21 Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImage by Sustainable Jungle#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Image by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

21 Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors

Amber McDaniel

To keep the great outdoors great, join the many conscious outdoor enthusiasts sporting eco-friendly camping gear.

Outdoor lovers perhaps have more reason than most to demand planet-friendly products.

Yet surprisingly and until fairly recently, camping gear was anything but sustainable: chemical PFCs and synthetic fabrics galore.

Most Sustainable Camping Gear

Fortunately, several sustainable camping gear brands have emerged, making use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly business practices. 

Let’s take a look at how these brands and their sustainable camping gear are making your exploration of the great outdoors a little greener—or at least keeping it green.

Hike yourself down to the end of the article to see what eco conscious camping gear is made of.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

Full List of Eco-Friendly Camping Gear


1. Kammok Mantis All-In-One Hammock Tent

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Kammock #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Kammock

About Kammock’s Eco-Friendly Camping Gear

An eco-friendly tent is about as essential as your eco sleeping bag. Though not an easy item to source.

Which is where the Kammok Mantis all-in-one tent that’s made with a 100% recycled and bluesign® approved materials comes in.

And it’s ready for all-weather too, and has an integrated (but optional) insect net and built-in rainfly shelter.

These hammock tents are designed to be the lightest and strongest on the market.  

Kammock’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Like their other recycled and bluesign® approved hammocks, the Mantis is backed by an adventure-grade lifetime warranty. 

Some of their leftover post-production materials are recycled into bags. 

Workers in this Certified B Corp’s partner factories get living wages and a clean, safe working environment. 

Kammok is a Climate Neutral Certified company and a member of 1% for the Planet, so part of every purchase also goes towards getting Austin’s youth outdoors and into transformational adventure experiences.

Available: Kammok

2. Nemo Equipment Dagger Osmo Tent 2p/3p

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by NEMO Equipment#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by NEMO Equipment

About NEMO Equipment’s Sustainable Camping Gear USA

No list of the best sustainable camping gear for the backcountry is complete without the inclusion of NEMO Equipment

Their Dagger OSMO is a durable, dry one-tent-wonder that’s made from 100% recycled yarns.

With proprietary fabric and PFC/PFAC-free water repellency, it keeps you dry for 4x longer and meets fire retardancy standards, all without the dangerous global contaminants.

NEMO Equipment’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

All NEMO products (tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads) are designed to last, hence their lifetime warranty.

They recently joined other sustainable camping gear brands in becoming Climate Neutral Certified and hope to slash their emissions in half by the end of the decade.

They partner with Trove to sell their gently-used gear. 

With sites and offices in the USA, EU, and UK, they provide some of the best sustainable camping gear in the UK too.

Available: NEMO Equipment  |  REI

3. The North Face Eco Trail 2p

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by The North Face#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by The North Face

About The North Face’s Sustainable Camping Gear US

Simple, straightforward, and sustainable, the durable Eco Trail tent from The North Face is made with 100% recycled materials.

The recycled polyester rainfly keeps you dry, and the recycled floor and canopy are built for durability.

The North Face’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The North Face is one of the outdoor industry’s oldest gear brands but recent years have seen them reinvent themselves in the name of circularity. 

In addition to offering a limited lifetime warranty, many of their latest products—which include all manner of sustainable camping essentials, apparel, and climbing and mountaineering equipment—are designed for more responsible end-of-life.

For example, their Clothes the Loop program recycles old apparel and footwear from any brand. 

Their Renewed line allows you to shop for either like-new preloved pieces or Reconditioned ones they’ve repaired and upcycled.

By 2025, they’ve pledged to use 100% responsibly-sourced apparel fabrics and eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

The Explore Fund supports hundreds of leaders and organizations to remove the barriers people face in getting outdoors.

Available: The North Face

Sleeping Bags

4. Sierra Designs Night Cap Series

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Sierra Designs#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sierra Designs

About Sierra Designs’ Environmentally Friendly Camping Gear

A sustainable sleeping bag is a non-negotiable if your goal is to be an eco-camper.

Our first suggestion would be Sierra Designs’ Night Cap Series with three-season temperature ratings for men and women, an easy choice to maximise those zzz’s in this line up.

Made with 100% recycled water bottle insulation and wrapped in a recycled post-industrial fabric shell, it’s for our planet, too.  

And you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for your bed at home, since it integrates a zipperless oversized comforter and sleeping pad—but will still fit in a backpack. 

Sierra Designs’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

All Sierra Designs products (backpacks, apparel, tents, and sleep systems) are backed by a lifetime warranty.

They use a Code of Conduct that ensures ethical treatment of their factory workers, meaning legal wages and no child or forced labor. 

1% of the company’s sales go to outdoor inclusivity-oriented organizations like LGBT Outdoors, Outdoor Asian, Women’s Wilderness, and SOS Outreach.

Available: Sierra Designs

5. Mountain Hardwear Lamina Eco Af Sleeping Bag

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Mountain Hardwear#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Mountain Hardwear

About Mountain Hardwear’s Sustainable Camping Equipment

Featuring undyed and recycled fabric, insulation, trims, storage, and compression sacks, the Lamino Eco AF Sleeping Bag from Mountain Hardwear is, in fact, eco AF.

The recycled 20D nylon ripstop fabric and Thermal.Q™ 80% recycled polyester insulation keep it lightweight and super compressible into its recycled nylon compression sack.

It features an undyed shell to reduce the use of harmful dye chemicals.

Mountain Hardwear’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Using undyed or solution-dyed fabrics cuts down on manufacturing water requirements. 

Additionally, MHW sells flame retardant-free tents and is increasing their use of bluesign®-approved, recycled, and responsible materials in their tents, backpacks, sleeping pads, and apparel.

Committed to diversity and inclusivity, MHW has refined its talent acquisition process to connect with more diverse candidates.

They use their platform to amplify BIPOC voices, match employee donations to social justice organizations and have a Richmond, CA climbing program that provides outdoor opportunities for underprivileged BIPOC youth. 

Whenever possible, they partner with BIPOC-owned companies for their outsourcing needs. 

They also partner with non-profit organizations that advance the climbing profession and conservation of its environment.

Available: Mountain Hardwear | Backcountry

6. Rab Solar Eco Sleeping Bag

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Rab#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Rab

About Rab’s Affordable Sustainable Camping Gear

100% recycled and 100% affordable, the Solar Eco Sleeping Bag from Rab is hardwearing, fast drying, and dependable. 

The interior is 100% recycled synthetic Stratus™ insulation.

Both the shell and lining feature Atmos™ recycled polyester ripstop fabric treated with a fluorocarbon-free DWR (durable water repellency).

With men’s and women’s-specific bags in temperature ratings ranging from 10° – 40°, they provide some of the best sustainable camping gear for three-season adventurers. 

Rab’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Like the sleeping bag, Rab is cutting fluorocarbons out of their threads, zips, and DWR out of their product range: sleeping bags, shelters, apparel, and backpacks. 

They encourage repairs over replacements and have a service center to return gear to like-new condition. 

They also offer a gear rental service, through this is only available for the UK currently.

The Climate Neural sustainable camping gear company uses renewable energy in 91% of their global owned and leased facilities, recycled poly bags, and more recycled than virgin materials. 

As a Fair Wear partner, they use BSCI standards and Fair Wear Code of Labor practices for the people that work in their Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, and UK factories.

Available: Backcountry

Sleeping Pads

7. Nemo Equipment Tensor Ultralight Sleeping Pad

21 Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Sustainable Jungle#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About NEMO Equipment’s Sustainable Camping Essentials

To level up your eco-comfort game in nature, the 100% bluesign® certified, recycled 20D polyester, Tensor Ultralight Sleeping Pad from NEMO Equipment is one of the greenest sleeping pads around.

Choose between Mummy, Long Wide, Regular Wide, and Regular shapes and sizes. 

Proprietary Spaceframe baffle construction keeps it light and supportive for a good night of shut-eye.

An (optional) ultra-lighter inner layer adds R-value, to keep you cozy on cold nights in the forest. 

NEMO Equipment’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Like many of their other products, this sleeping pad comes in recycled and recyclable packaging.

As always, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, too.

Available: NEMO Equipment | REI

8. Exped Dura 5r Sleeping Pad

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by EXPED#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by EXPED

About EXPED’s Eco Friendly Camping Essentials  

For cold and eco-conscious adventuring, the EXPED Dura 5R is a must-have. 

With a 4-season R-4.8 rating, it’s highly insulated for cold ground and compact enough for paddling, overlanding, and backcountry adventures. 

The Dura is also OEKO-TEX 100 certified recycled polyester and a bluesign® certified insulation. 

It’s backed by a 5-year warranty. 

EXPDE’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Like many other products from EXPED—sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, tents, hammocks, ponchos, and accessories—the Dura is myclimate neutral certified. 

They’re already PFOA-free and avoid flame retardant treatments and PVC fabrics, but will also be PFC-free within the next couple of years.

Products are designed for longevity and because things happen in nature (especially to sleeping pads) they have a repair service. 

Although not a Fair Wear Member, 80% of their products come from Fair Wear-audited factories. 

EXPED gives back by funding European conservation projects.

Available: EXPED | REI


9. Patagonia Altvia Pack 36l

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Patagonia#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Patagonia

About Patagonia’s Sustainable Camping Supplies

One of the most loved eco friendly camping gear brands, Patagonia is known for its sustainable backpacks.

Like its more travel-friendly Black Hole line, rugged and 100% recycled nylon and polyester go into the Altvia 36L Pack, with additional design features–like a contoured back and hip belt—to make it backpacker friendly.

Hiking, work, or daily nature walks, think of it as your go-to adventuring backpack. 

Patagonia’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Along with this backpack, 87% of Patagonia’s line of sustainable outdoor clothing, packs, and gear utilize recycled materials. 

Everything is backed by their Ironclad Guarantee and they have repair options for wear and tear damage. 

With unmatched traceability via their Footprint Chronicles, you can trace products back to which fair trade certified and/or bluesign®-approved factory it came from.

In addition to a range of impressive social and environmental programs and activism (read: 39% of factory workers get living wages, they pioneer regenerative agriculture, etc.), Patagonia is the founding member of 1% for the Planet.

Available: Patagonia

10. Mountain Hardwear Pct 55l Backpack

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Mountain Hardwear#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Mountain Hardwear

About Mountain Hardwear’s Eco Friendly Camping Gear

For a little more eco-conscious carrying capacity, the PCT Backpack from Mountain Hardwear offers a 55L capacity.

The exterior features gear loops for trekking poles or ice axes.  

The superlight backpack is made with a 100% recycled nylon ripstop shell that is tough for you, but gentle on our planet. 

Mountain Hardwear’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

If you missed our summary of MHW’s responsible business practices above, climb back up to their review.

Available: Mountain Hardwear | REI

Utensils & Cooking

11. MSR Camp Kitchen & Utensils

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by MSR #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by MSR

About MSR’s Eco Friendly Camping Supplies USA

Tools to cook are a key part of your eco friendly camping essentials.

With mess kits, utensils, knives, cups, coffee filters, backpacking stoves, fuel bottles, and water filtration systems, MSR is a go-to sustainable camping gear brand for trailside feasts.

100% BPA-free materials, efficient-cooking (and recyclable) aluminum, lightweight titanium, and durable stainless steel are used.

Lids and handles feature some additional materials (like silicone) but to prevent unnecessary use of these, their cookware sets are efficiently designed so that one handle and lid can detach and fit all pots and pans.

MSR’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

MSR (short for Mountain Safety Research) offers a limited warranty on all products, which are designed for longevity.

They can be sent to their Seattle repair shop for a spruce up. 

You can also recycle notoriously hard-to-recycle single-use fuel canisters (from any brand) there.

Their Seattle manufacturing facility uses 98% renewable energy and is nearly zero waste.

Their MSR Global Health team has provided 500,000 people with safe drinking water, partially through their nonprofit Impact Project.

Available: MSR

12. Biolite Campstove 2+

21 Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About BioLite’s Eco Friendly Camping Equipment

While MSR provides refillable fuel bottles and a way to recycle single-use fuel canisters, it’s better to avoid them entirely—which is where BioLite comes in. 

The CampStove 2+ combusts sticks and twigs, creating a focused vortex of smokeless flames that can be used to cook food efficiently. 

Not only that, but it converts heat energy to charge its 3W internal battery. The USB port allows you to charge lights, phones, and more no matter where you are.

BioLite’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The purchase of BioLite’s range of portable solar panels, power stations, headlamps, lighting, and other cooking accessories, helps the brand invest in the team, engineering, and programs required to design solutions for the entire business.

This “Parallel Innovation” business model makes it possible for BioLite to provide affordable access to solar power and cookstoves for families living in energy poverty. 

Through this, the Climate Neutral Certified Company has supported nearly four million people in Africa and Asia with 4,812,600 kWh of green energy.

Available: BioLite

Water Bottles

13. Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottles

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Klean Kanteen’s Eco Friendly Camping Essentials

Plastic-free water bottles are a necessity, for life in general, but especially out camping.

With caps that can be swapped out for sporting adventures and sips of zero waste coffee, Klean Kanteen’s large line of Insulated Bottles are versatile for all your outdoor (or indoor) escapades. 

They’re made with 90% recycled stainless steel—which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. 

The exterior is mindfully powder coated for durability and the chip-resistant coat has been okayed by GreenScreen as safe for humans and the environment.

Klean Kanteen’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Klean Kanteen is a family and employee-owned company that is 100% Carbon Neutral, a Certified B Corp, and a member of 1% for the Planet (in addition to supporting local charities). 

Within the coming years, 95% of KK’s product line—drinkware, lunch boxes, and food canisters—will be made of 90% recycled stainless steel. 

Employees of KK’s solar-powered HQ receive a number of generous benefits and their global factories are audited to ILO, ISO 9001, and ISO/TS 16949 standards.

Available: Klean Kanteen

14. Hydro Flask Bottles

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Hydro Flask’s Eco Friendly Camping Products

From the office to the trailhead, Hydro Flask’s bottles and tumblers can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for longer than most on the market. 

They, too, come with different lids for different beverages but are all made with BPA-free 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel to ensure no flavor transfer.   

While we’re on the topic of hydration, knowing how to purify water if you’re drinking water from natural sources will prevent any potential bacterial contamination.

Hydro Flask’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

This eco friendly water bottle brand also sells cups, jars, coolers, outdoor kitchen accessories—all nearly indestructible and backed by a lifetime warranty if the unlikely occurs.

Through their Parks For All program, HF supports nonprofits dedicated to maintaining, restoring, and improving access to parks.

So far, they’ve donated over $2.5 million to 151 organizations.

Available: Hydro Flask


15. Anker Portable Solar Panel And Portable Power Station

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Anker’s Sustainable Camping Gear

Eco-friendly chargers are fast becoming a camping staple.

For serious off-grid adventuring, Anker can supply the juice.

Their foldable 100W solar panel converts an impressive 23% of sunlight into solar energy. 

Paired with a LiFePO4 battery-equipped portable power station, you can charge devices and small appliances. 

Anker’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Many Anker products (chargers, cables, power stations) are backed by multi-year guarantees. 

The company works to reuse electronic components and lithium-ion batteries and has a rechargeable eco-friendly alternative to conventional lithium batteries in the works.

Available: Anker (US) | Anker (UK)

16. Goal Zero Adventure Power

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Goal Zero#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Goal Zero

About Goal Zero’s Eco Friendly Camping Equipment

Goal Zero adds its take to sustainable camping gear with portable solar panels, power banks and solar generators.

Everything is designed to be as lightweight and durable as possible. 

While some systems are larger and more suited for car camping, they have a number of flat or pocket-sized solar devices for backpacking.

Goal Zero’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

GZ works with manufacturing partners who adhere to (and are audited for) standards regarding living conditions, wages, benefits, child labor, health, and safety. 

Carbon offsets cover the footprint of their HQ and shipping operations.

They recycle and refurbish returned products—saving more than 120 tons of material from entering landfills.

Available: Goal Zero

Toiletries & Cleaning

17. Dr. Bronner’s 18-In-1 Castile Soap

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great Outdoors Images by Sustainable Jungle #ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Dr. Bronner’s Sustainable Camping Essentials

Washing bodies, dishes, hair, veggies, and teeth, with one solution?

We’d be remiss not to recommend Dr. Bronner’s. When less is more on a camping trip, this soap can really go the distance. 

Like their hand sanitizer, cruelty free toothpaste, organic laundry detergent, lip balm, lotion, and other soap products, the 18-in-1 is made with Fair for Life, cruelty free, vegan, and organic ingredients. 

Dr. Bronner’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

The Certified B Corp gives back in many ways through pioneering regenerative agriculture, using 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, paying workers fairly, and supporting psychedelic-assisted therapy and animal advocacy causes.

They’re Leaping Bunny and Vegan.org certified and source only responsibly harvested palm oil while also helping small palm farmers in Ghana convert to organic processes.

Available: Dr. Bronner’s

Head Lamps and Lanterns

18. Biolite Headlamp 330

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by BioLite#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by BioLite

About BioLite’s Sustainable Camping Supplies

With proprietary 3d SlimFit Construction, a low profile, and a minuscule weight of just 69g, this BioLite HeadLamp is going nowhere but on your forehead.

Moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool and the rechargeable batteries help keep our planet cool, too. 

BioLite’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

We’ve shed some light on BioLite’s good business practices above.

Available: BioLite

19. Goal Zero Crush Light Chroma

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Goal Zero#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Goal Zero

About Goal Zero’s Eco-Friendly Camping Products

The Crush Light Chroma can be crushed or hung, or—because it comes in six different colors—used to create a campsite party. 

The lightweight light can be recharged using the USB port or its built-in solar panel. 

Goal Zero’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Like other Goal Zero products, the Crush Light Chroma is backed by up to a 2-year warranty. 

Read more about why Goal Zero is #campinggoals above.

Available: Goal Zero

Food & Storage

20. Patagonia Provisions

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Patagonia Provisions#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Patagonia Provisions

About Patagonia Provisions’ Sustainable Gear

GORP no longer hitting the spot? 

Then Patagonia Provisions and its collection of organic and regenerative foods will. 

Their range includes meat + seafood, soup + chili, snacks, bars, beer, beverages, wine + cider + sake, and a regenerative organic certified line. 

Blending a bit of everything, they have 2-day camp meals for two, which are shelf-stable, lightweight, and easy to prepare with just boiling water. 

Every ingredient is Non-GMO Project verified, USDA-certified organic ingredients, grass-fed and ethically raised/caught (in the case of any meat), and free of preservatives and chemicals. 

Patagonia Provisions’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices

Patagonia Provisions is a sub-entity within Patagonia.

The Certified B Corp and 1% For the Planet member uses recycled/recyclable shipping boxes, FSC-certified seafood boxes, and recyclable seafood chains.

Available: Patagonia Provisions

21. IGLOO Ecocool Latitude 52 Qt Cooler

21 Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands Who Respect The Great OutdoorsImages by Igloo#ecofriendlycampinggear #ecofriendlycampinggearbrands #usedecofriendlycampinggear #sustainablecampinggear #sustainablecampinggearbrands #bestsustainablecampinggear #environmentallyfriendlycampinggear #sustainablejungle
Images by Igloo

About IGLOO’s Sustainable Camping Gear

The ECOCOOL by IGLOO is the world’s first hard sided cooler collection made with recycled plastic. 

Discarded milk jugs and plastic yogurt cups are used in the outside body, liner, and lid.  

So far the ECOCOOL collection has recycled 374,000 lbs of material, saving landfill space equivalent to 32 football fields. 

IGLOO’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices

IGLOO’s other sustainable camping gear includes the world’s first 100% biodegradable cooler and REPREVE cooler bags.

By turning more landfill bound waste into products, they hope to divert 30 million plastic bottles from landfills by 2025. 

IGLOO also donates to organizations improving communities and public lands.

Available: IGLOO

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Used Eco Friendly Camping Gear

The best answer for where to buy eco friendly camping gear? 

A secondhand source. 

The most sustainable camping gear isn’t new—even if it’s designed with the most eco-friendly features. 

Keeping what’s already been produced in use longer, is the best thing we can do for our planet (and likely our pocketbooks). 

In addition to the many used outdoor gear stores popping up all over the US, it’s easier than ever to find affordable sustainable camping gear via a range of online secondhand and resale platforms:

  • REI Used Gear: Get used sleeping pads, backpacks, apparel, camp blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks, and apparel here, and you’ll avoid carbon emissions of 50% or more. 
  • Patagonia Worn Wear: In addition to apparel, Worn Wear is an excellent source for gently used packs and gear. Their stocks are currently a little low—so more incentive for you to trade-in your old Patagonia gear (and get credit for doing so). 
  • Geartrade: A great place to both buy and sell used gear, Geartrade has everything you’d need for your next camping trip—from backpacks to water treatment solutions.  
  • The North Face Renewed Collection: Selling eco friendly used camping gear, this is an excellent place for backpacks and sleeping bags with a much lower carbon footprint. 
  • Outdoors Geek: At prices 40-60% off MSRP, here you can buy gently used camping gear. They have rental options, too. 
  • eBay: The OG of marketplaces is an obvious source for sustainable camping gear, just be sure to check the “Used” or “Refurbished” options.  
  • Facebook Marketplace: There’s probably someone in your area getting rid of a tent or cooler—and this platform can connect you with them. 

What To Look For In The Most Sustainable Camping Gear

Finding the most eco-friendly camping gear (and general eco-friendly travel products) requires you to think about eco-conscious materials, earth-friendly manufacturing practices, durability, and what happens to the gear after it’s no longer usable.


The most sustainable camping gear companies use materials that are sustainable and sourced in an ethical manner. 

  • Use of recycled or organic materials
  • Practices to minimize energy use or carbon offsets

Supply chain & labor practices:

What is the best sustainable camping gear?

It’s that which is made ethically and sustainably, meaning: 

  • Transparent supply chains
  • No use of child labor
  • Fair compensation for workers
  • Localization of production to reduce shipping emissions 
  • Use of eco friendly packaging
  • Practices to minimize or recycle chemicals used in production 

Green business practices:

The most environmentally friendly camping gear is that which is first and foremost designed for quality and longevity.

It’s best to support eco friendly camping gear companies that ensure the following:

  • Increases in longevity and efficiency 
  • Durable designs that embody waterproof, dust-proof, and weather-proof features
  • More education around better maintenance
  • Options for repairs and replacements

The most sustainable camping gear brands also consider product end-of-life. If there’s a way to responsibly recycle, compost, or re-sell your well-loved camping gear, that’s far better for our planet. 

Community & charitable giving:

When an eco friendly camping gear brand uses their platform to bring awareness to social or environmental issues, they’re a good one to pitch a tent with. 

Similarly, charitable efforts that improve access to the great outdoors or support nonprofit endeavors around the globe provide good stories around the campfire.

Final Thoughts On Eco Friendly Camping Gear Brands

So, how can you be environmentally friendly while camping?

Well, aside from brushing up on your eco camping know-how, it starts with using the most sustainable camping gear you can get your hands on. 

Then, be sure to maintain it well for long-term use. 

If you’ve got fellow adventurers or aspiring PCT thru-hikers in your group, share this article with them to support the brands pioneering the sustainable outdoor industry.

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