9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical ReturnsImage by Ellevest#sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Image by Ellevest
9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Image by Empower #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Image by Empower

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms Earning You Ethical Returns

Lyall Mabin

Can you maximize your investment while delivering positive social value?

Yes! You can knock those two birds courtesy of socially responsible investment firms.

Gordon Gekko mentality is increasingly being eschewed in favor of Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Several types of socially responsible investment funds and ethical investing apps are now available to help you make your money work for more than just you.

Assets for impact investing exceeded $16.6 trillion in 2020, but many of us lack the financial expertise and time to research exactly where our money is going. Thankfully, these companies provide a hands-off expert-guided means for you to invest in a more equitable future.

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The Best Socially Responsible Investment Firms Creating A Positive Impact

Betterment provides an easy way to start investing ethically with tailor-made portfolios supporting climate impact, social impact, or both. 

Specializing in women’s wealth management, Ellevest’s Impact Portfolio helps support ESG and women-led businesses with a mix of low-cost EFTs and mutual funds. 

Employee-owned Castlefield makes investing easy for UK readers with a single strategy and portfolio funds screened against ten positive investment themes, including Environmental Management, Health and Wellbeing, and Sustainable Supply Chains. 

The Full List Of Ethical Investment Firms

1. Betterment

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Betterment #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Betterment

Ethical Investments: The curated socially responsible investment portfolios consist of low-cost and custom-built diversified EFTs that support Climate Impact, Social Impact, or Broad Impact (both).

Fees & Minimum Amounts: The Digital plan is $4/month or an annual 0.25% fee (depending on your household balance), with no minimum amount required. For a 0.65% fee and a minimum investing balance of $100,000, the Premium plan gives you phone/email access to a Certified Financial Planner™.

Risk & Returns: Risk allocation is moderated using auto-adjusted allocation and rebalancing. Automated and optimized tax strategies help you save and earn more money over time.

About Betterment

As one of the best socially responsible investment firms for beginners, award-winning Betterment offers a hands-off, advisor fee-free way to invest.

Their socially responsible portfolios are tailored to your financial goals and automatically adjusted as better funds become available. It’s easy to withdraw and move money, and free tax-loss harvesting is available. 

Check out their Climate Impact portfolio if you’re wondering how to invest in carbon credits.

2. Ellevest

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Ellevest #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Ellevest

Ethical Investments: The Ellevest Impact Portfolio supports a mix of low-cost EFTs and mutual funds, including stocks, bonds, and alternative funds. More than half are from ESG and women-focused funds.

Fees and Minimum Amounts: Membership costs $12 a month. Additional fees charged by funds range from 0.13% to 0.19% per year for Ellevest Impact Portfolios. No minimum investment or balance is required for basic portfolios although some range from $1-$240. Private Wealth Management Accounts are available if you have over $1,000,000 to invest. 

Risk & Returns: Risk is calculated based on your financial goals and timelines. While tax minimization strategies are offered, tax-loss harvesting is not.

About Ellevest

New York-based Ellevest is the #1 investing platform built by women for women to support women-led businesses. Viewing investing through a gender-based lens, all portfolio projections consider the gender pay gap, career breaks, and women’s lifespan estimates.

To ensure your finances create a positive impact, opt for the Ellevest Impact Portfolio which invests over half in companies supporting gender equality, climate justice, racial equity, and more. 

3. Empower

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Empower #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Empower

Ethical Investments: Mutual funds, traditional and diversified low-cost ETFs, individual equities and fixed-income securities. Empower’s Socially Responsible Personal Strategy supports companies committed to ESG performance. Note their other investment offerings are less ethical.

Fees & Minimum Amounts: Fees are based on the value of your assets. For the first $1 million, the advisor fee is 0.89%. The fee is as low as 0.49% if you have more than $10 million to invest. 

Risk & Returns: Strategies including Smart Weighting™ and ongoing rebalancing are used to maximize return and reduce risk. 

About Empower

With Empower’s Social Responsible Personal Strategy, exclusive and inclusive filters mean that controversial industries (energy, tobacco, gambling, small arms, adult entertainment) aren’t included, while those that support sustainability, renewable energy, diversity, and board independence are. 

They’re not only an ethical place to invest but also to work. Committed to diversity and inclusion, they have Business Resource Groups that include: Aspiring Latinos Moving Ahead, Black Organization for Leadership Development, Women’s Empowerment Network, PRIDE, and Network of Asians Making Strides at Empower. 

Inclusive healthcare, paternity and maternity benefits, adoption assistance, mental health benefits, and paid volunteer hours support their team.

4. EarthFolio

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Earthfolio #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Earthfolio

Ethical Investments: Tailor-made portfolios based on a broad range of sustainable mutual funds and ETFs.

Fees & Minimum Amounts: To open an account, you’ll need a minimum investment amount of $25,000, and an annual advisory fee of 0.50% is charged. Additional charges from the underlying mutual funds range from 0.25% to 0.78% per year. 

Risk & Returns: Time-tested strategies are used to find the best level of risk/return for each investor, but they don’t offer tax-loss harvesting.

About EarthFolio

Managed by ethical funding specialist Blue Marble Investments, EarthFolio is the only online advisory service that exclusively invests in funds deemed “Sustainable” or “Responsible”, with twenty years of experience in the industry.

Portfolios are assessed by various ESG criteria: Conservation, Clean Tech, Equality & Diversity, Human Rights, Fair Labor, Animal Welfare, Non-Violence, Corporate Governance, Healthy Living, Community Development, Fossil-Fuel Free, and Shareholder Advocacy.

5. SVX

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by SVX #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by SVX

Ethical Investments: SVX offers advisory services, education, portfolio management, and an investing platform. 

Fees & Minimum Amounts: The minimum amounts required vary between projects. 

About SVX

Canada-based SVX acts like a nonprofit matchmaker between ethical investment funds and people seeking financial returns. They focus on Canadian private market securities in the clean tech, health and wellness, food, housing, community real estate, and social inclusion sectors—to name a few.

Investment opportunities change regularly and are not always open. If you’re interested, complete an accreditation process and if SVX agrees that it will meet financial goals, funds will be held in the trust until the campaign closes and the investment is finalized.

Previous projects include support for the YMCAs of Québec, a women’s empowerment fund, student loan offers, and solar farms. 

6. Castlefield

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Castlefield #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Castlefield

Ethical Investments: Castlefield’s sustainable fund range includes single strategy and portfolio funds configured to deliver a specific investment objective. Funds are positively screened against ten Positive Investment Themes and negatively screened to ensure no company gets more than 10% revenue/operating profit from sin sectors.

Fees & Minimum Amounts: Sustainable fund charges vary, typically around 0.81% to 1.18%. The Real Return Fund has a 1.86% charge. 

Risk & Returns: Detailed information is available for each sustainable fund, including a risk and reward profile. 
About Castlefield

Castlefield is “the thoughtful investor.” They work closely with UK-based individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit investors to determine what “ethical” and “responsible” investment means to them—making them one of the most personalized socially responsible investment services.

Their BEST responsible investment approach uses four main assessment criteria: Business & Financial, Environmental & Ecological, Positive Social Influence, and Transparency & Governance.

They’re employee-owned and signatory to the Women in Finance Charter, which aims to achieve gender balance in the financial industry. Fifty percent of senior management roles are filled by women. 

7. Ethex

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Ethex #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Ethex

Ethical Investments: Ethex offers a range of investment opportunities, including bonds, community shares, and withdrawable shares to fund grassroots community projects and ethical businesses.

Fees & Minimum Amounts: The minimum investment amount varies for each opportunity. Current open projects have a minimum investment amount of £250. 

Risk & Returns: The offer document for each opportunity covers the risks for individual investments, and Ethex outlines the general investment risks on its website. Each investment opportunity lists the forecasted returns. For current projects these range from 4% to 7%. 

About Ethex

One of the best impact investing platforms in the UK, Ethex helps you “put your money where your mouth is”.

In the past decade, the not-for-profit organization has helped around 25,000 conscious investors raise £120 million for over 200 projects, including affordable housing, sustainable farming, ethical finance, renewable energy, and more. 

You can browse current (and past) investment opportunities and then sign up for an account to proceed. Potential investors must complete an Investor Appropriateness Test as part of the sign-up process to ensure they understand and accept the investment risks. 

Ethex also received an Ethical Consumer Best Buy label for its Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs). 

8. Australian Ethical

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Australian Ethical #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by Australian Ethical

Ethical Investments: Australian Ethical has 12 managed fund options, 7 ethical super options, an EFT, and retirement options. 

Fees & Minimum Amounts: Management and performance fees vary by fund with a detailed breakdown provided in each Product Disclosure Statement. The minimum investment for the retail class is $1,000 ( or $500 with a regular investment plan) and $25,000 for the wholesale class. The EFT has a management fee of 0.69% per year and a 15% performance fee. 

Risk & Returns: Detailed information, including the risk profile, is provided for each sustainable fund. 

About Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical is one of the largest online ethical investment companies in Australia. Their rigorous ethical assessment ensures that 100% of their investment options support a better future for people, the planet, and animals. 

Their Ethical Guide provides detailed information about how decisions are made so you can be confident that your money only supports companies working for the greater good. 

The high-ranking Certified B Corp donates 10% of profits to the Australian Ethical Foundation, which supports organizations addressing climate change. To date they’ve supported over 30 charities with a total of $9 million. 

9. U Ethical

9 Socially Responsible Investment Firms To Earn Ethical Returns Images by Ethical #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfirms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentfunds #ethicalinvestments #ethicalinvestmentplatforms #sociallyresponsibleinvestmentplatforms #ethicalinvestmentcompanies #sustainablejungle
Images by U Ethical

Ethical Investments: U Ethical has ethical funds tailored to the needs of corporate/institutional investors, charity/nonprofit investors, individual investors, and self-managed super funds. 

Fees & Minimum Amounts: Retail investors pay 0.45%- 1.315% p.a. management fees, and the minimum investment requirement for retail funds currently ranges from $1,000 to £2,000. 

Risk & Returns: Funds come with various risk levels (very low, low, medium-high, and high). Detailed performance stats for each one can be viewed on their website. 

About U Ethical

While more socially responsible investment companies have followed suit, award-winning U Ethical was Australia’s first. 

The non-for-profit investment manager and Certified B Corp currently has over $1.3 billion in managed funds supporting more than 4,000 ethical investors. They’ve supported community projects and social justice advocacy initiatives with over $66 million since 1995. 

They exclude investments that negatively impact society or the environment and instead proactively support clean energy and technology, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, employment, community and education services, and health care. 

They’re a Social Traders Certified Social Enterprise and signatory of Principles for Responsible Investment, Responsible Investment Association Australasia, and Climate Action 100+. 

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