Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Sustainable Jungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle
Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Sustainable Jungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Work Clothing: 9 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success

Amber McDaniel

Sustainable work clothing like sustainable suits can transform your business attire into better-for-earth attire.

While some continue with their couch à la cubicle, we could all stand to make our professional lives a little more planet-friendly courtesy of these sustainable workwear brands.

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Sustainable Workwear For The Best KPIs

Encircled turns dull work days green with ultra comfortable work-to-lounge pieces made of sustainable TENCEL fabric.

For functionally work clothing that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style, ADAY‘s natural and recycled fiber line is fresh and professional (profreshional?).

Vetta is betta for affordable sustainable workwear because they focus on capsule collections: five garments usable in thirty(!) different work-appropriate outfits. 

1. Eileen Fisher

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Eileen Fisher
Image by Eileen Fisher

About Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a slow fashion brand that can help you get through the 9-5 rush. 

They’re a reliable source for casual clothing and sustainable women’s work clothing alike.

For the latter, they offer hard-working tanks, camis, tops, tees, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, pants, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, shoes, and denim for casual Fridays.

Eileen Fisher‘s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


EF prioritizes fabrics like organic cotton, organic cotton-hemp blend, organic linen, silk, merino, and cashmere (including recycled).

You may see “ponte” in some, a wrinkle-resistant and easy-to-maintain blend of organic cotton, polyester, and polyurethane.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

You’ll see “responsible by design” on a lot of the garments, which means they meet EFs internal criteria for ethical manufacturing.

Which you know are high, considering the brand is a Certified B Corp and a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and Fair Factories Clearinghouse. 

Each product description mentions where the garment has been made, all of which are SA8000 compliant. 

The company has a long history of non-toxic bluesign® approved fabrics, living wage declarations, and employee ownership.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

The circularity-embracing brand prioritizes long-lasting design and easy repairs. 

Their takeback program converts returned/recycled clothes into new goods—like their Waste No More line of upcycled denim accessories. 

The Renew line is where gently-used EF garments are returned to a like-new condition and sold deeply discounted.

They also use renewable energy, carbon offsets, and sustainable business practices to reduce their carbon footprint. Their Horizon 2030 plan includes a shift towards regenerative fabrics, too.


EF offers both petite and sustainable plus-size clothing, so sizes XXS (0) to 3X (22).

Community & charitable giving: 

Between providing grants for Women in Environmental Justice and contributing millions to women’s empowerment, the Eileen Fisher Foundation is breaking the glass ceiling.

Available: Eileen Fisher


Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Images by Sustainable Jungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About ADAY

ADAY is one of the most sustainable clothing brands for work and play. 

Tops, blouses, sweaters, pants, leggings, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits are on offer for a full wardrobe.

We have a few of their items, including the lovely and versatile Twist + Chill Wrap Top, which can be styled in a number of different ways, and the Turn It Up Pants. They’re an elegant, cropped pinstripe pant with a super comfortable, wide elastic waistband that is completely non-restrictive while remaining classy enough to tuck a button-down or blouse into.

But our absolute favorite is the Something Borrowed Shirt. It has the appearance of your usual, classy white button-down—while being as comfortable and stretchy as your favorite workout wear. We’re not kidding! Usually, we can’t wait to ditch our work clothes in favor of PJs in the evening, but this short is so comfortable that we happily wear it all day long.

The stretchy, drapey fabric also means the shirt won’t wrinkle and need ironing, and comfortable tucks into any pair of pants without bunching up.

ADAY’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Aday refers to them as Super Fabrics, but here’s a sample of what you’ll find in their environmentally friendly workwear:

Stretch linen (linen + LENZING viscose), Cool weave (GRS recycled nylon + recycled spandex), Recycled scuba (90% recycled bottles), Technical silk (recycled nylon), Plant life (TENCEL modal), and Better knit (GRS recycled cashmere and RWS wool).

Fabrics are either bluesign® approved or OEKO-TEX certified as free from harmful chemicals.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

All manufacturing partners sign their Commitments to People and Planet which assures ILO standards are adhered to, working hours are limited, and fair living wages are provided. 

They work with factories in Portugal, the US, China, Turkey, and Italy and share their full list of suppliers

They’ve also applied to become a Certified B Corp.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

ADAY only works with suppliers who are actively reducing their environmental footprints, such as through the use of renewables, waste recycling, and reduced water consumption. 

Everything is designed to be durable and versatile to suit a minimalist wardrobe.

Most packaging is recycled and polybag-free, they offset their carbon footprint through Cool Effect, and detail other green actions in their Optimist Report.


The small team is 94% female and 35% BIPOC, with representation from disabled and LGBTQ+ groups.

Sizes are XS-XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

ADAY regularly supports organizations like The Callisto Project and Campaign Zero.

They also have a micro-grant program called the Better Future Fund.

Available: ADAY

3. Amour Vert

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Amour Vert
Image by Amour Vert

About Amour Vert

Green love, or Amour Vert en Francais, is an ethical fashion destination for women.

Their sustainable clothes for work include sustainable dresses, tops, blouses, tank tops, camis, sweaters, jumpsuits, skirts, pants, jackets, and denim.

If you’re still partially on-board the WFH train, check out their couch-ready collection of sustainable sweatpants for those zoom meetings

Amour Vert‘s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


AV’s signature fabrics include organic cotton, linen, TENCEL lyocell and modal, repurposed cotton cupro, recycled polyester, hemp, non-mulesed wool, washable organic BOMBYX silk, and upcycled fabrics.

All are paired with non-toxic dyes.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Limited quantities of clothing are made to reduce waste. 

The sustainable work clothes are made in California, just miles from their San Francisco HQ.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Thanks to ReAmour, the brand’s resale marketplace, people can shop pre-loved Amour Vert pieces—saving money and our planet in the process. 

Compostable protective bags are used and the outer packaging is made from recycled materials with soy-based inks.


Sizes XXS-XL are available.

Community & charitable giving: 

For the purchase of every tee, a tree is planted in North America—hence the name Tees for Trees!

So far, more than 535,990 have been planted.

Available: Amour Vert

4. Stella McCartney

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Stella McCartney
Image by Stella McCartney

About Stella McCartney

Power-dress for your next promotion with Stella McCartney. They’re one of the best sustainable work clothing brands to turn heads in any office.

With a collection of non binary clothing, they vote in favor of an inclusive workplace. The women’s and unisex range includes ready-to-wear jumpsuits, knitwear, trousers, shirts, tops, jackets, and dresses.

Stella McCartney’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Expect to see eco-fabrics like recycled polyester, recycled nylon, responsibly sourced wool, organic cotton, traceable wool, and sustainable “forest-friendly” viscose.

Forest friendly meaning it doesn’t come from ancient or endangered forests.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Each product description mentions the country where the garment was made (mostly of which in Europe).  

The Ethical Trading Initiative member partners with manufacturers who adhere to their Supplier Code of Conduct.

It’s based on the International Labor Organization conventions and ensures everyone in the supply chain is treated fairly and with respect.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Only FSC-certified or recycled paper packaging is used. 

They try to close loops by repurposing and recycling old-stock fabric and encouraging people to consign their gently-used Stella McCartney items with The RealReal.

They’ll even give you $100 to do so.


Sizes XXS-XL are available for most garments, with some going up to XXL. 

Community & charitable giving: 

Stella’s list of charity partners is long and impressive.

Available: Stella McCartney

5. Encircled

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success#sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungleImages by Sustainable Jungle
Images by Sustainable Jungle

About Encircled

Encircled is a Tencel clothing brand that can make that ten-hour shift feel tolerable. 

Circle around this brand for their cubicle-ready sustainable women’s work clothes. Their range includes jackets, blazers, leggings, tanks, jumpsuits, pants, accessories, and more.

We are personally loving their Dressy Sweatpant—and trust us, the name is 100% accurate! Since we largely work from home, we love that it has a sleek look while being comfortable enough to lounge (er, work) in all day. At the same time, that super soft and stretchy fabric relaxes to lose wrinkles quickly, so there’s no need to iron or worry if we need to run from working in bed to an in-person meeting.

We also love it for travel, because it provides all the comfort of sweatpants…while making us feel a bit more dignified during our airport layover. It’s truly a do-it-all trouser!

Encircled’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Biodegradable TENCEL lyocell and modal are commonly featured fabrics.

Others are made with bamboo rayon, though we’d recommend treading lightly with bamboo fabric that isn’t produced in a closed loop process.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The Canadian sustainable work clothing brand and Certified B Corp keeps production local. 

Everything is made in Toronto, Ontario and the factories are just an hour’s bike ride away from the Encircled HQ.

They all sign the brand’s Ethical Code of Conduct checklist, which is stricter than local requirements. 

A portion of the fabric is knitted and dyed in a local dye house, too. Within 5 years, they hope to get 85% of their fabric in North America

Carbon commitments & green practices:

In addition to green-powered web hosting and studio space, Encircled uses eco-friendly products and has an in-house composting program. 

Through the Encircled Community Facebook group, they encourage people to sell or trade their gently used Encircle pieces.


The female-founded company offers sizes XS-XXL in most styles, but some extend to 4X.

Available: Encircled

6. Vetta

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Vetta
Image by Vetta


Vetta is all about the capsule collection: as in five items that can be used for 30 different outfits. 

And each capsule suits a different style—Glam, Getaway, Utility, Casual, and City—making them one of the simplest sustainable workwear solutions for women. 

Their individual garment range includes pants, skirts, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, blazers, basics, sweaters, and two-piece sets.

Vetta’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


TENCEL lyocell is the brand’s favorite fabric, but they also use 100% GOTS organic fabric, recycled polyester, linen, US-grown Supima cotton, FSC-certified EcoVero, Lenzing modal, ponte, and deadstock.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Most of their sustainable workwear is US made in NYC or LA based factories that are regularly audited to ensure strict social compliance standards are upheld. 

For the rest, they have Fair Trade certified manufacturing partners in Mumbai, India and Arequipa, Peru.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

All sustainable women’s work clothes are shipped in recycled packaging. 

Not only do they offer a simple, five-item capsule line, but create them in small batches to minimize waste.


Sizes XS-XL are available.

Available: Vetta

7. Another Tomorrow

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Another Tomorrow
Image by Another Tomorrow

About Another Tomorrow

Want your purchase to have as little impact as possible? 

Then Climate Neutral Certified, Another Tomorrow, can cater to your wishes.

Responsibly grown and ethically manufactured materials go into their range of sustainable women’s workwear, think: dresses, skirts, tops, tees, knits, pants jackets, and denim.

Another Tomorrow’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Another Tomorrow uses materials that meet their strict comfort, quality, and animal and environmental welfare criteria. 

These include GRS recycled ethical cashmere, organic linen, TENCEL lyocell, renewed denim, ethical wool, FSC certified viscose, and organic cotton. 

Buttons are made from either recycled polyester or natural corozo. 

You won’t find silk, down, conventional cotton or linen, conventional viscose, polyester, or virgin cashmere listed on any clothing tags. 

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The Certified B Corp works with suppliers mostly in Europe and their garments are manufactured in Portugal and Italy.

Workers receive respectful, safe, and comfortable working conditions and are paid living wages. 

Eventually, they’d like to be able to support workers further by investing in programs that support the most vulnerable girls and women in the apparel industry.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Production is carefully controlled to minimize or recycle waste, such as through “best-in-class” chemical and wastewater treatment policies. 

The company maintains a small supply chain to keep its footprint down, and offsets at least 120% of its entire carbon emissions, hence their Climate Neutral certification. 

Biobased plastics and recycled materials are used in packaging.


Women’s sizes XS-XL (0-14) are available.

Community & charitable giving: 

As a 1% for the Planet member, they’re supporters of organizations like Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Care International, Custom Collaborative, and Compassion In World Farming.

Available: Another Tomorrow

8. M.M.LaFleur

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by M.M.LaFleur
Image by M.M.LaFleur

About M.M.LaFleur

M.M.LaFleur is a female-founded startup that exists to use fashion as a force for good. 

With women’s dresses, tops, t-shirts, pants, jackets, knitwear, shorts, skirts, shoes, and accessories, they’re one of the sustainable work clothing brands that we’d be happy to bring to the office any day of the week.

M.M.LaFleur’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Website labels make it easy to see which garments use eco-conscious fabrics, like: recycled Wondertex (made from recycled plastic bottles and designed to be machine-washable and odor-resistant), Pima or regular cotton, linen, and Eco Soft Wave (35% recycled materials and treated with anti-odor Polygiene).

They also use less-than eco friendly materials including virgin wool, vegan leather, polyester, viscose fabric, polyamide, acetate, nylon, and silk.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

The company initially only produced garments in NYC, but as they’ve grown, they now work with manufacturers in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Production scraps are recycled by local NYC organization FABSCRAP, through which they’ve kept more than 6,000 pounds out of landfills.

Recycling pre-loved garments, their Second Act site allows secondhand M.M. items to be resold.

Customers can request a thredUP bag with purchase to help recycle old clothes.

Recycled materials are prioritized for shipping and climate-positive plans are in the works.


As a Gender Fair-certified company, at least 30% of the leadership positions and employee policies are women-led. 

45% of their team does not identify as white and they are committed to diversity

Community & charitable giving: 

M.M.LaFleur is a regular partner of Bottomless Closet, an NYC organization that helps disadvantaged women succeed in the workforce. 

Throughout the years, they’ve partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA, She Should Run, and various women running for political office. 

If you are registered to vote, a student, or a hero, you can get a discount.

Available: M.M.LaFleur

9. Filippa K

Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by Filippa K
Image by Filippa K

About Filippa K

Filippa K’s sustainable workwear from the UK puts longevity first. 

With sustainable men’s work clothing, as well as a collection for women, they specialize in minimalist designs for an uncomplicated wardrobe. 

Their product range includes blazers, dresses, skirts, tops, outerwear, suit jackets, trousers, denim, sweaters, shirts, and accessories.

Filippa K’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


The brand’s list of materials is long and includes: cotton (organic, Pima, and recycled), mulesing-free wool (alpaca, cashmere, merino, mohair, and recycled), Swedish leather, semi-synthetics (cupro, lyocell, Refibra, modal, and recycled cellulosics), down, linen, and silk.

They also use synthetic fabrics, including recycled polyamide and recycled polyester as some of the more eco friendly ones.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Clicking on each product shows the country and factory in which each piece of sustainable and ethical workwear is made. 

By 2030, this Fair Wear member hopes to have a fully traceable and certified supply chain to ensure everyone is paid a fair and equitable wage.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Filippa K currently has a Preowned range for secondhand pieces and by 2030, they’ll take back any Filippa K garment to be remade, resold, or recycled. 

Until then, their website recommends local tailors and they’re available to advise you on any repairs—or you can use an online clothes repair service.

2030 is also when they plan to reduce emissions by 50% before achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


Women’s and men’s UK sizes UK XXS-XL are available.

Available: Filippa K

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Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by M.M.LaFleur
Sustainable Work Clothing: 11 Brands to Ethically Dress for Success #sustainableworkclothing #sustainableclothingforwork #sustainableclothingbrandsforwork #sustainableworkclothes #sustainableworkwear #ethicalworkclothing #sustainablejungle Image by M.M.LaFleur

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