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7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Image by Full Circle Home #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
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7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints

The SJ Team

Sustainable mops aren’t just better at removing your dirty footprints, they’re also better at reducing your ecological one.

But how do you mop sustainably? 

With so much of our floor cleaning routines littered with non-biodegradable Swiffer pads, it may not seem like it—but is there an eco-friendly Swiffer alternative

Naturally (pun intended), yes! Humans have been mopping long before single-use pads made the chore a little less icky. It’s time we get back to our eco-friendly cleaning roots.

So move over moldy old mops and microplastic-filled pads!

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Eco-Friendly Mopping Solutions To Get You Started

With brands like Quick Loop, we can opt for those made from natural wood instead of virgin plastic and use recycled rags instead of wasteful Swiffer mop heads. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to Swiffer Wet Jets, refurbished steam mops from Amazon Renewed will keep grime off your floor and e-waste out of our landfills.

So don’t cry over spilled milk. Mop it up and move on to the end of the article to see how we polished this list.

The Full List For Eco-Friendly Mops

Zero Waste Mops

1. Quick Loop

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Quick Loop #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Quick Loop

About Quick Loop Zero Waste Mop Head

Price Range: $25

The Quick Loop Cuban mop attachment is an eco-friendly alternative to Swiffer or disposable mops. 

Wondering how to use a Cuban mop?

It’s quick (loop) and easy. Drape a piece of fabric over the dowel and keep it in place using the loop.

Because it can hold nearly any fabric as the mop pad (in case you were wondering what to do with old clothes…hint, hint), it’s perfect for mopping and dusting alike.

Save an average of $144 every year because refills and replacement mop heads aren’t necessary. 

You’ll just need to buy your own mop handle in the form of a painter’s pole, available at any hardware store.

Quick Loop’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Quick Loop mop head inventor Tony was inspired by the original Cuban Mop.

He took sustainable American red oak to create an even more simple and secure eco-friendly mopping solution.

2. Full Circle Home

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) FootprintsImages by Full Circle Home#ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Full Circle Home

About Full Circle Home’s Eco-Friendly Mops & Brooms

Price Range: $30–$35

Adding to their extensive range of cleaning products, The Mighty Mop from Full Circle Home features a wooden mop handle made of bamboo and a foldable recycled plastic head.

This head is compatible with an included microfiber washable pad, rendering it usable as an eco-friendly wet mop or a dry duster.

The microfiber pads are soft and nonabrasive, making these some of the best mops for hardwood floors.

If you’re looking for a broom to pick up the bulk before, their Clean Sweep is made of the same materials.

Full Circle Home’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Full Circle Home has all you need for a clean, wholesome home and family—including eco-friendly lunch bags, compost collection bins, silicone snack bags, and more.

The Certified B Corp works with Plastic Bank to become Plastic Neutral.

That means any plastic they do use is offset as well as Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified recycled.

Other products bear certifications like USDA Certified Biobased and GOTS Certified Organic.

Also available on EarthHero

3. Yocada

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Yocada #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Yocada

About Yocada’s Eco-Friendly Wet Mop Alternatives

Price Range: $23–$25

Yocada makes two industrial quality mops for both a home or commercial zero waste mopping routine.

The cotton String mop head is versatile and handy for cleaning floors of all kinds, ranging from laminate to marble to hardwood, ceramic, concrete, or bathroom tiles.

For a heavy duty mop, check out the Sponge Mop.

While the mop head doesn’t appear to feature an eco-friendly sponge, it holds a lot of water and will last many mopping days, making it one of the best eco-friendly Swiffer wet pad alternatives.

Yocada’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Yocada’s mop is of a high enough quality that it’s good to use for years to come. 

By selling mop head replacements individually, they’re encouraging you to keep using your mop handle.

Additionally, the String mop head is 100% cotton, meaning once its cleaning days are over, you can compost it provided you’ve only used it with natural, chemical-free cleaning agents.

4. Fuller Brush

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) FootprintsImages by Fuller#ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Fuller

About Fuller Brush’s Plastic-Free Mop

Price Range: $45

The Fuller Brush traditional mop offers superior cleaning, high-absorbency, and a durable steel mop handle—making them lifelong eco-friendly Swiffer alternatives.

Because the zero waste home mop holds four times its original weight, it makes for a faster cleaning time all around. 

Fuller Brush’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

“Imagine if today was more like the good old days. When products were made to last and landfills weren’t stuffed with plastic remnants of junk.

That’s the world Fuller Brush Co. started making products for in 1906 and the world they’re hoping to bring around once more.

Their sustainable mops have been made in the same family-owned factory in Kansas for 50 years.

5. Estia Holzspiel Design

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Estia Holzspiel #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Estia Holzspiel

About Estia Holzspiel Design’s Natural Wooden Mop

Price Range: $16–$23

Estia Holzspiel Design’s plastic-free mop complies with EU standard EN71, meaning it is harmless for children—and good thing because they offer a size for them, so cleaning time can also be quality time with your little tyke.

The hardwood reusable mop handle comes with a linen base pad, but the brand offers additional 100% cotton mop covers as a sustainable and non-toxic Swiffer alternative. 

Estia Holzspiel Design’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Designs and materials that are timeless, natural, healthy, and sustainable are at the core of this brand’s ethos. 

Most of their product line features wooden eco-friendly toys for kids, but they also carry a number of household items—all made in Germany and shipped in sustainable packaging.

Their hardwoods are sourced through sustainable and “proper forestry” channels.

Eco-Friendly Steam Mops

6. Black + Decker

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Black + Decker #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Black + Decker

About Black + Decker’s Eco-Friendly Steam Mop

Price Range: $55–$199

Bye-bye, eco-friendly mop bucket.

With Black + Decker, you can kill 99.9% of germs—without any toxic chemicals. 

Their 7-in-1 steam mop uses heat alone to clean all manner of surfaces with fewer products required.

After heating for 20 seconds, the refillable mop is ready to clean sealed granite, stone, wood, tile, or grout. Its compatible SteamGlove allows you to use your hands to access tricky nooks and crannies. 

Black + Decker’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

You might see the name Black + Decker if you take a look in your garage toolbox.

This brand has committed to building more sustainable tools and appliances. The goal is to become carbon positive and achieve zero waste to landfill (ZWTL) by 2030. 

Still, even the most ethical electronics come with an additional environmental impact, because of the mining of materials and the difficulty to dispose of electronics responsibly.  

According to Ethical Consumer, Black + Decker does okay when it comes to conflict minerals.

7. Refurbished Steam Mop Options

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Light 'n' Easy #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Light ‘n’ Easy

Electronic materials are especially hard on the environment through the creation of virgin plastics and the extraction of key minerals from the earth to make electronic components. 

That’s why the most eco-friendly appliances are pre-owned ones that mitigate e-waste, demand for raw materials, and pollution from manufacturing new. 

You can find a refurbished steam mop on:

  • Amazon Renewed: You’ll find secondhand mop alternatives to popular brands like Shark, Bissell, and DOKER sell at heavily reduced prices. 
  • eBay Refurbished: All certified refurbished steam mops from eBay are “professionally inspected, cleaned, and refurbished by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor to meet manufacturer specifications”.

Eco-Friendly Mop Accessories

8. etee’s

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About etee’s Natural Floor Cleaners

Price Range: $19–$52

Make it a zero waste mop routine from start to finish with a zero waste floor cleaner. 

etee’s gentle, eco-friendly floor cleaner comes in the form of a plant-based liquid concentrate contained in backyard compostable beeswax “Beepods” 

Just put some in a jar, add water, and scrub. 

It works on all types of hard floors and is free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, palm oil, and harsh chemicals. 

etee’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

etee is one ethical online shopping store that sticks to its mission statement across a huge range of personal care and home products.

It’s all zero waste—shipping materials included—meaning they’ve prevented more than 100 million plastic bottles from being manufactured 

Products are made using renewable energy in their Canadian factory. 

They also put the et(ee) in ethics, regularly supporting social and environmental charities.

9. ZeroWasteStore.com

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by ZeroWasteStore #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by ZeroWasteStore.com

About ZeroWasteStore.com’s Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner

Price Range: $15

ZeroWasteStore.com offers two zero waste floor cleaners: a liquid and a powder.

The All-Purpose Spray by the Home Farm is a sustainable floor cleaner (suitable for any surface) made from a blend of 100% non-toxic organic oils. 

The Multi-Use Home Cleaner is similar, but in powdered form. It can either be used as a zero waste laundry detergent, dish soap, or mixed with water to clean surfaces.

Both are certified Climate Neutral, vegan, and cruelty-free.

ZeroWasteStore.com’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

As a trusted brand for sustainable living products, ZWS’ mission is to reduce the negative impact that waste disposal has on this Earth and its inhabitants.

Between their zero waste storefront in LA and zero waste online store, they’re doing a good job of it.

Like their eco floor cleaner, all products are plastic-free with 100% biodegradable or reusable packaging. Shipping emissions are also fully offset and a portion of the proceeds support their 1% For the Planet membership.

10. Saged Home

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Saged Home #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Saged Home

About Saged Home’s Reusable Mop Cloths

Price Range: $19–$31

We’ve talked a lot of trash about Swiffer, but if you have one, keep using it! 

The only thing we’d recommend substituting are the non-biodegradable Swiffer pads.

The 100% cotton reusable mop pads by Saged Home are an essential eco-friendly mop accessory

They’re specifically formulated to fit a 10 x 4.5 inch stand Swiffer.

The mop cloths can be used and reused—simply toss them in the washer and dryer. 

Saged Home’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

This product is plastic-free, Climate Neutral, made-in-the-USA and from a woman-owned brand.

Because Saged Home sells on ZeroWasteStore.com, this product reaps those sustainability benefits, too.

11. Juniperseed Mercantile

7 Eco-Friendly Mops To Wipe Away Your (Carbon) Footprints Images by Juniperseed Mercantile #ecofriendlymops #ecofriendlymopaccessories #ecofriendlymoppads #sustainablemops #ecomops #sustainablejungle
Images by Juniperseed Mercantile

About Juniperseed Mercantile’s Eco-Friendly Mop Pads

Price Range: $18–$24

Juniperseed Merchantile’s washable, reusable mop pads are made from durable cotton and make for some of the best Swiffer alternatives—but you can use them with a Swiffer handle.

Since cotton is so absorbent, they’re even compatible with Swiffer Wet Jet—or similar mopping systems—if you already have one from your days before low-waste living became your motto.  

Juniperseed Mercantile’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

A local Colorado-based small business with a passion for all things simple and sustainable, Juniperseed Mercantile offers affordable eco-friendly bathroom and lifestyle products they call “Down To Earth Decadence”.

Beyond eco-friendly mop pads, they also sell handmade all-natural skincare, bath products, natural parenting essentials, and UnPaper fabric alternatives to single-use items. 

They proudly use no plastic packaging.

Also available on Etsy

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How We Found The Best Eco-Friendly Mop Alternatives

Is Swiffer wasteful?

Considering single-use Swiffer pads aren’t biodegradable, compostable, or widely recyclable, yes. Instead, they’re made of petroleum layers (polyester and sometimes polyurethane foam) that have no good and end-of-life option.

One pad often isn’t enough to fully clean your floors, meaning you’re throwing away multiple with each mopping. 

Swiffer’s wet pads are full of other chemicals, too.

You can recycle used mop and duster pads through Swiffer’s free recycling program through TerraCycle, but few people utilize it or even know it exists.

Instead, we choose zero waste cleaning products to help mop away some of the mess caused by our consumption. 

Here are things we look for in zero waste mopping equipment:


Truly zero waste mopping means natural materials that not only don’t require fossil fuels, but generally mean compostability at the end of the mop’s life. 

We looked for mop handles made out of wood or bamboo, and mop heads made from organic cotton, recycled cotton, or even just plain cotton mops (when the alternative is something single-use).

If it’s not natural, it should be durable. We made exceptions for lifelong reusable components like handles made of metal.

Supply chain and green business practices: 

In many cases, a clean floor doesn’t exactly translate to a transparent supply chain, so we hope to see more about this from brands going forward.

Many of these mop-makers have started to work on cleaning up our planet, through the use of renewable energy, carbon neutrality, plastic neutrality, or programs to support environmental organizations. 

Having said that, there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to truly transparent (complex) supply chains and reassurances against greenwashing.

Final Thoughts On Zero Waste Mopping

A zero waste mopping routine helps keep our planet clean, too. 

We know this doesn’t make mopping any easier, but at least it can be done more sustainably (and without any eco-guilt). 

Remember, the most sustainable mop is the one you already own, especially if you can pair your mop with reusable pads.

But if you’re starting to question whether that old mop is actually making things any cleaner, upgrade to a reusable or natural mop alternative.

Do you have any green-clean freaks in your life (or maybe someone who really should clean their floor more often)?

Drop a subtle hint by sharing this list of eco mops, so we can all wipe away our dirty (carbon) footprints.

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