used kettles. They’re a common find at thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Gumtree. 

To have a sip-worthy kettle shipped directly to your door, consider: 

  • eBay: eBay has a range of certified refurbished, seller refurbished, and used tea kettles. Many are made with stainless steel and some come with warranties.
  • Amazon Renewed: You can find refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned kettles that are professionally inspected and tested and come with at least a 90-day guarantee. Many on offer are the best energy-efficient kettles, too.

If you’re wondering what type of kettle is more sustainable, we’d recommend looking for fully stainless steel kettles, as these are the most durable as well as the most non-toxic.

Be sure to check that the heating coils and brass fittings aren’t exposed, as they may leach nickel, lead, and heavy metals.

Also available on Amazon

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Electric Tea Kettle vs. Eco Stove Top Kettle

If you’re wondering what type of kettle is more sustainable between hob kettles and electric kettles, the jury’s still out.

Choosing the most economical kettle is also somewhat confusing. Some suggest it takes the same amount of energy to heat the same amount of water—regardless of how you do it (unless the forgotten hob kettle is left to whistle away, of course). 

Others recognize the potential energy wasted on the body of the kettle and the stove itself. 

The main drawback to electric kettles, however, is that all the electronic components and mixed materials make them difficult to recycle and tricky to dispose of.

Electronics in general have this problem, which we think makes hob kettles arguably more of a sustainable tea kettle and a little greener than their counterpart.

How to Dispose of Old Kettles

Kettles contain components that can be toxic when they end up in a landfill.

We recommend not contributing to the UK’s annual 378,200 tonnes of electrical waste by taking it to a local recycling centre.

While the recycled components aren’t valuable, the process will yield low-value metals that can be upcycled into other products. 

Because recycling is far from the solution we thought it was, the best thing you can do is to look after your kettle for as long as possible.

To prevent limescale, regularly wash it with a 1:1 water and white vinegar solution by letting it soak for an hour then boiling it with plain water.

And don’t leave water sitting inside the kettle as this too will result in limescale. 

How We Found The Best Eco Kettles

The world of technology is rapidly advancing.

The world of sustainable technology, on the other hand, is not quite heating up at the same rate.

While truly ethical electronics are a long way off, there are things we can do to minimise e-waste and energy consumption.


Materials for the best energy-saving kettles include mostly stainless steel, glass, and sometimes recycled plastic.

Stainless steel is the most popular choice for good reason. It’s durable, heat resistant, elegant, and leaves no flavours or smells.

Glass kettles are elegant and won’t impart flavours or smells, but they can be quite fragile.

While plastic would have been avoided previously, BPA is generally no longer a concern as most manufacturers have phased it out (still something to keep in mind with used kettles).

Recycled plastic or biobased plastic are better options for the planet, but they do still produce a risk of toxicity, especially when repeatedly heated, so consider those with stainless steel linings.

While plastic kettles are cheaper and lightweight, they can leave smells or odours and won’t last as long as stainless steel. 

It’s also best to avoid exposed heating elements as they may be a source of nickel leaching, not to mention an obstacle to removing limescale.

Traditional hob kettles often feature materials like enamel, copper, and cast iron, which can leach metals and other toxins into your tea.

Energy Usage:

In British homes, a whopping 6% of electricity is used by the kettle.

Continuous cuppas mean kettles use more electrical energy than kitchen hobs, ovens, and microwaves.

While electric kettle wattage ranges from 1500W to 3000W, this will influence the heating time (higher W = faster) and won’t have an impact on energy usage.

The best energy-efficient kettle is not one with a certain wattage, but rather one equipped with insulated walls, auto shut-off, and one-cup water heating features.

The most important thing is to fill the kettle with only the amount of hot water you need!

It takes no time to measure a cup of water to heat or use the handy water level of your eco-friendly kettle if it has one. Simply doing this will save more than 3% on your electricity bill. 

Regularly descaling it (especially if it lacks a limescale filter) will also help, and be sure to unplug it after use to prevent phantom energy draws.

Recyclability & Repairability:

Fortunately, many eco-electric kettle brands are making a significant effort to help replace and repair kettles. 

Look for specific brands that back their products with extended warranties and offer options to recycle or repair the broken ones.

Final Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Tea Kettles

Are eco kettles worth it?


But for the greenest cup of green tea, the most eco-friendly kettle is one you already own.

Then consider this guide to find the perfect sustainable or low watt kettle to help make each cup cleaner for you and our planet.

Feel free to spread the word to fellow cuppa-loving mates or those adventurers needing a kettle to help purify water!

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11 Eco Kettles That Boil Water, Not The Oceans Image by Fellow #ecokettles #ecokettlesUK #ecoteakettles #ecofriendlykettles #bestecofriendlyteakattle #ecoelectrickettle #sustainablejungle

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