9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Chippin
Image by Chippin
9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

9 Eco-Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful

Jenny Bell

The collective environmental pawprint of pets is huge. 

We need to stop training our pups for a second and start training ourselves to speak (up) for eco friendly pet products

Who knows, we might even become zero waste pet owners by doing so. 

No, we’re not barking mad. To an extent, a zero waste dog (or cat) is purrfectly possible by choosing sustainable pet products made of natural, organic and recycled components.

Not only are these safer for the planet, but safer for our furry friends too.

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Ethical & Sustainable Pet Products & Brands

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly dog products and some cat products (though pro-tip, many of the “dog” products are suitable for many different kinds of pets).

So sit, stay, and let us take the eco-friendly leash here as we walk you through some environmentally friendly pet products that are doggone good for everyone.

1. Eco Pet Beds

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Harry Barker and West Paw
Images by Harry Barker and West Paw

Our pets deserve a sustainable slumber (i.e. an organic dog bed) so let’s kick off with a few suggestions that will help your fur baby get comfy whilst pawing lightly on the planet.

Montana-based Certified B Corp West Paw makes low-profile, machine washable eco-friendly dog beds for pooches of all sizes. 

The IntelliLoft® fill used in their Heyday and Big Sky Nap cushion beds is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and made from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to their sustainable mattresses for humans, Brentwood Home makes them for animals. too.

Their Greenguard Gold® and Climate Neutral® certified pet mattresses are made from non-toxic, easy-to-clean materials.

With natural fiber exteriors, sustainable dyes, and filling made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, Harry Barker’s made-in-the-USA pet beds are paws-itively snoozy.

2. Eco Pet Food & Treats

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Petaluma and Chippin
Images by Petaluma and Chippin

As far as green sustainable pet products go, addressing your pet’s diet is key to lowering their carbon pawprint. 

In addition to main meals, we’re looking for snacks and training treats made from natural, healthy ingredients and minimal (ideally zero waste) packaging.

Where can you find sustainable dog food and eco-friendly cat for for your best friends? 

Try these brands offering sustainable dog products for starters.

Certified B Corp Petaluma makes organic and eco friendly pet products by sourcing ingredients from local organic farms.

Their meat-free, veterinarian-formulated dog food is baked in a solar-powered facility and their Sweet Potato Jerky chews feature organic, air-dried sweet potatoes grown in North Carolina. 

The latter comes in a compostable bag. 

Chippin uses human-grade, planet-friendly proteins including crickets, silver carp, and spirulina. 

They combine these with superfoods like spirulina, kale, flaxseed, banana, and blueberry for their range of oven-baked treats. 

You can say no to GMO and chemical preservatives with The Honest Kitchen’s 100% human-grade food for dogs and cats. 

84% of ingredients come from North America and their huge range includes dry food, dehydrated food, wet food, treats, toppers, and supplements. 

For sustainable chews, family business Oregon Antler Works makes dog chews and toys out of naturally-shed deer and elk antlers gathered in the Pacific Northwest. 

They’re organic, completely digestible, and, most importantly, cruelty free.

3. Eco Pet Toys

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful Images by Beco Pets and Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle
Images by Beco Pets and Sustainable Jungle

As any dog owner can testify, pups eat their toys—or at least mangle them into an unrecognizable mess. 

So it’s important that the sustainable dog products they’re chewing on don’t contain toxic chemicals. 

Avoiding oil-based plastic also helps cut down on the vast amounts of plastic pollution, making sustainable and eco friendly pet products a win-win for pets and the planet. 

For eco friendly pet products in the US, West Paw’s tail-wagging selection includes chew toys and frisbees made from non-toxic and chewable Seaflex™ ocean-bound plastic waste. 

And for peace of mind, West Paw’s eco friendly dog products are entirely OEKO-TEX 100 certified, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, and FDA-compliant. 

Both their Seaflex™ and Zogoflex® toys can also be sent back to West Paw to be recycled into new toys.

Looking for eco friendly pet products in the UK

Beco Pets is a UK-based eco-friendly dog toy brand with playthings-aplenty to keep your pup entertained. 

From recycled polyester plushies to natural rubber chew toys and hemp and recycled cotton rope toys, your pet can happily gnaw away with minimal eco-consequences. 

The most eco friendly pet products are those that can withstand chew-happy pups, like Tug and Go’s dog toys made from repurposed fire hoses. 

They have a selection of rings, tug toys, tuggable frisbees, heavy-duty rope chews, and more, all handmade by an active-duty firefighter using repurposed fire hoses. 

Probably the best known eco pet brand, KONG creates durable natural rubber dog toys that are built to last—even after being relentlessly chewed to access the treats you can stuff inside.

Have an older dog who’s (finally) beyond their puppy chewing days?

Ware of the Dog’s hand-crocheted dog toys are made from fully compostable, natural materials including 100% recycled cotton t-shirt yarn, 100% organic cotton, and lambswool.

They might not withstand rough play but these toys are perfect for snuggle-minded pets.

They’re also 100% safe if they do get eaten, right down to the natural dyes.

4. Eco Poop Bags

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Bio Bag and Give a Sh!t
Images by Bio Bag and Give a Sh!t

Responsible pet ownership rule #1?

Pick up that poop! 

Littering is sh*t…especially when it literally is. Just because dog poop is natural, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a host of negative environmental impacts when left to lie.

Thankfully, eco friendly pet product brands prove they give a sh*t about the planet with poop bags that don’t pollute. 

Like Give A Sh!t’s TÜV AUSTRIA-certified home compostable bags made from plant-based materials. 10% of profits go to the Soi Dog Foundation to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Asia. 

Tabilisy’s compostable cornstarch bags will 100% biodegrade in two years (compared to 200). 

Bio Bag pet waste bags (available on Amazon and Australia’s Biome) are 100% biodegradable and compostable, being certified to EU OK Compost and US standards.

With new brands popping up all the time, make sure you read our deep dive into recyclable trash bags and biodegradable trash bags before you buy.

For a simple, zero waste solution you can also use old newspapers to scoop and wrap the poop and flush it when you get home.

5. Eco Cat Litter

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by World's Best Cat Litter and ÖKOCAT
Images by World’s Best Cat Litter and ÖKOCAT

Let’s not forget our feline friends.

To make your cat’s business more sustainable, switch to sustainable cat litter made of natural materials like corn, grass, or wood.

In the US, Tuft + Paw, World’s Best Cat Litter and ökocat make natural compostable cat litter.

UK-based cat parents can shop biodegradable litter brands like KatKin—whose litter is made of tofu!

While these litters are compostable, make sure you compost it separately from your other waste and in a high-heat system.

Unlike dog poop, you should never flush cat poop due to the parasites specific to a cat’s digestive system.

6. Eco Pet Collars & Leashes

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by The Good Dog Company and Teller Hill
Images by The Good Dog Company and Teller Hill

Conscious canines need to look good too, right? How about cats with cattitude?

These eco friendly pet brands are here to help our fur babies step out in sustainable style. 

Wagging Green Pet Shop sells bamboo harnesses, bamboo dog collars, and bamboo leashes. They’re all hand sewn in the US and some in a huge selection of colors, prints, and styles.

You can also send back your old collar or leash (from any brand) and they’ll recycle the hardware and give you 25% off a new Wagging Green replacement.

If the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of hemp fabric have you begging for more hemp eco friendly pet products, kit your hound out in a hemp collar or harness from Wigglywoos Pet.

Teller Hill also offers hemp dog collars and leashes in a variety of eco-chic colors and designs with a free embroidered personalization option. 

For dogs and cats alike, The Good Dog Company’s leashes, collars, and other sustainable pet products are handcrafted in North Carolina out of 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton.

For those made from upcycled materials, Tug and Go offer one-of-a-kind durable creations made from repurposed rubber fire hose.

Biome covers eco friendly pet products in Australia with both cork and hemp dog collars.

7. Eco Pet Bowls

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Beco Pets and HEVEA
Images by Beco Pets and HEVEA

For pet food bowls, we want those that are made from safe, sustainable materials with zero risk of leaching. 

There are plenty of ceramic and stainless steel options out there, as well as bamboo, hardened into something as tough as plastic but without the planetary impact.

Beco Pets’ line of natural eco friendly pet products includes bamboo dog and cat bowls available in the US and UK. They are non toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and colored using food-grade natural dyes.

The UK eco friendly pet brand The Green Pet Shop also offers dishwasher-safe bamboo dog bowls made from 100% natural renewable resources. 

B Corp Certified brand Hevea creates a uniquely travel-handy collapsible dog bowl made of 100% natural rubber.

Perfect for on the go, these bowls fold easily and are made from a hygienic one-piece that is free of phthalates, petroleum, PVC, and heavy metals.

Hevea bowls are available in the US, UK and Australia.

8. Eco Pet Grooming

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Juturna Studios and Redecker
Images by Juturna Studios and Redecker

Smooth coat, short coat, combination coat, double coat…regardless of whether you have a high or low-maintenance dog breed, grooming is part and parcel of responsible pet ownership.

And you can level up that responsible pet parenting (and help your pet shed less hair and less plastic into the environment) if you choose one of these eco friendly dog products, too.

Like the sustainable bamboo pet brush handmade by Juturna Studios. The double-sided gentle tip pins and plant-based bristles give flexibility for different coat types. 

Available in both the US and UK, Alcott sells bamboo grooming brushes, flea combs and dematting rakes in a variety of sizes. 

German brand Redecker’s double-sided dog brush is handcrafted from natural pig bristles (sourced as a byproduct of slaughterhouse waste) and sustainably harvested wood.

You’ll find these non-vegan brushes in the US and Australia.

9. Eco Pet Cleaning Products

9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Images by Hank's Garden and Ethique
Images by Hank’s Garden and Ethique

To clean up after those little furry tornadoes, the best eco friendly pet cleaning products ensure a safe pet environment, both in your home and the earth as a whole.

First up: how to clean your actual pets when they need a wash.

Just as old-fashioned bars make for excellent zero waste shampoo for human hair, they work for fur, too. 

Zero waste beauty brand and Certified B Corp Ethique offers pooch pampering products in the way of their Shampooch and Bow Bow solid shampoo bars for dogs. 

Biome’s Divine Dog shampoo bar contains flea and tick repellent ingredients including diatomaceous earth, charcoal, and salt. 

If you prefer liquid suds, Hank’s Garden handmade biodegradable pet shampoo is organic, non-GMO, palm-oil free, and comes in a refillable metal bottle. 

What about your house? 

We love them, but pets are the master at mess-making. 

Thankfully, those muddy pawprints and silly spills are quickly cleaned up again with the help of Ethique. Their dissolvable household cleaning concentrates allow you to create your own in your reusable spray cleaning bottle.

Or opt for a simple DIY cleaner made from vinegar and baking soda. It’s inexpensive, effective, pet-safe, and zero waste. Here are three recipes to get you started.

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How We Found The Best Sustainable Pet Products

Wondering how we dug through the dirt to create this list of the best eco friendly pet products

Heel and we’ll walk you through the full low-down on what we sniffed around for. 


No matter what it is, the most eco friendly pet products are those made of natural, renewable materials that are compostable (or at least biodegradable). 

Natural materials (finished with non toxic dyes) are also the safest, especially if our furry friends are likely to chew up their toys and bedding. 

Bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, natural rubber, and wood feature throughout our natural eco friendly pet products repertoire. 

Bamboo pet products are becoming especially popular and you can now find everything from bamboo dog collars to bamboo pet bowls. 

Second to these natural materials is recycled plastic provided it’s BPA-free.

Supply chain and labor practices:

Responsible manufacturing is a must for ethical and sustainable pet products, as is transparency.

We don’t want any bones buried in the backyard!

A number of brands on our list are Certified B Corps and several are also small businesses hand-making their products in-house or locally (many in the USA). 

Green business practices:

Sustainable pet product brands that go the extra (dog walking) mile with their eco-conscious practices, set the ball rolling for others to follow suit. 

Practices that get our tails wagging include using clean energy, carbon offset programs, and sustainable packaging. 

Community & charitable giving:

Pups in training may need to practice giving back the ball during those games of fetch, just as many of these small sustainable pet product companies aren’t able to give back just yet.

Still, we’re happy to report that several eco friendly dog brands on our list are managing to give back by donating a percentage of profits to charitable causes.

Final Thoughts On Eco Friendly Pet Brands

Pets are part of the family, no sniffs or butts about it.

Because of that, we need to be mindful about what we expose them to. 

And by doing so, it’s two birds with one stone as those products end up being better for the environment, too.

There are heaps of pawsome companies taking sustainable pet care seriously and no shortage of environmentally friendly pet products on the market.

Know some eco-minded pet parents? 

Share these brands to help them sniff out some sustainable pet products for their own furry best friend.

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9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Chippin
9 Eco Friendly Pet Products That Are Paw-sitivly Impactful #ecofriendlypetproducts #bestecofriendlypetproducts #ecofriendlypetcleaningproducts #ecofriendlypetproductbrands #sustainablepetproducts #bestsustainablepetproducts #sustainabledogproducts #ecofriendlydogproducts #sustainablejungle Image by Harry Barker

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