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9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy

Aarron Lopex

Streetwear clothing started from various subcultures, like the hip-hop scenes of New York and Japanese street fashion. 

What was once an underground aesthetic has now become a mainstream staple.

But more and more sustainable streetwear brands are returning to the roots of the movement, creating high-quality garments to help fight the damages from fast fashion.

Affordable, vegan, water-based, and cruelty-free? Here are our three top picks.

Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small commission. Learn more about why we do this here.

The Best Sustainable Streetwear Brands

Plant Faced has all the makings of high-quality streetwear without any fuss. 

Fanfare Label earns its name by designing unique ethical streetwear from revived vintage pieces.

Outland Denim not only has plenty of green business practices in place, but it also provides safe and dignified employment for victims of exploitation. 

Before you pull on your organic hoodie, bop down to the end of the article to find out how we chose these brands.

The Full List Of Eco-Cool Streetwear Companies

1. Plant Faced

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth SavvyImages by Sustainable Jungle#sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Image by Sustainable Jungle

About Plant Faced

Price Range: $8–$116

Non-binary-owned and operated Plant Faced is a London-based vegan streetwear brand for “streetwear minus the sweatshop”. 

Their cruelty-free clothing encourages people to embrace their inner vegan or vegetarian.

Across their tees, sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts, socks, hats, and beanies, you’ll find distinct designs and slogan T-shirts like “Delete Meat” and “Kale ’em With Kindness.”

We own the latter as well as one of the crew sweatshirts, which first and foremost, absolutely love how soft and cozy the organic cotton feels against our skin. Aftering washing, it hasn’t lost any softness as cotton sometimes does.

The designs themselves are well-constructed and seem super durable.

We especially love how the added stretch from recycled fabrics in the crop top helps it hug the figure in a way that both flatters and keeps it snugly in place. No accidental flashing if you move too quicky or a gust of wind comes up in this!

Plant Faced’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Over 90% of their line is made with sustainable fabrics, including GOTS-certified organic cotton and rPET from recycled plastic bottles. 

Vegan-friendly water-based inks produce their screen-printed designs.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Almost all Plant Faced’s fair trade streetwear is manufactured in Fair Wear or WRAP-certified facilities. 

Items are screen printed in London, but we’re unsure where sewing takes place. We’ll be enquiring to find out.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Clothing features recycled woven garment labels, made in small batches, and shipped in mailers made of 100% recycled paper and water-based inks. 


Plant Faced is an equal opportunity employer committed to non-discrimination with XS to 3XL sizes.

Community & charitable giving: 

Using their platform to “elevate & amplify the voices of others,” they raise awareness and donate to various causes, including animal rights organizations Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and WIRES wildlife rescue.

One tree is planted for every item sold through Eden Reforestation.

2. Outland Denim

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Outland Denim #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Outland Denim

About Outland Denim

Price Range: $59–$450

Think you can pull off double denim ala Bon Jovi? 

Then rock your way down under in sustainable streetwear from Australia’s Outland Denim.

The first Australian denim brand to become a Certified B Corp (and the second globally), they received a rare A+ rating on the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Report several years running.

Denim is their specialty, but they also offer tees, hoodies, skirts, and dresses. We love staple pieces like the Heritage Eddie Denim Jacket that remain in style regardless of any new fashion trend. 

Outland Denim’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


100% of the denim is organic cotton or recycled and dyed with natural indigo dye from the Indigofera plant where possible. 

If plant dyes aren’t available, they use dyes tested for harmful chemicals. 

Their ethical jeans are going leather-free using OEKO-TEX-certified jacron paper logo patches.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Founded with a mission to provide safe and dignified employment to victims of human trafficking, they do just that, as well as employ other vulnerable and exploited groups. 

To obtain complete traceability, the Certified B Corp mapped the complete journey of their denim from Tier 1 to Tier 5, published on their supplier transparency list.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Per their Sustainability Report, they use low-impact production methods that use less water, energy, and chemicals. 

They’ve also replaced plastic poly bags with biodegradable cassava bags.


The sizing for most styles is XXS to XXL.

Community & charitable giving: 

In partnership with Precision Solutions Group, Bossa Denim, and Nudie Jeans, Outland Denim has established the Supply Network Intelligence System to support cotton farming communities in Turkey.

They’ve donated well over $200k worth of products to Thread Together, providing quality clothing to those in need.

3. Fanfare Label

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Fanfare Label #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Fanfare Label

About Fanfare Label

Price Range: $72–$305

London-based Fanfare Label has a streetwear collection that sticks to its bold, contemporary, and versatile aesthetic.

Their jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, suits, tops, bottoms, and dresses all go to show why they’re one of the more edgy ethical streetwear brands out there, including head-turning statement pieces.

Many garments begin as vintage items and are transformed into new designs, like the High Waisted Recycled Mushroom Jeans.

Fanfare Label’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Fanfare Label specializes in reusing, recycling, and upcycling fabric roll end cuts and pre-loved upcycled clothing.

Some items are handcrafted from scratch using organic and recycled sustainable materials bearing GOTS, GRS, PETA-Approved, and OEKO-TEX certifications.

Supply chain & labor practices:

If you’re looking for ethical streetwear in the UK, Fanfare Label keeps it hyper-local with London-based manufacturing. 

All workers are paid fair wages, and workshop practices align with the UN’s SDGs.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Fanfare Label’s clothing comes with a lifetime guarantee for repairs.

To reduce in-house fabric waste, they use zero waste pattern-cutting techniques. 

Recycled paper packaging, biodegradable postage bags, and recycled polyester labels round out their sustainable materials.


General sizing for tops is UK 6-16 and 26” -38” waists for bottoms.

Community & charitable giving:

Fanfare Label partners with various charitable organizations and runs regular educational and awareness-raising events on problems in the fashion industry.

4. Afends

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Afends #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Afends

About Afends

Price Range: $15–$160

Afends is one of the best sustainable streetwear brands in the fashion industry.

The brand was initially Founded by Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield in Byron Bay, Australia, as a print shop for punk and hardcore bands. 

Now, they develop eco-friendly streetwear for men and women using sustainable practices. Pieces like the Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt provide a timeless streetwear style, while options like the Mustard Knit Maxi Skirt will help you stand out. 

Afends’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Afends crafts garments using HIGG-preferred fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, TENCEL™ and recycled polyester. 

Many pieces are OCS 100, OCS Blended, or GOTS-certified.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The sustainable streetwear brand believes in transparency, publishing its list of suppliers online. 

Afends prioritizes ethical production, working with partners providing dignity, fair wages, and safe working conditions. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

Afends aims to be net zero and has started addressing its carbon footprint, with all inbound shipments being carbon neutral. 

They have introduced products made from surplus fabrics and scraps, like scrunchies. 

All packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable, using corn starch bags and recycled swing cards. 


The eco-friendly streetwear brand offers women’s tops in XS–XL and bottoms in sizes 24–34. Men’s tops are available in XS–XL, and bottoms in 28–36.

Community & charitable giving:

Afends partners with F*ck Plastic, an initiative aiming to raise awareness around single-use plastic by partnering with organizations like Plastic Free July and Sea Shepherd. 

They also work alongside other non-profits, like Toys Change Lives and WildArk.

5. Etsy Vintage Streetwear

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Glass City Reclaimed and Body Party Vintage #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Glass City Reclaimed and Body Party Vintage

About Etsy Vintage Streetwear

From ethical wedding dresses to home decor, you can buy all sorts of artisan wonders from Etsy.

That includes plenty of on-point vintage streetwear, including graphic tees, windbreakers, sweatshirts, jeans, and bomber jackets. 

Besides, the most ethical streetwear you can purchase is second hand, and Etsy’s carbon-neutral shipping and net zero goals further help reduce the impact of steezy new streetwear.

  • Madame Lorraine: Offering all kinds of vintage clothing, their streetwear specialties are vintage letterman and racing jackets, all at surprisingly affordable prices considering the rarity.
  • Body Party Vintage: With vintage band tees and goods from sportswear brands like Adidas to high-end designers, they live up to the hype of edgy and unique.


9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by WAWWA #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by WAWWA


Price Range: $23–$284

WAWWA constructs some of the best sustainable streetwear in the UK.

The brand started with humble beginnings and now contributes to the surf skate culture with eco-conscious materials and designs.

Best-sellers like the Zama Pant provide a comfortable everyday fit with wide legs made from certified organic cotton. 

WAWWA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


WAWWA makes streetwear sustainable through natural materials, like GOTS-certified organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled cotton, and water-based inks. 

They also utilize recycled synthetic fabrics, like recycled polyester. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Most WAWWA products are made in-house at their factory in Manchester, UK. They incorporate fair trade practices, providing living wages, healthy working conditions, and other benefits.

WAWWA also regularly visits their other Fair Trade suppliers, ensuring they adhere to environmentally friendly and ethical business practices. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

The edgy streetwear brand utilizes cradle-to-gate assessments to analyze the carbon footprint of each garment, listing the amount of CO2 produced for customers to see. 

Each collection is manufactured in small runs, pre-selling before production.

Garments are shipped in low-waste packaging made from compostable poly bags.


WAWWA’s tops and bottoms can be found in sizes XS–XXL. 

Community & charitable giving:

WAWWA regularly gives back through programs like the 1+1 Campaign, where they donate a garment to someone in need for every garment sold. 

They also do more lighthearted campaigns, like a free beer for every item purchased. 

7. Nudie Jeans

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Nudie Jeans #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Nudie Jeans

About Nudie Jeans

Price Range: $45–$1,900

Swedish denim brand Nudie Jeans offers urban staples for men, women, and kids. 

You’ll find jeans, jackets, tees, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and jumpsuits. 

Some pairs, like the high-waisted Clean Eileen, are made from deadstock fabrics and provide a loose fit with a wide-leg opening. 

Nudie Jeans’ Ethical & Sustainability Practices


94% of the fibers Nudie Jeans uses are cotton, either GOTS-certified organic, fair trade or OCS 100-certified recycled. 

Designers use the Nudie Jeans Material Tool based on Made By’s Environmental Benchmark and the Higg MSI for other materials.

Used, unrepairable denim often returns to the loop as raw material for new products.

The brand tag may look like leather, but it’s made from vegan Jacron paper.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

A member of the Fair Wear Foundation and Textile Exchange, Nudie bares all about their manufacturing in Tunisia, Turkey, and a handful of other countries.

These and their fabric mills in Turkey, Italy, and Japan are regularly audited. 

With their Transparency Pledge, you can find their complete list of suppliers online.

Carbon commitments & green practices:

Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs, either via a free repair kit or the experts themselves.

Once you’ve worn them out, return them to receive 20% off a new pair. If possible, the old jeans get repaired, washed, and resold in the Reuse collection. 

Per their sustainability report, Nudie has mapped its entire supply chain’s CO2 emissions and offsets this through the UN Carbon Offset Platform.


Men’s and women’s jeans come in unisex sizes (24”-38” waist and 28” -36” inseam) and tops in XS-XL.

Community & charitable giving: 

Nudie Jeans has worked with organizations like The Hunger Project, donating 120kg of unsold product samples to their pop-up shop, Style it Forward.


9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by VEJA #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by VEJA

About VEJA

Price Range: $75–$210

Is sustainable streetwear even streetwear without ethical sneakers?

That would be a no from VEJA.

This cool streetwear company specialized in skate shoes and athletic shoes made from biodegradable, recycled, and biobased materials.

The V-12 is one of their frontrunners, made from high-quality leather sourced from Uruguay, alongside sustainable resources like rubber and rice waste.

VEJA’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


For uppers, you’ll find vegetable-tanned, chrome-free, and sourced from LWG Gold-certified and REACH-compliant tanneries.

The brand also has vegan options containing two kinds of vegan leather: Hexamesh (organic cotton and rPET) and B-Mesh (100% rPET).

Uppers aside, 60% of materials are biobased. These include natural rubber, castor seed oil, sugar cane, latex, rice waste, GOTS organic cotton, and banana oil.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

VEJA’s sneakers are made in Brazil using materials primarily sourced there (Peruvian cotton being the exception).

A Certified B Corp, they pay above the market rate for their organic cotton and wild Amazonian rubber. They further support suppliers by pre-financing harvests by up to 40% to provide financial security. 

Their Porto Alegre factory pays above living wages. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

It costs 5 to 7 times more to make a pair of VEJA sneakers with eco-friendly and fair trade materials, but because they’ve eliminated advertising costs, the shoes cost the same as competing brands.

Shoeboxes are made from ~60% recycled cardboard; the remaining is FSC-certified. 

VEJA offers a repair and recycling service in their Bordeaux and NYC stores.

Community & charitable giving: 

The brand employs disabled workers at its Paris warehouse through its partnership with Log’ins.

9. Ooh Baby

9 Sustainable Streetwear Brands That Are Street Smart & Earth Savvy Images by Ooh Baby #sustainablestreetwear #bestsustainablestreetwear #sustainablestreetwearbrands #ethicalstreetwear #ethicalstreetwearbrands #sustainablejungle
Images by Ooh Baby

About Ooh Baby

Price Range: $45–$500

Sustainable brands, like Ooh Baby, bring a new flare to the fashion game through innovative design principles. 

Anika Ignozzi started the urban fashion brand to develop sustainable alternatives through upcycled denim and old fabrics inspired by New York’s hip-hop fashion scene. 

Their sustainable collection, Imagination Activation, has colorful pieces like the one-of-a-kind Sweetheart Sherpa. 

Ooh Baby’s Ethical & Sustainability Practices


Ooh Baby is all about upcycling old fibers, like recycled cotton, denim, and other recycled materials. 

They combine different mediums, like prints, patches, and spray paint, to rework garments.

Supply chain & labor practices:

The edgy sustainable clothing brand is based out of a studio in Brooklyn, where they carefully design one-of-a-kind pieces.

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

They partner with reputable tree-planting services to plant trees for every order. 


Ooh Baby offers indie streetwear garments in women and unisex sizes between XS–XL and bottoms 26–40. 

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How We Chose Sustainable Streetwear Clothing Brands

For ethical streetwear that’s comfortable for us and the planet, we used our sustainable and ethical fashion criteria to find the best sustainable streetwear fashion brands. 


Natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, and linen keep us and the planet cool and chemical-free. Not to mention, they’re compostable at the end of their life, too.

Sustainably made semi-synthetics like TENCEL™ lyocell and modal fabric are a close second. 

Some ethical streetwear brands use recycled polyester and recycled nylon from ocean waste, but be sure to use a Guppy Friend wash bag to capture microplastic fibers. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Supply chain transparency is essential, as this is the only way to know #whomademyclothes. 

Certifications mean all entities are checked by an impartial third party, and when these aren’t there, we look for a code of conduct that covers all aspects of providing fair, healthy, and safe working environments.

It’s inspiring to see brands making a social impact by providing secure employment to those from vulnerable and marginalized backgrounds. 

Carbon commitments & green practices: 

We look for brands that prioritize the planet’s health through carbon offset programs, renewable energy, water-saving manufacturing practices, and eco-friendly packaging. 

Since circular fashion is the future, brands that consider each step of a garment’s journey from initial design to end-of-life recycling or resale are top picks. 


We aim to find affordable, ethical streetwear brands that make their clothing accessible to a spectrum of bodies and budgets.

Community & charitable giving:

Brands that give back make us beam, and do so by donating proceeds and products to worthy causes or using their platform to raise awareness about important issues.

Final Thoughts On Eco-Friendly Streetwear Brands

How do you kick fast fashion to the curb?

For starters, you can support one of these timeless yet trendy ethical streetwear brands.

But before you do, remember to first garb already in your closet—or streetwear style steals from a second hand store

You can also help by spitting some sustainable fashion facts to encourage change in others—and share this list so they have a shopping starting point that will help them look on-point.

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