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Image by Adorness Jewelry
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9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment

Hailey Carrillo

Black owned businesses have it tough.

They have restricted access to capital and are more likely to be denied when applying for loans. In America, Black people may be almost twice as likely to start a business but experience higher failure rates and much smaller revenues.

Simply put, when you support Black creators (and other BIPOC entrepreneurs), you’re helping to elevate artisans that might not otherwise have equal opportunities to succeed.

And when it comes to supporting Black owned businesses, Etsy is one of the best ethical online stores for doing so. They provide an equal and ethical footing for small businesses to get their start, and they ship all over the world (completely carbon offset, of course).

Get your eyeballs ready for some of the most aesthetically pleasing jewelry pieces you’ve ever seen. Here are our some of our most treasured Black owned Etsy jewelry shops

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Our Top Shops For Buying Black Owned Jewelry Online

Instead of unethically mined gold, Omi Woods gives you peace of mind by using only recycled fair trade gold and other non-conflict metals in their Etsy African-inspired jewelry.

Another of the best jewelers on Etsy, Studio La Touche likewise prioritizes sustainable and recycled materials—like brass, which is one of the most widely recycled metals available.

Lace & Pearls Jewelry takes unique materials (like resin-pressed flowers) and incorporates them into timeless, vintage-inspired pendants and earrings that can easily pair with anything and everything.

When it comes to finding the best Black owned shops on Etsy, we didn’t just look for any jewelry shop (there are many, trust us).

We wanted to find those that align with our values of what it means to be a conscious jewelry brand—which you can learn more about at the bottom.

The Full List Of Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops

1. Studio La Touche

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Studio La Touche #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Studio La Touche

Studio La Touche’s Black Owned Jewelry Etsy

Price Range: $14–$76

Studio La Touche sells a collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and cufflinks.

Everything is handmade and oh-so-chic. With the unique and contemporary designs this was one of the most eclectic Black owned Etsy jewelry stores we could find.

Studio La Touche keeps things sustainable with eco-friendly materials, like repurposed maps, recycled and recyclable brass, and sustainably sourced wood and raw gemstones.

They actively choose to use brass for its durability and the fact that it’s abundant–90% of it comes from recycled sources. 

Because brass is relatively cheap (especially when it’s salvaged), this affordable Black owned shop on Etsy is able to keep prices low without sacrificing quality.

We couldn’t think of a more thoughtful sustainable Etsy gift for your significant (and eco-conscious) other than their stunning and statement making hammered brass Gold Arch Star Earrings.

About Studio La Touche

Studio La Touche is a one-woman endeavor out of Oakland, California. 

Founder Linda La Touche discovered a “need to bead” while trying to find the perfect pair of earrings to match her senior prom dress.

Just four years later, that same dress was upcycled into Studio La Touche’s first pair of earrings.

Since the beginning this shop has been all about “repurposing everyday objects into beautiful adornments […] with a hope of invoking joy, laughter, and a deeper level of appreciation for the creative ability that is always within one’s reach”.

Don’t take our word for her impressive jewelry selection—with thousands of sales and a 5-star rating, clearly we’re not the only ones excited about supporting Studio La Touche.

2. Omi Woods

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Omi Woods #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Omi Woods

Omi Woods’ Etsy African Shop

Price Range: $70–$378

Everyday wear to wedding wear, Omi Woods’ jewelry range includes stunning earrings, necklaces, pendants, and cufflinks.

Celebrating a connection to African diaspora, you’ll find multi-cultural designs and collections like the Nigeria crest and gold-shaped cowrie shells. Each one tells a lost story of Black history.

Once you get beyond the beauty in Omi Woods’ artisan jewelry, you’ll be as equally impressed by their ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

They use repurposed fair trade African gold and work directly with small-scale artisanal mines to ensure fair wages and safe working environments. 

All of their other metals (sterling silver, gold vermeil) are also ethically sourced and conflict-free.

If you’re looking for Etsy African jewelry to pay homage to your marvelous melanted heritage, you’ll find designs from various African cultures and beliefs—from the Ethiopian Coptic Cross to the Egyptian Ankh Necklace.

About Omi Woods

This minimalist jewelry brand was inspired by founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane’s Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage.

 The Yoruba word omi translates to ‘water’ and connects to the word Jamaica, which means ‘land of wood and water.’

When her grandmother “transitioned into the realm of the ancestors”, she passed down heirloom pieces of jewelry to Ashley and inspired her to begin her jewelry making business.

Omi Woods is now considered one of the best Etsy jewelry shops (Black-owned or otherwise) having been featured in many of the biggest publications like Vogue, Essence, and Ebony.

In honor of her grandma’s legacy, a portion of all sales are donated to a different yearly non-profit, like AllOneBlood and 8 Billion Trees.

3. Adorness

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Adorness Jewelry #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Adorness Jewelry

Adorness’ Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shop

Price Range: $26–$38

Adorness doesn’t just make ethical jewelry; they make ethical “joyerie”.

Afro-Caribbean style combined with ethical and responsible materials will have anyone feeling like they’re sitting on a Haitian beach sipping cremas.

Adorness uses bright colors and unique designs in each pair of vibrant bouclé earrings.

Choose between all kinds of fun patterns or keep it simple and minimalist with the earthy bicolor Brown And Golden Triangle Earrings.

Cultural celebration aside, Adorness is also one of the most sustainable Black owned Etsy jewelry stores with their use of upcycled leather, recycled African fabric prints, and mostly recycled brass. 

About Adorness

Vanessa, owner of Adorness, wanted to incorporate her Afro-Caribbean origins and love for geometric shapes into jewelry that was made with passion by her own two hands.

And she’s done exactly that.

Adorness is now adorned round the world by ladies who “dare to bring a touch of originality to their style”. 

4. Brave Chick

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Brave Chick Jewelry #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Brave Chick Jewelry

Brave Chick’s Etsy Black Owned Shop

Price Range: $45–$135

All jewelry from Brave Chick inspires exactly that: bravery for the women who wear it.

Each necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, ear cuff, or piece of hair jewelry has been meticulously handcrafted to ensure that whoever’s wearing it feels strong, confident, and courageous.

We imagine it would be hard not to feel stunning while sporting a pair of their gorgeous Matira Capiz Shell Earrings, made of natural seashells and gold-filled or silver wire.

The materials of this ethical Black owned Etsy shop are stunning and simple, too, consisting largely of all-metal designs, sometimes combined with natural materials like feathers, pearls, and seashells.

About Brave Chick

Now one of the best Black artists on Etsy, Lejoi Reese’s desire to belong inspired her to create beautiful and meaningful jewelry.

This Black owned jewelry business was designed to “embrace and uplift the authentic spirit of every woman” and do so by developing a line of jewelry that inspires confidence.

Lejoi writes, “We envision a world where every woman is safe, treasured and celebrated.”

And she means it; Brave Chick donates 10% of all proceeds to nonprofit organizations like NO MORE, which fights against domestic violence and abuse (which statistics suggest Black women are more likely to become victims of).

Other donations go to organizations like GrassROOTS Community Foundation, Single Moms Planet, and more.

5. Lace & Pearls Jewelry

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Lace & Pearls Jewelry #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Lace & Pearls Jewelry

Lace & Pearls’ Black Owned Etsy Shop For Jewelry

Price Range: $32–$75

With the most pearl-fect creations we’ve seen, Lace & Pearls Jewelry stocks elegant pieces on par with those sustainable wedding dresses

Each handmade necklace, pair of earrings, and bracelet is crafted with 14k gold-filled or sterling silver chains and flaunts semi-precious stones, metal, plant-based acetate, or pearls. 

Some also feature pressed dried flowers preserved in resin, like in this delightfully dainty Bezel Necklace

While most of their vintage-inspired pieces are elegant and minimalist, there are also bolder bohemian choices available—like the fun Stella’ Tortoise Shell Starburst Earrings.

About Lace & Pearls Jewelry

Lace & Pearls started as a personal style blog before quickly manifesting into a full-blown handmade jewelry line. 

Owner, Asa, creates her pieces based on her own personal style: a mix of classic and girly. 

In fact, her jewelry is some of the only that incorporates this unique blend of both minimal and feminine aesthetics. 

When Asa is not crafting her stunning jewelry pieces, she’s binge-watching reality TV and sustainably snacking on apples with almond butter (she’s just like us!).

6. Sahara Essentials

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Saharas Essentials #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Saharas Essentials

Sahara Essentials’ Black Owned Jewelry On Etsy

Price Range: $12–$53

Sahara Essentials bold colors and designs are sahara-sly the golden treasures of Etsy Black owned shops (and the entire online marketplace, for that matter.)


Because the majority of their creations feature 18-karat gold-plated brass.

Though they sell a few necklaces options, this Etsy Black owned jewelry shop focuses on statement earrings. Bright red hearts, bold round hoops, trailing monstera leaves … you’ll just have to see for yourself. 

We’re obsessed with these Art Deco Resin Leaf Earrings—and not just because we obviously have a thing for anything leafy and jungle-inspired!

Though larger than life, all pieces are lightweight and designed for everyday wear. With the added bonus of being completely hypoallergenic.

About Sahara Essentials

Sahara Essentials aims to empower women to embrace their femininity and express their individuality. 

The inspiration for Shamika’s handmade pieces comes from a passion to create artwork that resonates with every woman’s unique style, minimalist wardrobe, and of course, diverse hair textures.

The bold color palette she uses is inspired by her Caribbean-Belize heritage.

Shamika is actively crafting her legacy and breaking generational cycles by getting her children involved in the businesses through order packing—meaning “each package is filled with purpose, passion, and pure love”.

7. Ahima Jewellery

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Ahima Jewellery #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Ahima Jewellery

Ahima Jewellery’s UK Black Owned Business On Etsy

Price Range: $15–$42

Ahima Jewellery specializes in African inspired statement earrings and jewelry that we can’t help but lobe

Earthy yet contemporary designs made from brass, sterling silver, and gold and rose-gold plated materials. 

Adopting the bigger is better mentality, many of their pieces are intentionally oversized. 

Between the stunning Oversized Geometric Hoops and unique Flower Petals Stud Earrings, they’re more wearable art than just plain jewelry.

Along with dangling statement earrings, you can find bold statement rings, chunky bangle bracelets, brass hair forks, and more.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, this Etsy-African jewelry shop has pieces that pair perfectly with both your sustainable work clothing and a sustainable wedding guest dress alike.

About Ahima Jewellery

Owner Dorthy uses symbols, wisdom, and strength from her African heritage to create unique ancestral pieces for the modern women. 

Her craft subtly imbues emblems from life-guiding principles of the Ashanti people, but in a more contemporary fashion. 

Each design is carefully handcrafted in her North London studio and infused with both love and tradition. 

8. Njeri Studio

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Njeri Studio #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Njeri Studio

Njeiri Studio’s Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops

Price Range: $12–$248

For something a little more rustic and earthy, Njiere Studio is the go-to destination for wrapped gems and metal jewelry. 

With gleaming crystals and hammered frames, the Black owned business’s Etsy collection looks like something out of a witches spell book. 

Beaded lapis lazuli, raw amethyst, aventurine pendants, and uncommon gemstones—as in the utterly blue-tiful Alluring Labradorite Necklace—are commonly featured in their enchanted creations. 

Which include both simple and ornate earrings, as well as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. 

Given the nature of her natural materials, all pieces are completely one of a kind. However, some can be recreated with slight variations. 

About Njeri Studio 

Kenyan born artist Njeri started selling her creations at local craft shows before moving digital due to high demands from customers she has sold to.

This Black artist on Etsy now has over 1,000 5-star sales.

Looking at her handmade creations, it’s not hard to see why. It’s obvious Nijeri puts her heart and soul into absolutely every piece of handcrafted jewelry she creates.

All metal is hand pounded, and the wire pieces are individually hand wrapped. Many are also oxidized, cleaned, and polished before being shipped out.

As you can imagine, the mother of five stays busy.

Even so, she is able to accommodate customized orders. Simply shoot a message in her inbox or fill out a custom order form.

9. Lingua Nigra

9 Black Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops For Ethical Empowerment Images by Lingua Negra #blackownedEtsyjewelryshops #blackownedetsyshops #etsyafricanjewelry #blackownedjewelrystores #blackartistsonetsy #sustainablejungle
Images by Lingua Nigra

Lingua Nigra’s Black Owned Jewelry Business

Price Range: $65–$431

Translated to “black tongue”, Lingua Nigra has become one of our favorite Black owned Etsy shops for jewelry.

Born out of a love for nature and metals, their hand etched creations mimic patterns of the Earth, like the markings on beetles and textures on trees.

In some cases, they even incorporate the Earthy materials themselves—like their Arched Seasons earrings that are made with ACTUAL beetle wings (can you beetle-ieve that?!).

However, most creations just feature a mixture of brass, silver, and gold materials finished with 22k gold plating.

Some even have matching pieces, like their best-selling Edge of Earth earrings and When the Quiet Comes pendant necklace.

About Lingua Nigra

Alicia has been crafting jewelry since she was a child, but it wasn’t until after graduating from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology that she realized her life calling was to create impactful metal jewelry pieces.

All of her designs focus on ancient talismans, Victorian era work, and mourning sentimental jewelry.

She uses various techniques to achieve these timeless looks, most notably acid etching and also metal reticulation. 

The time and skill required for these techniques means prices are a bit higher (but, undoubtedly worth it.)

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How We Chose The Best Black Owned Etsy Shops

While finding the best Black owned Etsy jewelry shops was our first priority for this piece, we also sought out those incorporating ethical and sustainable jewelry practices.

There were a few main categories that captured our artistic gaze:


When it comes to sustainable jewelry brands, we’re big fans of those who use repurposed or conflict-free metals (although repurposed leather and other adornment materials get a thumbs up from us too).

It was difficult to find brands who used sustainable materials, which speaks not to the disinterest in sustainability but instead the inequalities in business.

When Black owned creators are not on a level playing field from the get go due to the disadvantages they face, they’re less likely to be able to afford more sustainable (read: expensive) materials.

This makes our support for Black owned jewelry stores (on Etsy or anywhere else) that much more important. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

When jewelry brands are able to trace their metal sourcing to fair trade artisan mines or artists are able to trace their materials to sustainable forestry, we’re big fans. 

Given that most of these brands had a sole designer and creator, that means they really know their stuff, at least on the manufacturing side of things. The supply side can get a little more convoluted, so we were happy to see any sourcing info provided.

Cultural representation & inclusivity:

Nearly all of these brands incorporated Black heritage into their products, which makes supporting these brands a twofold way to uplift the Black community . 

The world is in dire need of inspiration right now, so it was great to see Black icons make it into some of the artwork or brands who designed their jewelry to serve as inspiration for bravery and confidence for their wearers.

Community & charitable giving:

We love uplifting brands that uplift others. 

A handful of brands on this list were very generous in their give back initiatives, even being small as some of them are.

Final Thoughts On Black Owned Etsy Shops

Inclusion and social justice are the statement pieces of sustainability.

Much like keeping an eye out for recycled clothing and ethical pajamas, we all need to keep this front of mind, too. 

Supporting Black owned businesses casts a vote (conscious or not) for the type of world we end up living in—because Black lives STILL and will always matter.

It’s easy to choose a world that is more socially just (and benefit from beautiful jewelry in the process!). 

This list is far from exhaustive, however. Let us know if you’ve been supporting any other Black owned jewelry online that we should include on the list.

And please, join us in our essential efforts to amplify Black voices and art by giving this article a share.

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