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Image by Sustainable Jungle
10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams  Image by East Fork #eco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Image by East Fork

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands Of Your Dining Dreams

The SJ Team

Have you ever noticed how parties always migrate to the kitchen? 

It must be ingrained in our ancient DNA; wherever food is made = socializing, nourishment, and comfort.  

But setting a beautiful table to serve it all up is where the magic happens (“Be Our Guest” style). 

Eating is the most direct connection we have to our planet. Not only should we consider the environmental impact of what we eat, but what we’re eating on.

Eco-friendly dinnerware is quite literally the foundation of an Earth-friendly plate.

With more studies coming out about the harm that plastic dinnerware can cause to our health, these brands are putting down their foot (and forks) to create dishes with purpose and the planet in mind.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands To Prep Your Palate

Material Kitchen’s eco-friendly non-toxic dinnerware is so beautiful you’ll wonder if you should eat on the hand-glazed ceramic range or just display it.

Our Place’s porcelain plates and drinking glasses will have you hungering for a home-cooked meal. 

If you’re ready for eco-friendly bamboo dinnerware that’s casual and cohesive, look no further than the likes of Ekobo.

But what is eco-friendly dinnerware made of?

We’ll give you that and the full spread on how these brands were chosen, in the final course of this article.

1. Our Place

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Sustainable Jungle #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Our Place

Price Range: $30–$525

For decor that doubles as practical and eco-friendly cookware, the eco-friendly dinnerware brand Our Place takes the cake for helping us create a sustainable kitchen. 

Produced thoughtfully and ethically, each piece is designed to invoke feelings of respect for our multicultural world and this home (our planet) we share. 

Mix and match to your heart’s content with their à la carte style plates, side bowls, steamer baskets, and drinking glasses in a few different colors.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for eco-friendly dinnerware sets, Our Place offers the Tabletop Set, Dinnerware Duo, or Basics Bundle. 

Don’t forget to start the meal off right by cooking up something sustainable with their best-selling non-toxic Always Pan. It then doubles as an elegant serving dish.

Our Place’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Recycled and sustainably-sourced materials (virgin porcelain ceramic) go into the hand-painted bowls and plates.

Porcelain is durable and lightweight, reducing shipping emissions and lasting many dinner parties to come. 

Their drinking glasses are made from recycled glass and natural materials like sand making them fully recyclable. The cups are colored with elements from the earth and are free of artificial dyes. 

The Always Pan is made from non-stick ceramic and comes along with a beechwood spatula. It’s free of toxic materials like nanoparticles, cadmium, lead, PTFE, PFOAs, and PFAs. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Our Place wants us to welcome ethically-produced products into our homes, which is why they only partner with factories that are certified by SA8000, BSCI, ISO, and Sedex. 

Their plates and bowls are produced in a Chinese factory that ensures above-living wages as well as additional benefits like paid time off.

They also partner with a glass-blowing factory in Thailand to create their drinking glasses.

In addition to using third-party certification, Our Place regularly visits their factories to guarantee employees are happy and doing quality work they’re proud of.

Green business practices:

You may not like leftovers, but Our Place wants us to be eating off the same eco-friendly reusable plates for years to come. To make this happen, they choose sustainably sourced materials and incorporate lasting design practices. 

You’ll receive your sustainable dinnerware in biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials, completely plastic-free. 

Community & charitable giving:

Our Place wouldn’t be one of the most ethical and sustainable tableware companies without providing for their community.

They share their love of food with fellow Angelinos by partnering with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to establish a locally-owned mini-market stocked with fresh and healthy food.

They also regularly donate to organizations like Feeding America.

2. Material Kitchen

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Material Kitchen #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Material Kitchen

About Material Kitchen

Price Range: $40–$140

Based in Los Angeles, Material Kitchen was started by two friends with the simple notion to design eco-friendly ceramic dinnerware that was built to last and “honors the tradition of sharing meals across cultures”. 

Offering a full range of kitchen items from knife sets, cutting boards, linen, and cookware, you can plan and prepare that holiday get-together from start to finish. 

Stylish and functional, Material Kitchen’s multi-purpose products limit the number of items you need, decluttering your cabinets and helping you achieve a zero waste kitchen

Browse through their ceramics, placemat sets, and full glassware range to create the perfect sustainable dinner table. 

Shop for single items or purchase The Place Setting, which includes a small and large plate as well as the Open Bowl. 

Material Kitchen’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Are ceramic plates eco-friendly?

If they’re part of the sustainable ceramic dinnerware sets by Materials they are.

Theirs are crafted from natural Korean soils and hand-finished with a non-toxic, scratch-resistant interior glaze for that artisan feel and warming touch. 

Their charming knife base units are made with FSC-certified, sustainably-harvested wood.

For non-toxic cooking pans, The Copper Set comes with three, non-stick pots that are cadmium, lead, and PFOA-free. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Material does not mention where or under what fair trade practices (if any) their eco dinnerware is crafted so we’ll be reaching out directly to get a bigger helping of transparency.

Green business practices:

Along with their effort to source sustainable materials, Material Kitchen designed its reusable dinnerware with an edge lip, meaning food won’t slip and slide off your plate (aka less food waste). 

Their cups are made with borosilicate glass, made to withstand extremely high temperatures meaning strength, durability, and less breakage. 

Their pan is made with copper to ensure energy conservation as they heat up evenly and quickly for those nights you want your meals cooked pronto. 

Community & charitable giving:

With sharing and community at the heart of their business, Material Kitchen has supported a number of wonderful charities including Heart of Dinner, Korean American Community Foundation, and Drive Change.

3. Public Goods

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Public Goods #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Public Goods

About Public Goods

Price Range: $8–$32

Public Goods is a USA-based home and personal care brand offering a mix of refillable cleaning products, pet food, hygiene items, and more—all ethical, toxin free, and low waste.

Their minimalist sustainable dinnerware (drinkware, plates, and bowls) comes in all white, giving that pure, clean aesthetic that any busy household dreams of. 

Pair your new dinnerware with this sustainable store’s forged stainless steel cutlery set designed with the highest quality steel and anti-corrosion properties. 

Public Goods’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Public Good keeps its sustainable dishes timeless, elegant, and simple by utilizing high-fire porcelain, making it microwave and freezer safe. 

You can also collect their range of cooking utensils and rest assured knowing they use sustainably grown acacia wood or BPA and plastic-free silicone. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

We need to reach out to the brand to learn where the factory that produces the sustainable dinnerware sets is located and what worker protections are in place.

Green business practices:

We do know, however, that this factory incorporates co-generation technology which captures heat from the kiln and disperses it to dry new, wet clay as well as electricity generation that runs their air conditioning. 

Public Good does the public good by carbon offsetting initiatives and shipping in carbon-neutral, compostable packaging. 

All body and cleaning products are cruelty-free and vegan with organically sourced ingredients, conscious to avoid all harmful chemicals. 

Community & charitable giving:

To offset carbon emissions, Public Good works with Eden Reforestation Projects which plants a tree for every order made. 

They also collaborate with food banks and Clean the World, which collects partially used hygiene products like shampoo or deodorant to create care packages for those in need.

4. Ekobo

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams  Images by Ekobo #eco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Ekobo

About Ekobo

Price Range: $26–$124

Ekobo operates in Europe, Oceania, and the USA selling kitchen storage containers, reusable cutlery, and eco-friendly baby dinnerware made from sustainably harvested bamboo—among other ethical goods. 

Their products are thoughtfully designed with the environment, safety, and durability in mind, meant to last through all the ages and phases of a growing child. 

Discover their Everyday Dishware Bundles in six different colors.

Or if you’re wanting to add some flavor to your plate, they offer soy-ink illustrated plates by American artist Kelly Knaga which are designed to not fade over time.

Ekobo’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Ekobo created their own BIOBU® eco-composite which combines finely ground raw organic bamboo sawdust (sourced from chopstick factories) and a food-grade melamine binding resin. 

This material is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Other sustainable and recycled dinnerware materials used to make their eco-friendly reusable dinnerware are cork, rPET fabric, food-grade silicone, and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

All dyes used to color their sustainable bamboo dinnerware are non-toxic and 100% food-grade. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

The factory Ekobo works with is BSCI-compliant, so employees enjoy optimal social working conditions and fair wages. 

They are directly involved in and oversee the running of their factories with no third parties, meaning close relationships and immediate resolutions should issues arise.  

Green business practices:

Products are made where their raw materials are sourced, meaning fewer shipping emissions. Ekobo does this by keeping all stages of production in China, where bamboo grows readily and plentifully.

By recycling the bamboo chopsticks to create BIOBU®, they upcycle waste that would have been otherwise tossed out (no leftovers here!).

The chopstick factory is FSC-certified.

5. Fable

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Fable New York #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Fable New York

About Fable

Price Range: $24–$148

Fable is on a mission to provide more homes with elegant and environmentally positive products. 

They make this happen with one material—bamboo—but they’re also on a never-ending search for better natural materials to shrink their footprint even further.

The family-owned-and-operated brand is based in Upstate New York and draws inspiration from the wildlife with which they share their home. 

Speaking of animals, by 2050 the amount of plastic in the oceans will outweigh the number of fish. And this is what drives Fable’s plastic-free and affordable eco-friendly dinnerware

Choose from durable eco-friendly plates, bowls, and cups that won’t break themselves or the (ethical) bank

Fable’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Fable freshens up the table with natural, organic bamboo fiber, non-GMO cornstarch, and a food-grade BPA-free binding resin.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, carbon-sequestering plants in the world. 

All ingredients used in Fable’s lines are infinitely reusable, durable, and mostly biodegradable (just not in your indoor compost bin). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Fable partners with a factory in China they claim is one of the best in terms of eco-production. 

The factory specializes in low-impact and environmentally-friendly products but we’re not certain of any social protections in place.

China is also where most of the world’s bamboo is grown, which allows the brand to keep its supply chain small.

Green business practices:

All Fable natural dinnerware is shipped with minimal and reusable packaging.

6. Ahimsa

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Ahimsa #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Ahimsa

About Ahimsa

Price Range: $26–$256

Did you know the plastic in your tableware can contribute to health and hormone issues? 

The founder of Ahimsa (and no we’re not talking about the peace silk) comes from Indian heritage and recalled she always ate on stainless steel plates growing up. Her mother encouraged her to do the same with her kids.

Based in Indianapolis, they’re one of the few designing eco-friendly kids’ dinnerware to make mealtime enticing and toxin-free. 

Browse their colorful portioned Balanced Bites Plates for toddlers and storage containers in their Movable Meal Collection.

Ahimsa’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Ahimsa uses food-grade, 100% recycled stainless steel in their recycled plates, bowls, and more.

While they do have simple classic stainless steel, you can also choose from iridescent blue, and rainbow technicolor. 

These unique colors encourage children to gravitate to their meals—even the green portions. 

Everything is tested to above and beyond FDA requirements as free of BPA (and all bisphenols), PVC, phthalates, melamine, and lead. As such, some are NSF-certified and will soon hopefully be MADE SAFE® certified, too. As of now, 1/3 are approved and the others awaiting review.

They’re also dishwasher safe. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Ahimsa is manufactured in India.

They maintain a close relationship with their manufacturer to ensure ethical and safe labor practices. Their founder and Head of Operations also audits the facility yearly.

To keep things centralized, the raw goods are also ethically sourced from conflict-free Indian suppliers.

Green business practices:

The use of stainless steel automatically makes these pieces unbreakable, and they come with a lifetime warranty (so your kids can bang them around as much as they want). 

The manufacturing process does not emit chemicals into the surrounding environment, and the PVD coloring system is closed-loop.

They’re also recyclable and 100% plastic-free, down to the shipping materials.

Serve us a slice of that sustainable win!

Community & charitable giving:

In line with its values around children’s health, Ahimsa donates 1% of profits to the local The Patachou Foundation, which serves healthy food and teaches healthy eating habits to underserved children.

7. Gibson

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Gibson #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Gibson

About Gibson

Price Range: $24–$50

America’s leading producer of tabletop products, Gibson products are found across the globe in some of the world’s largest retailers of dinnerware. 

Their plates, bowls, and drinkware are made with quality craftsmanship. The large range suits any dining room aesthetic and budget.

They’re committed to providing the highest quality products at the best prices, making them one of the most inexpensive eco-friendly dinnerware options on the market. 

Who says elegant dinner parties are reserved for the social elite?

Gibson’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Across their extensive range of eco-friendly reusable dinnerware sets, Gibson uses three main materials: porcelain (bone china/fine china made of fine clay and sand), stoneware (clay, sand, and stone), and earthenware (mostly clay, with no outer glaze). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Gibson shares the details of their production process and supply chain in full transparency, covering everything from creative development, shipping logistics, quality control, and factory management. 

They have more than one million square feet of warehouses across Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Canada, but also partner with overseas factories in China, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

They regularly audit their overseas suppliers to ensure they’re meeting federal and international standards. 

Employees receive competitive salaries, leadership, and professional development opportunities. 

Green business practices:

Both the stoneware and earthenware (and their hybrid mix of the two Stonelite) are especially eco-friendly materials because they’re incredibly durable. 

Whereas porcelain may break, these other two are dense and long-lasting.

Community & charitable giving:

The family-owned company is proud to have a diverse workforce and every year, they assist charities and local organizations like the Los Angeles Fire Department, Feeding America, and the Organization for Autism Research.

8. East Fork

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams  Images by East Fork #eco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerware  #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by East Fork

About East Fork 

Price Range: $12–$316

Over a decade in the making, this North Carolina business has grown into one of the best brands for sustainable pottery dinnerware.

Started on an old tobacco farm, East Fork hand-built their kiln and expanded from twice-yearly sales at the farm to two permanent brick-and-mortar stores. 

Now displaying kitchen tools, textiles, and candles alongside their ceramics made from all-natural materials, you’ll find true craftsmanship in items like their Stacking Brass Flatware or Recycled Moroccan Glasses to complete your sustainable dinner table setup.

East Fork’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


In the beautiful hills of Asheville, NC, there is an abundance of natural clays and resources, so East Fork is able to source all of its materials regionally, ensuring lead-free production.

Their à la carte and sustainable dinnerware sets come in eight Earthy, natural tones. 

For glassware options, they utilize borosilicate glass, a naturally abundant resource. They use a local glass blower but also source from small Italian manufacturers for unique pieces like the Velasca Calices Wine Glasses.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Because their entire team is local and everything is handmade by artisans, they are able to pay above minimum wage while still providing high-quality, timeless pieces. 

As a Certified B Corporation, this business joins the ranks of the best eco-friendly dinnerware brands by working hard towards both their social, ethical, and environmental goals. 

Green business practices:

 What’s even more impressive is that East Fork is already Climate Neutral certified, but they’ve gone above and beyond by hiring a sustainability consultant who created a five-year plan to help them identify areas to minimize their environmental impact.

They also send all eco-friendly dishes in 100% recyclable materials. 

East fork supplies all of its facilities with 100% clean energy from its utility provider in North Carolina. 

Community & charitable giving:

They also have a purchasing initiative with NC Green Power, a nonprofit that installs solar panels at local public schools.

9. Etsy Upcycled Dinnerware

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Parkwood Treasures and Colorado Collection US #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Parkwood Treasures and Colorado Collection US

About Etsy Upcycled Dinnerware

Price Range: Various

Oh, beautiful Etsy. As one of the best ethical alternatives to Amazon, it is a delectable place to support small and mostly-sustainable sellers from around the globe. 

Spend a few minutes (hours?) scrolling through their selection, and you’re sure to see creative ingenuity at its finest.

In terms of a low-impact feed, there’s no better than plates made from recycled materials which are actually just recycled plates.

With Etsy, there are dozens of shops using repurposed and recycled materials or offering curated vintage or antique dinnerware to create an eclectic kitchen vibe. 

We’ll leave you to do most of the scrolling, but here are two fan-favorite picks with thousands of 5-star reviews: Parkwood Treasures and Colorado Collection US.

Etsy’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Colorado Collection US offers some of the biggest names in dinnerware (Corelle, Pfaltzgraff) along with lesser-known and truly one-of-a-kind pieces—usually from the 1950s through the 1980s. Vintage ceramic is the go-to material for this shop. 

As for Parkwood Treasures, you’ll find all kinds of genuine vintage, mid-century dining sets, made of anything from china to glass. From elegant tea sets and salad bowls to complete china sets, there’s no aesthetic (or budget) you won’t find something to suit.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Parkwood Treasures founder Yvette personally collects every set and individual item for sale and provides as much background information on the pieces as possible.

Colorado Collection US was started by a vintage lover who desperately needed to downsize her own collection. She sources most of her sustainable dinnerware pieces and sets from local estate sales in Colorado or Nebraska. 

Green business practices:  

Buying used dinnerware helps keep valuable materials out of landfills.

Etsy offsets 100% of the carbon footprint associated with shipping products bought on their site.

10. Bambu

10 Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands of Your Dining Dreams Images by Bambu #eco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerware #besteco-friendlydinnerwaresets #sustainabledinnerware #sustainabledinnerwarebrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Bambu

About Bambu 

Price Range: $10–$88

Founded by a couple in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. who traveled to Asia and saw the multi-purpose functionality that bamboo offered, Bambu was started with the principal notion to live in harmony with the environment. 

Specializing in disposable and sustainable compostable dinnerware, their bamboo cutlery, plates, bowls, and kids’ products are a zero waste alternative to plastic or non-recyclable styrofoam. 

They’re especially useful for eco-friendly outdoor dinnerware, where you might not want to risk taking your finer china.

Wow your guests at your next outdoor gathering with their biodegradable Veneerware Disposable Bamboo Plates

Bambu’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Bambu uses certified organic, responsibly harvested bamboo in China. 

Their customized Veneerware® is certified organic made with bamboo fiber and has achieved 100% USDA Biobased certification. 

None of their products have lacquers, petroleum, BPA, phthalates, PFAS, or fluorinated chemicals. 

Supply Chain & Labor Practices: 

Bambu is a Certified B Corp that works with small, family-operated shops and has established decades-long relationships with their production line. 

They employ mostly local women, paying fair wages and regularly visiting to oversee production. 

Green Business Practices: 

This eco-friendly disposable dinnerware considers the environmental impact of its product at every step and boasts carbon-free certification. 

Their boxes and tags are made with FSC-certified paper, and all packaging is printed using low-VOC vegetable-based inks. 

The cotton they use in some of their products (like reusable napkins) is USDA-certified organic.

During the production process, they implement energy conservation and recycling methods such as with their water which is filtered and reused.

Community & charitable giving:

Bambu supports a number of charities as they believe that community and the environment need to work in harmony. 

They partner with companies such as 1% For the Planet, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), and The Humane Society, among others.

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Why Buy Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Sets?

Have you ever stopped to think about why your white disposable, ‘recyclable paper plate‘ has that slight shine to it? 

It’s because it is coated with PFAS (per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances), a group of toxic chemicals that makes plates, bowls, and the like water and grease-resistant. 

Unfortunately, PFAS are also linked to a variety of negative health effects, like reproductive issues, developmental damage, increased risks of certain cancers, and more.

Not to mention the plate itself has to be bleached white (yum). 

Pair that with the knowledge that styrofoam (the next most used disposable food container) is not recyclable, takes 500 years to decompose, and emits 21 million tons of CO2 annually. 

Setting the table and the horrors of disposable dinnerware aside, many of the reusable plates we’re scraping are not better.

Plastic plates and bowls are obviously the worst offenders, with the potential to leach all kinds of harmful chemicals when heated (so you know, when hot food is put on them).

Even non-plastic options may contain petroleum-based coatings or heavy metals, depending on how they were sourced and made.

In short, traditional (or at least in the modern tradition of the dinnerware industry) dinnerware has all kinds of stuff —BPA, heavy metals, phthalates, and more—that are known to cause health problems in humans, such as hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and cancer.

Going for non-toxic, reusable, or compostable natural dinnerware sets is the best solution to a mounting problem (and we want mounds of food, not problems!). 

Beautiful and eco-friendly tableware is an art form that can take a dinner party aesthetic (and your healthy diet) to a whole new level.

How We Found The Best Sustainable Dinnerware Brands

Beyond eating in an eco-friendly way, we can take our efforts a step further by using sustainable dinnerware. 

But how do we know what’s worthy of a place at our table? Exactly what are eco-friendly plates?

As we’ve done with other household essentials (eco-friendly pillows and sustainable bedding), we refer to our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria that help us determine what ends up in our wardrobes. 

While dinnerware obviously isn’t something to be worn, it faces the same issues: 


Just as with fashion, sustainable materials matter; but we’re talking very different stuff from sustainable fabrics.

More than anything, we sought eco-friendly non-toxic dinnerware, or that which is free of BPA, phthalates, nanoparticles, heavy metals, PTFEs, PFOAs, and PFAs. When heated with that generous helping of hot lasagna, these can leach into food.

If you’re now wondering what type of dinnerware is non-toxic, let’s break each eco-friendly dinnerware material down (without breaking the dishes).

  • Ceramic is 100% recyclable (although you may have to do a little searching to find someone to accept it). Because it contains only naturally-occurring raw materials (clay), it can be re-ground into a new material but will never decompose.
  • Stoneware is made like ceramics, but with a specific type of clay that’s fired at a much higher temperature. It is more durable and generally doesn’t need to be glazed. 
  • Porcelain is made with silica, flint, and clay (i.e. natural resources that are readily available) and can handle a lot of wear and tear (more than earthenware and stoneware, even though it isn’t as dense) thanks to it being fired at a higher temperature. 
  • Bone china (porcelain that has ground animal bone added into the clay) is even more durable and long-lasting, though some people may avoid it (or buy it upcycled) out of vegan principles.
  • Bamboo can make for sustainable compostable tableware but it must be natural, with only plant-based finishes to ensure it is, in fact, completely biodegradable.
  • Stainless Steel is one of the Earth’s most readily and recyclable materials. While the production phase does create some harmful emissions (and it’s not microwave safe), its anti-corrosion and durability make it a sustainable alternative to plastic.
  • Glass is a natural material made from sand so it’s one of the best responsible materials, especially if it’s recycled glass dinnerware.

Beyond those environmentally-friendly materials, vintage or recycled dinnerware is also a sustainable option—though be wary of plastic. Just as old Tupperware can leach toxic chemicals into food, so too can dinnerware.

Supply chain and labor practices:

As creating sustainable pottery dinnerware is an age-old artisan craft that has been practiced around the globe for millennia, it’s important to respect the craft as it’s practiced today. 

We’re happy to see that, in most cases, these eco-friendly tableware brands create fair trade dinnerware using ethical practices like providing living wages and promoting safe and respectful working conditions for their artisans. 

A few ethical dinnerware brands could definitely do with more info to confirm the “ethical” part.

Green business practices:

We’re also happy to see many supply chains are locally based, with the dinnerware being created in the same location where the materials are sourced. 

Beyond that, the use of carbon offset programs or sustainable or recycled materials for packaging always makes us feel better (a little anyway) about doing the dishes. 

Community & charitable giving:

Although not necessary (or practical for some smaller brands), it’s great when sustainable brands can invite their local and global communities to the dinner table through charitable donations or partnerships.

Final Thoughts On Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Brands

Grab an eco-friendly cutlery set and stick a fork in us because we’re done!

Now that we’ve given you some ideas for where you can buy eco-friendly dinnerware, we’ll leave you to choose from the menu. 

Researching how to best live a sustainable lifestyle can feel like a non-stop job—just like cooking, cleaning, and doing the dishes (with zero waste dish soap, of course).

Thankfully the task of buying ethically and sustainably created products for our home is getting easier every year with brands that make it as affordable as it is accessible. 

But if you have functional flatware and perfectly palatable plates in your cupboards, stick with them until their natural end or visit an online thrift store to give a crockery set a second life.

The only thing better than sharing a wholesome meal on your current, new, or upcycled sustainable dinnerware is sharing this article so everyone can plan their next dinner party.

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